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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Friends of Edison Alameda, CA
Friends of the Alameda Free Library Inc. Alameda, CA
Girls Incorporated of the Island City Alameda, CA
Gnomus Incorporated Alameda, CA
Grace Project Alameda, CA
Hager Hanger Club Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
Hearing Impaired Press Alameda, CA
Help Another Toward Creative Happiness Alameda, CA
Herbert W. & Jeanne A. Justin Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
Historic Alameda High Shcool Foundation Inc. Alameda, CA
Homeless Opportunity to Manage Economy (Until December 2007) Alameda, CA
Humane Society of Alameda Alameda, CA
Iesu No Mitama Church Alameda, CA
In Jesus Name Inc. Alameda, CA
Ingeborge J. Short Foundation Inc. 4 Alameda, CA
Institute of Human Behavior Research and Education Alameda, CA
Institution of Moraccans in America Alameda, CA
Iranaeic Fellowship of God (Until December 2005) Alameda, CA
Island Alliance of the Arts Alameda, CA
Island Cat Resources and Adoption Alameda, CA
Isle of Patmos Church of Alameda Inc. Alameda, CA
Jerome O. and Meta J. Kirschbaum Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
John and Sandra Leland Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
Junior Golf Enterprises Alameda, CA
Kiddie Kampus Cooperative Play School Inc. Alameda, CA
Kifayah Foundation Inc. Alameda, CA
Korean Evangelical Church of Oakland Alameda, CA
Laborers Training and Re-Training Trust Fund for Southern California Alameda, CA
Latham Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Education 3 Alameda, CA
Leadership Training and Education Fund Alameda, CA
Lekis Alameda, CA
Les White Tennis Association Alameda, CA
Lilliworks Active Learning Foundation (Until June 2006) Alameda, CA
Love of Life Alameda, CA
M. A. I. A. Inc. 4 Alameda, CA
Maddies Spirit 3 Alameda, CA
Mba Project Inc. (Until December 2005) Alameda, CA
Mbk Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
Michoacan Reforestation Fund Inc. Alameda, CA
Mirror of Wisdom Alameda, CA
Nectandra Institute Alameda, CA
New Beginning Family Services Alameda, CA
New Traditions for Women Inc. Alameda, CA
Niche Project Alameda, CA
Nike Historical Society (Until March 2006) Alameda, CA
Norcal Poodle Rescue Alameda, CA
North Coast Express Academy of Basketball Alameda, CA
Northern California Korean Community Church Alameda, CA
Oasis for Kids (Until December 2008) Alameda, CA
Operating Engineer and Northern Ca Affirmative Action Training Fund Alameda, CA
Operating Engineers & Participating Employers Preapprentice Apprentice Alameda, CA
Operating Engineers Affirmative Action Training Fund Alameda, CA
Operating Engineers Local Union No 3 Scholarship Foundation Alameda, CA
Over 21 Alameda, CA
Pacific Simmba Systems Inc. Alameda, CA
Partners in Peace (Until December 2006) Alameda, CA
Partnership Foundation Alameda, CA
Peanut Butter Project Alameda, CA
Perforce Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
Period Events and Entertainments Re-Creation Society Inc. Alameda, CA
Personnel Management Association of Aztlan Alameda, CA
Pro Bono Legal Assistance for the East Bay A. Nonprofit Foundation 3 Alameda, CA
Rainbow Education Science & Technology Foundation 4 Alameda, CA
Reformed Bible Church Alameda, CA
Remembrance Society 4 Alameda, CA
Renewed Hope Housing Advocates Alameda, CA
Reuse People of Alameda County Inc. Alameda, CA
San Francisco Iesu No Mitama Kyokai Alameda, CA
Second Chance Cat Rescue Alameda, CA
Seedling Child Inc. Alameda, CA
Ship San Carlos Research & Educational Foundation (Until December 2006) Alameda, CA
Spirit of the Lord Ministry (Until December 2007) Alameda, CA
Temple Israel of Alameda Foundation Alameda, CA
Timbuktu Educational Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Alameda, CA
Underwater Photographic Society Northern California Chapter Alameda, CA
United Pilipinos of Alameda Alameda, CA
Usta Northern California Alameda, CA
Usta Northern California Junior Tennis Council Alameda, CA
Vietnamese Performing Arts Group (Until December 2008) Alameda, CA
Vivekananda Foundation Alameda, CA
West Coast Performers and Gymnastics Teams Inc. Alameda, CA
Western College Assoc Aka Wasc the Senior Commission Alameda, CA
Western Humane Educators Association Alameda, CA
Wisdomvillage Alameda, CA
Writers West of Alameda Alameda, CA
Bikealameda (Until December 2005) Alamedia, CA
21st Century Consumer Alamo, CA
Alamo Improvement Association Inc. Alamo, CA
Anphu Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Arthur D. and Beverly Bridges Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Becklam Foundation Alamo, CA
Blankmeyer Family Foundation 3 Alamo, CA
Brilliance Alliance (Until December 2008) Alamo, CA
Brooke and Trent Micro-Preemie Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
California State Old Time Fiddlers Assoc Inc. Alamo, CA
Capa Community Education Fund Alamo, CA
