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Vehicle Donation in Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Colorado, below is a list of Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Durango Helping Hands (Until December 2006) Durango, CO
Durango Housing Corporation Durango, CO
Durango Latino Education Coalition Durango, CO
Durango Life Foundation Inc. Durango, CO
Durango Lively Arts Co Durango, CO
Durango Meltdown Durango, CO
Durango Nature Studies Durango, CO
Durango Nordic Ski Club Inc. Durango, CO
Durango Repertory Theatre Company Durango, CO
Durango Rotory Club Foundation Durango, CO
Durango Sangha Durango, CO
Durango School of Baseball Inc. Durango, CO
Durango Shin Budo Kai Aikido Durango, CO
Durango Society of Cultural and Performing Arts Durango, CO
Durango Track and Cross Country Club Durango, CO
Durango Western Movie Society Durango, CO
Durango Young Center Inc. Durango, CO
Durango Youth Soccer Association Inc. Durango, CO
Durango-Rocky Mountain Swimming Inc. Durango, CO
Focus on the Children Durango, CO
Fort Lewis College Foundation Durango, CO
Four Corners Chapter the Retired Officers Association 6 Durango, CO
Four Corners Fire Training Officers Association Inc. Durango, CO
Four Corners Gay and Lesbian Alliance for Diversity (Until June 2005) Durango, CO
Four Corners Iron Horse Motorcycle Rally Inc. Durango, CO
Four Corners Safe Schools Coalition (Until December 2008) Durango, CO
Friends of DAR E. of La Plata County Inc. Durango, CO
Friends of the Animas River Durango, CO
Friends of the Durango Public Library Inc. Durango, CO
Grace Tabernacle Durango, CO
Gracelight Durango, CO
Great Old Broads for Wilderness Durango, CO
Hillcrest Junior Golf Foundation (Until August 2005) Durango, CO
Holistic Dental Asso Durango, CO
Housing Solutions for the Southwest Inc. Durango, CO
Hundred Club of Durango Durango, CO
Intertribal Theatre Project (Until December 2006) Durango, CO
Joy Fellowship Durango, CO
La Plata Council on Aging Inc. Durango, CO
La Plata County Community Development Corporation Durango, CO
La Plata County Emergency Medical Services Council Durango, CO
La Plata County Eye & Ear Program Inc. Durango, CO
La Plata County Historical Society Inc. Durango, CO
La Plata County Humane Society Durango, CO
La Plata County Search and Rescue Inc. Durango, CO
La Plata Electric Round Up Foundation Durango, CO
La Plata Family Centers Coalition Durango, CO
La Plata Open Space Conservancy Durango, CO
La Plata Youth Services Inc. Durango, CO
Lions Book Corner Durango, CO
Maasai Education Discovery Durango, CO
Manna-The Durango Soup Kitchen Durango, CO
Master Plan Ministries Inc. Durango, CO
Mens Self Advocacy Council of Durango Inc. 4 Durango, CO
Milburn Foundation Inc. Durango, CO
Mimstar Inc. (Until December 2006) Durango, CO
Music in the Mountains Inc. Durango, CO
Neighborhood Clinic Inc. Durango, CO
New Horizons Educational Environment Inc. Durango, CO
Nuepe Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Durango, CO
Oil and Gas Accountability Project (Until December 2005) Durango, CO
Operation Healthy Communities Durango, CO
Pathfinder Clinic Durango, CO
Pathfinder Foundation Durango, CO
Phillip Davis Ministries Inc. Durango, CO
Prema Group Inc. Durango, CO
Project Merry Christmas of La Plata County Inc. Durango, CO
Purgatory Ski Team (Until June 2005) Durango, CO
Reach Ministries Inc. Durango, CO
Riverhouse Childrens Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Durango, CO
Rocky Mountain Rockettes Durango, CO
Rural Planning Institute Durango, CO
San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging Inc. Durango, CO
San Juan Citizens Alliance Durango, CO
San Juan Mountains Association Durango, CO
San Juan Resource Conservation and Development Council Durango, CO
San Juan Symphony Durango, CO
Sierra Madre Foundation for Geological Research Durango, CO
Smiley Studios Durango, CO
Sorelle Di Colombo Lodge No 29 Durango, CO
Soul Food Books & Gifts (Until December 2007) Durango, CO
Southwest Center for Independence Inc. Durango, CO
Southwest Colorado Community Corrections Center Durango, CO
Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center Inc. Durango, CO
Southwest Colorado Multiple Sclerosis Society 5 Durango, CO
Southwest Youth Corps Durango, CO
St. Columbia Catholic Foundation Durango, CO
Sunrise Community Christian Reformed Church Durango, CO
Sunrise Foundation 4 Durango, CO
The Four Corners Jewish Coummunity Center Inc. Durango, CO
The Robert M. Barr and Roberta Armstrong Barr Foundation 4 Durango, CO
Trails 2000 Inc. Durango, CO
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango Colorado Durango, CO
United Way of Southwest Colorado Durango, CO
Victorian Aid Society (Until January 2007) Durango, CO
Vietnam Era Veterans Association 6 Durango, CO
Violence Prevention Coalition of Southwest Colorado Inc. Durango, CO
Wellspring Mountain Spiritual Retreats Durango, CO
Women United in Christ Inc. (Until December 2007) Durango, CO
Womens Resource Center in Durango Durango, CO
Word of Life Fellowship Durango, CO
Youth Baseball of Southwestern Colorado (Until December 2008) Durango, CO
