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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Sierra Mountain Chapel of Nevada County Grass Valley, CA
Sierra Nevada Childrens Services Grass Valley, CA
Sierra Nevada Memorial Home Care Inc. Grass Valley, CA
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation Grass Valley, CA
Sierra Nevada Winds Orchestra Inc. Grass Valley, CA
Sierra Team Athletics-Rising Starz Grass Valley, CA
Spirit-Peers for Independence & Recovery Inc. (Until December 2006) Grass Valley, CA
Steven L. Merrill Family Foundation 4 Grass Valley, CA
Susan Harrigan Bennallack Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Grass Valley, CA
Tall Pines Nursery School Grass Valley, CA
Thomas Milton Rogers Jr (Until December 2008) Grass Valley, CA
Thrift Shop-Cancer Aid Grass Valley, CA
True North Foundation 4 Grass Valley, CA
Tsi-Akim Corporation Grass Valley, CA
Union Hill School Parent Teachers Club Grass Valley, CA
Unitarian Universalists Community of the Mountains Grass Valley, CA
United Community Crusades & Councils of California Grass Valley, CA
United Methodist Church of Grass Valley Grass Valley, CA
Unity Church of the Sierra Grass Valley, CA
Victorious Christian Ministries Grass Valley, CA
Way of One Kho-N-Gha Dhao Grass Valley, CA
Western States Fellowship Grass Valley, CA
Wolf Creek Community Alliance (Until December 2008) Grass Valley, CA
Wolf Mountain Conference Association Grass Valley, CA
Womens History Exchange (Until December 2006) Grass Valley, CA
Workplace Foundation Grass Valley, CA
Graton Church of Christ Inc. Graton, CA
Graton Community Services Project (Until June 2006) Graton, CA
Pacific Christian Academy Graton, CA
Telos Project (Until December 2006) Graton, CA
Voice of Roma Graton, CA
Youthtracks (Until December 2006) Graton, CA
Above & Beyond Ministries Greely Hill, CA
Angeles Forest Valleys & Lakes Fire Safe Council (Until June 2007) Green Valley, CA
Christian Science Society Green Valley Arizona Green Valley, CA
Encounters Native Animal Reserve Inc. (Until December 2007) Green Valley, CA
Green Valley Lake Firemans Association Green Valley, CA
Lakes & Valleys Art Guild (Until December 2008) Green Valley, CA
The Kim Foundation 4 Green Valley, CA
Green Valley Lake Community Center 4 Green Vly Lk, CA
Gvl Citizens for Diaster Preparedness Inc. Green Vly Lk, CA
Aryiis Foundation 4 Greenbrae, CA
Asthma Education Center Greenbrae, CA
Beyond Missing Inc. (Until December 2005) Greenbrae, CA
Educators in Private Practice 4 Greenbrae, CA
Fastcned (Until March 2008) Greenbrae, CA
Harvey L. & Maud C. Sorensen Foundation 4 Greenbrae, CA
Irene S. Scully Family Foundation 4 Greenbrae, CA
John R. Cahill Foundation 4 Greenbrae, CA
Marin Community Health Greenbrae, CA
Marin Community Health Foundation Greenbrae, CA
Marin General Hospital Greenbrae, CA
Marin Home Care Inc. Greenbrae, CA
Marin Rowing Association Greenbrae, CA
Marin Services for Women Greenbrae, CA
Northern California Mediation Ctr Greenbrae, CA
Novato Community Hospital Greenbrae, CA
Pride Institute for Dental Research Greenbrae, CA
Robert E. Collins Tr 1-6-85 FBO Greenbrae, CA
Ross Valley Homes Inc. Greenbrae, CA
San Francisco Police Fishing Program Greenbrae, CA
Scherman Family Foundation 4 Greenbrae, CA
Schultz Foundation 4 Greenbrae, CA
The Cox Family Foundation Greenbrae, CA
The I. D. Kuntz Foundation Greenbrae, CA
Theater Artists of Marin Greenbrae, CA
