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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Lancaster Korean Sarang Church Lancaster, CA
Lancaster Liberty Baptist Church Lancaster, CA
Lancaster Museum Art Gallery Associates Lancaster, CA
Lancaster Parent Nursery Inc. Lancaster, CA
Lancaster School Facilities Corporation Lancaster, CA
Lancaster Veterans Home Citizens Committee Inc. Lancaster, CA
Lancaster West Rotary Foundation Inc. 4 Lancaster, CA
Lancaster Word Church Ministries Inc. Lancaster, CA
Last Stop Before Heaven Full Gospel Church Lancaster, CA
Leonard Economic Development Inc. Lancaster, CA
Lifesavers Inc. Lancaster, CA
Lilliput Incorporated Lancaster, CA
Living Word Faith Center Lancaster, CA
Macro Homes Inc. Lancaster, CA
Maniacs Ball Club (Until December 2006) Lancaster, CA
Marauder Club of Antelope Valley College Inc. 5 Lancaster, CA
Mayflower Gardens Health Facilities Inc. Lancaster, CA
Mayflower Gardens II Lancaster, CA
Mercy Planet Inc. (Until December 2007) Lancaster, CA
Milestones of Flight Museum Inc. Lancaster, CA
Miss Charlettes School of Charm Inc. (Until December 2007) Lancaster, CA
Oasis Aquatics Lancaster, CA
Pat Projects Inc. Lancaster, CA
Poppy Reserve Mojave Desert Interpretive Association Lancaster, CA
Prostate and Breast Cancer Research Foundation Lancaster, CA
Quest Ministries Inc. Lancaster, CA
Remote Area Ministries Lancaster, CA
Rock of Ages Church of Christ Ministries Inc. Lancaster, CA
Rusty Relics Lancaster, CA
Self Help Center of Antelope Valley Lancaster, CA
Senior Volunteer Program 545 (Until December 2005) Lancaster, CA
Shekinah Worship Center Lancaster, CA
Sheriff Boosters Palmdale Inc. 4 Lancaster, CA
Shooting Stars Youth Foundation (Until December 2005) Lancaster, CA
Shout Maranatha Lancaster, CA
Society of Experimental Test Pilots Scholarship Foundation Lancaster, CA
Springs of Life International Inc. Lancaster, CA
Sproul Ranch Inc. Lancaster, CA
St. Columbas Anglican Church Lancaster, CA
Tamil Refugee Relief Organization of California Incorporated Lancaster, CA
Tamils of California Lancaster, CA
The Achates Foundation (Until December 2005) Lancaster, CA
The Childrens Center of the Antelop E. Valley Lancaster, CA
The James and Mary Foundation (Until April 2008) Lancaster, CA
The Lancaster Education Foundation Lancaster, CA
The Lancaster Performing Arts Center Foundation Lancaster, CA
Total Deliverance Lancaster, CA
True Holiness Church of God in Christ of Antelope Valley Lancaster, CA
True Love Ministries (Until December 2005) Lancaster, CA
Truth and Light Baptist Lancaster, CA
Try Again Inc. (Until December 2005) Lancaster, CA
United Community Action Network Inc. Lancaster, CA
United Homeless Brotherhood of Helping Hands Inc. Lancaster, CA
Warnack Foundation 4 Lancaster, CA
Wayside Christian Church Lancaster, CA
West Antelope Valley Historical Society Lancaster, CA
West Coast Wolverines (Until December 2008) Lancaster, CA
Wholistic Healing Drug & Alcohol Ministry (Until December 2007) Lancaster, CA
Wildflower Preservation Foundation Lancaster, CA
World Won Community Enrichment Center Lancaster, CA
Worship & Praise Deliverance Ministeries Inc. Lancaster, CA
Youth Support Association Lancaster, CA
Zonta Foundation of Antelope Valley Lancaster, CA
Salon National Laboutique Des Huit Chapeaux Et Quarante Femmes Landers, CA
Mijoo Seoboo Church Lapuente, CA
Christian Fellowship of the Desert- Laquinta Laquinta, CA
Desert Christian News (Until December 2008) Laquinta, CA
