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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Biblical Fellowship Church Aptos, CA
Borina Charitable Tr 4 Aptos, CA
Borina Foundation 4 Aptos, CA
Bos-USA Inc. Aptos, CA
Cabrillo College Foundation Aptos, CA
California Community College Association for Occupational Aptos, CA
Central Coast Agricultural Water Quality Coalition (Until December 2008) Aptos, CA
Central Coast Association for the Education of Young Children Aptos, CA
Chadeish Yameinu Inc. (Until December 2005) Aptos, CA
Coast Redwood Institute (Until December 2007) Aptos, CA
Community Bridges Aptos, CA
Dove Health Alliance 3 Aptos, CA
Dzogchen Community West Coast Inc. Aptos, CA
Easter Seal Society for Central California Aptos, CA
Educational Consortium Institute (Until December 2005) Aptos, CA
Elsa Productions Inc. Aptos, CA
Equine Research Foundation Aptos, CA
Fattal Foundation (Until December 2007) Aptos, CA
Finkelman Family Charitable Foundation 4 Aptos, CA
Friends of James Lick High School (Until December 2005) Aptos, CA
Gemma Inc. (Until December 2008) Aptos, CA
Genden Ling Retreat Center Aptos, CA
Haqqani Islamic Association for New Muslims Aptos, CA
Hospice of Santa Cruz County Aptos, CA
Inner Light Ministries Aptos, CA
Jewish Community Center of Santa Cruz California Inc. Temple Beth El Aptos, CA
K. T. M. Services Aptos, CA
Kaye Trust Aptos, CA
Living Bridges Inc. Aptos, CA
Lotus Outreach (Until December 2006) Aptos, CA
Love Star Foundation Aptos, CA
Main Beach Volley Ball Club (Until July 2007) Aptos, CA
McGann Family Foundation 4 Aptos, CA
Melody Makers Aptos, CA
Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project Aptos, CA
Nicholson Family Foundation 4 Aptos, CA
Orchard School Aptos, CA
Phoenix Rising Incorporated 4 Aptos, CA
Richard & Mary Solari Charitable Trust Dtd 120184 4 Aptos, CA
Rivers Crest Dragon Slayers Aptos, CA
Rudolph F. Monte Foundation Aptos, CA
Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group Inc. Aptos, CA
Santa Cruz County Lions Eye Fund Aptos, CA
Santa Cruz County Parents Association Inc. Aptos, CA
Santa Cruz Montessori School Aptos, CA
Scholastic Legacy Inc. Aptos, CA
Seaclif Needs A. Park Inc. (Until March 2007) Aptos, CA
Seniors Council of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties Aptos, CA
Shared Heart Foundation Aptos, CA
Siddharthas Intent-Western Door Aptos, CA
Spirit of Interfaith Incorporated Aptos, CA
Spiritual Outreach Ministries Inc. Aptos, CA
Stewards of Soquel Forest Aptos, CA
Surfers Medical Association Aptos, CA
The Allison Lee Condit Foundation 4 Aptos, CA
The Jay Moriarity Foundation (Until December 2005) Aptos, CA
Tin Pan Alley Association Aptos, CA
Train of Consciousness Aptos, CA
Transnational Family Research Institute Aptos, CA
Travis Doherty-22-60 Foundation (Until December 2006) Aptos, CA
United Methodist Women of the California-Nevada Annual Conferenc Aptos, CA
Validating Individuals Deserving Autonomy (Until December 2007) Aptos, CA
Yelp Help Society (Until December 2006) Aptos, CA
Your Future is Our Business (Until June 2005) Aptos, CA
Junior Rodeo Association of California Inc. Aquadulce, CA
Arbuckle Christian Fellowship Arbuckle, CA
Arbuckle Revitalization Committee (Until December 2005) Arbuckle, CA
California Trappers Association Arbuckle, CA
Northern Section California Interscholastic Federation Arbuckle, CA
Servants of Yahweh Arbuckle, CA
Acts International Arcadia, CA
Aldersgate Medical Services Arcadia, CA
Alliance Ministry Arcadia, CA
Amateur Radio Newsline Inc. (Until December 2005) Arcadia, CA
American Gospel Arts Fund Arcadia, CA
American Vista Corporation 4 Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Child Health Council Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Child Health Council Auxiliary Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Childrens Theater Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Chinese School Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Educational Foundation Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Foothills Middle School Chinese Parents Club Arcadia, CA
Arcadia High School Chinese Parents Booster Club Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Historical Society Inc. Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Junior Football Incorporated Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Music Club Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Parent Participation Nursery School Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Pony/Colt Baseball Inc. Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Presbyterian Church Foundation Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Public Library Foundation Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Riptides Swim Club Arcadia, CA
Arcadia Welfare & Thrift Shop Arcadia, CA
Archibald Hart and Associates Inc. Arcadia, CA
Assistance League of Arcadia Arcadia, CA
Big Santa Anita Canyon Historical Society Arcadia, CA
Bnai Simcha Jewish Community Preschool Arcadia, CA
Bread of Life Church of Los Angeles Arcadia, CA
