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Vehicle Donation Directory > Aurora, Colorado car donation

Vehicle Donation in Aurora, Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Aurora, Colorado, below is a list of Aurora, Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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231 Buckley Club Aurora, CO
2nd Glance Ministries (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
430 Years Church of God in Christ Aurora, CO
A. & M. Creative Day Care Inc. Aurora, CO
A. Childs Choice Inc. Aurora, CO
Abundant Freedom Ministries Aurora, CO
Accountability Ministries Inc. 4 Aurora, CO
Adaptive Dancing Inc. (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Adoption Options Aurora, CO
Advocates for Children Aurora, CO
African Awareness Expos Inc. USA Aurora, CO
Agape Christian Fellowship of Aurora Aurora, CO
Airport Area Church of Christ Aurora, CO
Al-Anon Family Groups of Colorado Aurora, CO
Alianza Ministerial (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
All Saints Ministries Incorporated Aurora, CO
Alpha Institute Aurora, CO
Amarna Research Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
American Coal Ash Association Educational Foundation Aurora, CO
American Old Catholic Church Aurora, CO
Animal Assistance and Education League - an International 4 Aurora, CO
Anointed Word Ministry 4 Aurora, CO
Apollos Foundation (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Apostles Way Holiness Church Life Line Ministries Incorporation Aurora, CO
Apostolic Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Aurora, CO
Appointed Time Ministries (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council (Until June 2008) Aurora, CO
Arapahoe County Foster Parents Association Aurora, CO
Asian American Foundation of Colorado Aurora, CO
Asian Pacific Center for Human Development Aurora, CO
Asian Pacific Development Center of Colorado Aurora, CO
Aspen Lung Conference (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Association for Repetitive Motion Syndrome Aurora, CO
Aurora Academy Aurora, CO
Aurora Aquatics Academy Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Arapahoe Battered Womens Shelter Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Arts and Humanities Council Aurora, CO
Aurora Auxiliary for Health Related Services Incorporated Aurora, CO
Aurora Baptist Temple Aurora, CO
Aurora Chamber Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Community Mental Health Research Institute Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Community Physicians Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora DAR E. Aurora, CO
Aurora Education Foundation Aurora, CO
Aurora Gateway Rotary Community Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Historical Society Aurora, CO
Aurora Housing Authority Aurora, CO
Aurora Housing Corporation Aurora, CO
Aurora Interchurch Task Force Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Jewell Wetland Aurora, CO
Aurora Kiwanis Foundation Aurora, CO
Aurora Living Resources Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Museum Foundation Aurora, CO
Aurora Muslim Society (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Aurora Police Department Orphans Fund Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Police Spouses Association (Until August 2005) Aurora, CO
Aurora Rotary Foundation Inc. Aurora, CO
Aurora Singers Aurora, CO
Aurora Sister Cities Inc. of Aurora Colorado Aurora, CO
Aurora Soccer Club Aurora, CO
Aurora Symphony Orchestra Aurora, CO
Aurora Vista Aurora, CO
Aurora Youth League Aurora, CO
Ayl Centaurs Aurora, CO
Balance Inc. Aurora, CO
Barnes Family Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Beacon of Hope Outreach Center Aurora, CO
Being Beloved (Until June 2006) Aurora, CO
Believers Fellowship Church International Inc. Aurora, CO
Bennie E. Goodwin Educational Foundation Aurora, CO
Beth Israel Foundation for the Aged Aurora, CO
Bethel Baptist Church of Aurora Colorado Aurora, CO
Bethlehem Apostolic Church Inc. Aurora, CO
Bibliographical Center for Research Inc. Rocky Mountain Region Aurora, CO
Bighorn Assistance Dogs Inc. (Until June 2008) Aurora, CO
Bixler Copd Fondation (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Black Effectiveness Support Team Aurora, CO
Brighter Future Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Buckley Spouses Group (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
By Faith Christian Fellowship Aurora, CO
C. L. E. F. for Church and Synagogue Corp Aurora, CO
C. W. M. F. Aurora, CO
Calvary Christian Fellowship of Aurora Cca Aurora, CO
Caring and Sharing Communities (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Carpet Linoleum & Resilient Tile Layers Employees Apprenticeship Fu Aurora, CO
Castleguard Inc. Aurora, CO
Catholic Television Apostolate Aurora, CO
Cause Foundation Aurora, CO
Cavy Care Inc. Aurora, CO
Cedar Wood Christian Academy Inc. Aurora, CO
Celebration Community Christian Church Aurora, CO
Cents-A-Page Inc. (Until December 2005) Aurora, CO
Challenges Choices & Images Inc. Aurora, CO
Chamberlin Observatory Initiative Inc. Aurora, CO
Chauncey Sanders Ministries Inc. Aurora, CO
Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society Inc. Aurora, CO
Chinese Evangelical Church of Denver Aurora, CO
Christ Center Church Aurora, CO
Christ Church Ministries Aurora, CO