First Composite Group Association Laquinta, CA
La Quinta Pga West Volunteer Fire Company Laquinta, CA
La Quinta High School Black Hawk Brigade Boosters (Until December 2007) Laquintae, CA
Acacia Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Alfred & Hanna Fromm Fund 4 Larkspur, CA
Bicycle Trails Council of Marin Larkspur, CA
Burma Foundation Larkspur, CA
California Alpine Club Foundation (Until March 2009) Larkspur, CA
Center for Changing System Larkspur, CA
Center for Christ Consciousness (Until December 2007) Larkspur, CA
Childrens Cottage Larkspur, CA
Community Hospice Foundation of the Bay Area Larkspur, CA
Companion Foundation (Until December 2006) Larkspur, CA
Conscious Action (Until December 2006) Larkspur, CA
Corte Madera Larkspur Foundation Larkspur, CA
Emergency Management Research Institute Larkspur, CA
Environmental Health Network Larkspur, CA
Feibusch Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Foundation for Integrative Oncology Larkspur, CA
Free Association Inc. Larkspur, CA
Friends of Corte Madera Creek Watershed Larkspur, CA
Friends of the Fromm Institute for Life-Long Learning Larkspur, CA
Gardner-Burton Family Organization 3 Larkspur, CA
Heart Health Institute Larkspur, CA
Herbert and Marigrace Boyer Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Hospice Care Services Larkspur, CA
Incarcerated Men Putting Away Childish Things (Until December 2005) Larkspur, CA
Indoor Sports Club Inc. Larkspur, CA
Interfaith Housing Foundation Larkspur, CA
John Brockway Huntington Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
[email protected] Foundation Endowment Trust Larkspur, CA
Lark Theater (Until December 2007) Larkspur, CA
Larkspur Association of Volunteer Firemen Larkspur, CA
Larkspur Library Endowment Fund and Foundation Larkspur, CA
Maier Family Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Marianne and Albert Figen Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Marin County Athletic League Larkspur, CA
Marin Housing for the Handicapped Inc. Larkspur, CA
Marin Primary & Middle School Larkspur, CA
Newton and Rochelle Becker Family Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Pathways to Peace Larkspur, CA
Prison Family Foundation Larkspur, CA
Redwood High School Benchwarmers (Until June 2008) Larkspur, CA
Redwood High School Support Fund Larkspur, CA
Redwood Scholarship Foundation the Larkspur, CA
Remillard Cottage Board Larkspur, CA
Russian Chamber Orchestra Society Larkspur, CA
Santidhamma Foundation Larkspur, CA
Siebel Family Charitable Foundation 4 Larkspur, CA
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund 4 Larkspur, CA
Stone Soup Foundation Larkspur, CA
Taking Refuge Inc. (Until December 2005) Larkspur, CA
Tidalwaves Swim Society Larkspur, CA
Ulenar Corporation Larkspur, CA
Alvin & Elizabeth McKinney Foundation Las Angeles, CA
American De-West Buddhist Association Las Angeles, CA
Central City Action League Las Angeles, CA
Boukai Family Foundation 4 Las Flores, CA
Las Flores Elementary School Booster Club Las Flores, CA
Slavic Evangelical Missionary Church Las Flores, CA
Tesoro High School Music Boosters Las Flores, CA
Las Cumbres Volunteer Fire Association (Until May 2009) Las Gatos, CA
Americas Singers Association USA Lathrop, CA
Blossom Valley Community Church Lathrop, CA
Central Valley Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation Lathrop, CA
Gospel of Christ Ministries International Lathrop, CA
Habit Productions Childrens Performing Arts Lathrop, CA
