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Vehicle Donation in Denver, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Denver, Colorado, below is a list of Denver, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Mile High United Way Inc. Denver, CO
Mile-Hi Mini-Mailers Denver, CO
Milestones Project (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Millman Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Ministerio Fuente De Vida Denver, CO
Minority Enterprise & Educational Development Inc. Denver, CO
Miracle Fund Inc. Denver, CO
Miral Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Misioneras De La Caridad De Maria Inmaculada Denver, CO
Mission Branch 4 Denver, CO
Mission to the Americas Denver, CO
Missionary Baptist Church Denver, CO
Missouri Alliance for Arts Education Denver, CO
Mizel Center for Arts and Culture Denver, CO
Mizel Global Cultural Fund 4 Denver, CO
Mizel Museum (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Mo-Ark River Defense Fund (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Mongolian Arts Council--US Inc. (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Mongolian Gandan Temple Inc. Denver, CO
Montbello Falcons Athletic Club Inc. Denver, CO
Montbello Soccer Association Denver, CO
Montclair Academy Denver, CO
Monte Vista Housing Inc. Denver, CO
Montessori Academy of Colorado (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Montessori Institute Denver, CO
Montessori School Washington Park Denver, CO
Montview Building Corp Denver, CO
Montview Foundation Denver, CO
Mops International Inc. Denver, CO
Morgan Adams Foundation (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Morrison Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Morrison Road Business Association of Denver Denver, CO
Morse Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Most Holy Redeemer Senior Housing Corporation Denver, CO
Most Precious Blood Catholic Education Foundation Denver, CO
Mostly Strauss Orchestra Denver, CO
Mothers & Daughters Inc. Denver, CO
Mount Calvary Apostolic Church of the Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Denver, CO
Mount Olivet Cemetery Association 6 Denver, CO
Mountain Area Sunday School Association Denver, CO
Mountain Desert District-Uua Inc. Denver, CO
Mountain Desert Family Festival Inc. Denver, CO
Mountain States Genetics Foundation Denver, CO
Mountain States Printing Educational Foundation Denver, CO
Moyo-Nguvu Cultural Art Center Inc. Denver, CO
Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church Denver, CO
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church Housing Committee Inc. Denver, CO
Multiple Sclerosis Alliance Inc. Denver, CO
Murphey Western Institute Inc. 3 Denver, CO
Museo De Las Americas Denver, CO
Museum Film Network Inc. Denver, CO
Museum Store Association Inc. Denver, CO
Museum of Contemporary Art-Denver Denver, CO
Muslim Community of Colorado Denver, CO
Myra Fox Skelton Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Nagel Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Namaste Comfort Fund Denver, CO
Nami Colorado Denver, CO
Nami Denver Inc. Denver, CO
Namlo Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Namo Tassa Inc. Denver, CO
Naral Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation Denver, CO
Nathan B. and Florence R. Burt Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
National Academy of Neuropsychology Foundation Denver, CO
National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
National Association of Counsel for Children Denver, CO
National Association of Hispanic Nurses Denver, CO
National Association of State Vocal Organizations Inc. Denver, CO
National Association of Street Schools Denver, CO
National Buffalo Foundation Denver, CO
National Cable Television Center and Museum Inc. Denver, CO
National Cancer Prevention Fund Denver, CO
National Childrens Vision Foundation Denver, CO
National Civic League of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
National Coalition Against Domesitc Violence Denver, CO
National College Testing Association Inc. Denver, CO
National Employment Law Institute Denver, CO
National Environmental Health Association Denver, CO
National Foundation for Prevention of Chemical Dependency Disease Denver, CO
National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped Denver, CO
National Hearing Conservation Association Scholarship Foundation (Until June 2007) Denver, CO
National High School Rodeo Association Inc. Denver, CO
National Honor Band Asscoiation Denver, CO
National Jewish Medical and Research Center Denver, CO
National Lung Health Educational Program Inc. Denver, CO
National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women Inc. Denver, CO
National Organization of Rural Health Inc. (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
National Potato Research and Education Foundation Denver, CO
National Scholarship Providers Association (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
National Underwater & Marine Agency Inc. 4 Denver, CO
National Victims Constitutional Amendment Network Denver, CO
Native American Community Development Corporation Denver, CO
Native American Multi-Cultural Education School Inc. Names Denver, CO
Natural Mystic Foundation Inc. Denver, CO
