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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Castillo Charitable Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Center for Civic Education Calabasas, CA
Chase Richards Foundation Calabasas, CA
Class Aquatics Inc. Calabasas, CA
Congregation or Ami Calabasas, CA
Consortium for Community Care Inc. Calabasas, CA
Countrywide Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Dental Hygiene Associates Calabasas, CA
Ezralow Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Faith Horizon 4 Calabasas, CA
Fusion Futbol Club (Until December 2006) Calabasas, CA
Gaia Foundation Calabasas, CA
Hands Across Communications Calabasas, CA
Hearts for Hearts-Saving the Children (Until June 2007) Calabasas, CA
Herman Bennett Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
High Holy Days Association Calabasas, CA
Hindu Temple Society of Southern California Calabasas, CA
Hoops That Help Calabasas, CA
Hope Unit Foundation Inc. Calabasas, CA
Hp Small Business Foundation (Until December 2007) Calabasas, CA
Jcs Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Joyce Smith Family Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Julia Klumpke Trust Calabasas, CA
June Ebensteiner Hospice Foundation Calabasas, CA
K. E. N. Project Calabasas, CA
Kol Simcha of Calabasas Calabasas, CA
Las Virgenes Educational Foundation Calabasas, CA
Legacy Ladies Inc. (Until December 2008) Calabasas, CA
Leonis Adobe Association 4 Calabasas, CA
Los Angeles Youth at Risk Foundation Inc. Calabasas, CA
Marilyn & Robert Funari Family Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Mediation Institute Calabasas, CA
Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles Calabasas, CA
Micah Center for Ethical Monotheism Inc. Calabasas, CA
Michael & Cindy Landon Foundation Incorporated 4 Calabasas, CA
Nadine N. Moseley Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
National Charity League of San Fern Ando Valley Inc. Calabasas, CA
Parent-Faculty Club of Chaparral School Inc. Calabasas, CA
People of the Earth Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Perryman Fund for the Social Studies Calabasas, CA
Pet Companions Calabasas, CA
Polaris Observatory Association Inc. Calabasas, CA
Rainbow Camp Inc. Calabasas, CA
Redwood Academy Calabasas, CA
Rovers Soccer Organization Inc. Calabasas, CA
S. O. S. Community Outreach Inc. (Until December 2006) Calabasas, CA
Scandinavian American Arts Foundation Calabasas, CA
South Bay Treatment Center Inc. Calabasas, CA
Special Childrens League Inc. Calabasas, CA
Stillpoint Resources Charitable Tr Calabasas, CA
The Andy Block Memorial Fund Calabasas, CA
The California Wildlife Center Calabasas, CA
Turning the Tides for Multiple Sclerosis (Until October 2005) Calabasas, CA
Viewpoint Educational Foundation Calabasas, CA
Webber Educational Foundation Inc. 4 Calabasas, CA
Werner and Phoebe Frank Family Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Wesley World Mission Council Calabasas, CA
West San Fernando Valley Chinese Academy Calabasas, CA
Woman of Virtue Inc. Calabasas, CA
Yang Moon Community Church of S. Ca Calabasas, CA
Taylor Park Association Inc. Calaveras County, CA
1-More Community Development Corporation (Until December 2008) Calexico, CA
99 Plus 1 Calexico, CA
Calexico Community Action Council Inc. Calexico, CA
Calexico Dolphins Swim Team (Until August 2006) Calexico, CA
Calexico Educational Foundation Calexico, CA
Calexico New River Committee Inc. Calexico, CA
Calexico Police Acivities League Calexico, CA
Calexico Unified School District Building Corporation 6 Calexico, CA
Cedes Comunidad Cristiana Calexico, CA
Centro Cristiano Ministerio Vino Nuevo Calexico, CA
Deanza Clinic (Until December 2007) Calexico, CA
Imperial Valley Methodone Clinic Calexico, CA
Neighborhood House of Calexico Inc. Calexico, CA
Our Roots Multi-Cultural Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Calexico, CA
Praxis Community Development Corporation (Until June 2007) Calexico, CA
Resident Council of the Housing Authority of the City of Calexico Calexico, CA
Sam and Salwa Ellis Family Foundation 4 Calexico, CA
Valley Orthopaedic Clinic Calexico, CA
Cowboy Memorial and Library Incorporated 3 Caliente, CA
Omni Equus Research Center Caliente, CA
Twin Oaks Community Church Caliente, CA
A. California Museum of Air and Space Calif City, CA
Ashky Homes Inc. (Until December 2007) Calif City, CA
Bags4Kids Foundation (Until December 2006) Calif City, CA
Broken Arrow Commiunity Coalition (Until December 2007) Calif City, CA
California City Youth Football League Inc. Calif City, CA
Los Angeles De Mojave Foundation 4 Calif City, CA
Mojave Desert Golden Retriever Club A. California Public Benefit Corp Calif City, CA
Solid Ground Foundation Calif City, CA
Christian Center of Pine Flat Calif Hot Springs, CA
California City Community Players Inc. California City, CA
Community Church of California City California City, CA
Jeil Baptist Church California City, CA
Jesus Christ Light and Power Church California City, CA
Philadelphia Church of California City California City, CA
Rosita C. Victoria Foundation 3 California City, CA
Dwaine Rose Restoration Ministries (Until December 2005) California Hot Sprin, CA
California Hot Springs Ambulance Inc. California Hot Springs, CA
Mountain Top Community Church California Hot Springs, CA
Marian Movement of Southern California California, CA
Ca Wild Horse and Burro Show (Until December 2005) Calimesa, CA
Calimesa Cultural & Performing Arts Association (Until December 2006) Calimesa, CA
Calimesa Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Calimesa, CA
Ministry Crusade Church of God Evangelist Calimesa, CA
Oak Valley Family Church Calimesa, CA
Program Mobile Missionary Assist Ance Calimesa, CA
