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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

The Galt Area Historical Society Galt, CA
703 Cedar Street Inc. (Until June 2006) Garberville, CA
Brodofed Sanctuaries International Garberville, CA
Cedar Street Senior Apartments Inc. Garberville, CA
Daishu-In West Inc. Garberville, CA
Ecological Rights Foundation Garberville, CA
Environmental Protection Information Center Inc. Garberville, CA
Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice Garberville, CA
Island Mountain Institute Garberville, CA
Mateel Aikido (Until December 2008) Garberville, CA
Richardson Grove Interpretive Association Garberville, CA
Shakespeare at Benbow Lake (Until December 2006) Garberville, CA
Southern Humboldt Community Park Garberville, CA
Southern Humboldt Recycling Center Incorporated Garberville, CA
Southern Humboldt Senior Care Incorporated Garberville, CA
Southern Humboldt Working Together Inc. (Until December 2006) Garberville, CA
Standing Wave Yoga (Until June 2005) Garberville, CA
Veterans Viet Nam Restoration Project Inc. Garberville, CA
Rescue Army Vocational Rehabilitation Workshop Gardean, CA
Bedouin Enterpreuer (Until December 2006) Garden Valley, CA
Creation Missions Inc. Garden Valley, CA
Garden Valley Chapel Garden Valley, CA
Garden Valley Fire Protection District Support Group Garden Valley, CA
House of Prayer Garden Valley, CA
Paladin Resources (Until June 2008) Garden Valley, CA
100Th-442nd Veterans Association 6 Gardena, CA
186th St. School Booster Club Gardena, CA
A. Minor Consideration Gardena, CA
A. New Day Youth & Community Service Center (Until December 2008) Gardena, CA
A. Tribute to Issei Pioneers Fund Gardena, CA
Abundant Love Evangelistic Ministry Inc. Gardena, CA
Agape Faith Center of Los Angeles County California Gardena, CA
Alvalex Inc. (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
American Children Across the Pacific (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Anew Beginning Youth Foundation (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Arc-South Bay Gardena, CA
Argie Taylor Ministries Inc. Gardena, CA
Asian Christian Outreach Gardena, CA
Awliyaa Incorporated Gardena, CA
Barachah Baptist Church Gardena, CA
Behavioral Health Services Inc. Gardena, CA
Bethel First Korean United Methodist Church Gardena, CA
Bethel House of Prayer Gardena, CA
Beulahland Missionary Baptist Church Gardena, CA
Beverly Pumphrey Ministries Women International (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Bible Baptist Church of Gardena Bible Baptist Schools Gardena, CA
Bible Baptist Church of Huntington Gardena, CA
California Manufacturing Technology Consulting Gardena, CA
Calorie Restriction Society (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Caloyeras Hellenic Foundation 4 Gardena, CA
Calvary Baptist Church of Santa Monica California Gardena, CA
Carroll Shelbys Childrens Foundation Gardena, CA
Center for Educational Achievement Gardena, CA
Century Center for Economic Opportunity Inc. Gardena, CA
Cherry Tree Foundation (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Chinese Christian New Vision Inc. Gardena, CA
Choong Shin Presbyterian Church Gardena, CA
Choong Won Presbyterian Church Gardena, CA
Christian Tabernacle Ministries Gardena, CA
Church of Apostolicity Gardena, CA
Ciagio Collective Inc. (Until July 2006) Gardena, CA
Clarence E. McClendon Ministries (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Congregation of Meditation Lieu Quan in the USA Gardena, CA
Counseling Research & Associates Inc. Gardena, CA
D. M. Steps (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Diannes Day Care & Christian Schools Gardena, CA
Dynamic Christian World Mission Foundation USA Gardena, CA
Early Child Christian Mission Gardena, CA
Emerging Childcare Resource Center (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Emmanuel Gospel Fellowship Gardena, CA
End Time Church Minisrty Gardena, CA
Fairfield Industrial High School Alumni Association Calif Chapter Gardena, CA
Femys Group Home Inc. Gardena, CA
Filipino American Seniors Service Club of South Bay Inc. Gardena, CA
First Samoan Full Gospel Outreach (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
First United Methodist Church of Gardena Gardena, CA
Foot Prints in Time 3 Gardena, CA
Franklins Childcare Center Gardena, CA
Friends of Coastal Asian Pacific Mental Health Services Gardena, CA
Garden Grove Anaheim Jr All American Football Gardena, CA
Gardena 5000 5K. Fun Run Gardena, CA
Gardena Academy of Culture Inc. (Until March 2007) Gardena, CA
Gardena Church of Resurrection Gardena, CA
Gardena High School Academic Club for Excellence Gardena, CA
Gardena J. C. I. Kendo Dojo Inc. Gardena, CA
Gardena Judo Club Gardena, CA
Gardena Korean Baptist Church Gardena, CA
Gardena Pioneer Project Gardena, CA
Gardena Valley Cultural Arts Corporation Gardena, CA
Gardena Valley Friends of the Library Gardena, CA
Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute Gardena, CA
Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute Housing Project Gardena, CA
Gardena Valley YWCA Inc. Gardena, CA
Gardena Veterans Club Gardena, CA
Gardena-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Task Force Gardena, CA
Gethsemana Evangelical Church Gardena, CA
