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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Berkshire Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Big Sur International Marathon Inc. Carmel, CA
Big Sur Land Trust Carmel, CA
Big Sur Players Inc. Carmel, CA
Borgman Family Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Borimsa Zen Buddhist Temple Inc. Carmel, CA
Breast Cancer Action Group of the Monterey Peninsula Carmel, CA
Calculus Consortium for Higher Education Carmel, CA
California Coast Foundation (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
California Women Lawyers Education Foundation Carmel, CA
Calvary Chapel Carmel Valley Carmel, CA
Cancer Research Wellness Institute Carmel, CA
Cannery Row Foundation Carmel, CA
Carl Cherry Foundation Carmel, CA
Carmel Art Association Carmel, CA
Carmel Art Festival Carmel, CA
Carmel Art Institute Carmel, CA
Carmel Bach Festival Foundation Inc. Carmel, CA
Carmel Bach Festival Inc. Carmel, CA
Carmel Barracudas Aquatics Inc. Carmel, CA
Carmel Classic Arts Festivals Carmel, CA
Carmel Foundation Carmel, CA
Carmel Heritage Carmel, CA
Carmel Host Lions Club Foundation Inc. (Until June 2008) Carmel, CA
Carmel Little League Carmel, CA
Carmel Middle School Theatre Arts Association 4 Carmel, CA
Carmel Music Society Carmel, CA
Carmel Padre Parents Club Carmel, CA
Carmel Preservation Foundation Carmel, CA
Carmel River Watershed Conservancy Carmel, CA
Carmel Valley Forum (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Carmel Valley Rotary Endowment Fund Carmel, CA
Carmel Youth Center Inc. Carmel, CA
Carmel by the Sea Garden Club Carmel, CA
Carmel-By-The Sea Public Library Foundation Carmel, CA
Carmel-By-The-Sea Sunset Center for the Arts Carmel, CA
Carmelo Parent Organization Carmel, CA
Casa Abrego Preservation Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Catherine L. & Robert O. McMahan Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Center by the Sea Carmel, CA
Center for Partnership Studies Carmel, CA
Center for Photographic Art Carmel, CA
Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers Carmel, CA
Chamber Music Monterey Bay Carmel, CA
Childrens Experimental Theatre Inc. Carmel, CA
Church of Monterey Inc. Carmel, CA
Church of the Wayfarer Foundation Carmel, CA
Classic Guitar Society of Carmel Carmel, CA
Colleagues of the Arts Carmel, CA
Columbine Trust Foundation Carmel, CA
Communications for Youth Carmel, CA
Congregation Beth Israel Carmel, CA
Conner Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Cypress Swim Club Carmel, CA
Development Engineering Research Institute Carmel, CA
Education Foundation of Monterey Bay 4 Carmel, CA
Educational Arts and Media Society Carmel, CA
Elizabeth Hook Armstrong Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Ensemble Monterey Carmel, CA
Family First Project of Monterey County Carmel, CA
Fine Arts 5K. Inc. Carmel, CA
Fluke Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Forest Theatre Guild Inc. Carmel, CA
Foundation Trust Fund of All Saints Episcopal Church Carmel Ca Inc. Carmel, CA
Freedom Fields USA (Until December 2007) Carmel, CA
Friends of Carmel Forest Carmel, CA
Friends of Carmel Unified Schools Carmel, CA
Friends of Sunset Foundation Carmel, CA
Friends of the Harrison Memorial Library Carmel, CA
Friends of the Hermitage Group Carmel, CA
Garcia Foundation Inc. 4 Carmel, CA
Harry Singer Foundation 3 Carmel, CA
Hatton Canyon Coalition Inc. Carmel, CA
Helping Our Peninsulas Environment Carmel, CA
Hikari No Gakko Carmel, CA
Holton Foundation Carmel, CA
Howard Morgens Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Howard and Karin Evans Family Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Imagine Enterprise (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Impact Coalition for Healthy Youth Carmel, CA
International University Bremen Foundation of America Inc. (Until December 2005) Carmel, CA
John H. Martin Foundation (Until December 2005) Carmel, CA
John Lucido Memorial Athletic Foundation Carmel, CA
Joseph & Ida Liskin Foundation Inc. 4 Carmel, CA
Juvenile Impact Program (Until December 2008) Carmel, CA
Kenneth Lafferty Hess Family Charitable Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Korean Buddhist Sambosa Carmel, CA
Learning Time Carmel, CA
Legion of Friends 4 Carmel, CA
Los Cimientos Alliance Carmel, CA
McElvany Family Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Mendek and Edith Rubin Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Mid Carmel Valley Volunteers Inc. 4 Carmel, CA
Mid Coast Fire Brigade Carmel, CA
Moley Family Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Monterey Bay Geriatric Resource Ctr Inc. (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Monterey Bay Independent Books Sellers Association Carmel, CA
Monterey Bay Lacrosse Association (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Monterey Bay Symphony Association Carmel, CA
Monterey Bay Zen Center Carmel, CA
Monterey County Cultural Council Carmel, CA
Monterey County Symphony Assn Sunset Center on San Carlos Street Carmel, CA
Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts Carmel, CA
Monterey Mozarteum Inc. Carmel, CA
Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation Carmel, CA
Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society Carmel, CA
Monterey Peninsula Junior Golf Assoc Inc. Carmel, CA
Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Serv Inc. Carmel, CA
Monterey Peninsula Walk-Walk-Walk Club Inc. Carmel, CA
Monterey Penisula Rotary Fund Carmel, CA
Monterey Pine Forest Watch (Until June 2006) Carmel, CA
Mountain Valleys Bright Hope Carmel, CA
Mozart Society of California Carmel, CA
Mr October Foundation for Kids (Until December 2007) Carmel, CA
Multiple Sclerois Quality of Life Project Corporation (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
National Charity League Monteray Bay Chapter Carmel, CA
Neil and Miriam Rosenstein Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Carmel, CA
Northern California Congregational Retirement Homes Inc. Carmel, CA
Norwegian Stavechurch Center Inc. Carmel, CA
Old Bofie Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Ona E. Murphy and Robert E. Murphy Charitable Trust 4 Carmel, CA
Otter Cove Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Pacific Behavorial Research Foundation Inc. Carmel, CA
Pacific Repertory Theatre Carmel, CA
Phyllis Stockton Wilkinson Foundation Inc. 4 Carmel, CA
Point Lobos Natural History Association Carmel, CA
Pony Angels Inc. (Until December 2005) Carmel, CA
Projects for Planetary Peace Inc. Carmel, CA
Promoting Healthy Family Systems (Until December 2008) Carmel, CA
Providing Arts That Heal (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Rancho San Carlos Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Rancho San Carlos Volunteer Firefighters Inc. (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Reach Out America A. Non Profit Tr 010193 Carmel, CA
Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation Carmel, CA
Ruach Haaretz Inc. Carmel, CA
Salinas Community Pool Foundation (Until December 2006) Carmel, CA
Santa Lucia Conservancy Carmel, CA
Scholarship and More Inc. (Until January 2008) Carmel, CA
Soroptimist Foundation of Carmel Bay Carmel, CA
Spectordance Carmel, CA
Sunset Cultural Center Carmel, CA
The Bunker Founcation 4 Carmel, CA
The Heiges Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
The Shivas Irons Society Carmel, CA
United Hunger Relief Inc. Carmel, CA
Upper Reaches Carmel, CA
Visions of San Francisco Carmel, CA
Webb Family Charitable Tr 4 Carmel, CA
William McCakey Chapman and Adaline D. Chapman Foundation 4 Carmel, CA
Wind and Fire Ministries Carmel, CA
The Kenny Stout Memorial Golf Foundation Carmen Valley, CA
American River Natural History Association Carmichael, CA
Arden Parent Participation Nursery School Inc. Carmichael, CA
Associated Rehabilitation Program for Women Inc. Carmichael, CA
B. & J. Association of California 4 Carmichael, CA
Bunnie Foundation (Until December 2008) Carmichael, CA
California Arts League Carmichael, CA
California Assn of Environmental Health Administrators 5 Carmichael, CA
California Montessori Project Carmichael, CA
Calvary International Christian Ministries Inc. Carmichael, CA
Camp Winthers Associates Carmichael, CA
Capitol Opera Sacramento Carmichael, CA
Carmichael Christian Church Carmichael, CA
Carmichael Girls Softball Organization Inc. Carmichael, CA
Casa Natomas (Until December 2005) Carmichael, CA
Chautauqua Playhouse Carmichael, CA
Christ Centered Counseling (Until December 2006) Carmichael, CA
Christian Disciples Church Carmichael, CA
Church of God in North Highlands Carmichael, CA
Church of God of Carmichael Carmichael, CA
Columbia Football Association Carmichael, CA
Creating Advancement Through Research & Education for Diabetes Carmichael, CA
Cypress Avenue Baptist Church Carmichael, CA
David J. & Lisa A. Kassis Fam Charitable Tr 4 Carmichael, CA
Del Dayo Parents Group Carmichael, CA
Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center Carmichael, CA
Educational Change Management Inc. Carmichael, CA
Eskaton Carmichael, CA
Eskaton Assoc Carmichael, CA
Eskaton Frank Jaconetti Senior Manor Carmichael, CA
Eskaton Gold River Lodge Carmichael, CA
Eskaton Properties Incorporated Carmichael, CA
Eskaton Village-Grass Valley Carmichael, CA
Festival De La Familia Inc. Carmichael, CA
First Baptist Church of Carmichael California Carmichael, CA
First Baptist Church of Carmichael Foundation Carmichael, CA
Garfield School Parent Teacher Club Carmichael, CA
Gilbert Garcia Scholarship Fund Carmichael, CA
His House Christian Recovery Ministry (Until December 2007) Carmichael, CA
Hospital Alliance Association Inc. (Until June 2006) Carmichael, CA
House of Prayer Christian Fellowship Carmichael, CA
International Youth Sports Organization Carmichael, CA
Isaiah 61 Ministries Restoration Covenant Fellowship Carmichael, CA
Isset Oral History Project Laing Carmichael, CA
Jesuit High Boosters Club Carmichael, CA
Joes Joint Carmichael, CA
Kiwanis Club of Carmichael Foundation Carmichael, CA
Lara Marie Foundation (Until December 2007) Carmichael, CA
Lassen County Senior Housing Council Inc. Carmichael, CA
Lassen Manor IV Carmichael, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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