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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Gospel Christian Center Marysville, CA
Harmony Health Family Resource Center (Until December 2007) Marysville, CA
Heart to Heart Ministries Marysville, CA
Hmong American Association Inc. Marysville, CA
Hub Alano Club Marysville, CA
Iles Academy of Gulf for Kids Marysville, CA
Kingdom of God We Care Ministries International Marysville, CA
Korean Bible Church Marysville, CA
Linda Baptist Church Marysville, CA
Loma Rica Community Church Inc. Marysville, CA
Loma Rica Community Hall Association Marysville, CA
Loma Rica-Browns Valley Volunteer Fire Dept Aux Marysville, CA
Mary Aaron Memorial Museum Association Inc. 4 Marysville, CA
Marysville Art Club 3 Marysville, CA
Marysville Downtown Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Marysville, CA
Marysville Firemens Association (Until December 2008) Marysville, CA
Marysville High School Pride Foundation Marysville, CA
Marysville Joint Unified School District (Until June 2007) Marysville, CA
Marysville Joint Unified School District Financing Corporation Marysville, CA
Marysville Youth and Civic Center Marysville, CA
Maryville-Peikang Sister City Association Inc. Marysville, CA
Mid Valley Veterans Assistance Corp (Until December 2007) Marysville, CA
Mindy and Marc Liebman Scholarship Foundation (Until December 2005) Marysville, CA
Minority American Counseling Resources Inc. (Until September 2006) Marysville, CA
New Millenium Contemp Mgmnt Marysville, CA
Paradise Apostolic Camp Marysville, CA
Peach Tree Clinic Inc. Marysville, CA
Preparing People for Success Marysville, CA
Rideout Hospital Auxiliary Marysville, CA
Rideout Memorial Hospital Marysville, CA
Rideout Memorial Hospital Trust Marysville, CA
Rotary Club of Marsville Foundation Marysville, CA
Sacramento Korean Gospel Broadcasting Co Marysville, CA
Sahm Fow Museum Inc. Marysville, CA
Sutter County Library Foundation Marysville, CA
Sutter-Yuba Friday Night Live Marysville, CA
Tri County Junior Rodeo Association Inc. Marysville, CA
Twin Cities Judo Club Marysville, CA
Twin Cities Rescue Mission Inc. Marysville, CA
United Com-Serve Marysville, CA
Written Word of God Ministries Marysville, CA
Yuba College Foundation Inc. Marysville, CA
Yuba Community Collaborative for Healthy Children (Until June 2008) Marysville, CA
Yuba County Board of Education Financing Corporation Marysville, CA
Yuba County Historical Society Marysville, CA
Yuba County Mounted Sheriffs Posse 6 Marysville, CA
Yuba County Sheriffs Team of Active Retired Seniors Marysville, CA
Yuba County Sutter County Regional Arts Council Marysville, CA
Yuba Sutter Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Foundation Marysville, CA
Yuba Sutter Land Trust Marysville, CA
Yuba Sutter Legal Center Marysville, CA
Yuba Sutter United Way Marysville, CA
Yuba-Sutter Council for the Retarded Marysville, CA
Yuba-Sutter Respite and Community Services Marysville, CA
Friends of the Packard Library of Yuba County Inc. Maryville, CA
Center for Youth Citizenship Mather, CA
Divine Rescue Ministries International Inc. (Until December 2008) Mather, CA
Mather Christian Center-The Lords Church Mather, CA
New Creation Network (Until December 2008) Mather, CA
Family Water Alliance Maxwell, CA
Apostolic Christian Church of Maywood California Maywood, CA
Archbishop of the Society of Religious Heritage A. Corporation S. Maywood, CA
Bab-Ul-Ilm Islamic Center Maywood, CA
Fo Kwang Shan Buddhist Association Maywood, CA
Ministerio Cristiano Berea Maywood, CA
N. A. Oficina Central Hispana Maywood, CA
Burney-Fall River Education Foundation McArthur, CA
Day Lassen Bench Fire Safe Council Inc. (Until December 2007) McArthur, CA
Eastern Shasta County Sheriffs Flying Posse Inc. McArthur, CA
Intermountain Holy Family McArthur, CA
Intermountain Preschool Inc. McArthur, CA
Northeastern Water Association (Until December 2007) McArthur, CA
Northwest Lassen Volunteer Fire Department McArthur, CA
The Tlstar Foundation (Until December 2007) McArthur, CA
McClellan Technology Incubator McClellan, CA
Northern Calif Regional Pub Safety Training College Post Exchange (Until December 2008) McClellan, CA
Sponsors of Spirit McClellan, CA
Voice Empowered Technology Organization (Until December 2007) McClellan, CA
Almanor Humane Society McCloud, CA
Heritage Junction of McCloud Inc. McCloud, CA
McCloud Community Resource Center (Until December 2007) McCloud, CA
McCloud Fire Safe Council (Until June 2007) McCloud, CA
McCloud Healthcare Clinic Inc. McCloud, CA
Mountain Thrift Center McCloud, CA
Lillys Gift Foundation 4 McDoel, CA
Church of God Evening Light Mission Tr Inc. 4 McFarland, CA
El Buen Pastor Church Inc. McFarland, CA
Ministerios La Mision De Jesus McFarland, CA
Snell Focus Foundation 4 McFarland, CA
Chamber Readers McKinleyville, CA
Church of Christ of McKinleyville McKinleyville, CA
Confidence Inc. McKinleyville, CA
Falderal Musical Theater Co Inc. McKinleyville, CA
Fieldbrook Educational Foundation (Until June 2008) McKinleyville, CA
Friends of the McKinleyville Library McKinleyville, CA
Institute for Aesthetic Development Christine Rhone McKinleyville, CA
Living Word Ministries of McKinleyville McKinleyville, CA
McKinleyville Community Collaborative McKinleyville, CA
McKinleyville High School Booster Club Inc. McKinleyville, CA
McKinleyville Land Trust McKinleyville, CA
McKinleyville Skate Park (Until December 2005) McKinleyville, CA
