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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Creative Alternatives Senior Citizen Opportunities W. Sacramento, CA
Davis Campus Cooperatives W. Sacramento, CA
Diamond Sunrise Corp W. Sacramento, CA
Diamond Sunrise II Corporation W. Sacramento, CA
East Yolo Information Center for Alcoholism W. Sacramento, CA
Families in Self Help W. Sacramento, CA
Fiji Indian Relief Trust Fund W. Sacramento, CA
First Baptist Church of West Sacramento W. Sacramento, CA
Florin Housing Corporation W. Sacramento, CA
Food for Families W. Sacramento, CA
Journey Christian Church W. Sacramento, CA
Lance Housing Corporation W. Sacramento, CA
Land Park Woods Inc. W. Sacramento, CA
Latino Jr Golf Association W. Sacramento, CA
Liberty Maritime W. Sacramento, CA
Loving Gemms Inc. (Until June 2006) W. Sacramento, CA
Meadows Apartment Ownership Inc. W. Sacramento, CA
Mercy Oaks Village (Until June 2008) W. Sacramento, CA
Military Order of the Louse Supreme Hut W. Sacramento, CA
New Star Foundation W. Sacramento, CA
Northern California Housing Corp W. Sacramento, CA
Park Village Apartments Inc. W. Sacramento, CA
Pcoc Cares (Until June 2005) W. Sacramento, CA
River Cats Foundation W. Sacramento, CA
Rural California Housing Corporation W. Sacramento, CA
Russian Cultural Heritage Center (Until September 2007) W. Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Afghan Community & Religious Center W. Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Area Formosan Association W. Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy W. Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Foundation W. Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Valley Fire Training Officers Association W. Sacramento, CA
Sikh Temple Sacramento W. Sacramento, CA
Society for Children Orphaned by Aids Inc. (Until December 2007) W. Sacramento, CA
The Adamson Foundation 4 W. Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Inc. W. Sacramento, CA
Transportation Research Education and Development Foundation W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Community Theater Inc. (Until December 2008) W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Football League (Until December 2005) W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Gujarati Society W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Housing Development Corporation W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Kiwanis Foundation (Until September 2006) W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program Inc. (Until December 2006) W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Neighbors Fair Inc. (Until December 2007) W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Rotary Foundation W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Swim Team Inc. W. Sacramento, CA
Wheatland Duplexes Corporation W. Sacramento, CA
Word to Russia W. Sacramento, CA
West Sacramento Art Guild W. Sacrametno, CA
Awake Community Fund (Until December 2007) W. Toluca Lake, CA
True Jesus Church in East Bay Walnut Greek, CA
Apostolic Christian Church of California Walnut Grove, CA
Greater Walnut Grove Revitalzation Foundation (Until March 2009) Walnut Grove, CA
Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Inc. Walnut Grove, CA
Locke Foundation (Until December 2007) Walnut Grove, CA
Mission of Grace Foundation Walnut Grove, CA
Sacramento River Delta Historical Society Walnut Grove, CA
School of Architecture and Environmental Design Walnut Grove, CA
Walnut Grove Youth Program (Until July 2007) Walnut Grove, CA
American Echo Chinese Institute 4 Walnut, CA
Anne J. Lee Foundation Walnut, CA
Asociacion Catolica Argentina Virgen De Lujan Inc. Walnut, CA
Bethany International Church-USA Walnut, CA
Bonnie A. C. Lee Fang Foundation (Until December 2006) Walnut, CA
Bright Hope Community Service Center Walnut, CA
California Agriculture Literacy Fair Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
California Association for Blind Athletes Walnut, CA
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel USA Health Foundation Inc. Walnut, CA
Chinese American Parents Association Walnut Walnut, CA
Christian Chapel of Walnut Valley Walnut, CA
Christian Fellowship Bible Church Walnut, CA
Church in Walnut Walnut, CA
City on the Hill A. Catholic Covenant Community Walnut, CA
College Preparation Seminar Inc. (Until March 2006) Walnut, CA
Collegewood School Community Club Walnut, CA
Confucius Chinese Language School of Walnut & Diamond Bar Walnut, CA
Cross Christian Fellowship Walnut, CA
Cyrus J. Morris School Community Walnut, CA
D. & R. Turning Point Inc. (Until December 2005) Walnut, CA
Daar-Ul-Ilm for the Muslim Youth Inc. Institute of Knowledge Walnut, CA
Deaf Asia Foundation (Until December 2007) Walnut, CA
Diamond Bar-Walnut Junior All American Football Walnut, CA
Dorcas Family Ministry Walnut, CA
Dream Quest Enterprises Walnut, CA
Edmund and Mary Shea Family Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Evangelical Free Church of Walnut Walnut, CA
Fair Oaks Organization Walnut, CA
Fine Arts Council of the Walnut Valley Unified School District Walnut, CA
First Evangelical Church of Diamond Bar Walnut, CA
For All Saints Team Ministries Walnut, CA
Friends of the Walnut Public Library Walnut, CA
Gereja Kristus Injili Walnut, CA
Good Fruits Christian Church Inc. Walnut, CA
Good Samaritan Missionary Church Walnut, CA
Gospel Life Community-Church Without Walls Walnut, CA
