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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

O. J. Talley Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Arroyo Grande, CA
Our Kids Future Foundation Arroyo Grande, CA
Permian Health Care Inc. Arroyo Grande, CA
Ralph A. & Marguerita A. Johnson Beneficial Tr 4 Arroyo Grande, CA
Rancho De Los Animales for the Disabled Arroyo Grande, CA
Reap the Harvest Arroyo Grande, CA
Renaissance Foundation Arroyo Grande, CA
San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation Arroyo Grande, CA
San Luis Obispo Parks Open Space & Trails Foundation Arroyo Grande, CA
San Lvis Obispo County Genealogical Society Inc. (Until May 2005) Arroyo Grande, CA
Santa Lucia Regional Occupational Program Foundation (Until June 2009) Arroyo Grande, CA
Save the Mesa A. California Non-Profit Corporation Arroyo Grande, CA
Scholarship Committee of the American Assoc of University Women Arroyo Grande, CA
Slo Bytes Pc Users Group Arroyo Grande, CA
South Coast Foundation Inc. 4 Arroyo Grande, CA
South County Historical Society Arroyo Grande, CA
South County Peoples Kitchen Arroyo Grande, CA
South County Performing Arts Association Inc. Arroyo Grande, CA
South County Performing Arts Building Foundation Arroyo Grande, CA
South County Youth Coalition Inc. Arroyo Grande, CA
Touchinghearts Arroyo Grande, CA
Tri Counties Association for Education of Young Children Arroyo Grande, CA
Viva Francis Foundation (Until December 2007) Arroyo Grande, CA
All Smiles Inc. Artesia, CA
Artesia Christian Home Inc. Artesia, CA
Artesia Historical Society Artesia, CA
Artesian Inc. Artesia, CA
Asian Indian Seniors Association Artesia, CA
Bakersfield Christian Fellowship Artesia, CA
Bookmates International Inc. Artesia, CA
California Immanuel Church Artesia, CA
Cerritos Central Christian Reformed Church Artesia, CA
Cerritos Korean Church Artesia, CA
Cerritos Presbyterian Church Artesia, CA
Chinese Cbmc (Until December 2006) Artesia, CA
Chinese-American Computer Association (Until December 2005) Artesia, CA
Chou Family Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Artesia, CA
Christ Blessing Mission (Until December 2005) Artesia, CA
Church in Artesia Artesia, CA
Concerned Christians for Indonesia Artesia, CA
Congregation of the Mission Philippine Province USA Inc. (Until June 2008) Artesia, CA
Filipino Pastoral Ministry Inc. Artesia, CA
Friends of the Artesia Library Artesia, CA
Gahr High School Korean Parents Association (Until December 2005) Artesia, CA
Good Friend Mission Artesia, CA
Grace Terrace Memorial Association Artesia, CA
Hanmaum Presbyterian Church Artesia, CA
Hannaun Presbyterian Church Artesia, CA
Little Shepherd Korean Church Artesia, CA
Love Jesus Penny Mission Church Artesia, CA
Love and Hope Foundation (Until December 2006) Artesia, CA
Luke Christian Medical Mission Inc. Artesia, CA
Organization of Hindu Malayalees Artesia, CA
Paradigm Foundation (Until December 2008) Artesia, CA
Peniel Ministries Inc. Artesia, CA
Ray Shine Foundation Inc. 4 Artesia, CA
Sahara South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency Artesia, CA
Sarcoidosis Network Foundation Inc. Artesia, CA
Shalom Baptist Church Artesia, CA
South Asian Network Inc. Artesia, CA
Southern California San Jung Hyun Church Artesia, CA
Su Casa Family Crisis & Support Center Artesia, CA
The Power Mission Artesia, CA
Wan Yuen Buddhist Center Artesia, CA
Way of Heaven Institute Inc. Artesia, CA
Way of Life Missionary Baptist Church Artesia, CA
Word of Life Ministries Inc. Artesia, CA
World Full Gospel Church Artesia, CA
Arvin High Alumni Association (Until September 2006) Arvin, CA
Arvin Historical Society Inc. Arvin, CA
Bear Mountain Ministerial Association (Until December 2005) Arvin, CA
Kern County Autism Center Arvin, CA
Unimax Foundation Arvin, CA
Atascadero Association of Retired People Inc. Atascadedo, CA
Cholecalciferol Council (Until December 2007) Atascadeno, CA
A. S. H. Building Blocks Atascadero, CA
Aarons Boys Home Atascadero, CA
Action for Animals Rights Atascadero, CA
Ahs Band & Pageantry Boosters Atascadero, CA
Apple Creek Family Minstries (Until July 2006) Atascadero, CA
Apple Creek Home School Atascadero, CA
Assure A. Cure Inc. Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Alumni Reunion Association Inc. Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Art Association Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Association of Realtors Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Atheletic Boosters Club Inc. Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Babe Ruth Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Boxing Club Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Christian Home Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Community Band Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Community Link Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Community Services Foundation Inc. Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Family Church Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Gospel Chapel Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Grad Night Committee Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Greyhound Athletic Foundation Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Historical Society Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Land Preservation Society Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Loaves and Fishes Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Main Street Inc. (Until June 2005) Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Native Tree Association (Until December 2007) Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Pre School Association Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Recreation Center Committee Inc. Atascadero, CA
