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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Angeles Community Counseling Center Monrovia, CA
Antioch Church of Christ Hol USA Monrovia, CA
Arroyo Pacific Foundation (Until April 2008) Monrovia, CA
Arthur & Ethel Johnson Foundation Monrovia, CA
Aryan Indian Seniors Association (Until December 2007) Monrovia, CA
Bethlehem Temple Church of Monrovia Monrovia, CA
Bible Group Monrovia, CA
Biblical Archaeology Society Los Angeles Chapter Monrovia, CA
Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills Monrovia, CA
Bright Faces Child Dev Center Inc. Monrovia, CA
Bubalo Family Foundation 4 Monrovia, CA
Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation USA Monrovia, CA
Buenanueva Inc. Monrovia, CA
Californians Against Planned Parenthood Inc. Monrovia, CA
Calvary Baptist Church of Monrovia Monrovia, CA
Camerata Singers Booster Club (Until June 2008) Monrovia, CA
Campbell Research Institute Inc. 5 Monrovia, CA
Carden of the Foothills Inc. Monrovia, CA
Centre Stage Inc. Monrovia, CA
Chamaica (Until December 2007) Monrovia, CA
Child Health Partnership Corporation Monrovia, CA
Children of God Music Monrovia, CA
Christian Teaching Center Church Monrovia, CA
Church of the Firstborn in Pasadena Monrovia, CA
Church of the New Creation Monrovia, CA
Coast to Coast Referal Center Inc. 4 Monrovia, CA
Community Media of the Foothills Monrovia, CA
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Monrovia (Until September 2006) Monrovia, CA
Duarte Hawks Youth Football Corp Monrovia, CA
Encompass (Until September 2008) Monrovia, CA
Faith Baptist Church of Monrovia Monrovia, CA
Faith Congregational Church of San Gabriel Valley Monrovia, CA
Filipino Christian Baptist Church Monrovia, CA
Foothill Academy of Gymnastics Booster Club Inc. Monrovia, CA
Foothill Unity Center Monrovia, CA
Foothill Unity Center Auxiliary Monrovia, CA
Foothills Church International Monrovia, CA
Foothills Wildlife Conservancy Monrovia, CA
For the Love of Animals Dog and Cat Rescue (Until December 2008) Monrovia, CA
Foundation for the Science of Being Monrovia, CA
Friends of the Monrovia Public Library Monrovia, CA
Great Commission Roundtable (Until September 2005) Monrovia, CA
Higher Ground Music Ministries Monrovia, CA
Holy Trinity Church San Gabriel Valley Inc. Monrovia, CA
Icthus International Inc. Monrovia, CA
Institute for American Church Grow Monrovia, CA
Institute for Christian Leadership and Family Development (Until December 2005) Monrovia, CA
Jesus is Lord International Outreach & Learning Center Monrovia, CA
Kindercaminata Inc. Monrovia, CA
Kwan Yin Meditation Temple Inc. Monrovia, CA
Liberty Full Gospel Fellowship and Bible Inst of the San Gabriel Vall Monrovia, CA
Lifeline for Pets Inc. Monrovia, CA
Light of Hope Foundation Tr Monrovia, CA
Lily of the Valley Apostolic Temple Monrovia, CA
Living Word Church San Gabriel Monrovia, CA
Maryknoll Guild Monrovia, CA
Mimeistry Inc. Monrovia, CA
Ministry of Deliverance Monrovia, CA
Mission Vision Network (Until December 2005) Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Arts Festival Association Inc. Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Community Information Inc. Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Historical Museum Foundation Incorporated Monrovia, CA
Monrovia League Inc. Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Mountains Conservancy Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Old House Preservation Group Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Performing Arts Center Theatre Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Reads Inc. (Until December 2005) Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Rockhounds Inc. Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Schools Foundation Inc. Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Wildcat Band Boosters Club Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Wilderness Preserve Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Youth Baseball League Monrovia, CA
Monrovia Ys Mens Club Monrovia, CA
Morro Bay Marine Museum (Until October 2007) Monrovia, CA
Mother Divine Institute of Sacred Sciences Monrovia, CA
New World Music Ministries Inc. Monrovia, CA
Periodic Paralysis Association Monrovia, CA
Polished Arrow Monrovia, CA
Printing Industry Institute Monrovia, CA
Project Youth Inc. (Until December 2006) Monrovia, CA
Raidy Charitable Foundation 4 Monrovia, CA
Saint Benedict Center-West Monrovia, CA
San Gabriel Valley Choral Company Monrovia, CA
Santa Anita Family Service Monrovia, CA
Santa Anita Family YMCA Monrovia, CA
Second Baptist Church of Monrovia Monrovia, CA
Sierra Leone Christian Outreach Monrovia, CA
Silverman Foundation 4 Monrovia, CA
Small Manufacturers Institute Monrovia, CA
Smiling Hearts Center Monrovia, CA
So Calif Regional Service Office of Narcotics Anonymous Monrovia, CA
Technical Marketing Society of America Monrovia, CA
The Li Zijian and Th Koid Arts Foundation (Until August 2006) Monrovia, CA
Turczan Family Foundation 4 Monrovia, CA
Tzu Chi Academy Monrovia, CA
Union Baptist Church Monrovia, CA
United Youth Homes (Until December 2006) Monrovia, CA
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pasadena Arcadia Monrovia, CA
Vision in Action Exodus to Faith Worldwide (Until December 2007) Monrovia, CA
