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Vehicle Donation in Denver, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Denver, Colorado, below is a list of Denver, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Historic Paramount Foundation Denver, CO
Historical Society of the Tenth Judicial Circuit (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Hoi an Foundation (Until November 2007) Denver, CO
Holland & Hart Foundation Denver, CO
Holly Hills Bible Church Denver, CO
Holy Spirit Assn for Unification of World Christianity of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Home Care Center for Living Independently Denver, CO
Home Christian Fellowship Denver, CO
Home Health Services of Metro Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Homeland Assistance Agency (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Homeless-Boxer Care Denver, CO
Homeowners Mortgage Education Denver, CO
Homer Allied Research Project Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Hope Care & Counseling Centers Inc. Denver, CO
Hope Center for the Retarded Denver, CO
Hope Communities Inc. Denver, CO
Hope Community Church Denver, CO
Hope League (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Hope Worldwide Denver, CO
Hope for Children Foundation Denver, CO
Hope for Homeless Ministries (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Hope for Today Ministries Denver, CO
Hope of the Gospel Ministries Denver, CO
Horace S. Blanton Youth Center Denver, CO
Horizon Adventures Inc. Denver, CO
Horticultural Therapy Institute Denver, CO
Hospice of Metro Denver Incorporated Denver, CO
Hot Off the Press by Kids Inc. (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
House of Emmanuel Denver, CO
House of Faith Deliverance Church of God in Christ Denver, CO
House of Grace Denver, CO
House of Praise Fellowship Denver, CO
House of Prayer for All People Inc. Denver, CO
Housing Development Group Inc. Denver, CO
Housing Justice Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Housing Preservation Inc. Denver, CO
Housing for All the Metro Denver Fair Housing Center Denver, CO
How to Read Your Baby Denver, CO
Howard Dental Center Denver, CO
Human Services Inc. Denver, CO
Humphreys Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hunt Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hunter-White Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hyde Park Foundation-Diamonds in the Rough 4 Denver, CO
I. Am Somebody Inc. Denver, CO
I. Care USA Foundation Denver, CO
I. Have A. Dream Foundation - Colorado Denver, CO
Ibc Education Foundation (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Idaho Ophthalmology Society Inc. Denver, CO
Ideal Properties Inc. Denver, CO
Iglesia De Cristo Denver, CO
Iglesia De Cristo El Shaddai Mies Inc. Denver, CO
Iglesia De Cristo Mi-El Amae Denver, CO
Iglesia Del Dios Vivo Cristo Viene Denver, CO
Iglesia Faro De Luz Denver, CO
Iglesia Vida Abundante Denver, CO
Il Circolo Italiano 5 Denver, CO
Iliff School of Theology Denver, CO
In Company With Meher Baba Inc. Denver, CO
Independence House Family 4101 Pecos Denver, CO
Independent Electrical Contractors Training Fund Inc. Denver, CO
Independent Higher Education of Colorado Fund Denver, CO
Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States-Education Fund Denver, CO
Industrial Arts Theatre Company (Until June 2007) Denver, CO
Inner City Health Center Denver, CO
Inner City Helps (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Inner Places Denver, CO
Inner-City Christian School Partnership Inc. Denver, CO
Inner-City Community Development Corporation Denver, CO
Innerlight Center for Spiritual Living Denver, CO
Innervision Productions Denver, CO
Innerworks Ministries (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Innisfree Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Insight Meditation Community Denver, CO
Institute for Childrens Mental Disorders 4 Denver, CO
Institute for Collaborative Education Research and Trning Inc. Denver, CO
Institute for Mestiza Leadership Denver, CO
Institute for Resident Advocates Denver, CO
Institute for Social Progression (Until June 2007) Denver, CO
Institute for Telehealth 4 Denver, CO
Institute for Therapeutic Biology (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Institute for the Study of Advanced Development Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Institute of Certified Financial Planners Educational Foundation Denver, CO
Institute of Creative Coloradoaus (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Institute of Developmental Neuro Science and Aging Denver, CO
Institute of Global Scholarship Denver, CO
Interchurch Fellowship of the Blind Denver, CO
Interfaith Alliance of Colorado Denver, CO
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Intermountain End-Stage Renal Disease Network Inc. Denver, CO
International Association for Public Participation (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
International Association of Conference Center Administrators Denver, CO
International Burn Foundation of the United States 4 Denver, CO
International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church Denver, CO
International Congress on Polymers in Concrete Denver, CO
International Education Corps (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection Denver, CO
International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management Inc. Denver, CO
International Lithosphere Program 4 Denver, CO