Christ the King Missionary Baptist Church Aurora, CO
Christ the King Old Catholic Mission Aurora, CO
Christian Brothers and Sisters in Unity Inc. (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Christian Family Services of Colorado Inc. Aurora, CO
Christs Church Apostolic Aurora, CO
Chuck Lewis Ministries Inc. Aurora, CO
Church Triumphant Full Gospel Aurora, CO
Church of Christ in Hoffman Heights Aurora, CO
Church of the First Born Full Gospel Non-Denominational Church Aurora, CO
Church of the Living Stones of the Living Stones of Praise A. Nonpro- Aurora, CO
Circle of Love Christian Fellowship Aurora, CO
Clay Minerals Society Aurora, CO
Cocaine Anonymous of Colorado Inc. Aurora, CO
Colfax Community Network Inc. Aurora, CO
Colorado Advanced Photonics Technology Center Aurora, CO
Colorado African American Network (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented Aurora, CO
Colorado Cement Masons Apprentice Trust Funds Aurora, CO
Colorado Child and Adolescent Mental Health Coalition Aurora, CO
Colorado Christian Fellowship Inc. Aurora, CO
Colorado Council for Urban Youth Development Aurora, CO
Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathemathics Aurora, CO
Colorado Fallen Firefighters Foundation Aurora, CO
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care Aurora, CO
Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation Aurora, CO
Colorado Health Information Management Association Aurora, CO
Colorado Hearing Foundation Aurora, CO
Colorado High School Activities Association Aurora, CO
Colorado Hispanic Youth Leadership Awards Committee Aurora, CO
Colorado Institute for Leadership Training Aurora, CO
Colorado Jaycees Foundation Aurora, CO
Colorado Judicial Institute Aurora, CO
Colorado Knights of Columbus Charities Fund Inc. Aurora, CO
Colorado Missionary Baptist Church Aurora, CO
Colorado Motor Sports Hall of Fame (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Colorado Operation Lifesaver Inc. Aurora, CO
Colorado Personalized Education Program for Physicians Aurora, CO
Colorado Pregnancy Centers Inc. Aurora, CO
Colorado Prosthodontic Society (Until June 2007) Aurora, CO
Colorado Technical Education Coalition 4 Aurora, CO
Colorado Visionary Academy Aurora, CO
Colorado Water Garden Society Aurora, CO
Columbia Parent Teacher Student Organization Aurora, CO
Comitis Crisis Center Inc. Aurora, CO
Community Alternatives Inc. Aurora, CO
Community College of Aurora Foundation Aurora, CO
Community Living Alternatives Incorporated Aurora, CO
Community Living Resources Inc. Aurora, CO
Computers in Ministry Aurora, CO
Conciliation Ministries of Colorado Aurora, CO
Congregation of Ohel Abraham Aurora, CO
Connectree Incorporated (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Consolation Christian Church Aurora, CO
Correctional Alternatives National Inc. (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Coverings of Tapestries Inc. Aurora, CO
Cristo Para Las Naciones Aurora, CO
Dalton Parent Teacher Student Organization Aurora, CO
Dalyn Enterprises Inc. 4 Aurora, CO
Deeper Life Bible Church Aurora, CO
Deliverance Christian Ministries Inc. Aurora, CO
Deltha Oneal Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Denver Adams & Arapahoe County Cares Incorporated Aurora, CO
Denver Church of the Lord Aurora, CO
Denver Islamic Education Center Aurora, CO
Denver Plumbers Jt Apprenticeship and Journeyman Committee Aurora, CO
Denver Symphony Debs Inc. Aurora, CO
Developmental Pathways Housing Corp I. Aurora, CO
Developmental Pathways Housing Corp II Aurora, CO
Disciples of Christ New Testament Church Aurora, CO
Divine Life Ministries Aurora, CO
Donald J. and Dorcie J. Bowey Family Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Dove Christian Academy Aurora, CO
Downtown Aurora Visual Arts Aurora, CO
E-470 Public Highway Authority Transportation Safety Foundation Aurora, CO
Eaglecrest High School Performing Arts Patrons Aurora, CO
East Piney Creek Preservation Foundation (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Eclectic Earth Spirits Aurora, CO
Edward and Rosemary Tynan Foundation Inc. 4 Aurora, CO
Eleanore Mullen Weckbaugh Foundation 4 Aurora, CO
Empowerment Inc. Aurora, CO
End Time Christian Center Aurora, CO
Especially Ferrets A. Co Non-Profit Organization Aurora, CO
Essentials for Life Inc. Aurora, CO
Euro Ministries (Until May 2005) Aurora, CO
Evangelistic Outreach to Central America Aurora, CO
Excelsior Youth Centers Inc. Aurora, CO
Exchanged Life Ministries Inc. Aurora, CO
Executive High School Internship Association Aurora, CO
Exodus Group Corp (Until December 2007) Aurora, CO
Exodus Inc. (Until December 2008) Aurora, CO
Face the Challenge Inc. Aurora, CO
Faith Apostolic Church Aurora, CO
Faith Baptist Church Aurora, CO
Faith Covenant International (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
Faith Temple Church of God in Christ Ministries Aurora, CO
Faith of the Nations Aurora, CO
Fellowship Club Incorporated Aurora, CO
Filipino-American Church of Denver Aurora, CO
Financial Education and Economic Transformation Center (Until December 2006) Aurora, CO
First Korean Church of Colorado Aurora, CO

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Above is a list of organizations in Aurora, Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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