Atascadero Youth Soccer Association Inc. Atascadero, CA
C. R. T. A. Division 86 Scholarship Committee Atascadero, CA
Calvary Chapel of Atascadero Atascadero, CA
Care & Counseling Center Atascadero, CA
Central California Cruisers Softball Association Inc. Atascadero, CA
Central Coast Catholic Culture 4 Atascadero, CA
Central Coast Senior 16-18 Babe Ruth League Atascadero, CA
Central Coast Soccer League Inc. Atascadero, CA
Christ Chapel Atascadero, CA
Creative Alternative for Learning and Living Atascadero, CA
Discipleship Institute Atascadero, CA
Eagle & Bear-Project Friendship Atascadero, CA
El Camino Homeless Organization Atascadero, CA
Ernest Clark Iverson Foundation Inc. Atascadero, CA
Escuela Del Rio Atascadero, CA
Eternal Life Foundation Atascadero, CA
For This Cause (Until May 2006) Atascadero, CA
For the Hearts of Our Children Inc. (Until December 2007) Atascadero, CA
Fresno Metro Softball Association Incorporated Atascadero, CA
Friends of the Library of Atascadero Atascadero, CA
Good Steward Atascadero, CA
Healing Hearts Homes (Until December 2009) Atascadero, CA
Homelife Foundation Inc. Atascadero, CA
Hope Through Housing (Until December 2006) Atascadero, CA
House of Glory Fellowship Atascadero, CA
Indigenous Solutions International Atascadero, CA
Institute for the Development of Environmental Awareness Inc. Atascadero, CA
Little Lambs Christian Preschool Inc. Atascadero, CA
Love & Service Inc. (Until December 2007) Atascadero, CA
Marian Eucharistic Ministry Atascadero, CA
North County Christian School Inc. Atascadero, CA
North County Connection Atascadero, CA
North County Womens Resource Center Atascadero, CA
Operation Coy Atascadero, CA
Paradice Ministries Inc. Atascadero, CA
Paso Robles Amateur Radio Club Atascadero, CA
Red Wind Foundation Inc. Atascadero, CA
Response Team for the Chemically Injured Atascadero, CA
Richard Summers Foundation for the Arts Inc. (Until December 2005) Atascadero, CA
Rotary Club of Atascadero Foundation Inc. Atascadero, CA
Senior Citizens United Inc. Atascadero, CA
Siberians Needing Owners (Until December 2008) Atascadero, CA
Slo Church Planters Atascadero, CA
Stephen McTaggart Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Atascadero, CA
Syntillea Foundation Inc. 1029 Southwood Dr S. Atascadero, CA
The Christian Church of Atascadero Atascadero, CA
Training Officers Symposium Inc. (Until June 2008) Atascadero, CA
Tree of Life A. Crisis Pregnancy Center Atascadero, CA
Variable Velocity Performance Group (Until December 2005) Atascadero, CA
Western Resource Center for Cooperative Education Atascadero, CA
Zoological Society of San Luis Obispo County Atascadero, CA
Alexandra Chiles Foundation (Until June 2007) Atherton, CA
Atherton Heritage Association Atherton, CA
Atherton Police Activities League Atherton, CA
Avedis Incorporated Atherton, CA
Bochnowski Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Burns Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Butimar Productions (Until December 2005) Atherton, CA
C. and D. Starr Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Charney Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Chiuchiarelli Family Foundation Inc. 4 Atherton, CA
Chuan Lyu Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
County Down Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Davidson Century Fund 4 Atherton, CA
Encinal School Parent Teacher Organization (Until July 2008) Atherton, CA
Ferrari Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Foundation for the Future Atherton, CA
Frank-Ratchye Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Fresh Perspectives Atherton, CA
Giancarlo Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Givingglobal International (Until December 2006) Atherton, CA
Goel Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Gosh All Friday Fishhooks Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Granton Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Harry W. Anderson and Mary Margaret Anderson Charitable Foundation 3 Atherton, CA
Hawkins Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Hawley Lexus Charitable Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Holbrook-Palmer Recreation Park Foundation Atherton, CA
John and Elizabeth Kerrigan Charitable Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
John and Karen Mathom Charitable Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Kitchen Table Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Lamond Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Laurel School Parent Teacher Organization (Until July 2008) Atherton, CA
Leland & Kathleen Kaiser Charitable Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Lloyd & Carole Carney Foundation Inc. 4 Atherton, CA
Mandena Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Menlo College Atherton, CA
Menlo School Atherton, CA
Menlo School and Menlo College Atherton, CA
Michael & Alice Chetkovich Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Nachtsheim Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Peninsula Childrens Theater Association Atherton, CA
Praisner Family Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Project Lost Sheep Atherton, CA
Raymond J. Lane Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Robert A. & Carole J. McNeil Foundation 4 Atherton, CA
Robert F. Ford Charitable Foundation 4 Atherton, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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