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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Yolo Wayfarer Center Christian Mission Woodland, CA
Young Mens Christian Assn Yolo Co Woodland, CA
Outpost Ministries Inc. Woodlawn, CA
Aki Foundation Woodside, CA
Ambassadors Worldwide Inc. Woodside, CA
Anaflor Q. Smith Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Arjay R. & Frances F. Miller Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Aware Today Inc. Woodside, CA
Bamford-Lahey Childrens Foundation 3 Woodside, CA
Benificus Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Canine Specialized Search Team (Until December 2006) Woodside, CA
Citizens for Emergency Response and Preparedness Program Inc. Woodside, CA
Combined Training Equestrian Team Alliance Ltd. Woodside, CA
Davidow Family Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Djerassi Resident Artists Program Woodside, CA
Eltoukhy Family Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Emmett R. Quady Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Evan McKenna Foundation 3 Woodside, CA
Ferret Education Foundation Woodside, CA
Field Trip Foundation Woodside, CA
Filoli Center Woodside, CA
Freshwater Haven Inc. (Until June 2005) Woodside, CA
Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks (Until March 2007) Woodside, CA
Friends of the Woodside Library Woodside, CA
Gifford Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Gilo Family Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Good Sound Foundation Woodside, CA
Gregory and Patricia Raleigh Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Healthtrac Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Hrh Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Hummingbird Tribal Foundation Woodside, CA
Immanuel Rock Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Kings Mountain Children Center Woodside, CA
Kings Mountain Education Fund Woodside, CA
Knights Leadership Fund (Until December 2008) Woodside, CA
Leonard and Margot Herzig Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Listwin Family Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Liz Parks-Novitsky Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Woodside, CA
Markkula Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Mary Henry Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Melmon Family Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County Foundation (Until December 2006) Woodside, CA
National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy Woodside, CA
Pacific Coast Eye Foundation Woodside, CA
Peninsula Macrobiotic Community Woodside, CA
Project Hear Woodside, CA
Purcell Family Charitable Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Rattie Ratz (Until December 2005) Woodside, CA
Rotary Club of Woodside-Portola Valley Foundation Inc. Woodside, CA
San Francisco Auxiliary for Children Woodside, CA
Sand Hill Challenge Woodside, CA
Sapling Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Saw Island Foundation Inc. 4 Woodside, CA
Scott D. Cook Signe Ostby Charitable Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Seth Neiman & Lauren Speeth Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Shaler Adams Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Star Hill Fund Woodside, CA
The Muller Foundation 4 Woodside, CA
Wilhelm Furtwangler Society of America Woodside, CA
Woodside Community Foundation Woodside, CA
Woodside Junior Riders Woodside, CA
Woodside Parents Nursery School Woodside, CA
Woodside School Foundation Woodside, CA
Zen Heart Sangha Inc. Woodside, CA
Evangelical Church of Woodville California Woodville, CA
Blue Mountain Cemetery 6 Woody, CA
Oak Tree Community Association Inc. Woody, CA
Lions Camp at Teresita Pines Wrightwood, CA
Retired & Wired (Until December 2006) Wrightwood, CA
Society for Venturism Incorporated Wrightwood, CA
Southern California Bible Conference Inc. Wrightwood, CA
Southern California Ski Education Foundation Wrightwood, CA
The Foundation for the Schola Cantorum for the Pacific Wrightwood, CA
Tri-Community Toy Box Wrightwood, CA
Wrightwood Property Owners Association Inc. 6 Wrightwood, CA
Wrightwood School Parent Teacher Group Wrightwood, CA
Wrightwood Village Association Inc. Wrightwood, CA
Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council (Until December 2006) Yankee Hill, CA
Yankee Hill Historical Society Yankee Hill, CA
Calvary Baptist Church of Yermo California Yermo, CA
Good Shepherd Society Yermo, CA
Saint Anthony Monastery of North America Yermo, CA
Marys Cemetery and Chapel Support Group Yolo, CA
A. Heart for Sports Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
American Gravity Racers Organization Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Anaheim Hills Baptist Church Yorba Linda, CA
Annual Wild Game Feed Yorba Linda, CA
Ascend Ministries (Until December 2005) Yorba Linda, CA
Bernardo Yorba Choir and Handbell Music Boosters Yorba Linda, CA
Bernardo Yorba Entertainment Unit Boosters Yorba Linda, CA
Broadway on Tour Yorba Linda, CA
California Eastern Star Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
California Rainbow for Girls Foundation Inc. (Until May 2005) Yorba Linda, CA
Calvary Chapel Saving Grace Yorba Linda, CA
Canyon Hills Christian Fellowship Yorba Linda, CA
Canyon Hills Friends Church Yorba Linda, CA
Children Maritime Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Church in Yorba Linda Yorba Linda, CA
Compassionate Use Project Inc. (Until December 2004) Yorba Linda, CA
Country Sonlight Incorporated Yorba Linda, CA
Cyber Sikh Organization Yorba Linda, CA
Daystar Christian Center Corporation Yorba Linda, CA
Eastern Star Homes of California Yorba Linda, CA
