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Vehicle Donation in Denver, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Denver, Colorado, below is a list of Denver, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Front Range Alliance (Until April 2006) Denver, CO
Front Range Center for Spiritual Growth Denver, CO
Front Range Community Church Denver, CO
Front Range Economic Strategy Center (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Front Range Educational Media Corporation Denver, CO
Front Rangers Cycling Club Inc. Denver, CO
Frontier Health Network Denver, CO
Frontrange Earth Force Denver, CO
Fulcrum Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Full Circle Intergenerational Project Denver, CO
Full Count Baseball Ministry Inc. Denver, CO
Full Gospel Denver Church of Korean Inc. Denver, CO
Fund for Colorados Future Denver, CO
Fundamental Bible Church Denver, CO
Fundamental Fun Inc. 4 Denver, CO
G. & G. Outreach Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Gabriel Foundation Denver, CO
Galen & Ada Belle Spencer Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Galilee South Community Church Denver, CO
Ganas Denver, CO
Gao-Juanita Nolasco Homes Inc. Denver, CO
Garden Club of Denver Denver, CO
Garden Park Apartments Community A. California Nonprofit Public Benefi Denver, CO
Garden Park Mennonite Brethren Church Denver, CO
Garden of Hope Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Garfield Montessori School Denver, CO
Gary Magness Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Gary-Williams Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Gates Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Gathering Place A. Drop in Center for Women Denver, CO
Gault Street Senior Housing A. Ca Nonprofit Public Benefit Corp (Until June 2006) Denver, CO
Gelt Tzedakah Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Genealogical Society of Hispanic America Denver, CO
General Conference of the Church of God -Seventh Day- Denver, CO
General Douglas Macarthur Boys Center Denver, CO
Generations Cancer Foundation Denver, CO
Genesis Jobs Inc. Denver, CO
Genesis Missionary Baptist Church of Denver Denver, CO
George & Laurine Harris Charitable Foundation 4 Denver, CO
George C. Musselman Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
George W. Clayton College Trust Denver, CO
George W. Hopper Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
George Washington Carver Day Nursery Denver, CO
George and Beth Wood Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Germinal Stage Inc. Denver, CO
Gertrude Kohnke Charitable Foundation Denver, CO
Gift of Jazz Denver, CO
Gill Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Gill Operating Foundation 3 Denver, CO
Ginny Williams Family Foundation 3 Denver, CO
Girl Scouts Mile Hi Council Denver, CO
Girls Count Denver, CO
Girls Incorporated of Metro Denver Denver, CO
Girls on the Run of Denver (Until December 2009) Denver, CO
Girlsports International Inc. Denver, CO
Give Me A. Chance Scholarship Inc. Denver, CO
Giving Foundation Denver, CO
Glazier Architectural Metal & Glass Workers Local 930 Fund Denver, CO
Glenn and Eleanor Hill Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Global Arts Ltd. 4 Denver, CO
Global Humanitarian Expeditions (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Global Initiatives Foundation (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Global League of Baptist Evangelism Denver, CO
Global Visions Arts Alliance Denver, CO
Globeville Community Connection Denver, CO
Globeville Community Resource Center Denver, CO
Glorious Gospel Tabernacle Denver, CO
Glory to Glory Christian Center Denver, CO
Glory to God House of Prayer Urban Missionary Church Denver, CO
Go Abroad Foundation (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Goalie Charitable Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
God Cares Ministries Denver, CO
God Moves Ministry (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
God is Love Christian Ministries Denver, CO
God is My Help Messianic Ministries Denver, CO
Gods Holy Tabernacle Denver, CO
Godsman Family and Teachers Association Denver, CO
Goethe Club Denver, CO
Gold Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Golden Gate Baptist Church Denver, CO
Golden Hearts of Greenwood Denver, CO
Golden Portal Institute (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Good Homes Inc. Denver, CO
Good Samaritan Pet Adoption Center Inc. Denver, CO
Goodwill Industries of Denver Denver, CO
Gospel Literature Mission of India Inc. Denver, CO
Grace Apostolic Church Denver, CO
Grace Baptist Church of Aurora Denver, CO
Grace Baptist Church of Parker Denver, CO
Grace Bennett Jones Charitable Trust 90256 Denver, CO
Grace Church Inc. Denver, CO
Grace Foundation of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Grace Isabelle McNaught 115008906 Trust 4 Denver, CO
Grace Memorial Church of Denver Colo Denver, CO
Grace and Truth Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Denver, CO
Graham Family Singers (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Graland Country Day Denver, CO
Graland Country Day School Foundation Denver, CO
Grandparents Resource Center Denver, CO
Grant Avenue Community Center & Sacred Place Inc. Denver, CO
Grant Avenue Street Reach Denver, CO
Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training Denver, CO
