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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Turtle Dove Ranch Helping Hands Outreach Ministries Ceres, CA
Valley Christian Center of Ceres Ceres, CA
Walther Electric Co Inc. Training Trust Fund Ceres, CA
Wat Lao Buddharangsy Ceres, CA
Champions of Caring Connections Inc. Cerriotos, CA
Valley Christian School System Cerrito, CA
ABC Community Tribune (Until December 2008) Cerritos, CA
ABC School Foundation Cerritos, CA
All Nations Mission for Christ (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
Asian American Professional Association (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Memorial Cerritos, CA
Baptist Church of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ Cerritos, CA
Bee and Berrys Merchant Support Cerritos, CA
Bethel Presbyterian Church of So California Cerritos, CA
Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima USA Archdiocese of Los Angeles Divisio (Until December 2008) Cerritos, CA
Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima USA Diocese of San Bernardino-Division Cerritos, CA
Buena Park Community Church Cerritos, CA
Calvary Blessed Church Cerritos, CA
Calvary Cross Chapel Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Aquatic Club Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Baptist Church Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Chinese Catholic Association Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Community Church Corporation Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Cricket Club (Until December 2008) Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Girls Softball Association Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Harvest Church Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Mission Church Cerritos, CA
Cerritos Regional Youth Soccer Club Cerritos, CA
Chapel of Elim Inc. Cerritos, CA
Charak Foundation 3 Cerritos, CA
Chinese Church of Christ of Los Angeles Cerritos, CA
Chinese Culture Association of Southern California Cerritos, CA
Church of Man Cerritos, CA
Church of the Divine Grace Cerritos, CA
Clarendon Foundation 4 Cerritos, CA
College Bound-Dollars for Achievers Cerritos, CA
Community Family Guidance Center Cerritos, CA
Conant Family Educational Foundation Inc. 4 Cerritos, CA
Coram Deo Mission Cerritos, CA
Crime Prevention Program of Southern California Cerritos, CA
Cypress Culture Association Cerritos, CA
David Chueh Su Hsiung Memorial Foundation 4 Cerritos, CA
Ekklesia the Called Out Ones Cerritos, CA
El Evangelio Eterno Cerritos, CA
Ezekiel United Mission Church Cerritos, CA
Faith International Ministries Association Cerritos, CA
Field Foundation 4 Cerritos, CA
First Evangelical Church of Cerritos Cerritos, CA
Fisher Ministries (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
Foster India Foundation Cerritos, CA
Freedom Festival Inc. (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
Friend of Youth Foundation Cerritos, CA
Friends of Loreto Foundation Cerritos, CA
Friends of Taiwan Cerritos, CA
Friends of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts Cerritos, CA
Gamdoan Missions (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
Global Gospel Mission Church Cerritos, CA
Gospel Army Cerritos, CA
Grace Steward for Christ Inc. Cerritos, CA
Grace of Lord Fund Trust 4 Cerritos, CA
Grand Manor Provider Inc. (Until December 2006) Cerritos, CA
Grcn Connecting Communities (Until June 2009) Cerritos, CA
Harvest Haven Inc. (Until March 2009) Cerritos, CA
Harvest Rock Foundation Cerritos, CA
Hattie Anderson Brest Cancer Foundation (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
Healing & Intercessory Prayer Ministries Cerritos, CA
Heritage Park Tot Lot Cerritos, CA
Hikari Taiko Drummers Association of America Cerritos, CA
Hope Ministries USA Cerritos, CA
Hope of Multinational Christian Fellowship Cerritos, CA
Hyn-Dol Sunkyo Mission Inc. Cerritos, CA
Ifugao Association of California Inc. (Until December 2006) Cerritos, CA
India Christian Believers Assembly Cerritos, CA
Integrated Community Builders Inc. Cerritos, CA
Irvine United Mission Evangelical Church Cerritos, CA
Jesus Education Mission (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
Joyful Hope Presbyterian Church Cerritos, CA
Joyful Ministries Cerritos, CA
Kanchi Kamakoti Center of California Cerritos, CA
Karmel Mission Church Cerritos, CA
Kerith Ravine Ministry (Until December 2006) Cerritos, CA
Korean Loving Presbyterian Church Cerritos, CA
La Jesus Village Church Cerritos, CA
La Lady Singers Cerritos, CA
Leal Elementary Arts Program Leap (Until July 2008) Cerritos, CA
Life Tree Church Cerritos, CA
Living Water Mission Church Cerritos, CA
Logos Bible Church Cerritos, CA
Lords Children Mission Cerritos, CA
Lutheran Cursillo of Southern Calif Cerritos, CA
Mary L. Fisher Foundation 3 Cerritos, CA
Mbano Association of Southern California Cerritos, CA
McS. 77 Association of USA Cerritos, CA
Men on the Move Cerritos, CA
Merry Singers Society (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
Mosaic Cultural Encounter Inc. (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
Movers Academy Inc. (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
New Frontier Buddhist Foundation USA Cerritos, CA
New Man Korean Church Cerritos, CA
New Thought Encounter Inc. Cerritos, CA
Old Joes Association of California Foundation Cerritos, CA
Open Door Gospel Mission Cerritos, CA
Path of Life Community Church Cerritos, CA