Burmese American Medical Association of Southern California Arcadia, CA
Burnell Foundation Arcadia, CA
California Association of the Deaf Arcadia, CA
California Thoroughbred Breeders Foundation Arcadia, CA
Calvary Chapel of Arcadia Arcadia, CA
Campbell Family Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Cantwell Columbian Building Foundation Arcadia, CA
Capstone Chinese Church Arcadia, CA
Center Stage Singers Inc. (Until June 2007) Arcadia, CA
Chang Zhang Culture & Education Foundation Inc. (Until August 2008) Arcadia, CA
Charles Whittingham Foundation Arcadia, CA
Chinese American Moral Education Association Arcadia, CA
Chinese Outreach Arcadia, CA
Christ Gospel Church Arcadia, CA
Christian Bible Fellowship Arcadia, CA
Christian Center of Arcadia Inc. Arcadia, CA
Christian Leadership Exchange Inc. Arcadia, CA
Christian School Society of Arcadia Arcadia, CA
Church in Arcadia Arcadia, CA
Church of the Good Shepherd Foundation Inc. Arcadia, CA
Cobb Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Comics and Kids Network (Until December 2007) Arcadia, CA
Community Housing Options Integrated Comm Emp & Soc Serv Inc. Arcadia, CA
Coptic American Association Arcadia, CA
Csu-Pom Inc. Arcadia, CA
Dana Music Club Arcadia, CA
Dolly Green Research Foundation Arcadia, CA
Dr Sun Yat-Sen International Foundation (Until August 2009) Arcadia, CA
East West Culture Research & Restoration Foundation Arcadia, CA
Educational Services Exchange With China Incorporated Arcadia, CA
Educational Services International Inc. Arcadia, CA
Edwin J. Gregson Foundation (Until July 2005) Arcadia, CA
Emily S. Gray Charitable Trust 4 Arcadia, CA
First Avenue Education Inc. Arcadia, CA
First Avenue Junior High Music Club Inc. Arcadia, CA
First Chinese School Arcadia, CA
First Taoism Foundation Inc. Arcadia, CA
Fookien Christian Church Arcadia, CA
Foothills Music Club Arcadia, CA
Friends of Foster Children Arcadia, CA
Friends of the Arcadia Public Library Inc. Arcadia, CA
Friends of the Live Oak Public Library Arcadia, CA
Gaewood Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Girl Scouts Mt. Wilson Vista Council Arcadia, CA
Glorious Missions International Arcadia, CA
Greek Evangelical Church of Los Angeles Arcadia, CA
Haigazian College Alumni Association Los Angeles Arcadia, CA
Heaventunes International Arcadia, CA
Highland Oaks Designing Dads Arcadia, CA
Home of Christ in Los Angeles Arcadia, CA
Hope Country Church Arcadia, CA
Hua Kun Opera Association Arcadia, CA
Hung Shan Buddhist Association Inc. Arcadia, CA
Immanuel Christian Outreach Arcadia, CA
Industries for Christ Arcadia, CA
Jchris Foundation (Until December 2007) Arcadia, CA
Jw Knowledge Enrichment Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Arcadia, CA
Kan Zaman Community Ensemble Arcadia, CA
Kare Youth League Arcadia, CA
Kids to the Cup Arcadia, CA
Kids to the Hoop Inc. (Until December 2007) Arcadia, CA
Kingdom of God Ministry Arcadia, CA
Korean Arcadia Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Arcadia, CA
L. A. Seoul Chorale Arcadia, CA
La Pietra Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Life Enrichment Ministry Arcadia, CA
Life of Jesus Methodist Church Arcadia, CA
Los Angeles Arboretum Foundation Inc. Arcadia, CA
Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Arcadia, CA
Lotus Clearlight Buddhist Community Arcadia, CA
Mendham New Jersey Charitable & Religious Trust Arcadia, CA
Methodist Hospital Foundation Arcadia, CA
Methodist Hospital of Southern California 300 West Huntington Dri Arcadia, CA
Ministry of Hope Arcadia, CA
Mission Harvest Arcadia, CA
Mokyang Presbyterian Church of Southern California Arcadia, CA
Moore-White Medical Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Narayan Sewa Sansthan Inc. Arcadia, CA
Narramore Christian Foundation Incorporated Arcadia, CA
National Childhood Cancer Foundation Arcadia, CA
New Century Foundation (Until December 2005) Arcadia, CA
Nyingmapa Palyul Vajra Dharmachakra Center Arcadia, CA
Oak Tree Charitable Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Olympia Philharmonic Society Arcadia, CA
Opera Buffs Arcadia, CA
Organization of Humanitarian Service for Armenia Arcadia, CA
Pacific Clinics Arcadia, CA
Paradise Association of the Deaf Inc. (Until June 2005) Arcadia, CA
Pasadena Boy Choir School Arcadia, CA
Paul Mission USA (Until December 2006) Arcadia, CA
Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation of California Arcadia, CA
Primal Ministries Inc. Arcadia, CA
Puppeteers of America Inc. Arcadia, CA
Reaching Hand Foundation Arcadia, CA
Riva Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Rosa Azul Foundation Arcadia, CA
Russell R. & Sandra J. Kasper Charitable Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
San Gabriel Mountains Interpretive Association Incorporated Arcadia, CA
San Gabriel Valley Training Center Residential Facility Arcadia, CA
San Gabriel-Pomona Valleys Cocaine Anonymous Arcadia, CA
San Marino P. T. Affiliated Arcadia, CA
San Pasqual Foundation 4 Arcadia, CA
Santa Anita Church Arcadia, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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