Gospel Life Ministries Inc. Walnut, CA
Great Enlightenment Lotus Society Inc. Walnut, CA
Hung Sa Dahn Walnut, CA
Immanuel Grace University Walnut, CA
International Art Education Center (Until December 2007) Walnut, CA
Iqra Academy Walnut, CA
Islamic Education Center Walnut, CA
J. F. Shea Company Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
John & Dorothy Shea Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Julia Burke Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Kamsa International Walnut, CA
Korean American Mission Center for Addiction Recovery Walnut, CA
Korean American Senior Cooperation Center Walnut, CA
Korean-American Alliance for the Mentally Ill Ca Inc. Walnut, CA
Kwangsung Presbyterian Church of Southern California Walnut, CA
Le Petite Preparatory Walnut, CA
Lilies of the Field 4 Walnut, CA
Living Hope Community Church of Walnut Valley Walnut, CA
Luvlees Residential Care Inc. Walnut, CA
M. & R. Group Home Walnut, CA
Mt. Sac Auxiliary Services Walnut, CA
Mt. San Antonio College Foundation Walnut, CA
National Council of Asian American Business Associations (Until December 2008) Walnut, CA
New Capital International Research Foundation USA (Until December 2006) Walnut, CA
New Covenant Ministries International Walnut, CA
Nogales Noble Regiment Boosters Walnut, CA
Pasadena-Foothill Tennis Patrons Association Walnut, CA
Peter and Carolyn Shea Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Praise Christian Church Walnut, CA
Quangtri Mutual Friendship Association 4 Walnut, CA
Sarah Janes House (Until December 2005) Walnut, CA
Scarlet Hope Incorporated (Until December 2006) Walnut, CA
Schola Cantorum Angelorum (Until August 2005) Walnut, CA
Sewa International Inc. (Until December 2007) Walnut, CA
Shea Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Shea Homes Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Sikh Center of Southern California Walnut, CA
South Pointe Community Club Walnut, CA
Southern California Journalism Education Association Walnut, CA
St. Peters Foundation 4 Walnut, CA
Sundar Kala Kendra Foundation Walnut, CA
Support for Siblings (Until December 2005) Walnut, CA
Suzanne School Community Club Walnut, CA
US Chinese Culture & Education Foundation (Until December 2008) Walnut, CA
United Church of India Inc. Walnut, CA
Vejar Elementary School Community Club Walnut, CA
Vineyard of Hope Walnut, CA
Vision Himpossible (Until December 2007) Walnut, CA
Walnut Church of the Nazarene Walnut, CA
Walnut Medical and Humanitarian Mission Walnut, CA
Walnut Station Booster Club Walnut, CA
Walnut Valley Brethern in Christ Church Walnut, CA
Walnut Valley Educational Foundation Inc. Walnut, CA
Walnut Valley Food Bank Walnut, CA
Walnut Valley Pony Baseball Inc. Walnut, CA
Walnut Valley Vineyard Church Walnut, CA
Walnut Winter Baseball Association (Until December 2006) Walnut, CA
Westhoff Community Club Walnut, CA
Walnut Grove Community Center and Park Walut Grove, CA
Bethel Ranch Inc. (Until December 2005) Warner Spgs, CA
Firecrackers Assistance League Inc. (Until December 2007) Warner Spgs, CA
San Jose Valley Park & Recreation Inc. Warner Spgs, CA
Warner Booster Foundation Inc. Warner Spgs, CA
Warner Springs Community Church Warner Spgs, CA
Warner Springs Cultural Association (Until December 2007) Warner Spgs, CA
Community Support Options Inc. Wasco, CA
John Martin Ministries Incorporated Wasco, CA
Joshua Campaign International (Until December 2008) Wasco, CA
Mennonite Brethren Church of Wasco Wasco, CA
National Health Services Inc. Wasco, CA
South Valley Development Inc. Wasco, CA
True Light Missionary Baptist Church Wasco, CA
Tulare Basin Wetlands Association Wasco, CA
Wasco Affordable Housing Inc. (Until December 2005) Wasco, CA
Wasco Boy to Men Wasco, CA
Wasco Christian Church Wasco, CA
Wasco Community Scholarship Association Wasco, CA
Wasco Historical Society Wasco, CA
Wasco Parent Participation Preschool Inc. Wasco, CA
Calvary Chaplaincy Inc. (Until December 2008) Waterford, CA
Gaslight Community Conservatory (Until June 2007) Waterford, CA
Moon School Parents Club Waterford, CA
Waterford Academic Decathlon Booster Club (Until June 2008) Waterford, CA
Waterford Baseball Softball Association Waterford, CA
Waterford Educational Foundation (Until December 2007) Waterford, CA
Waterford Historical Society Inc. (Until June 2006) Waterford, CA
Waterford Lighthouse Ministries Inc. Waterford, CA
Waterford-Hickman Traveling Baseball Association (Until December 2005) Waterford, CA
Action Pajaro Valley Inc. Watsonville, CA
Advaita Society Watsonville, CA
Agri-Culture Inc. Watsonville, CA
Agricultural History Project Watsonville, CA
Alif International Watsonville, CA
Ammonia Safety and Training Institute Watsonville, CA
Applied Survey Research Inc. Watsonville, CA
Association of Watsonville Area Seniors Watsonville, CA
Bay Concert Arts Watsonville, CA
Berish Henches Foundation Inc. 4 Watsonville, CA
Brewers Community Service Corporation Watsonville, CA
Cabrillo Aquatics Watsonville, CA
California Strawberry Growers Scholarship Fund Watsonville, CA
Central Coast Energy Services Inc. (Until December 2007) Watsonville, CA
Central Coast Innerfaith Sponsors Inc. Watsonville, CA
Church of Christ of Watsonville Watsonville, CA
Club Social San Pedro Tesistan Watsonville, CA
Collaborative Research and Designs for Agriculture Watsonville, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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