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Vehicle Donation in Denver, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Denver, Colorado, below is a list of Denver, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

St. Pauls Lutheran Church Foundation Denver, CO
St. Philip and St. James Memorial Columbarium Association 6 Denver, CO
St. Stephen Foundation 4 Denver, CO
St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church Denver, CO
St. Vincent De Paul Society Particular Council of Denver Denver, CO
Stanley British Primary School Denver, CO
Stapelton Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities Denver, CO
Stapleton Development Corporation Denver, CO
Stapleton United Neighbors (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Starfish Inc. (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
State Higher Education Executives Officers Association Denver, CO
State Patrol Chaplains Association Denver, CO
Stay Safe Colorado (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Stebbins Orphans Home Association 4 Denver, CO
Steinbrueck Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Stella Maris Scholarship Fund (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Step 13 Inc. Denver, CO
Stepping Stones-To A. Jewish Me Inc. Denver, CO
Sterne-Elder Memorial Trust 4 Denver, CO
Steven B. Hard Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Stolberg Foundation for Preschool Childcare 4 Denver, CO
Stone Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Stop the Violence Inc. Denver, CO
Strear Family Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Street Kids Denver, CO
Street-Smart Inc. Denver, CO
Striker Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Student Movement for Real Change (Until June 2008) Denver, CO
Sturm Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Sturm Financial Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Su Teatro Denver, CO
Sudanese Lou Nuer Community Foundation of Colorado Denver, CO
Sugar & Spice Sister Squares Denver, CO
Suitable Helpers Inc. Denver, CO
Summer Scholars Denver, CO
Sun Power Inc. Denver, CO
Sun Valley Youth Center Inc. Denver, CO
Sung San Korean Presbyterian Church of Colorado Denver, CO
Sunnyside United Neighbors Inc. Denver, CO
Supporters of Children Denver, CO
Sure Foundation Ministries Denver, CO
Sustainable Futures Society Denver, CO
Swallow Hill Music Association Denver, CO
Sword of the Spirit Ministries Denver, CO
Synagogue Council of Greater Denver Denver, CO
T. & R. Birdsong Fund 4 Denver, CO
Takoja Institute Denver, CO
Talking Book Publishers Inc. Denver, CO
Talmudic Research Institute Denver, CO
Talofa Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Tangible Dream Foundation Denver, CO
Tara Wellness Group Denver, CO
Teachers Across Borders (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Teaching Humane Existence Treatment Program Inc. Denver, CO
Tech Aid Asia Inc. Denver, CO
Teen Victory Denver, CO
Teikyo Loretto Heights University Denver, CO
Telecommunications History Group Incorporated Denver, CO
Telecompioneers (Until June 2006) Denver, CO
Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Temple Sinai Denver, CO
Ten Thirty Catholic Community Denver, CO
Ten Thousand Villages-Denver Denver, CO
Tgff 4 Denver, CO
The Alliance Community Health Quality Partnership Denver, CO
The Alliance for People With Disabilities Denver, CO
The Amy L. Boyd Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
The Architectural Education Foundation Aia Colorado Denver, CO
The Armstrong Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Aspen Center for Autism (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
The Attention and Behavior Institute Denver, CO
The Bacchus & Gamma Peer Education Network Denver, CO
The Charles M. and Faye G. Schayer Charitable Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Cherne Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Childrens Treehouse Foundation (Until September 2007) Denver, CO
The Church Denver, CO
The Cody Bridges Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Colorado Association of the Deaf Inc. Denver, CO
The Colorado Authors League Inc. Denver, CO
The Colorado Calligraphers Guild Denver, CO
The Colorado Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society Denver, CO
The Colorado Chapter of the Technology Transfer Society Denver, CO
The Colorado Foundation for Families and Children Denver, CO
The Colorado Golf Association Inc. Denver, CO
The Colorado Museum of Natural History Denver, CO
The Colorado Parent and Child Foundation 4 (Until June 2006) Denver, CO
The Colorado Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force Denver, CO
The Connection Church Inc. Denver, CO
The Connie Burwell White and William W. White Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Cycle Safety Circus for Kids (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
The Delta Gamma Anchor Center for Blind Children Denver, CO
The Denver Amended Christadelphian Ecclesia Denver, CO
The Denver Bach Society Denver, CO
The Denver Center for Crime Victims Denver, CO
The Denver Chapter of the American Recorder Society Denver, CO
The Denver Civic Theatre Denver, CO
The Denver Grace Brethren Church Denver, CO
The Denver Health and Hospitals Foundation Denver, CO