Travers Family Foundation Trust 4 Greenbrae, CA
United Ostomy Association Inc. Golden Gate Chapter Greenbrae, CA
Center for the Performing Arts Inc. Greenfield, CA
Iglesia El Shaddai Greenfield, CA
Soledad Community Health Care District Foundation Greenfield, CA
Tom Rogers Museum Incorporated Greenfield, CA
Kidder Creek Orchard Camps Inc. Greenview, CA
Orthodox Church of Saints Bogolep Adrian Natalie & Blessd Seraphim H. Greenview, CA
Scott Valley Dalmatians Inc. Greenview, CA
St. Simeons American Catholic Church 09-05-96 Greenview, CA
Friends of the Indian Valley Hospital Foundation Greenville, CA
Genesee Retreat Greenville, CA
Indian Valley Friends of the Library Greenville, CA
Indian Valley Hospital Association Greenville, CA
Mountain Circle Greenville, CA
Roundhouse Council Greenville, CA
Calvary Chapel on the Georgetown Divide Greenwood, CA
Siskiyous Klamath Interpretive Foundation (Until December 2006) Grenada, CA
Butte County Fair Association Gridley, CA
Calvary Chapel of Gridley Gridley, CA
Childrens Hope Foster Family Agency Gridley, CA
Fourteen Angels Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Gridley, CA
Gridley Guardians Inc. Gridley, CA
Gridley High School Parents Club Gridley, CA
Gridley Schools Foundation Gridley, CA
Gridley Seniors Food Distribution Center (Until June 2006) Gridley, CA
Kaleidoscope Gridley Arts Council Gridley, CA
Manzanita Educational Foundation Gridley, CA
Music Matters Inc. (Until June 2009) Gridley, CA
New World Foundation Gridley, CA
Outreach Harvest Ministries for Christ Gridley, CA
Sutter Buttes K-9 Rescue Gridley, CA
The Christian Church of Gridley California Gridley, CA
Tiny Tot Playschool Inc. Gridley, CA
Grimes Civic Association Grimes, CA
Grizzly Flats Community Church Grizzly Flats, CA
Willow School Foundation Inc. Grizzly Flats, CA
Barnabas House (Until December 2004) Groveland, CA
Friends of Sierra Mother Lode Trail (Until June 2008) Groveland, CA
Groveland Area Involved Neighbors (Until September 2006) Groveland, CA
Helping Hands Groveland, CA
Independent Church of Christ Groveland, CA
Kitty Tails (Until July 2007) Groveland, CA
Loren H. Thompson Christian Family Counseling Services Inc. Groveland, CA
Mobile Ministries Groveland, CA
Royal Order of Caritas Groveland, CA
Southside Senior Services Groveland, CA
5-Cities Community Service Foundation Grover Beach, CA
Access Ministries Grover Beach, CA
Captive Hearts Ministries (Until December 2005) Grover Beach, CA
Casa Solana Inc. Grover Beach, CA
Central Coast Christian Action Council Grover Beach, CA
Church at the Well Grover Beach, CA
Five Cities Christian Women Grover Beach, CA
Helen and Stuart Over Md Center for Holistic Living Grover Beach, CA
Institute for the Study of Family Codependence Grover Beach, CA
Just As I. Am Christian Ministries (Until December 2006) Grover Beach, CA
Lifeline Crisis Pregnancy Center Grover Beach, CA
Oak Park Christian Church Grover Beach, CA
Orpha Henry Testamentary Trust 4 Grover Beach, CA
Pismo Coast Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Grover Beach, CA
Ranelletti Fam Foundation 4 Grover Beach, CA
San Luis Obispo Supported Living Inc. (Until June 2005) Grover Beach, CA
Shepherds Rest Grover Beach, CA
South County Family Educational and Cultural Center Grover Beach, CA
United Youth Foundation Grover Beach, CA
Visual Testing and Therapy Trust Fund 4 Grover Beach, CA
Childbirth Education League of San Luisoppispo County and Santa Maria Grover City, CA