McKinleyville Youth Football Association Incorporated McKinleyville, CA
Morris Graves Foundation 4 McKinleyville, CA
Mrb Research Inc. (Until March 2005) McKinleyville, CA
Read in Foundation Inc. McKinleyville, CA
Riparian Education Alliance McKinleyville, CA
Salmon Forever McKinleyville, CA
Tor Gul Inc. McKinleyville, CA
Two Feathers-Nafs McKinleyville, CA
Universal Church of Metaphysics (Until December 2007) McKinleyville, CA
Vintage Bmw House 4 McKinleyville, CA
McKinleyville Senior Center McKinnleyville, CA
Astrosophy Research Center Inc. Meadow Vista, CA
Beatie Family Foundation 4 Meadow Vista, CA
Caring Hearts Society of Auburn (Until December 2005) Meadow Vista, CA
Christian Team Ministries Inc. Meadow Vista, CA
Clan McCord Society (Until December 2007) Meadow Vista, CA
Donner Mine Camp Inc. Meadow Vista, CA
Foothill Karate-Do Meadow Vista, CA
Global Fellowship Inc. Meadow Vista, CA
H. O. E. M. Meadow Vista, CA
Horses for Healing Therapeutic Riding Center Meadow Vista, CA
Live Oak Waldorf School Meadow Vista, CA
Meadow Vista Community Center Meadow Vista, CA
Placer County Historical Museum Foundation Meadow Vista, CA
Placer Hills Firefighters Association (Until June 2005) Meadow Vista, CA
Placer Hills Parent Teacher Club Meadow Vista, CA
Sacramento Region Bioethics Coalition Meadow Vista, CA
Sierra Hills Parent Teacher Club Meadow Vista, CA
The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club Meadow Vista, CA
Tutor Totter Preschool Meadow Vista, CA
Alley Cat Guardians (Until December 2006) Medesto, CA
Longue Vue Foundation 4 Medocino, CA
Mendocino Cancer Resource Center Medocino, CA
Mendocino Unified Schools Enrichment Inc. (Until June 2007) Mendocina, CA
California Geriatric Society (Until June 2006) Mendocino, CA
Casper Childrens Garden Mendocino, CA
Crown Hall Inc. (Until December 2005) Mendocino, CA
Dharma Cloud Charitable Foundation Trust 3 Mendocino, CA
Discourses of Lawrence McCafferty Educational Corporation Inc. 4 Mendocino, CA
Gloriana Opera Co Mendocino, CA
International Mushroom Dye Institute Mendocino, CA
Kelley House Museum Incorporated Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Area Parks Association Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Art Center Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Cardinal Booster Club Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Coast Childrens Fund Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Community Library Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Education Foundation for Creative Arts Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Festival of Books Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Foundation for Health Education Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Hardwood Development Association Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Land Trust Incorporated Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Music Festival Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Performing Arts Company Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Sister Cities Association Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Vipassana Foundation Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Woodlands Camp Assoc Inc. Mendocino, CA
Mendocino Youth Baseball Association Mendocino, CA
Opera Fresca Mendocino, CA
Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers Association (Until December 2005) Mendocino, CA
Provocation Ministries Mendocino, CA
Redwood Coast Law Center Mendocino, CA
Ridgeback Trust Inc. Mendocino, CA
Temple of Kwan Tia 45160 Albion St. Mendocino, CA
Womens Institute for Creativity Inc. Mendocino, CA
Woodlands Wildlife (Until December 2005) Mendocino, CA
Mendota Health Center Mendota, CA
Mendota Youth Recreation Inc. (Until December 2007) Mendota, CA
West Side Youth Inc. Mendota, CA
Calvary Chapel of Menifee Menifee, CA
Ceiling for the People Menifee, CA
Foundational Truth Ministries Menifee, CA
Hotel Hope (Until November 2008) Menifee, CA
Leo Bye Foundation 4 Menifee, CA
Liberty Basketball (Until February 2008) Menifee, CA
Loving Lord Outreach Inc. (Until December 2006) Menifee, CA
Menifee Valley Middle School Band Boosters Menifee, CA
Oasis Christian Fellowship of San Diego Menifee, CA
S. O. S. Music & Performing Arts Foundation (Until December 2008) Menifee, CA
Victorius Life Christian Center Inc. Menifee, CA
Xplosion Girls Softball Menifee, CA
Menifee Volunteer Fire Company 68 Menifef, CA
Pregnancy Resource Center (Until December 2008) Menlopark, CA
Moriah Foundation Meno Park, CA
Avodah Teaching Fellowship Mentone, CA
Building A. Generation (Until June 2007) Mentone, CA
Community of Menton Empowerd Together (Until December 2007) Mentone, CA
Great Battle Against Sids (Until June 2009) Mentone, CA
Intensive Care Ministries Mentone, CA
Jesus Jubilee National Fellowship Incorporated Mentone, CA
Lighthouse of Christ Mentone, CA
Living Vine Ministries Mentone, CA
Mail for Me Club (Until December 2005) Mentone, CA
Mentone Area Community Association (Until December 2005) Mentone, CA
Mentone Mill Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association Mentone, CA
Ramses R. Macalino Educational & Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Mentone, CA
San Bernardino H. E. L. P. (Until December 2006) Mentone, CA
San Gorgonio Wilderness Association Mentone, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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