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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Speech and Language Development Center Inc. Buena Park, CA
Step Off Ministry Buena Park, CA
Straight Street Jobs Partnership Inc. Buena Park, CA
Thanksgiving Church Buena Park, CA
Truth Korean Methodist Church Buena Park, CA
Tyrannus Church Buena Park, CA
United States Internet Genealogical Society Buena Park, CA
Volunteer Guild of the Buena Park Library (Until June 2005) Buena Park, CA
Voviology Organization Inc. Buena Park, CA
Witness Press Inc. Buena Park, CA
Word Alive Family Ministries International Buena Park, CA
World Mission Outreach Buena Park, CA
Young Athletes for Christ Inc. (Until December 2005) Buena Park, CA
Purity for A. Childs Journey A. Public Benefit Corporation (Until June 2007) Buena Vista, CA
Living Stone Church Buenapark, CA
A. Childs Way an Early Learning Center Burlingame, CA
Abs Cbn Foundation Inc. Burlingame, CA
Alameda House Inc. Burlingame, CA
Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation Center Alumni Association Burlingame, CA
American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin Inc. Burlingame, CA
American Turko Tatar Association Inc. Burlingame, CA
Armenian Professional Society of the Bay Area Burlingame, CA
Arthur Szyk Society Burlingame, CA
Ataxia Mjd Research Project Inc. Burlingame, CA
Auksuciai Foundation Burlingame, CA
Bay Area Iranian-American Voter Association (Until November 2007) Burlingame, CA
Bay Meadows Foundation Burlingame, CA
Boris & Vera Bogart Foundation Inc. 4 Burlingame, CA
Burlingame Aquatic Club Inc. (Until September 2005) Burlingame, CA
Burlingame Community for Education Burlingame, CA
Burlingame Girls Softball Association Burlingame, CA
Burlingame High School Alumni Association Burlingame, CA
Burlingame High School Parents Group Inc. Burlingame, CA
Burlingame Historical Society Burlingame, CA
Burlingame Library Foundation Burlingame, CA
Burlingame Youth Baseball Assoc A. Nonprofit Pub Ben Corporation Burlingame, CA
C. A. L. L. Auxiliary Burlingame, CA
California Teachers Association Disaster Relief Fund Burlingame, CA
Center for Liberatrian Studies Inc. Burlingame, CA
Chakpori-Ling Foundation Burlingame, CA
Charitable Alliance of Burmese Americans Caba (Until December 2008) Burlingame, CA
Chemical Dependency Center Alumni Association Burlingame, CA
Chicana Foundation of Northern California Burlingame, CA
China Times Cultural Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Cholesterol Genetics and Heart Disease Institute Burlingame, CA
Collaborative Research for Endangered Wildlife Inc. 4 Burlingame, CA
Community Gatepath Burlingame, CA
Community Resource for Educational Artistic and Theatrical Enrichment (Until December 2006) Burlingame, CA
Community Service League Burlingame, CA
Comprehensive Human Services Inc. Burlingame, CA
Congress of Russian Americans Burlingame, CA
Cora Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse Burlingame, CA
Coyote Point Museum Auxiliary Burlingame, CA
Critical Reach Burlingame, CA
Cross Mission Club (Until December 2008) Burlingame, CA
Donata Young Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Ecommunity for Christ (Until December 2007) Burlingame, CA
Edwin and Margaret Lee Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
El Concilio of San Mateo County Burlingame, CA
Erudite Technology Group Burlingame, CA
First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame Burlingame, CA
First United Lutheran Church Burlingame, CA
Fitzpatrick Family Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Flora Apalisok Free Childrens Clinic Burlingame, CA
Foundation for Educational Administration Burlingame, CA
Frank Edwards Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Friends of the Burlingame Library Burlingame, CA
Girls Inc. of San Mateo County (Until December 2006) Burlingame, CA
Golden Gate Geographic Society Burlingame, CA
Great Land Christian Church Burlingame, CA
Helping Communities Succeed (Until December 2008) Burlingame, CA
Hillsborough Auxiliary to Community Gatepath Burlingame, CA
Hillsborough Auxiliary to the Fam Serv Agency of San Mateo County Burlingame, CA
Hillsborough Garden Club Burlingame, CA
Hillsborough Garden Club Trust 4 Burlingame, CA
Ho Family Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Ho Okahi Pu Uwai Foundation Burlingame, CA
Hoefer Family Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Hosei University Research Institute California Burlingame, CA
Hospital Consortium of San Mateo County Burlingame, CA
Iglesia Biblica Misionera Burlingame, CA
India Literacy Project Burlingame, CA
Institute for Teaching Burlingame, CA
International Elite Sports Veteran Foundation Inc. Burlingame, CA
International Health Research Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Joseph & Victoria Cotchett Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Knox Fellowship Inc. Burlingame, CA
Korean American Music Supporters Association USA Inc. (Until December 2006) Burlingame, CA
Lane Family Charitable Trust 4 Burlingame, CA
Lebanese-American Association Burlingame, CA
Little Angels Catholic Preschool Burlingame, CA
Lucero Family Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Scholarship Fund Burlingame, CA
Mate Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Memorial Education Awards Fund Burlingame, CA
Mills Peninsula Senior Focus Burlingame, CA
Mills-Peninsula Health Services Burlingame, CA
Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation Burlingame, CA
Morning Glory Montessori School Burlingame, CA