Educational Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Endowment Fund of the Grand Chap of Calif Order of the Eastern Star Yorba Linda, CA
Equipping Todays Church Yorba Linda, CA
Esperanza-Golf Booster Club Yorba Linda, CA
Father Maximilian Kolbe Charities Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Fish Emergency Aid of Placentia Yorba Linda Yorba Linda, CA
Fred Gasche Memorial Fund for Research and Education in Engineer Yorba Linda, CA
Friends Christian High School (Until July 2008) Yorba Linda, CA
Friends of Box Canyon c/o Linda Kathryn Thorp Yorba Linda, CA
Friends of the Yorba Linda Public Library Yorba Linda, CA
Friendship Baptist Church Yorba Linda, CA
Friendship Development Foundation Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Genealogical Society of North Orange County California Yorba Linda, CA
Halinor Home Yorba Linda, CA
High Blood Pressure Research Instit 4 Yorba Linda, CA
Hope for Our Children Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Inspiration Christian Fellowship Yorba Linda, CA
International Student Volunteers Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Isv Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Lions Eye Foundation of Southern Ca Mobile Health Screening Project Yorba Linda, CA
Lohana Community Inc. (Until December 2006) Yorba Linda, CA
Lois Nehem Ministries Yorba Linda, CA
Los Angeles Altrusa Club Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Love Charlie Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Mapua Alumni Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Yorba Linda, CA
Marmac Reperatory Theater Company (Until December 2008) Yorba Linda, CA
Meta Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Missionary Assemblies Church Yorba Linda, CA
N. R. & C. J. Anderson Family Foundtion 4 Yorba Linda, CA
National Charity League Inc. Yorba Linda Chapter Yorba Linda, CA
National Pain Society Yorba Linda, CA
New Creation International Ministry Yorba Linda, CA
North County Chabad Center Yorba Linda, CA
North County Chabad Development Corporation Yorba Linda, CA
North Orange County Synagogue-Adat Ari Yorba Linda, CA
Orange County Youth Centers Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Paula M. Grigsby Foundation 4 Yorba Linda, CA
Placentia-Yorba Linda Released Christian Education Association Yorba Linda, CA
Placentia-Yorba Linda Ys Mens Club Yorba Linda, CA
Power Living Ministries Yorba Linda, CA
Purabi Das Foundation Inc. 4 Yorba Linda, CA
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Docent Guild Yorba Linda, CA
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation Yorba Linda, CA
Sabadia Family Foundation 4 Yorba Linda, CA
Sacramental Community Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Santos Family Foundation 4 Yorba Linda, CA
Sass Museum and Cowboy Action Shooting Hall of Fame (Until December 2007) Yorba Linda, CA
Sass Scholarship Foundation Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj Yorba Linda, CA
Scottish American Emergency Medical Corps Yorba Linda, CA
Scottish Baronial House of McCune of Coll-Earn & Elphinstone Society Yorba Linda, CA
Seals on Wheels Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Shri Banke Bihari Seva Mandal Non Profit Organization Yorba Linda, CA
Simple Acts of Care & Kindness Inc. Yorba Linda, CA
Southern California Environmental Education and Leadership Foundatio Yorba Linda, CA
Thai Church in California Yorba Linda, CA
The Donna and Spencer Gilbert Foundation 3 Yorba Linda, CA
The River Run Foundation (Until December 2005) Yorba Linda, CA
The Southern California Section of the American Association for Yorba Linda, CA
The Torchlight Project Yorba Linda, CA
The Vk Foundation 3 Yorba Linda, CA
The Yorba Linda Civic Light Opera Yorba Linda, CA
Travis Ranch School Instrumental Music Booster Organization Yorba Linda, CA
Vn Sisters Support Association Yorba Linda, CA
Western Gospel Association Yorba Linda, CA
William R. Grigsby Foundation 4 Yorba Linda, CA
Yorba Linda Community Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Yorba Linda, CA
Yorba Linda Spotlight Theater Company (Until December 2007) Yorba Linda, CA
United States Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 8 6 Yorbalinda, CA
Yorba Linda Middle School Instructional Mucic Booster Club Yorbalinda, CA
Yorkville High Rollers Volunteer Firefighters Association Yorkville, CA
Yosemite Climbing Association (Until October 2007) Yosemite Ntpk, CA
Yosemite Preschool Yosemite Ntpk, CA
Yosemite West Chapel Broadcasts Inc. 4 Yosemite Ntpk, CA
Yosemite Winter Club (Until December 2008) Yosemite Ntpk, CA
Yosemite Elementary School Parent- Teacher Group Yosemite, CA
Allied Council of the Veterans Home of California 6 Yountville, CA
California Wildlife Trust 4 Yountville, CA
Caring for Yountvilles Children Inc. Yountville, CA
Community Team Builders of California Yountville, CA
Elaine Mackie Charitable Trust Yountville, CA
Friends of the Yountville Library Yountville, CA
Napa Valley Culinary Alliance Yountville, CA
Napa Valley Jazz Festival Yountville, CA
Napa Valley Museum Yountville, CA
Napa Valley Tour Bureau Yountville, CA
Napa Valley Waldorf Education Foundation Inc. Yountville, CA
The Crush Foundation Inc. Yountville, CA
Un-Tied Shoelaces Inc. (Until December 2005) Yountville, CA
Women Veterans (Until December 2008) Yountville, CA
Yountville Focus Yountville, CA
10th District Junior Livestock Auction Committee Inc. Yreka, CA
Choices for Children of Siskiyou County Yreka, CA
Christian Faith Tabernacle Inc. Yreka, CA
Fairchild Medical Center Foundation Inc. Yreka, CA
Forest Alliance for Information on Resources Yreka, CA
Genealogical Society of Siskiyou County California Inc. Yreka, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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