Natural Resources Leadership Council of the States (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Naughton-Nicholson Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Ncsl Foundation for State Legislatures Denver, CO
Nedco Nursing Inc. Denver, CO
Nedco Square Inc. Denver, CO
Neighborhood Action Group Inc. Denver, CO
Neighborhood Church of the Master Baptist Inc. Denver, CO
Neighborhood Ministries Inc. Denver, CO
Neighborhood Resource Center of Metropolitan Denver Incorporated Denver, CO
Net Results Junior Tennis Foundation Denver, CO
Network Ministries Denver, CO
Neusteter Colorado Company 4 Denver, CO
New City International Incorporated (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
New Dance Theatre Inc. Denver, CO
New Foundations Nonviolence Center Denver, CO
New Generation Christian Ministries Inc. Denver, CO
New Genesis Inc. Denver, CO
New Home University Inc. (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
New Hope Christian Church Denver, CO
New Hope in Christ Denver, CO
New Horizons Scholarship Foundation Denver, CO
New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church-Agape Denver, CO
New Life in Christ Baptist Church Inc. Denver, CO
New Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Denver, CO
New Song Fellowship Denver, CO
New Sonlight Ministries A. Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Denver, CO
New Testament Church Holiness Denver, CO
New Urban Perspective Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
New Ventures in Higher Education Inc. (Until April 2005) Denver, CO
New Way Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Newman Family Society Denver, CO
Newsed Community Development Corporation Inc. Denver, CO
Newspapers in Education Foundation of Texas Denver, CO
Nicholson Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Nick Maloof Family Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Nine Health Services Inc. Denver, CO
Nippon Kan Denver, CO
Nisei Veterans Heritage Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Nittler Family Charitable Trust 4 Denver, CO
Nkm 2 4 Denver, CO
Noahs Crib Denver, CO
Non-Affiliated Action Group (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association Inc. Denver, CO
North Cherry Creek Counseling Center Denver, CO
North Denver Apostolic Church of Jesus Inc. Denver, CO
North Denver Baptist Church Inc. Denver, CO
North Downtown District Inc. Denver, CO
North Side High School Alumni Association Denver, CO
North Side High School Alumni Scholarship Foundation Denver, CO
Northeast Denver Housing Center Inc. Denver, CO
Northeast Park Hill Grandparents Denver, CO
Northeast Womens Center Denver, CO
Northern Colorado Roofers Joint Apprenticeship Committee Denver, CO
Northern Corridor Coalition (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Northwest Coalition for Better Schools Denver, CO
Northwest Denver Community Mental Health Center Services Inc. Denver, CO
Notre Dame Senior Housing Corp Denver, CO
Now Faith Christian Deliverance Center Churches International Denver, CO
Nurse Family Partnership (Until September 2007) Denver, CO
Nursing Foundation of Colorado Inc. Denver, CO
Oasis for Jesus (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Oceana Senior Housing Corporation Denver, CO
Odyssey Institute Inc. (Until December 2008) Denver, CO
Off Center Dance Collective Denver, CO
Okinaga Foundation 4 Denver, CO
Old San Rafael Neighborhood Organization Inc. Denver, CO
Old Ways Ltd. Denver, CO
Olin Housing Corporation Denver, CO
Olson-Vander Heyden Foundation Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Omni Institute Denver, CO
Omnipresent Pentecostal Center Inc. Denver, CO
On Eagles Wings Ministries Inc. Denver, CO
One Essence Ministries Foundation Denver, CO
Open Arms Ministry Denver, CO
Open Door Fellowship Church Denver, CO
Open Door Foundation Denver, CO
Open Door Ministries Denver, CO
Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives Denver, CO
Open Fairways Denver, CO
Open Grove (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Openworld Learning Denver, CO
Opera Colorado Denver, CO
Operation Game Thief Inc. 4 Denver, CO
Operation God Willing (Until December 2007) Denver, CO
Oppenheimerfunds Legacy Programs Denver, CO
Options Housing Corporation Denver, CO
Oracle Winter Guard Denver, CO
Orbis Institute (Until December 2005) Denver, CO
Order Sons of Italy Colorado Foundation Denver, CO
Order of St. Anne Charitable Trust Denver, CO
Order of the Eastern Star of Colorado Grand Chapter Denver, CO
Organization for the Support of Albanias Abandoned Babies Denver, CO
Organization for the Welfare and Improvement of Children and Women Denver, CO
Orlandos Way Denver, CO
Orthopedic Research Institute of Colorado Inc. (Until December 2006) Denver, CO
Osage Initiatives Denver, CO
Other Side Arts Denver, CO
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Resident Educ Foundation Denver, CO
Our Faith Baptist Church Denver, CO
Our House II Inc. 01-12-93 Denver, CO
Our Lady of the Rosary Academy Denver, CO
Our Musical Heritage Inc. Denver, CO
Our Saviors Lutheran Housing Corp Denver, CO
Outdoors Buddies Inc. Denver, CO
Outpost Ministries Denver, CO
Owl Club of Denver Scholarship Fund Incorporated Denver, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Denver, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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