Visionfund International Monrovia, CA
Volunteer Center of Monrovia Inc. Monrovia, CA
World Vision International Monrovia, CA
Y. A. E. Monrovia, CA
Copco Lake Fire Auxiliary Montague, CA
Fire Safe Council of Siskiyou County (Until December 2008) Montague, CA
Montague Rotary Club (Until June 2006) Montague, CA
Mt. Shasta Vista Volunteer Fire Company Montague, CA
Shasta Valley Serves (Until December 2007) Montague, CA
Anthropos Theophroros Montara, CA
Bay Area Ministries Inc. Montara, CA
Bay Area Vegetarians (Until December 2008) Montara, CA
Coastal Junior Golf Foundation Montara, CA
Farallone View Education Fund Inc. Montara, CA
Half Moon Bay Bucketeers (Until December 2007) Montara, CA
Half Moon Bay High School Parent Advisory Council Inc. (Until December 2006) Montara, CA
Universal Church of Light Montara, CA
Wired International Montara, CA
Adom Partnership International (Until August 2007) Montclair, CA
Bethany Baptist Church of Montclair Montclair, CA
Buena Vista Arts-Integrated Parent Teacher Student Organiation (Until June 2006) Montclair, CA
California Foundation for Mental Health Education and Research Inc. Montclair, CA
Christian Gospel Chapel of San Gabriel Valley Montclair, CA
D. & S. Community Development (Until December 2008) Montclair, CA
Foundation for Dance Education Montclair, CA
Friends of Cypress School Orthopedic Unit Inc. Montclair, CA
George C. and Hazel H. Reeder Heritage Foundation (Until December 2007) Montclair, CA
Girl Scouts-Spanish Trails Council Montclair, CA
Golden Girl Softball League Inc. Montclair, CA
Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services Inc. Montclair, CA
Oparc Montclair, CA
Pomona Valley Workshop Montclair, CA
Praise Christian Center Montclair, CA
Quickturn Softball Montclair, CA
Second Chance Foundation Montclair, CA
Southern California Turfgrass Council Montclair, CA
Sower International (Until December 2005) Montclair, CA
Tamkin Foundation Inc. 4 Montclair, CA
The White Cane Center Montclair, CA
There is Hope Incorporated (Until April 2007) Montclair, CA
True-Way Southern Baptist Church Montclair, CA
Unique Family Home (Until December 2005) Montclair, CA
Monte Rio Area Historical Society Monte Rio, CA
Mothers Club of the Monte Rio Union School District Monte Rio, CA
Pegasus Theater Company Incorporated Monte Rio, CA
Pole Mountain Fire Lookout Inc. Monte Rio, CA
Zen Wind Inc. Monte Rio, CA
Alan & Bonnie Aerts Foundation 4 Monte Sereno, CA
Chinese Actions in Christ (Until December 2007) Monte Sereno, CA
Coyote Foundation 4 Monte Sereno, CA
Damir I. & Virginia A. Schmidek Charitable Foundation 3 Monte Sereno, CA
Daves Avenue Home and School Club Monte Sereno, CA
David & Diane Toole Foundation 4 Monte Sereno, CA
Dempsey Family Foundation 4 Monte Sereno, CA
Interbranch Special Projects Foundation of Santa Clara County Monte Sereno, CA
Norman Family Foundation 4 Monte Sereno, CA
Pin-Wei & Grace Chen Charitable Foundation 4 Monte Sereno, CA
United States Bocce Federation Monte Sereno, CA
Academy of Latino Leaders in Action Montebello, CA
American-East Asia Culture & Education Foundation Montebello, CA
Armenian Apostolic Holy Cross Church of Los Angeles Montebello, CA
Armenian Art Society of America Montebello, CA
Armenian Monument Council Inc. Montebello, CA
Asociacion Latino Americana De Cirujanos De Catarata Y. Segmento Montebello, CA
Assembly of Christians Gathered to the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Montebello, CA
Beverly Community Hospital Association Montebello, CA
Beverly Community Hospital Guild Inc. Montebello, CA
Beverly Hospital Foundation Montebello, CA
California Occupational School Inc. Montebello, CA
Calvary Chapel of Montebello Montebello, CA
Catholic Evangelism Ministries Montebello, CA
Centro De Investigaciones Religiosas Montebello, CA
Charisma in Missions Inc. Montebello, CA
Chinese Hope Baptist Church Montebello, CA
Chong Hoe College and Theological Seminary in USA Montebello, CA
Christ Gospel Outreach Across Land and Sea Fellowship Montebello, CA
Committee Etzatlense of Los Angeles Montebello, CA
Damas De Las Americas Montebello, CA
De La Cruz International Ministries Inc. Montebello, CA
Doumanian Mutual Aid Cemetery Association 6 Montebello, CA
Doumanian Mutual Aid Society of California Montebello, CA
Dream Community Church Montebello, CA
Evangelical Christian Church Montebello, CA
Facultad De Teologia International Inc. (Until December 2006) Montebello, CA
Full Gospel Slavic Church Corporation Montebello, CA
Fundacion Oftalmologica Be La Pena 4 Montebello, CA
Future of Tomorrow Foundation Montebello, CA
Greenwood Community Association in Action Inc. (Until December 2007) Montebello, CA
Hae in Sah Montebello, CA
Hispanic Coalition of Montebello Montebello, CA
Iglesia De Cristo El Vive Montebello, CA
Jets-Jetts Inc. Montebello, CA
Kathryn E. Millan Memorial Foundation (Until December 2005) Montebello, CA
Komitas School of Music Montebello, CA
Korean Eastern Canaan Presbyterian Church Montebello, CA
Kowin Foundation 4 Montebello, CA
Las Madrinas De Montebello Montebello, CA
Los Angeles County Bomberos Incorporated 4 Montebello, CA
Maof Properties Inc. Montebello, CA
Mesrobian Foundation Montebello, CA
Messianic Missionary Ministry Inc. Montebello, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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