Cf Foundation Inc. 4 Alamo, CA
Contra Costa Academy of Fine Art Alamo, CA
Culture to Culture Foundation Inc. (Until June 2006) Alamo, CA
Danny Foundation Alamo, CA
Danville Ballet Company Alamo, CA
Danville Library Foundation Alamo, CA
Danvillealamo Garden Club Alamo, CA
Diablo Valley National Charity League Alamo, CA
Drowning Prevention Foundation Alamo, CA
East-West USA Team Organization Alamo, CA
Eastbay Music Foundation Alamo, CA
Edward and Elizabeth Conner Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Equipnet Alamo, CA
Fellowship of Friends Alamo, CA
Field Fam Foundation Tr 12162002 Alamo, CA
Foundation of the Rotary Club of California (Until December 2007) Alamo, CA
Fremont Stadium Boosters Club Corporation Alamo, CA
Gladys W. Sargent Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Grace Baptist Church of Alamo Alamo, CA
Indo American Institute Inc. Alamo, CA
Jacob More Society 4 Alamo, CA
John H. & Amy Bowles Lawrence Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Kaprealian Family Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Lonny and Nadyne Orona Family Foundation Inc. 4 Alamo, CA
Lucille Glass Mauzy Foundation Alamo, CA
Meland Outreach Inc. 4 Alamo, CA
Memorial Fund of Archbishop John Alamo, CA
Millard Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
National Aerospace Institute 5 Alamo, CA
Norwill Foundation (Until December 2007) Alamo, CA
Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education Alamo, CA
Prisby-Geist Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
R. Jean & James D. Taylor Foundation Inc. 4 Alamo, CA
The Beekhuis Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Yih Family Foundation 4 Alamo, CA
Northern California Mountain Biking Association (Until December 2007) Alatieda, CA
Absolute Dragons (Until December 2006) Albany, CA
Adriatic Research Institute (Until December 2005) Albany, CA
Albany Boosters Club Albany, CA
Albany Civic Arts Foundation Incorporated Albany, CA
Albany Music Fund (Until June 2007) Albany, CA
Albany Police Activities League Albany, CA
Albany Preschool Albany, CA
American Golf Program for Senior Centers (Until December 2008) Albany, CA
American Meditation Health Center A. Ca Non-Prof Public-Benefit Corp Albany, CA
An-Strong Symbols Inc. Albany, CA
Bay Area Kinder Stube Albany, CA
Bay Area Learning Disability Fdn Albany, CA
Berkeley Russian School Albany, CA
California Floaters Society Albany, CA
Chester I. Kimble Memorial Fund Albany, CA
Childrens Health Systems Inc. 3 Albany, CA
Citizens for the Eastshore State Park Albany, CA
Coastal Resources Center Albany, CA
Community Learning Services Albany, CA
Dharmawheels Foundation (Until December 2007) Albany, CA
Dragon Singers Albany, CA
Earl & Elizabeth Ash Foundation 4 Albany, CA
East Bay Heritage Quilters Albany, CA
Express Riders Horsemans Association Albany, CA
Fleet Reserve Association Eastbay Branch 125 6 Albany, CA
Foundation for Education in Rural Peru 4 Albany, CA
Foundation for Malagasy Studies Albany, CA
Friends of Albany Seniors Albany, CA
Friends of the Albany Library Albany, CA
Gardens on Wheels Association (Until December 2006) Albany, CA
Gil Chun Dance Company Albany, CA
Gil Talmadge Memorial Fund Albany, CA
Healing Muses (Until July 2006) Albany, CA
Heartsong Albany, CA
Hilal Institute (Until December 2006) Albany, CA
Institute for Active Learning (Until December 2006) Albany, CA
Inter American Health Foundation Albany, CA
International Pemphigus Foundation Albany, CA
Iranian Childrens Cultural & Educational Society Albany, CA
Japanese Cultural Arts Center Albany, CA
Just Economics Inc. Albany, CA
Korean Zion Presbyterian Church Albany, CA
Landberg Center for Health & Ministry Albany, CA
Life on the Water Albany, CA
Nami East Bay Albany, CA
Ncef Inc. Albany, CA
New Age Academy Albany, CA
New Bridge Foundation Inc. Albany, CA
New Models for Ministry Albany, CA
Noor Cultural Center Albany, CA
Northern California Seniors Track Club Inc. Albany, CA
Outis Family Foundation 4 Albany, CA
Paul and Carolyn Gan Charitable Foundation 4 Albany, CA
Point Isabel Dog Owners and Friends Albany, CA
Possible Society of California Albany, CA
Prometheus Symphony Orchestra Inc. Albany, CA
Self Sustaining Communities Albany, CA
Skiff Sailing Foundation (Until December 2005) Albany, CA
Sunseed Arts & Education Albany, CA
Sur Laya Sangam - Study Center for Indian Devotional Music Albany, CA
Swayamkrushi Foundation (Until December 2008) Albany, CA
The Albany Education Foundation Albany, CA
Voice of the Nile Coptic Association (Until April 2007) Albany, CA
William & Jean Landau Foundation 4 Albany, CA
Women Enpowering Women Albany, CA
Yummy Project Albany, CA
Albion-Little River Fire Auxiliary Inc. Albion, CA
Albion-Little River Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Albion, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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