Mr Buddy Foundation Inc. Burlingame, CA
Music at Kohl Mansion Inc. Burlingame, CA
Nerli-Quilici Charitable Foundation Tr 4 Burlingame, CA
Net World Sector Burlingame, CA
Norcal Haven Inc. Burlingame, CA
North Peninsula Mandarin School Burlingame, CA
Northern California Graduate University A. Non-Profit Corp Burlingame, CA
Nxtage Foundation (Until December 2007) Burlingame, CA
Our Yesterdays Children Burlingame, CA
Palcare Burlingame, CA
Panther Booster Club of Burlingame High School Inc. Burlingame, CA
Parca House 4 Inc. 4 Burlingame, CA
Peninsula Association for Retarded Children & Adults Burlingame, CA
Peninsula Association for Retarded Children & Adults Foundation Burlingame, CA
Peninsula Choral Association Dba Peninsula Girls Chorus Burlingame, CA
Peninsula Community Services Inc. Burlingame, CA
Peninsula League Burlingame, CA
Performing Arts for Youth Society Inc. Burlingame, CA
Pharr Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Radha Krishna Temple Inc. Burlingame, CA
Rape Trauma Services Burlingame, CA
Rodan Foundation Burlingame, CA
Rotary Service Fund of Burlingame California Burlingame, CA
San Francisco Church of Christ Inc. Burlingame, CA
San Mateo-Burlingame Auxiliary for Children Burlingame, CA
Shelter Network of San Mateo County Burlingame, CA
Shinnyo-En USA Burlingame, CA
Silicon Vally Software Technology Association (Until December 2006) Burlingame, CA
Society of Chinese Performing Arts San Francisco Burlingame, CA
Song Buhl Sa Buddhist Monastery and Zen Temple of America Burlingame, CA
Sor Juana Ines Burlingame, CA
Sphere Institute Burlingame, CA
Spiritcare Ministry to Seniors Burlingame, CA
St. Pauls Cooperative Nursery School Burlingame, CA
Star Maker Allstars Baseball Club (Until December 2005) Burlingame, CA
Stepping Stone Burlingame, CA
Success Enhancement Institute Inc. (Until December 2005) Burlingame, CA
Swanson Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Teens Helping Teens (Until December 2007) Burlingame, CA
The 1990 Institute Burlingame, CA
The Fullemann House Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
The J. David and Pamela Hakman Family Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
The W. F. and Marie A. Batton Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
This Bridge Inc. (Until June 2006) Burlingame, CA
Thoren Family Charitable Tr 013190 4 Burlingame, CA
Three Cities Assembly of God Burlingame, CA
Training for Safety Incorporated (Until December 2006) Burlingame, CA
Tyche Foundation for Archeology & Community 4 Burlingame, CA
United St. Frances Foundation Burlingame, CA
Unity Church of Truth of San Mateo Burlingame, CA
Vivra Childrens Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Western Association of Schools & Colleges Accred Comm for Schools Burlingame, CA
Womens Recovery Association of San Mateo County Inc. Burlingame, CA
Yonghua Foundation 4 Burlingame, CA
Burney Christian Fellowship Inc. Burney, CA
Burney Educational Broadcasting Foundation Burney, CA
Burney Performing Arts Inc. (Until December 2005) Burney, CA
Friends of the Intermountain Libraries Incorporated Burney, CA
Grace Community Church of Burney California Burney, CA
Hat Creek Performing Arts Center Burney, CA
Intermountain Services for the Handicapped Burney, CA
McArthur Burney Falls Interpretive Association Burney, CA
Pit River Health Service Inc. Burney, CA
Save Burney Falls Burney, CA
Tri County Community Network Burney, CA
Burnt Ranch Indian Association Burnt Ranch, CA
Home Church Butte Valley, CA
Buttonwillow Community Foundation 4 Buttonwillow, CA
Tule Elk Natural History Association Buttonwillow, CA
Anonymous Givers Charitable Foundation 4 Byron, CA
Delta Valley Basketball Association (Until December 2007) Byron, CA
Canyon Middle School Booster Club Caastro Valley, CA
Ferrees Group Home Incorporated Cabazon, CA
True Light Gospel Fellowship Cabazon, CA
Six Step House Inc. Caediff By The Sea, CA
Northern California Organ Transplant Support Group Caico, CA
Law Guild of Beverly Hills Calabasa, CA
Freejoe Legacy Foundation 4 Calabasas Hills, CA
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association Calabasas Hls, CA
The Cheesecake Factory-Oscar and Evelyn Overton Charitable Foundati (Until December 2007) Calabasas Hls, CA
The Cultural Foundation Calabasas Park, CA
A. E. Wright-Middle School P. F. C. Calabasas, CA
Alethos Foundation Calabasas, CA
Alice C. Stelle Middle School Parent Faculty Club (Until July 2007) Calabasas, CA
American Friends of the Center for Jewish Living and Values Calabasas, CA
American Veterans Day Care Center Inc. Calabasas, CA
Angeles Chorale Calabasas, CA
Auer Family Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Bay Laurel Elementary School Parent Faculty Association Calabasas, CA
Bob & Brana Paster Foundation 4 Calabasas, CA
Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo & Las Virgenes Inc. (Until December 2005) Calabasas, CA
Bret Saberhagen Make A. Difference Foundation (Until December 2008) Calabasas, CA
Calabasas Education Fund (Until June 2007) Calabasas, CA
Calabasas High School Coyote Booster Club Calabasas, CA
Calabasas High School Parent Faculty Club Calabasas, CA
Calabasas High School Spoken Arts Booster Club Calabasas, CA
Calabasas Historical Society Inc. Calabasas, CA
Calabasas Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Calabasas, CA
Calabasas Shul Calabasas, CA
Camp Whitsett Alumni Association Calabasas, CA
Cancer Hope Foundation Calabasas, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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