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Vehicle Donation in Denver, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Denver, Colorado, below is a list of Denver, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Downing Street Foundation Denver, CO
Downtown Denver Youth Foundation (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Dr A. J. Kauvar Foundation Denver, CO
Dr Francis H. McNaught & Grace I. McNaught Scholarship Fund 4 Denver, CO
Dragonfest of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Dress for Success Denver Ltd. Denver, CO
Dubin Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Dudjom Shenphen Foundation Denver, CO
Dunn Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Dvq Association Denver, CO
E. & P. Foundation Denver, CO
E. Garrett Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
E. Isabella Stupfel Trust 4 Denver, CO
Eagles Arapahoe Youth League Denver, CO
Early Colleges of Colorado Denver, CO
Earth Challenges Denver, CO
Earth Rites Inc. Denver, CO
Earth Walk Denver, CO
Earthlinks Inc. Denver, CO
East Denver Church of Christ Denver, CO
East Denver Eruv Committee Denver, CO
East High Angel Foundation (Until June 2007) Denver, CO
East High Womens Lacrosse Booster Club Inc. (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
East Side Christian Church Disciples of Christ Denver, CO
East Side Memorial Baptist Church Denver, CO
Eating Disorder Foundation of the Rockies (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Ebrahimi Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Eca Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Eccos Family Center Denver, CO
Eco-Justice Ministries Denver, CO
Economic Club of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Economics Institute Denver, CO
Ecumenical Refugee Services Inc. Denver, CO
Eddie Robinson Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Eden Theatrical Workshop Inc. Denver, CO
Edna Faye Campbell Trust Denver, CO
Edna and Fred L. Mandel Jr Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Educare Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Education Foundation Denver, CO
Education Foundation of American Society of Farm Managers & Ru Appr Denver, CO
Educational Commission of the States Denver, CO
Educational Council for Clinical Trials Safety (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Educational Foundation of the Colo Socty of Cert Pub Accountants Denver, CO
Edward Madigan Foundation 010643000 4 Denver, CO
Efay N. Grigg Endowment Fund 215984 4 Denver, CO
Ehcc Housing Corporation Denver, CO
Eili Network (Until September 2005) Denver, CO
Ejiro African Arts & Education Group Denver, CO
El Grito Runners Incorporated Denver, CO
Elaine Richards Foundation (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Eldon E. Veirs Scholarship Fund 3 Denver, CO
Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Cancer Research A/K/A. Florence Sab Denver, CO
Elite Warriors Youth League Fund (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Ellen M. Standley Trust UW FBO Colorado Museum of Natural History Denver, CO
Elsie M. Malley Charitable Trust 0101591900 4 Denver, CO
Elsie M. Malley Charitable Trust A. Denver, CO
Elsie M. Malley Charitable Trust C. Denver, CO
Elsie Malley Charitable Trust B. Denver, CO
Elucidative Journalism Inc. Denver, CO
Embracing Horses Denver, CO
Emergency Assistance Grant and Referral Project Inc. Denver, CO
Emergency Medical Technician Association of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Emily Griffith Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Emmaus Housing Denver, CO
Employment Law Institute Denver, CO
Empowerment Program Inc. Denver, CO
Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency Associates Incorporated Denver, CO
End-Of-Life Choices Colorado Denver, CO
Endangered Species Arts Alliance 4 Denver, CO
Energy Outreach Colorado Denver, CO
English Pathways Inc. Denver, CO
Enlighten Foundation Denver, CO
Ensemble Denver, CO
Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center Inc. (Until August 2007) Denver, CO
Environmental Learning for Kids Denver, CO
Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society Denver, CO
Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado Denver, CO
Eritrean Community in Colorado A. Nonprofit Corporation Denver, CO
Escuela Tlatelolco - Centro De Estudios Denver, CO
Estonian Christian Ministries Denver, CO
Ethan Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Ethan James Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Ethel Irene Carlton Tuw 0101621500 Denver, CO
Ethiopa Orthodox Tewahdo Kidane- Mehret Church Denver, CO
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo St. Mary Church Denver, CO
Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America Denver, CO
Ethnic College Counseling Center Denver, CO
Etkin Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Eulipions Inc. Denver, CO
Euphrasia Martin Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Evangelical Christian Union 4 Denver, CO
Evangelical Concern of Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Denver, CO
Evelyn Brust Financial Research and Education Foundation Denver, CO
Evergreen Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Expeditionary Learning School Board of Cooperative Educational Denver, CO
Experiencing His Presence Ministries (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Explorers Foundation (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Faceit Community Incorporated (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Faculty of Federal Advocates Denver, CO