Redland Theatre Festival Inc. Calimesa, CA
Calipatria Police Activities League Inc. Calipatri, CA
Calipatria Community Church Calipatria, CA
Knights Valley Vol Fire Dept Calisloga, CA
Art to Heart Foundation (Until December 2005) Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Affordable Housing Inc. (Until December 2005) Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Art Guild Inc. (Until December 2007) Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Community Center & Pool Project Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Community Chest Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Community Garden Inc. (Until December 2007) Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Education Foundation Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Family Center Inc. (Until June 2006) Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Firefighters Association Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Grad Nights Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Rotary Foundation Inc. Calistoga, CA
Calistoga Volunteer Fire Dept Foundation Calistoga, CA
Carver Foundation 4 Calistoga, CA
Christian Science Society in Calistoga Calistoga, CA
De Domenico Bleecher Foundation 4 Calistoga, CA
Faith Family Freedom Foundation Tr 4 Calistoga, CA
Friends of the Calistoga City Public Library Calistoga, CA
Inner Worlds Foundation Calistoga, CA
Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Calistoga, CA
Napa Valley Cinco De Mayo Inc. (Until December 2007) Calistoga, CA
Napa Valley Classic Foundation Calistoga, CA
Napa Valley State Parks Association Calistoga, CA
Rudolf & Maria Felgenhauer Trust for the Calistoga Police Dept Calistoga, CA
Sharpsteen Museum Association Calistoga, CA
Sharpsteen Museum Foundation Calistoga, CA
Sierra Pacific Foundation 4 Calistoga, CA
Tecumseh Foundation 4 Calistoga, CA
The Sir Peter and Lady Michael Foundation for the Arts Calistoga, CA
Tucker Farm Center Corp Calistoga, CA
Upvalley Spay-Neuter Network Calistoga, CA
West Coast College of Biological Psychiatry Inc. Calistoga, CA
Gregg Ranch Foundation 4 Callahan, CA
Waldorf School of Mendocino County Calpella, CA
New Life Church International of Inland Empire Calremont, CA
Aaron James Kerr Memorial Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Achs Cheer Booster Club (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Affordable Housing USA Inc. Camarillo, CA
African Enviromental Film Foundation Camarillo, CA
Airliners of America Inc. Camarillo, CA
Amateur Softball Assoc of So Calif Camarillo, CA
Animal Regulation Volunteer Auxiliary Inc. Camarillo, CA
Armenian Cultural Society of Ventura County Camarillo, CA
Assistance for Seminarians Camarillo, CA
Assisting Children to Excel Camarillo, CA
Associated Students of California State University Channel Islands Camarillo, CA
Association for Community Education Inc. Camarillo, CA
Atsinger Family Foundation 4 Camarillo, CA
Auxiliary Camarillo Convalescent Hospital Camarillo, CA
Baraka Foundation Caring for Children in Need (Until December 2006) Camarillo, CA
Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia Chicago Area Camarillo, CA
Bible Land Foundation Camarillo, CA
Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo Camarillo, CA
California State University Channel Islands Foundation Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Art Center Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Baseball Softball Association Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Beautiful Foundation Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Bible Chapel Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Christian Church Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Heights Parent Teacher Council Camarillo, CA
Camarillo High School Athletic Boosters Club Inc. Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Hospice Corp Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Jubilee Church Inc. Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Korean United Medthodist Church Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Missionary Baptist Church Inc. Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Ranch Foundation Inc. Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Rotary Foundation Inc. Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Symphony Association Camarillo, CA
Camarillo United Methodist Church Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Wings Youth Soccer Club (Until April 2007) Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Youth Basketball Association Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Youth Football Inc. Camarillo, CA
Camarillo Youth Soccer Club Camarillo, CA
Camarillo-Autlan Sister City Club Camarillo, CA
Camarllo Arts Council Camarillo, CA
Children of Hope Inc. (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Childrens Alcohol Rehabilitation and Education Camarillo, CA
Chris & Helen Marinos Charitable Foundation Tr 011296 4 Camarillo, CA
Christians Acting Together Inc. Camarillo, CA
Citizens Advisory Committee of the Ventura Yth Correctional Facility (Until June 2006) Camarillo, CA
Citizens for Youth in Ventura County Inc. Camarillo, CA
Coleman Learning Center Camarillo, CA
Cut Time Productions Inc. Camarillo, CA
Dos Caminos Parent Teacher Club Camarillo, CA
Economic Development Collaborative Ventura County Camarillo, CA
Energy Independence Now (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Exceptional Kids Korral (Until December 2008) Camarillo, CA
Executive Equipping & Training International (Until December 2005) Camarillo, CA
Farmers Without Fences (Until December 2007) Camarillo, CA
Footworks Youth Ballet Inc. (Until June 2007) Camarillo, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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