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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Freedom Tree Organization Camarillo, CA
Fretom Research Fund Inc. 4 Camarillo, CA
Friends of the Camarillo Library Camarillo, CA
Gold Coast Innovation Center (Until June 2006) Camarillo, CA
Gold Coast Wind Ensemble Camarillo, CA
Good News Communications Inc. Camarillo, CA
Grace Fellowship Church of Ventura County Camarillo, CA
Grace Fellowship Foundation Camarillo, CA
India Friends Association Camarillo, CA
Interface Children Family Services Camarillo, CA
Islands for the Son Ministries Camarillo, CA
Japanese American Christian Chapel Camarillo, CA
Jewish Families of Camarillo Camarillo, CA
Joseph I. Friedrich Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Kari Lavonne Hage Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Kids to Kids Camarillo, CA
Las Posas Parent-Teacher Council Camarillo, CA
Learning is Progress Inc. Camarillo, CA
Leon Lim Family Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Listening Prayer Ministries Inc. Camarillo, CA
Los Primeros Structered School Parents Teacher Organization Camarillo, CA
Los Primeros Structured School Educational Foundation Camarillo, CA
Martin V and Martha K. Smith Foundation Camarillo, CA
Meadowlark Service League Camarillo, CA
Michael & Laura Gallop Family Foundation Camarillo, CA
Missing Childrens Data Center Camarillo, CA
Mission Without Borders Incorporated Camarillo, CA
Mission Without Borders International Camarillo, CA
Monte Vista Parent Teacher and Student Council (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Morbrook Institute Camarillo, CA
Morrison Ranch Homeowners Association 6 Camarillo, CA
New Horizons Outreach Camarillo, CA
Opportunities for Training Pediatric Therapists Inc. (Until June 2005) Camarillo, CA
Order of the Most Holy Trinity Camarillo, CA
Pacific Camp Family Resource Inc. (Until October 2005) Camarillo, CA
Panther Childrens Foundation Camarillo, CA
Paseo Community Church Camarillo, CA
Paws-Itive Partners (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Pawws to Heal (Until June 2009) Camarillo, CA
Pdap of Ventura County Incorporated Camarillo, CA
Pleasant Valley Education Foundation Camarillo, CA
Pleasant Valley Historical Society Camarillo, CA
Pleasant Valley Hospital Auxiliary Camarillo, CA
Pleasant Valley Preschool Camarillo, CA
Pleasant Valley Swim Club Camarillo, CA
Promotoras Y. Promotores Foundation (Until December 2008) Camarillo, CA
Rain Communities Inc. (Until March 2007) Camarillo, CA
Reignbridge (Until December 2006) Camarillo, CA
Restoring Hope Ministries of Southern California Camarillo, CA
Rio Mesa Athletic Boosters Club Camarillo, CA
Rogers Family Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Rudy Hernandez Memorial Scholarship Award Inc. (Until December 2008) Camarillo, CA
Sac Projects (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Saint Annes Mission of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America Camarillo, CA
Sapiens Foundation Inc. Camarillo, CA
Save Our Kids Music Camarillo, CA
Set Free Ministries Inc. Camarillo, CA
Sharing in Deliverance Ministries Camarillo, CA
Shum Charitable Fund 4 Camarillo, CA
Sindhi Association of Southern Calif Camarillo, CA
Smidt Fam Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Southern California Blast Softball Club (Until December 2008) Camarillo, CA
Southern California Stealth Softball Association Camarillo, CA
Spencer Vocational Services (Until June 2005) Camarillo, CA
Spiritual Clinic With Pastor Mac Camarillo, CA
Sponsor A. Teacher Program (Until December 2005) Camarillo, CA
St. Johns Pleasant Valley Hospital Foundation Camarillo, CA
St. Johns Seminary in California Camarillo, CA
Studio Channel Islands Inc. Camarillo, CA
Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Tagliaferri Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Teensforhumanity Sm (Until December 2008) Camarillo, CA
The California Public Policy Foundation Camarillo, CA
The Esseff Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
The Kings Palace (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Thinkers of Tomorrow Succeed Camarillo, CA
Thomas Wilson Dibblee Jr Geologic Foundation Camarillo, CA
Thousand Oaks Japanese Mission Camarillo, CA
Tony Fitzjohn-George Adamson African Wildlife Presrvtion Tr Inc. Camarillo, CA
Topa-Topa Flywheelers Camarillo, CA
Transformation Through Forgiveness Camarillo, CA
Tree Swallow Nesting Projects Inc. Camarillo, CA
Tri-County Epilepsy Society Inc. Camarillo, CA
United Way of Ventura County Inc. Camarillo, CA
University Glen Corporation Camarillo, CA
Vandeman Library Foundation Inc. Camarillo, CA
Ventura Area Theatresports Inc. Camarillo, CA
Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Chinese American Club Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Cobras Baseball Club (Until July 2005) Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Community College Districtwide Foundation Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Community Foundation Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs Charitable Trust Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Fire Department Benefit Fund Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Fire Department Historical Foundation (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Homeless and Housing Coalition Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Junior Golf Association Camarillo, CA