San Luis Obispo Christadelphian Ecclesia Grover City, CA
Calvary Chapel of Guadalupe Inc. Guadalupe, CA
Central Coast Marina Planning & Conservation Association Guadalupe, CA
First Baptist Church of Guadalupe Guadalupe, CA
Friends of the Guadalupe Public Library Guadalupe, CA
Guadalupe Area Senior Citizens Guadalupe, CA
Guadalupe Community Church Guadalupe, CA
Guadalupe Educational Technology Association Guadalupe, CA
Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes Center Guadalupe, CA
Guadalupe Wrestling & Boxing Center Guadalupe, CA
Marian Community Clinics Inc. Guadalupe, CA
Rancho De Guadalupe Historical Society Guadaluppe, CA
Action Network (Until December 2006) Gualala, CA
Alliance for Redwood Coast Housing Gualala, CA
Community Resources Connection (Until December 2007) Gualala, CA
Diana Owens Musical Arts Association Inc. (Until June 2005) Gualala, CA
Emergency Sanctuary for Coastal Acts Providing Escape Service Gualala, CA
Gualala Arts Gualala, CA
Gualala Community Center Gualala, CA
Gualala River Steelhead Project Gualala, CA
Gualala River Watershed Inc. (Until December 2007) Gualala, CA
Matrix of Change Gualala, CA
Native Media Resource Center Gualala, CA
North Coast Institute Gualala, CA
Point Arena High School Booster Club (Until December 2005) Gualala, CA
Redwood Coast Education Foundation Gualala, CA
Redwood Coast Humane Society Gualala, CA
Redwood Coast Land Conservancy Gualala, CA
Redwood Coast Medical Services Inc. Gualala, CA
Redwood Coast Wellness Center Gualala, CA
Retzer Foundation 4 Gualala, CA
Saint Aloysius Parish Foundation 4 Gualala, CA
Saluki Protection Association Inc. Gualala, CA
Tomorrow Makers Inc. (Until December 2007) Gualala, CA
Chaffey College Trust Guasti, CA
Guatay Christian Fellowship Guatay, CA
Camp Lavender Hill Inc. Guerneville, CA
Congregational Church of Guernevil Le Po Box 765 Guerneville, CA
Dr Lida P. Longenecker Foundation 4 Guerneville, CA
Guerneville Educational Foundation Guerneville, CA
Mendocino Wildlife & Watershed Alliance (Until December 2007) Guerneville, CA
Pets Are Loving Support Guerneville, CA
River Choir Guerneville, CA
Russian River Firefighters Association Guerneville, CA
Russian River Jazz Festival Inc. Guerneville, CA
West County Community Services Guerneville, CA
West County Health Centers Inc. Guerneville, CA
Wild Abandoned Indigent Fund for Animals Guerneville, CA
Wildwood Conservation Foundation Guerneville, CA
River Child Care Services Guernville, CA
Dale Jr Pit Board Charity (Until December 2006) Gustine, CA
Gustine Historical Society Gustine, CA
Gustine Unlimited Scholarship Trust Organization Gustine, CA
Robert C. Pires Memorial Scholarship Fund 3 Gustine, CA
Hacienda Heights Jr All American Football Association Hac Hghts, CA
Presbyterian Church of Joy Haciena Heights, CA
Asian Missionary Society Hacienda Heights, CA
Bahn-Suk Presbyterian Church Hacienda Heights, CA
Buddha Religious Assocation of Pu Yee King Hacienda Heights, CA
California University of Business and Technology Hacienda Heights, CA
Chan-Song Presbyterian Church the Hacienda Heights, CA
Christian Post Mission Hacienda Heights, CA
Church of Practical Christianity Hacienda Heights, CA
Dharma Forest Temple Hacienda Heights, CA
Eden Methodist Church of Los Angeles Hacienda Heights, CA
Grace Chapel of Hacienda Heights Hacienda Heights, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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