Historical Sonora Pass Wagon Train Group Lathrop, CA
Hurricane Missionary Baptist Church Lathrop, CA
Joseph Widmer Jr Elementary School Ptc (Until June 2007) Lathrop, CA
Lathrop Abundant Life Center Inc. Lathrop, CA
Lighthouse Community Church of Lathrop Lathrop, CA
Rock Outreach Ministries (Until September 2006) Lathrop, CA
San Joaquin First Nations Fellowship Lathrop, CA
Save Our Youth (Until December 2008) Lathrop, CA
Tj Ministries (Until December 2006) Lathrop, CA
Fatima Celebration Committee Laton, CA
Junior Christian Cowboys Assoc Inc. Laton, CA
Laton Education Foundation (Until December 2005) Laton, CA
Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends Laugna Beach, CA
New Order of Glastonbury Inc. Laurel Glendora, CA
Brethren Hillcrest Homes Laverne, CA
Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Laverne, CA
Camp La Verne Incorporated Laverne, CA
Children of Diversity Community Center (Until December 2007) Laverne, CA
Deeper Life Ministries Laverne, CA
Friends of the Laverne Library Laverne, CA
Grace Church of La Verne Laverne, CA
Greater New Faith Ministries No 3 Laverne, CA
La Verne Parent Participation Preschool Inc. Laverne, CA
Lifeline Community Services & Economic Development Corp (Until December 2005) Laverne, CA
Lighthouse Educational Ministries (Until December 2005) Laverne, CA
Michael Scott Philips Memorial Charitable Tr 012193 4 Laverne, CA
Willard E. Bartel Foundation 4 Laverne, CA
A-W. Friendship Homes Inc. Lawndale, CA
Assembly of Believers Church La Lawndale, CA
Centinela Adult Education Student Body Inc. Lawndale, CA
Childrens First Child Development Center Inc. Lawndale, CA
Community Public Housing Lawndale, CA
Critter Care & Rescue Lawndale, CA
Donald G. Hunt Foundation 4 Lawndale, CA
Enablers Access Information Services Lawndale, CA
Environmental Charter High School Lawndale, CA
Freeman & Gladys Wilson Family Foundation Inc. 4 Lawndale, CA
Friends for Friends Foundation Lawndale, CA
Friends of the Lawndale Library Lawndale, CA
Gardena Christian Fellowship of Los Angeles County State of California Lawndale, CA
Gorretti Health Services Inc. (Until December 2008) Lawndale, CA
Help Public Service Foundation 5 Lawndale, CA
Hermosa Latin Church Inc. Lawndale, CA
House of Yahweh Lawndale, CA
Iglesia De Dios Espiritu Divino Lawndale, CA
Iglesia De Dios Yo Soy La Puerta Internacional Inc. Lawndale, CA
Iglesias De Restauracion Filial South Bay Lawndale, CA
Informed Lawndalians Inc. Lawndale, CA
Intercesssors on Assignment Inc. Lawndale, CA
La Vida Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Lawndale, CA
Lawndale Cable Corporation Lawndale, CA
Lawndale Christian Church Lawndale, CA
Lawndale Little League Inc. Lawndale, CA
Lawndale Optimist Charitable Trust Bank of America Trust Dept 4 Lawndale, CA
Long Beach Air Museum Lawndale, CA
Med-Afrik (Until September 2007) Lawndale, CA
Mothers of Angels Lawndale, CA
Old Ivy Touring Side Inc. Lawndale, CA
Olympian Booster Club of Leuzinger High School Lawndale, CA
Rise & Shine Youth Program Lawndale, CA
South Bay 25 Club (Until December 2008) Lawndale, CA
South Bay Advanced Educational Technology Consortium Lawndale, CA
The House of Bethesda Lawndale, CA
The Lawndale Elementary School District Educational Foundation Lawndale, CA
The Purpose of Life Inc. Lawndale, CA
Transitional Living Centers for Los Angeles County Inc. Lawndale, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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