Peace & Care Foundation (Until December 2008) Cerritos, CA
Philippine Society of Southeast Los Angeles Cerritos, CA
Pillar Bible Church Cerritos, CA
Pishon River Ministry Cerritos, CA
Positive Visions Community Service Center Inc. Cerritos, CA
Praise Presbyterian Church Cerritos, CA
Proud 2 Be Cerritos, CA
Ramakrishna Foundation Cerritos, CA
Rural Community Socio-Economic Development Agency Inc. Cerritos, CA
Sam Duk Presbyterian Church Cerritos, CA
Satsang Foundation Cerritos, CA
Scaae Foundation (Until December 2006) Cerritos, CA
Servant Fellowship Evangelical Church Cerritos, CA
Shekinah Church Cerritos, CA
Shin Yang Presbyterian Church c/o Rev Hosea Hj Kim Cerritos, CA
Sino-American Artists Foundation Cerritos, CA
Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists Inc. Cerritos, CA
Songhyun Evangelical Church of America Cerritos, CA
Southern California Devotees of Infant Jesus Cerritos, CA
Spiritual Advance Fellowship for Christ (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
Sri Chakreswari Mission Cerritos, CA
St. Catherines Association of California Inc. Cerritos, CA
St. John Lutheran Community Services Cerritos, CA
St. Paul Evangelical Community Church Cerritos, CA
Suburban Football for Youth of Cerritos Cerritos, CA
Sunrise for Kids Foundation Cerritos, CA
Swar Inc. (Until December 2008) Cerritos, CA
Synchronettes Booster Club Cerritos, CA
Tee for China (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
The Bob Margett Foundation Cerritos, CA
The Gayatri Pariwae-Yug Nirman Religious Trust Cerritos, CA
The Hearing Impaired Youth Foundation Inc. Cerritos, CA
The Holy Seed Gu Lu Tuh Ki Church Cerritos, CA
The Whitney High School Foundation Cerritos, CA
United Fellowships (Until December 2006) Cerritos, CA
United New Life Christian Church Cerritos, CA
United States Veterans Assoc of Southern California Phil 6 Cerritos, CA
Vishwa Bhrigu Pariwar Cerritos, CA
Visual Worship Institute Cerritos, CA
Wat Padhammachart Cerritos, CA
Western Society of Periodontology Foundation Cerritos, CA
Wittmann School Education Foundation Inc. Cerritos, CA
Workforce Development Corporation Southeast Los Angeles County Inc. Cerritos, CA
World Apostolate of Fatima of Moreno Valley Cerritos, CA
World Missions International Inc. (Until December 2005) Cerritos, CA
World Vision Mission Town 4 Cerritos, CA
Yaeil Presbyterian Church Cerritos, CA
Young Hoon Alumni Association USA (Until December 2007) Cerritos, CA
Youth Job Awareness Project Cerritos, CA
Zoe Christian Fellowship of Long Beach Inc. Cerritos, CA
Chalfant Valley Booster Club (Until December 2008) Chalfant Vly, CA
Hanwoory Presbyterian Church Chapsworth, CA
Goldway Foundation (Until December 2008) Chartsworth, CA
Al-Falaq Academy Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Alliance of Abilities Chatsworth, CA
American Friends of Mosdot Orchot Tzadikin Chatsworth, CA
American Hwa Yen Buddhist Studies Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Animated Education Inc. 4 Chatsworth, CA
Apollos Vision Computer Clubs Inc. (Until June 2007) Chatsworth, CA
Avenue Act I. Chatsworth, CA
Bal Jagat Childrens World Chatsworth, CA
Bump the Ghost Foundation Chatsworth, CA
California Colleges for International Education (Until June 2007) Chatsworth, CA
California Home Energy Efficiency R. Ating System Inc. 3 Chatsworth, CA
California Network for Equestrian Therapy Unlimited Chatsworth, CA
California State Care Providers Association Chatsworth, CA
California Suns Booster Club Chatsworth, CA
Capilla Hispana El Calvario De Chatsworth Chatsworth, CA
Caring Hand for Children Chatsworth, CA
Chabad of Chatsworth Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth Fine Arts Council (Until December 2006) Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth High School Student Enrichment Association (Until June 2005) Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth Hills Academy Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth Historical Society Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth Junior Baseball League Association Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth Youth Sports Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Chatworth Christian Church Chatsworth, CA
Church at Rocky Peak Chatsworth, CA
Church of Divine Guidance of Chatsworth Chatsworth, CA
Cleansing Stream Ministries Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Cofan Survival Fund Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Community Christian Church of Chatsworth Chatsworth, CA
Community Reformed Church of the Valley Chatsworth, CA
Cortney Ciccarelli Wish Foundation (Until July 2009) Chatsworth, CA
Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church Chatsworth, CA
Covenant Faith Center Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Crossroad of Life Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Devonshire Volunteer Surveillance Team (Until December 2005) Chatsworth, CA
Egremont Schools Inc. Chatsworth, CA
El Segundo Regents Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Elan International School Chatsworth, CA
Elim Church Chatsworth, CA
Eternal Life Agape Ministries Inc. Chatsworth, CA
F. U. N. C. A. R. Inc. Chatsworth, CA
Foundation for Innovative Learning (Until December 2006) Chatsworth, CA
Foundation for the Preservation of the Santa Susana Mountains Chatsworth, CA
Friends for Pets Foundation Chatsworth, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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