Fairfax Nonprofit Housing Development Corporation Denver, CO
Fairmount Cemetery Company 6 Denver, CO
Fairmount Heritage Foundation Denver, CO
Fairview Baptist Church Denver, CO
Fairview Community Land Trust (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Faith Baptist Church of Montbello Denver, CO
Faith Christian Church Ltd. Denver, CO
Faith Walk Ministry Denver, CO
Falkenberg Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Familia-Rain Colorado Denver, CO
Families First Inc. Denver, CO
Families and Allies Working Together Denver, CO
Family Connections Inc. Denver, CO
Family Homestead Denver, CO
Family Resource Center Association Inc. Denver, CO
Family Star Inc. Denver, CO
Family and Community Education & Support Inc-Aka F. A. C. E. S. Denver, CO
Far Northeast Neighbors Inc. Denver, CO
Farm Credit System Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Fathers Show Resource Program (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Faught Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Favor Communications International Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Feathers & Friends Rescue & Refuge Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Federal Heights Apostolic Church Inc. - A. Nonprofit Corporation Denver, CO
Feiner Fam Foundation Colorado Nonprofit Corporation 4 Denver, CO
Fellowship Bible Chapel Denver, CO
Fellowship of Urban Youth Ministries Denver, CO
Fellowship of the Spirit Conference Inc. Denver, CO
Fie Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Fiesta Educativa De Colorado Denver, CO
Fire and Reign Inc. Denver, CO
First Divine Science Church of Denver Denver, CO
First Night Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Fish of East Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Fishers of Men Fellowship Denver, CO
Five Points Business Recovery and Development Corporation Denver, CO
Five Points Businesses Association Inc. Denver, CO
Five Points Media Center Corporation Denver, CO
Flora and Morris Mizel Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Flora and Morris Mizel Foundation I. 4 Denver, CO
Florence R. Burgess and Ralph L. Burgess Trust Fund Denver, CO
Focus Points Family Resource Center (Until June 2005) Denver, CO
Food Bank of the Rockies Denver, CO
Food for Friends Denver, CO
Foothills Sports Association Denver, CO
For Lifes Sake (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
For Such A. Time As This Denver, CO
For the Environment Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Foresight Ski Guides Inc. (Until September 2005) Denver, CO
Forming Families for the Third Milennium Denver, CO
Fort Logan Mental Health Center Auxiliary Denver, CO
Foundation for A. Better Life 3 Denver, CO
Foundation for Colorado State Parks Inc. Denver, CO
Foundation for Compassionate Action 4 Denver, CO
Foundation for Educational Excellence 4 Denver, CO
Foundation for Up With People Denver, CO
Foundation for Womens Wellness Inc. Denver, CO
Four Mile Historic Park Inc. Denver, CO
Four Mile Historic Park Volunteer Association Denver, CO
Four Paws Pet Center of Colorado Inc. 3 Denver, CO
Franciscan Brothers of Mary Denver, CO
Franciscan Initiatives Inc. Denver, CO
Franciscan Order of Divine Compassion Denver, CO
Frank M. Houck Charitable Trust Denver, CO
Frank M. Houck Trust No 4 Denver, CO
Frank Pernell Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Franklin L. Burns Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Fraser Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Fraternal Order of Police Colorado Metroplex Denver, CO
Freda T. Roof Memorial Scholarship Fund 120004502 4 Denver, CO
Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Frederick R. Mayer Foundation 3 Denver, CO
Freedom Missionary Baptist Church Denver, CO
Freedom by Design Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Freedom for Youth Denver, CO
Freeman E. Fairchild Meeker Charitable Trust 120015409 4 Denver, CO
Freeman Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Fresh Start Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of Arts Street Denver, CO
Friends of Children (Until June 2008) Denver, CO
Friends of Children With Down Syndrome of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of Colorado Usar Denver, CO
Friends of Cue (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Friends of Food for Thought Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of Historic Fort Logan Denver, CO
Friends of Ib Scholars Foundation Denver, CO
Friends of Kebyar Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of Manual High School Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of Patan Hospital USA Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Friends of Public Montessori Education Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of Red Rocks Denver, CO
Friends of Slavens School Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library Denver, CO
Friends of the Denver School of the Arts Denver, CO
Friends of the East-Mannal Lacrosse Club Inc. Denver, CO
Friends of the Family Crisis Center Denver, CO
Friends of the Fisher House Denver Va Medical Center Denver, CO
Friendship Baptist Church of Christ Jesus Denver, CO
Frierson International Ministries Inc. With Heart for the World Denver, CO
From the Heart Charity Inc. (Until December 2007) Denver, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Denver, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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