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Vehicle Donation in Boulder, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Boulder, Colorado, below is a list of Boulder, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Satyana Institute Boulder, CO
Save Lives and Injuries Now Inc. Boulder, CO
School Mediation Center Inc. Boulder, CO
Schreier Family Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Scuola Internazionale Della Scultura Boulder, CO
Sean M. Higgins Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
Seedworks Fund 4 Boulder, CO
September Schools Inc. Boulder, CO
Shady Ladies of the Central City Motherlode Inc. Boulder, CO
Shambhala International Vajradhatu Boulder, CO
Shambhala-Nalanda Foundation Boulder, CO
Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu Association Boulder, CO
Share-A-Gift Boulder, CO
Sheila Fortune Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Shelby American Collection 3 Boulder, CO
Sheltering Families in the Americas (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
Short Line to Cripple Creek Inc. Boulder, CO
Siddha Yoga Dham Boulder Inc. Boulder, CO
Sinapu Boulder, CO
Sister Niguma Productions Inc. Boulder, CO
Snow Lion School Boulder, CO
Society for Descriptive Psychology Boulder, CO
Society for Growth in Parish Ministry Boulder, CO
Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies Incorpora Boulder, CO
Solstice Foundation Boulder, CO
Solstice Institute Boulder, CO
Sonny Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Sorenson Family Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Southern Hills Parent and Teacher Organization Inc. (Until June 2007) Boulder, CO
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project Llc (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
Space Science Institute Boulder, CO
Special Transit Boulder, CO
Spiritkeepers Interfaith Fellowship Boulder, CO
Spiritual Eldering Institute Boulder, CO
St. Johns Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
St. Peters Church Inc. Boulder, CO
Stainton Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Starbridge Inc. Boulder, CO
Stewardship Initiatives Boulder, CO
Stillpoint A. Center for the Humanities and Community Boulder, CO
Stoner Home Inc. 4 Boulder, CO
Stories on Stage (Until December 2005) Boulder, CO
Suitts Family Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Summit Middle Charter School Inc. Boulder, CO
Sunshine Cemetery Association 6 Boulder, CO
Supporters of Summit Inc. 4 Boulder, CO
Sustainable Resources Inc. (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
Sustainable Travel International (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
Suzuki Association of the Americas Boulder, CO
Taps Are Talking Inc. (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
Tara Institute of the Performing Arts Incorporated Boulder, CO
Terrance and Judith Paul Foundation Inc. 4 Boulder, CO
Tesseract Productions Boulder, CO
Texas Environmental Center Boulder, CO
The 1040 Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
The Action Committee for Eldorado Boulder, CO
The Boulder Judo Training Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Boulder, CO
The Boulder Theatre Producers Guild Boulder, CO
The Budacz Family Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
The Cohousing Network Boulder, CO
The Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Housing Boulder, CO
The Colorado Conservation Trust A. Community Foundation for Conservat (Until September 2005) Boulder, CO
The Freebsd Foundation Boulder, CO
The Garda Institute for the Study of Patterns in History Inc. Boulder, CO
The Humane Society of Boulder Valley Inc. Boulder, CO
The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy Boulder, CO
The Jordanna Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
The Jorgensen Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
The Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary 3 Boulder, CO
The Milagro Charitable Supporting Organization Boulder, CO
The National Ceramic Center Foundation Inc. 4 Boulder, CO
The Q. D. Foundation Inc. 4 Boulder, CO
The Safety Station Org (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
The Shine Network Foundation (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
The Sufi Foundation of America Boulder, CO
The Tarboche Foundation Boulder, CO
The Tree of Life Presbyterian Church Boulder, CO
The Upstart Crow Inc. Boulder, CO
The Volunteer Connection of Boulder County Boulder, CO
Third Law Dance-Theater Inc. Boulder, CO
Thistle Community Housing Boulder, CO
Thorne Ecological Institute Boulder, CO
Tibetan Association of Colorado Inc. Boulder, CO
Torah Heart Mind and Body (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
Tranquility Project (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
Trauma Dynamics Institute (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
Tundra Foundation (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
Turning Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Turning the Wheel Productions Inc. Boulder, CO
Udiyan Maitreya Kosha Boulder, CO
Ultimate Players Association Dtd 02-23-90 Boulder, CO
Unavco Inc. (Until December 2005) Boulder, CO
United Black Action Committee Boulder, CO
United Black Women of Boulder Valley Boulder, CO
United Childrens Fund Inc. Boulder, CO
United Christian Foundation Boulder, CO
United States of America Rugby Football Union Ltd. Boulder, CO
Unity of Boulder Boulder, CO
University Corp Atmo Boulder, CO
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Foundation Boulder, CO
University Improvement Corporation Boulder, CO
University License Equity Holdings Inc. Boulder, CO
University Lutheran Foundation of Boulder Colorado Inc. Boulder, CO
University Press of Colorado Boulder, CO
University Womens Club of the University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, CO
University Zen Center Incorporated Boulder, CO
University of Action Learning Inc. Boulder, CO
University of Colorado Foundation Inc. Boulder, CO
University of Colorado Insurance Pool Boulder, CO
University of Colorado Real Estate Foundation Boulder, CO
Unspoken Word (Until December 2008) Boulder, CO
Urban River Society Incorporated (Until December 2005) Boulder, CO
Urgent Action Fund for Womens Human Rights (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
Vail Film Institute Inc. (Until December 2007) Boulder, CO
Valley Bible Chapel Boulder, CO
Verna R. Myers Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of Boulder County Boulder, CO
Village Arts Coalition Boulder, CO
Voices for Children Inc. Boulder, CO
Waldorf School Association of Boulder Inc. Boulder, CO
Watershed School Inc. (Until June 2006) Boulder, CO
Weaver Family Foundation Colorado Nonprofit Corporation 4 Boulder, CO
Wessell Family Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Western Grace Conference Association Boulder, CO
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Boulder, CO
Western Mining Action Project (Until December 2008) Boulder, CO
Western Regional Environmental Education Council Boulder, CO
Western Resource Advocates Boulder, CO
White Dwarf Research Corporation Boulder, CO
White Parasol Arts Foundation (Until December 2008) Boulder, CO
Wilderness Education Institute Boulder, CO
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (Until December 2006) Boulder, CO
William H. Langroise & Gladys E. Langroise Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Windhorse Guild Inc. Boulder, CO
Windows on the Rockies User Group Boulder, CO
Winograd Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Witness Inc. Boulder, CO
Women United for Justice Community and Family Boulder, CO
Womens Choice of Boulder Valley Inc. Boulder, CO
Womens Wilderness Institute Boulder, CO
World Council of Elders Inc. Boulder, CO
World Faith Church and Seminary Boulder, CO
World Hope Foundation Boulder, CO
Wright Family Foundation 4 Boulder, CO
Wright Paleohydrological Institute Boulder, CO
YMCA of Boulder Boulder, CO
Yeong Sang Presbyterian Church Boulder, CO
Yesod Foundation Boulder, CO
Young Heroes Project 4 Boulder, CO
Young Womens Christian Association of Boulder Colorado Boulder, CO
Your English School Boulder, CO
Zenko International Boulder, CO
Zoe Ministries Inc. Boulder, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Boulder, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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