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Vehicle Donation in Aurora, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Aurora, Colorado, below is a list of Aurora, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

First Love Christian Church Aurora, CO
Flaming Fire Ministries Aurora, CO
Flora Zeligman Ovarian Cancer Foundation (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Forgiven Church Aurora, CO
Foundation for Colorado High School Student Activities Aurora, CO
Four Points Association Aurora, CO
Friend of the Plains Conservation Center Inc. Aurora, CO
Friends & Families of the Imprisoned (Until December 2004) Aurora, CO
Friends of Wewak Foundation Aurora, CO
Friends of the Aurora Public Library Aurora, CO
Full Gospel Christian Center Inc. Aurora, CO
Gateway Christian Church Aurora, CO
Gateway High School Music Boosters Aurora, CO
Gathering Place Endowment Fund Aurora, CO
Genesis Chapel Aurora, CO
Geospatial Information & Technology Association Aurora, CO
Geraldine and Alvin Cohen Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Ginnys Kids International Aurora, CO
Girls in Golf Inc. Aurora, CO
Gives Incorporated (Until August 2005) Aurora, CO
Global Mandate Aurora, CO
Global Outreach Foundation (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Gods Emissaries Thru Missions (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Godsearch Inc. (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Gospel Crusade Inc. Aurora, CO
Grace Pentecostal Church Aurora, CO
Grand Design Inc. Aurora, CO
Grandparents Who Care Aurora, CO
Greater Faith Christian Center Church Aurora, CO
Guidance Behind the Walls (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Hands-On World Missions Aurora, CO
Hard at Work Kids-Hawks (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Harmon Family Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Hcf Flames Track & Field Club Inc. Aurora, CO
Healthcare Colorado Seniors Association Aurora, CO
Heart and Soul Counseling Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Heart of the Shepherd Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Heart to Share Ministries (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Heartlight Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Hearts Across the Miles (Until December 2009) Aurora, CO
Heather Gardens Chapel Aurora, CO
Heather Gardens Frolics Club Aurora, CO
Heres Life Christian Church Aurora, CO
Heritage Eagle Bend Angels Inc. (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Heru Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Holy Family Mission Ltd. an Independent Catholic Church Aurora, CO
Home Away From Home Ministries (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Home Church International 4 Aurora, CO
Hope Deliverance Temple Cogic Aurora, CO
House of Grace Ministries International Aurora, CO
House of Hope Christian Ministries Aurora, CO
Housing Services Initiatives Inc. (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Hurricane Track Club Aurora, CO
Iglesia Cristiana De Avivamiento Refugio Eterno Aurora, CO
Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Casa De Dios Aurora, CO
Iglesia Pentecostal Ebenezer Aurora, CO
Iglesia Yeshua El Mesias Church Aurora, CO
Imagine Peace Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
In His Presence Christian Center Aurora, CO
In His Service Inc. Aurora, CO
Indonesia Aid Foundation Inc. (Until September 2006) Aurora, CO
Indonesian Pentecostal Revival Fellowship Vineyard of Denver Aurora, CO
Inner City Kids Incorporated (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
International Black Aerospace Council Ibac Inc. Aurora, CO
International Christian Cycling Club Aurora, CO
Iron Countenance Pentecoastal Center Aurora, CO
Island Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Ivy Community Fund (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
J. R. Project Inc. (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Jack Hogan Charitable Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Jan Justis Dance Co Aurora, CO
Jewel Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Aurora, CO
Jireh Christian Center Aurora, CO
Jireh Funding Corporation (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
John and Margaret Thomas Community Endowment Fund Aurora, CO
Journey Christian Fellowship Aurora, CO
Julia A. Amen Scholarship Trust Fund 4 Aurora, CO
Kampuchea for Christ USA Aurora, CO
Kayumanggi Performing Arts Troupe Aurora, CO
Kingdom Building Ministries Incorporated Aurora, CO
Kingdom Worship Center Aurora, CO
Kingdom of Faith Christian Center Aurora, CO
Korean Central Church Aurora, CO
Korean First Baptist Church of Aurora Aurora, CO
Korean Full Gospel Church Aurora, CO
Korean Senior Association of Colorado 4 Aurora, CO
Korean Siloam Church Aurora, CO
Kpos Positive Communications Corporation Aurora, CO
L. A. R. G. O. Aurora, CO
Life Changing Christian Center Aurora, CO
Life Skills International Inc. Aurora, CO
Light of the World Family Church Aurora, CO
Lighthouse Christian Center Aurora, CO
Living Hope Baptist Church Aurora, CO
Living Oaks Fellowship Aurora, CO
Living Waater Christian Center Aurora, CO
Living Water Church of Aurora Inc. Aurora, CO
Loving Hands Unlimited Aurora, CO
Lunch Time Bible Study Inc. Aurora, CO