Cactus Players of Kiowa County Eads, CO
Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation Eads, CO
Kiowa County Ministerial Fellowship (Until December 2007) Eads, CO
Kiowa Health Services Foundation Incorporated Eads, CO
Rush Creek Water Rights Association Inc. Eads, CO
Southeast & East Central Recycling Association Eads, CO
Alexander J. Allen Education Tr 4 Eagle, CO
Brush Creek Elementary Pto (Until June 2005) Eagle, CO
Eagle County Colorado Crime Stoppers Inc. Eagle, CO
Eagle County Fair Board (Until December 2007) Eagle, CO
Eagle County Historical Society Inc. Eagle, CO
Eagle Ranch Junior Golf Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Eagle, CO
Eagle River Foundation 4 Eagle, CO
Eagle Valley Humane Society A. Nonprofit Corporation Eagle, CO
Eagle Valley Land Trust Eagle, CO
Eagle Valley Library Foundation Inc. Eagle, CO
Eagle Valley Select Volleyball Eagle, CO
Eagle Valley Skating Association (Until December 2007) Eagle, CO
Eagle Valley Youth Task Force Inc. Eagle, CO
Eagle Volunteer Firefighters Association (Until December 2007) Eagle, CO
Friends of the Eagle County Public Library Inc. Eagle, CO
Golden Eagle Elderly Housing Corporation (Until December 2006) Eagle, CO
Mountain Tots Preschool Eagle, CO
The Public Education Foundation of Eagle County (Until December 2005) Eagle, CO
United Way of Eagle River Valley Inc. Eagle, CO
Air Race Classic Inc. (Until December 2006) Eastlake, CO
Colorado Dance Alliance Eastlake, CO
Financial Health Fair Eastlake, CO
His Beloved Family Church Inc. Eastlake, CO
Horizon Muddawgs Baseball Inc. (Until December 2007) Eastlake, CO
Celebration Congregation Eaton, CO
Eaton Special Parents Network Eaton, CO
Faith Preschool Eaton, CO
Kenneth and Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Eaton, CO
Life Unlimited Fellowship Eaton, CO
Seward Foundation 4 Eaton, CO
Stampede Troupe Eaton, CO
The Greater Eaton Community Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Eaton, CO
Forest Heights Lodge Inc. Eavergreen, CO
Al Lacy Crusades Inc. Eckert, CO
Calvary Chapel of Delta Eckert, CO
Thunder Mountain Christian Academy Inc. Eckert, CO
New Life Fellowship Inc. Eckley, CO
Believers Christian Fellowship Inc. Edgewater, CO
Bishop George R. Evans Center Edgewater, CO
Brothers Redevelopment Inc. Edgewater, CO
East Bay Senior Housing Inc. Edgewater, CO
Emmanuel Church of Edgewater Edgewater, CO
Filipino-American Community of Colorado Edgewater, CO
Jeffco Headstart Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Edgewater, CO
Mercy Ministries Edgewater, CO
Rock the Earth (Until June 2007) Edgewater, CO
Sheridan Glen Housing Inc. Edgewater, CO
Spin Enterprises Incorporated (Until December 2006) Edgewater, CO
Streets Hope Edgewater, CO
Theater X Performance Group Inc. Edgewater, CO
Barbara A. Allen Charitable Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Bob and Aubyn Howe Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Cathy and Peter Halstead Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Charitable Foundation of the Vail Eagle Valley Rotary Club Edwards, CO
Charitable Foundation-Western Eagle Valley Rotary Club Inc. Edwards, CO
Chip Ramsey Junior Golf Foundation Edwards, CO
Colorado Grand Inc. 3998 S. Mariposa Edwards, CO
Craig M. Juntunen Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Dalton Foundation Inc. 4 Edwards, CO
Eagle Valley Child Care Association (Until December 2005) Edwards, CO
Food Rescue Express Eagle County Edwards, CO
Foundation of Trustees for the Family Learning Center Edwards, CO
George and Kathleen Vonder Linden Private Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
James C. Allen Charitable Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Jeffrey and Pamela Hart Charitable Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Jimmie Heuga Center Edwards, CO
Jimmie Heuga Center Foundation Edwards, CO
Katharine Kendall Russell Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Kimberly Linn McDonald Foundation (Until December 2006) Edwards, CO
Meet the Wilderness Inc. Edwards, CO
Monson Family Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Mountain Harmony Edwards, CO
Noahs Ark at Mt. Zion Edwards, CO
Samanawasi Foundation (Until December 2006) Edwards, CO
Seekers Edwards, CO
The Robin E. Hernreich Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
The Ronald Davis Family Foundation Inc. 4 Edwards, CO
The Roubos Family Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
University of the Wilderness Edwards, CO
Vail Junior Hockey Club Edwards, CO
Vail Performing Arts Academy Inc. Edwards, CO
Vail Valley Wine Auction Incorporated Edwards, CO
Veritas Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Western Slope State League Edwards, CO
Youth Foundation 4 Edwards, CO
Summerland Farm Egnar, CO
Acts 19 11 Elbert, CO
Beit Adonai Yisrael Inc. Elbert, CO
Colorado Forestry Assoc Elbert, CO
Elbert County Music & Arts Association (Until December 2007) Elbert, CO
Elbert Parks and Recreation Association Elbert, CO
Elbert Womens Club Elbert, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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