Grassroots International Singers Denver, CO
Grassroots Program (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Gray Panthers of Denver Denver, CO
Great Council of Colorado of the Improved Order of Red Men Denver, CO
Greater Denver Local Development Cooperation Denver, CO
Greater Park Hill Community Inc. 5 Denver, CO
Greater West Denver High School Educational Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Green Valley Ranch Foundation Denver, CO
Green Valley Ranch Youth League Denver, CO
Greenergy Investments Foundation (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Groundwork Denver Incorporated (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Grove Project Inc. Denver, CO
Growing Experientially Multi Disciplinary Service Denver, CO
Guadalajara Soccer Club of Denver Denver, CO
Guild for Sacred Studies Inc. Denver, CO
Gurdjieff Foundation of Denver (Until August 2006) Denver, CO
Gwendolyn Koch Trust A. 0101565000 Wells Fargo Bank 4 Denver, CO
Gymnastics Plus Parents Club Denver, CO
H. E. A. R. Project (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
H. Stevens and Elizabeth Holtze Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Habitat Community Housing Development Inc. Denver, CO
Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Haddon Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hall & Evans Llc Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hampden Ministries Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Hand-Up-Homes-For Youth Incorporated Denver, CO
Hands Connection (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Hands of Hope Medical Foundation (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Hangout Resources Network Inc. Denver, CO
Hannah Kahn Dance Company Denver, CO
Hard Core for Jesus Ministries Denver, CO
Harmon-Duke Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Harmony A. Colorado Chorale Denver, CO
Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital Denver, CO
Harry G. and Pauline M. Austin Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Harry George & Mary Harris Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Harry H. Beren Foundation Cf 4 Denver, CO
Harry H. Beren Foundation Zb 4 Denver, CO
Harry H. Beren Trust D. 4 Denver, CO
Harry L. and Eva J. Puksta Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Harry Trueblood Foundation 3 Denver, CO
Harry W. Rabb Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Harry and Lillian Hoffman Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hashim Khan Foundation Denver, CO
Hawk Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hayes Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hba Foundation Denver, CO
Healing From the Heart Denver, CO
Healthbridge Alliance Denver, CO
Heart Paths Denver, CO
Heart Studio Arts and Wellness Center Denver, CO
Heart of Boardwalk Denver, CO
Hearts Senior Citizens (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Hecho Denver, CO
Heitler Fund 4 Denver, CO
Helen G. Bonfils Foundation Denver, CO
Helen J. Smith Trust U. W. FBO Grace Episcopal Church 4 Denver, CO
Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hellenic Academy Inc. Denver, CO
Helmar Skating Fund 4 Denver, CO
Help Ministries Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Help Out Inc. Denver, CO
Help and Hope Connection Inc. Denver, CO
Help the Elderly Live With Dignity Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Helping Hand Food Giveaway Program Denver, CO
Hemophilia Society of Colorado Denver, CO
Henry and Janet Claman Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Herber E. Parker Foundation 120012307 4 Denver, CO
Heritage Christian Center Denver, CO
Heritage Church Denver, CO
Heritage House Center (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Hewit Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hewitt Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Higbie Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Higby Trust 4 Denver, CO
High Country Basset Hound Rescue & Adoption Service Inc. Denver, CO
High Line Canal Preservation Association Denver, CO
High Plains Literary Review Inc. Denver, CO
High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology Denver, CO
Higher Education Scholarship Award (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Highland Cattle Foundation (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Highlands Ranch Park and Recreation Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Hilb Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Hill Family Foundation 3 Denver, CO
Hill Foundation 101562400 4 Denver, CO
Hillel Academy Denver, CO
Hillel Academy School Bldg Assn Denver, CO
Hilos Culturales Inc. (Until November 2005) Denver, CO
Himalayan Dental Relief Project Denver, CO
Hirschfeld Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
His Kingdom Foundation 4 Denver, CO
His Love Fellowship Inc. Denver, CO
His Ministries Denver, CO
Hispanic Chamber Education Foundation Denver, CO
Historic Colorado State Childrens Home Inc. Denver, CO
Historic Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Historic Elitch Gardens Theatre Foundation (Until June 2007) Denver, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Denver, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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