M-Za Greyhounds Track Club Aurora, CO
M. I. T. Alumni of Colorado Aurora, CO
Mahibere Kidusan Coordinating Center in North America (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Majesty Christian Center Church Inc. Aurora, CO
Margaret Castello Memorial Pro Life Scholarship Fund Inc. Aurora, CO
McFarland Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Meadow Spring Community Church Inc. Aurora, CO
Men Assisting Leading & Educating Aurora, CO
Men for the Cure Aurora, CO
Metro Church Aurora, CO
Mid-Continent Research for Education & Learning Aurora, CO
Midwest Horizons Aurora, CO
Mile High Military Officers Association Scholarship Fund Aurora, CO
Miracle Mountain African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Aurora, CO
Mission Aurora Colorado Swim Team Aurora, CO
Mission Viejo Swim Parents Association Aurora, CO
Monaghan Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Montbello Baptist Church Aurora, CO
Montessori Education Foundation of Douglas County Aurora, CO
Montiview Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization Aurora, CO
Mosaic Missions USA (Until December 2004) Aurora, CO
Mt. Moriah Non Denominational Church Corporation Aurora, CO
Mudra Dance Studio (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Multi Cultural Mosiac Foundation (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Nacer Org (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
National Alternative Fuel Foundation (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
National Decubitus Foundation Aurora, CO
National Farmers Union Foundation Aurora, CO
National Pain Foundation Aurora, CO
National Writer Assn Foundation Aurora, CO
Neighborhood Housing Service of Denver Aurora, CO
New Beginning Christian Center Aurora, CO
New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church Aurora, CO
New Beginnings Worship Center Aurora, CO
New Covenant Christian Church Aurora, CO
New Creation International Christian Center Aurora, CO
New Gate Church Aurora, CO
Nicholas G. Nackos Memorial Fund Aurora, CO
Northern Colorado Health Information Management Association (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Nunez Foundation Aurora, CO
Operation Love Inc. Aurora, CO
Options for Animals Corporation Aurora, CO
Or Chadash New Horizons in Jewish Experience (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Outside the Walls Ministries Aurora, CO
Overland High School Band Parents Association Aurora, CO
Peaceful Rest Baptist Church Aurora, CO
People Helping People Assn Aurora, CO
Piney Creek Community Church Aurora, CO
Power and Love Ministry Aurora, CO
Prairie Ridge Christian Church Aurora, CO
Praise Chapel International Church Aurora, CO
Presbytery of the West Evangelical Presbyterian Church Aurora, CO
Prologis Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Quality Home Health Care Inc. Aurora, CO
Quest Academy of the Martial Arts (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
R. J. Friend Inc. 4 Aurora, CO
R. W. S. Family Life and Youth Learning Center Aurora, CO
Racing 2 Save Lives (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Ramsey Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
Rangeview Baseball Ballpen Aurora, CO
Reconciliation Ministries Aurora, CO
Recovery in Christ Aurora, CO
Redeemed Ones Jail & Prison Ministry Inc. Aurora, CO
Rejis Program Inc. Aurora, CO
Released Incorporated Aurora, CO
Restoration Christian Fellowship Aurora, CO
Retired Enlisted Association Aurora, CO
Rhema Faith Fellowship Inc. Aurora, CO
Rhema Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Richard L. Gates Aurora, CO
Road Called Strate (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Robert W. Graf Family Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Christian Academy Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Research and Prevention Institute (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Soccer Association (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Technical Assistance & Consulting Center Inc. Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank Aurora, CO
Rocky Mountain Youth Dance Foundation (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Rosaleep Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Safe Haven Foundation (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Sagremi Foundation Aurora, CO
Saint Gelasius I. Foundation (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Sally J. Jobe Foundation Aurora, CO
Santa Project Inc. (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Seeking Independent Growth Now Aurora, CO
Self Improvement Opportunities Aurora, CO
Shades of Blue Aurora, CO
Shalom Park Aurora, CO
Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Side Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Aurora, CO
Slavic Christian Ministries Aurora, CO
Smith Agency Aurora, CO
Smoky Hill Rotary Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church Aurora, CO
Something Better Aurora, CO
Sound of the Trumpet Ministry Inc. Aurora, CO
Southeast Aurora Church of Christ Aurora, CO
Spalding Hospital Volunteer Association Aurora, CO
Spare Inc. Aurora, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Aurora, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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