International Medical Relief Denver, CO
International Methodist Church Denver, CO
International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism Denver, CO
International Society for Krishna Consciousness Ofcooorado Inc. Denver, CO
International Tuba-Euphonium Association Denver, CO
International Urban Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Invest in Kids Denver, CO
Invest of Colorado Denver, CO
Irish American Cultural Institute Denver, CO
Irish Community Center Inc. Denver, CO
Isabelle J. Johnson and Grace L. Johnson Scholarship Trust Denver, CO
Islamic Center of Ahl-Al-Brit Denver, CO
J. & R. Pluss Supporting Foundation Denver, CO
J. D. Edwards Foundation 4 Denver, CO
J. F. M. Foundation 4 Denver, CO
J. K. Mullen Foundation 4 Denver, CO
J. Landis and Sharon Martin Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jack and Thelma Pearlstein Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jackson County Airport Development Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Jackson Family Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
James P. Beckwourth Mountain Club Denver, CO
James P. and Rebecca T. Craig Foundation 4 Denver, CO
James T. Clark Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jane Silverstein Ries Foundation Denver, CO
Janus Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Japan America Society of Colorado Denver, CO
Japanese-American Community Graduation Program Denver, CO
Jay P. K. Kenney Private Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jaycees and Jci Senators of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Jeffco Private Industry Council Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Jefferson Park United Neighbors Denver, CO
Jennifer Moulton Foundation (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Jeremiah Baptist Church Denver, CO
Jess and Rose Kortz and Pearle Rae Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jewish Childrens Adoption Network Denver, CO
Jewish Community Centers of Denver Denver, CO
Jewish Family Service of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado Denver, CO
Jewish Marriage Encounter of Co Inc. Denver, CO
Jgl Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jim Gill Foundation (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Jjp Family Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Joe & Betty Alpert Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Joey Favre Humanities Center Denver, CO
John Duncan Trust 120006002 4 Denver, CO
John J. Connor & Irene A. Connor Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
John J. and Margaret R. Gilbert Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
John Logie Baird Scholorship Fund 4 Denver, CO
John P. Perry Memorial Trust 4 Denver, CO
John Philip Sousa Band of Colorado Denver, CO
John T. Blackis Foundation 4 Denver, CO
John W. King Senior Community Denver, CO
John and Elizabeth Hickey Family Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
John and Florence Fortune Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Johns Manville Fund Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Johnson Legacy Inc. Denver, CO
Joliet Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Joseph N. Blankenbaker Charitable Trust 4 Denver, CO
Joseph and Penny Berenbaum Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Joshua School (Until July 2007) Denver, CO
Journeys of the Heart Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Jubilee Community Church Denver, CO
Judith Ann Griese Foundation (Until June 2006) Denver, CO
Julia-Ray Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Jumpstart Productions Inc. Denver, CO
Junior League of Denver Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Junior League of Denver Incorporated Denver, CO
Junior Symphony Guild Inc. Denver, CO
Just Add Imagination Denver, CO
Just Go-Global Outreach for Students (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Justice Information Center Inc. Denver, CO
Justice Management Institute Denver, CO
Justine & Leslie Bailey Charitable Trust 4 Denver, CO
Juvenile Assistance Now Inc. Denver, CO
Kaffa Development Association Denver, CO
Kaiser Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Kantorei Denver, CO
Kappa Housing Incorporated Denver, CO
Karen Lee Dance Theatre Denver, CO
Karen Sokolof Javitch Charitable Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Karis Community Denver, CO
Kayo Club Denver, CO
Kbk Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Kelley Knox Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance Inc. (Until June 2007) Denver, CO
Kempe Childrens Foundation Denver, CO
Kenneth Kendal King Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Kern Aspen Lipik Conference Denver, CO
Kern Foundation Denver, CO
Keshet of the Rockies (Until June 2007) Denver, CO
Kesselman Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Khmer Samakky Denver, CO
Kids Inc. Denver, CO
Kids Voting Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Kids in Need of Dentistry Denver, CO
Kigali Center for Entrepreneurs (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Kim Magness Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Kim Robards Dance Inc. Denver, CO
King Wheeler Fund Inc. Denver, CO
Kipp Sunshine Peak Academy Inc. Denver, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Denver, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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