Ventura County Retired Teacher Association Scholarship Foundation Camarillo, CA
Ventura Military Explorers Post 2861 (Until December 2006) Camarillo, CA
Volunteer Coordinators Council of Ventura County Camarillo, CA
Western Association of College and University Business Officers Camarillo, CA
Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology 3 Camarillo, CA
William Glasser Institute-West Region Camarillo, CA
Youth Connection of Ventura County Camarillo, CA
Allied Arts Association of Cambria Cambria, CA
American Tapestry Alliance Cambria, CA
Anodos Foundation 4 Cambria, CA
Cambria Adult Resources Education & Support Cambria, CA
Cambria Community Council Inc. Cambria, CA
Cambria Connection (Until December 2008) Cambria, CA
Cambria Cooperative Preschool Inc. Cambria, CA
Cambria Historical Society Cambria, CA
Cambria New Thought Church Cambria, CA
Cambria Tennis Club Cambria, CA
Cambria Tennis Club Incorporated Cambria, CA
Cambria Womens Resource Center Cambria, CA
Cambria Youth Athletic Association Inc. Cambria, CA
Cambrias Anonymous Neighbors Cambria, CA
Camp Ocean Pines Inc. Cambria, CA
Church Incorporated Cambria, CA
Coalition to Save Cambria & San Simeon Cambria, CA
Coast Union Bronco Booster Club Cambria, CA
Cornerstone Ranch Cambria, CA
First Unity Church of Cambria Cambria, CA
Flying Samaritans Cambria, CA
Friends of the Cambria Library Cambria, CA
Friends of the Elephant Seal Cambria, CA
Friends of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse Lens Cambria, CA
Friends of the Ranchland Cambria, CA
Greenspace the Cambria Land Trust Cambria, CA
Healthworks Television (Until December 2007) Cambria, CA
Homeless Animal Rescue Team Cambria, CA
Jake J. Schreibman Foundation 4 Cambria, CA
Joslyn Center Building Fund Committee 4 Cambria, CA
Macrocosm USA Cambria, CA
Montessori World Educational Institute Cambria, CA
New Dawn Center for Human Growth Cambria, CA
North Coast Small Wilderness Area Preservation (Until June 2007) Cambria, CA
Old Santa Rosa Chapel & Cemetary Committee (Until December 2006) Cambria, CA
Pay It Foreward Foundation (Until April 2005) Cambria, CA
Pewter Plough Players Cambria, CA
Santa Monica Mountains & Seashore Foundation Cambria, CA
Sterling Foundation 4 Cambria, CA
University Women of Cambria Cambria, CA
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Cambria Cambria, CA
Northern California Greyhound Adoption Program Cameron Ark, CA
Camerado Springs Middle School Parents Club Cameron Park, CA
Cameron Park Family Christian Center Cameron Park, CA
Early Childhood Counseling Center Cameron Park, CA
El Dorado County Pioneer Cemeteries Commission Cameron Park, CA
Foothill Mission Society Cameron Park, CA
Hands & Feet Foundation Cameron Park, CA
Leadership International Cameron Park, CA
Placerville Union Cemetery Inc. 6 Cameron Park, CA
Quantum Future Group (Until December 2007) Cameron Park, CA
Rotary Club of Cameron Park Foundation Cameron Park, CA
Western Management Institute Cameron Park, CA
Animal Ambassadors Inc. Camino, CA
California Insurance Education Foundation Camino, CA
Camino Community Church Camino, CA
Camino School Parent Club Camino, CA
Ccof Foundation (Until December 2005) Camino, CA
Dorado Youth Services Inc. Camino, CA
Learnwell Resources Camino, CA
Peace Lutheran Church of the Sierra Camino, CA
Shelter Our World (Until December 2007) Camino, CA
Sierra Community Charities (Until December 2008) Camino, CA
U-Turn for Christ Camino (Until December 2007) Camino, CA
Matsukaze Mission Church Corporation Camp Angelus, CA
New Life Worship Ministries Camp Connell, CA
A. Chief Priest of Aloha Zendo A. Corporation Sole Camp Meeker, CA
Camp Meeker Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Camp Meeker, CA
Sonoma County Volunteer Fire Companies Association Incorporated Camp Meeker, CA
Camp Nelson Ambulance Association Incorporated Camp Nelson, CA
Camp Nelson Volunteer Fire Department Camp Nelson, CA
John M. Nelson Conservancy Camp Nelson, CA
Academia Fenix (Until December 2006) Campbell, CA
Ainsley-Hicks Family Foundation 4 Campbell, CA
Alpha Upsilon-Delta Upsilon Alumni Foundation (Until December 2005) Campbell, CA
Americans for Armenians Inc. Campbell, CA
Anthem Foundtion for Objectivist Schoarship Campbell, CA
Autism Education Network (Until December 2007) Campbell, CA
Baseball for Kids Inc. (Until December 2006) Campbell, CA
Bay Area Siberian Husky Club Campbell, CA
Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad Campbell, CA
Bosnian & Herzegovinian Association Northern California Campbell, CA
Bosnian American Association of Santa Clara-San Jose Ca-USA Campbell, CA
C. A. D. S. Inc. Campbell, CA
California Wheelchair Athletes Fund Inc. Campbell, CA
Campbell Christian School Campbell, CA
Campbell Highland Games Association Campbell, CA
Campbell Parents Participation Preschool Inc. Campbell, CA
Campbell Union Elementary Education Foundation Campbell, CA
Campbell-Saratoga Youth Football Inc. Campbell, CA
Casa De La Cultura Mexica Campbell, CA
Casa Di Mir Montessori Elementary School Campbell, CA
Castlemont Home and School Club Campbell, CA
Child Development Centers Campbell, CA
Child Quest International Inc. Campbell, CA
Children of Paradise Foundation Incorporated (Until December 2005) Campbell, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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