Gilmorian Development (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Glory Christian Church of Southern California Gardena, CA
Good Presbyterian Church Gardena, CA
Graceful Living Services Inc. (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Guidance to the Future Gardena, CA
Han NA Ra Church Gardena, CA
Harbor Gateway Center Inc. Gardena, CA
Helping Kids to Recover Inc. (Until December 2008) Gardena, CA
Helping Other People Excel (Until June 2008) Gardena, CA
Humane Education League Inc. Gardena, CA
Iglesia Cristiana Eben-Ezer Gardena, CA
International Good News Foundation Gardena, CA
International Pacific Institute Gardena, CA
Iranian Jewish Senior Center Gardena, CA
Islamic Universal Care Gardena, CA
Jba Foundation Gardena, CA
Jong Hab Blessing Mission Church Gardena, CA
Joy Ministry for Christ Gardena, CA
Jumpei Watanabee Memorial Foundation 4 Gardena, CA
Kansai Club Inc. Gardena, CA
Kenko Foundation Gardena, CA
Kiwanis Club of Gardena Valley Foundation Inc. Gardena, CA
Konko Church of Gardena Gardena, CA
Korean Church of South-West Los Angeles Gardena, CA
Korean Vision Church Gardena, CA
Kum Ran United Methodist Church Gardena, CA
L. A. Grace Bible Church Gardena, CA
L. A. Junior Golf Collegiate Prepartory Tour Gardena, CA
L. A. Korean Presbyterian Bible Church Inc. Gardena, CA
Lamp Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles Gardena, CA
Leon L. Granoff Foundation 4 Gardena, CA
Life University Gardena, CA
Living Gospel Christian Ministries (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Logos Korean Methodist Church Gardena, CA
Los Angeles Family and Community Empowerment Services (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Los Angeles Williams Family Childrens Foundation (Until August 2006) Gardena, CA
Maes Family Day Care (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Metamorphosis 4 Gardena, CA
Mision Cristiana Pentecostes Fuente De Amor Inc. Gardena, CA
Missio Dei Chapel Gardena, CA
Ms Dees Tutoring Company Gardena, CA
Namgajoo Bethesda Church Gardena, CA
National Network for the Disabled Gardena, CA
Nationwide Sports and Education Foundation (Until December 2008) Gardena, CA
Noble Heart Services Inc. Gardena, CA
Okinawa Association of America Gardena, CA
One Accord Educational Ministry Gardena, CA
Open Fellowship Church Gardena, CA
Opportunity Partners Unlimited Incorporated (Until December 2008) Gardena, CA
Oshoffa Celestial Church of Christ Gardena, CA
Pats Inc. (Until December 2005) Gardena, CA
Play Mode (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
Podowon Baptist Church Gardena, CA
Ramonas Mexican Food Products Scholarship Foundation 4 Gardena, CA
Rescue Army Industrial Department Incorporated Gardena, CA
Roosevelt Memorial Park Asso 6 Gardena, CA
Sancturary of Yahweh Gardena, CA
Save the Dalmatians of Southern California Gardena, CA
Seicho-No- Ie-New-York Gardena, CA
Seicho-No-Ie Inc. Gardena, CA
Shin-Sung Korean Methodist Church Gardena, CA
South Bay Chabad Inc. Gardena, CA
South Bay Chinese Christian Church Gardena, CA
South Bay F. O. R. Junior Sports Association Gardena, CA
South Bay Ko-Am Senior Center Gardena, CA
South Bay Quest Gardena, CA
Sportmans Jr Golf Association Gardena, CA
St. Thomas Lutheran Church Gardena, CA
Sung Woon Presbyterian Church Gardena, CA
Tenrikyo Gardena Church Gardena, CA
Tenrikyo Shinyu L. A. Mission Center Gardena, CA
The Association of Hispanic Professional for Education Gardena, CA
The International Evangelical Bible Mission Inc. Gardena, CA
The Magazine Cable Foundation (Until September 2008) Gardena, CA
Torrance First Evangelical Church Gardena, CA
Torrance Gymnastics Training Center Gardena, CA
Transformation of Life Holistic Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Gardena, CA
Transitions 2 Success (Until June 2009) Gardena, CA
True Buddha Society of Los Angeles Gardena, CA
US Mission Point Academy (Until December 2005) Gardena, CA
Unidas Gardena, CA
United 2 Serve Gardena, CA
United Spiritualist Church Gardena, CA
Wallace Family Childcare Inc. (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Western Presbyterian Church Gardena, CA
Women on Wheels Needs Foundation (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
World Transfer of Information Technology (Until December 2007) Gardena, CA
World Youth Technology Centers Gardena, CA
Yoko Awaya Koto Music Conservatory Gardena, CA
Yoshida Youngs Youth Foundation (Until December 2006) Gardena, CA
Young Peoples Development (Until October 2006) Gardena, CA
Youthbuild USA Inc. Gardena, CA
Ys Mens Club of Gardena Gardena, CA
American Jesus Kai Inc. Gardener, CA
La Lambli Presbyterian Church Gardenna, CA
Gasquet Bible Church Gasquet, CA
North Coast F. O. R. E. S. T. Association Forest Outreach Education Stewards (Until September 2008) Gasquet, CA
Coastal Ranches Conservancy (Until December 2007) Gaviota, CA
Grupo Cleofas (Until December 2007) Gaviota, CA
Tesoro Ministry Foundation Inc. (Until December 2004) Gaviota, CA
Gazelle Community Church Gazelle, CA
Senior Affordable Housing Corp No 4 (Until September 2006) Gelndale, CA
Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation Georgetown, CA
Church of Creative Bio Dynamics Inc. Georgetown, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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