The Denver Justice and Peace Committee Education Fund Denver, CO
The Donnell Initiative Fund 4 Denver, CO
The Down Payment Assistance Group (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
The Eric T. and Elizabeth C. Jacobsen Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Fern and Samuel Primack Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Fish Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Flowe Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Gay Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Co Denver, CO
The Golden Triangle Learning Center Denver, CO
The Good Shepherd Foundation Denver, CO
The Halstedt Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Hawkins Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Hemlock Foundation Denver, CO
The Hep C. Conneciton Denver, CO
The Institute for Environmental Solutions Denver, CO
The Jeff Bridges Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Jewish Experience Denver, CO
The Just Media Fund Denver, CO
The Leap Corporation Denver, CO
The Light of Christ Anglican Church Denver, CO
The Light of Life Miracle Deliverance Church Denver, CO
The Lodo District Inc. Denver, CO
The Lodo Rotary Club Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
The Lords Walk Ministries Denver, CO
The Lundy Foundation Denver, CO
The Magic Dance Foundation (Until June 2005) Denver, CO
The Maxfund Inc. Denver, CO
The Myasthenia Gravis Association of Colorado Denver, CO
The Nancy Walton Laurie Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The New America School Denver, CO
The Northwest Region of the Nationa L. Asssociation of Colored Womens C. Denver, CO
The Oak Hill Academy Denver, CO
The Odyssey School Incorporated Denver, CO
The Paan-Pacific Asian American Network Foundation Denver, CO
The Palm Center Denver, CO
The Quark Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Rocky Mountain Map Society Denver, CO
The Salvation Army Broomfield Residences Inc. Denver, CO
The Takini Network Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
The Wilhoit Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The William E. Jackson Foundation 4 Denver, CO
The Yess Institute (Until January 2006) Denver, CO
The Z. Community Foundation Denver, CO
The Zimmerman Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Theatre Medina Denver, CO
Theodore & Chandos Rice Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Third Christian Reformed Church Denver, CO
Third Story Inc. Denver, CO
Third Way Center Inc. Denver, CO
Thomas Jefferson High School Booster Club Inc. Denver, CO
Thomas Jefferson League of Educators & Families Denver, CO
Thomas Moran Catalogue Raisonne Project Denver, CO
Thomas W. Bean Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Thornton Junior Football League Assoc Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Tierra Del Sol (Until June 2006) Denver, CO
Timothy Benevolent Fund 4 Denver, CO
Titans-Arapahoe Youth League Inc. Denver, CO
Tiyospaye Crisis Center Denver, CO
To Life-Live Denver, CO
Tom Rotole Ministries Denver, CO
Torah Community Project Denver, CO
Torgove Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Total Healthcare Denver, CO
Total Longterm Care Denver, CO
Towne Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Transit Alliance Denver, CO
Transplant Council of the Rockies Denver, CO
Transplant Foundation Denver, CO
Transportation Solutions Foundation (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Travelers Assistance Program Corp Denver, CO
Traylor Academy Boosters Denver, CO
Treasures in Heaven (Until September 2005) Denver, CO
Treble by Nature Denver, CO
Tri State Buddhist Church Apartments Inc. Denver, CO
Trinity Bible Missionary Church Denver, CO
Trinity House Inc. (Until September 2005) Denver, CO
Trips for Kids-Denver (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Triune Foundation Ltd. 4 Denver, CO
Troy Chavez Foundation Denver, CO
True Vine Tabernacle Denver, CO
Trust Uwo Estelle Hunter Denver, CO
Trusted Global Charity Organization (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Trygve E. & Victoria H. Myhren Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Turkish-American Cultural Society of Colorado Denver, CO
Turnabout Inc. Denver, CO
Two Rivers Institute Denver, CO
Unbridledacts (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Unesco Association of Colorado Denver, CO
Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Denver, CO
United Parent Association Fundamental Clinic (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
United Seniors of Colorado Denver, CO
United States Air Force Academy Colorado Parents Club Denver, CO
United States Committee on Irrigation Drainage and Flood Cont Denver, CO
United States Society on Dams Denver, CO
Unity Baptist Church Incorporated Denver, CO
Unity House of Prayer Christian Center Inc. Denver, CO
Universal Lending Foundation (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
University Christian Center Denver, CO
University Church of Christ Denver, CO
University Seniors Association Denver, CO
University of Colorado Childrens Diabetes Research Charitable Trust Denver, CO
University of Colorado Hospital Authority Denver, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Denver, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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