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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Calmont School Inc. Topanga, CA
Chabad of Topanga Inc. Topanga, CA
City Hearts Kids Say Yes to the Arts L. A. Fringe Theatre Inc. Topanga, CA
Foundation for the Freedom of Expression and Democracy Inc. (Until December 2008) Topanga, CA
Friends of the Community Arson Watch and Disaster Service Inc. Topanga, CA
Friends of the Topanga Library (Until December 2005) Topanga, CA
Fundacion Mariposa Corporation (Until December 2007) Topanga, CA
Global Childrens Art Park for Peace Foundation Topanga, CA
Golden Hearts Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Topanga, CA
Hipp Booster Club Topanga, CA
Human Dynamics Foundation Topanga, CA
Iskcon Television Inc. Topanga, CA
Metropolitan Puppet Authority Topanga, CA
National Pet Fund (Until December 2005) Topanga, CA
Native Elders Video Libary Archives Topanga, CA
Necessity Housing Corporation Topanga, CA
Orphans of War Foundation (Until December 2005) Topanga, CA
Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness Topanga, CA
Topanga Community Church Topanga, CA
Topanga Community Club Topanga, CA
Topanga Enrichment Programs Inc. Topanga, CA
Topanga Historical Society Topanga, CA
Topanga Mountain School Inc. Topanga, CA
Topanga Preschool Topanga, CA
Unity Center Topanga, CA
W. O. L. F. Topanga, CA
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum Topanga, CA
Mono County Friends of the Library Topaz, CA
Ling Liang World-Wide Evangelistic Mission Torance, CA
Torrance Cultural Arts Center Foundation Torraance, CA
New Intellect Mission Torrace, CA
Rinri Kenkyusho USA Corporation Torrace, CA
Eskhm Torrence, CA
New Pacific Ocean College (Until December 2005) Torrnace, CA
All American T. V Inc. Trabuco Canyon, CA
American Education Institute 4 Trabuco Canyon, CA
Coalition of Organizations for Professional Standards Trabuco Canyon, CA
Laos A. Christian Lay Institute Trabuco Canyon, CA
World Shoe Relief Trabuco Canyon, CA
Acts of Mercy Foundation Trabuco Cyn, CA
Children of the Americas Trabuco Cyn, CA
D. S. Warner Foundation Trabuco Cyn, CA
Every Man Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Trabuco Cyn, CA
Global Peace Fund (Until December 2008) Trabuco Cyn, CA
Gods Children International Adoption Agency Trabuco Cyn, CA
Making Young Lives Count Trabuco Cyn, CA
Pacific Soul Connection (Until December 2005) Trabuco Cyn, CA
Phenomenal Women Inc. (Until December 2006) Trabuco Cyn, CA
Robinson Elementary Education Foundation (Until June 2008) Trabuco Cyn, CA
True Blue Kids Club Incorporated Trabuco Cyn, CA
Underdog Rescue Inc. (Until December 2007) Trabuco Cyn, CA
United State Recreation Association of the Deaf (Until December 2006) Trabuco Cyn, CA
Warren Foundation 4 Trabuco Cyn, CA
Amazing Greys Retired Racers Tracy, CA
Animal Rescue of Tracy (Until December 2008) Tracy, CA
Arts Leadership Alliance Tracy, CA
Azel Residential Facilities Inc. (Until December 2006) Tracy, CA
Banta School Parent Faculty Association (Until June 2008) Tracy, CA
Boys & Girls Club of Tracy Inc. Tracy, CA
California Association of Public Purchasing Officers Tracy, CA
Camillus Foundation Tracy, CA
Childrens Dance Theatre (Until August 2005) Tracy, CA
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tracy Tracy, CA
Crossroads Christian Church of Tracy Tracy, CA
Delta High Alliance of Parents Teachers and Students Tracy, CA
Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church of Tracy Tracy, CA
Fiat Voluntas Tua 4 Tracy, CA
Firm Foundation Primitive Baptist Church of Christ Tracy, CA
Four Winds Community Church Inc. Tracy, CA
Fresh Anointing Faith International Christian Church Tracy, CA
Golden Gate Live Steamers Inc. Tracy, CA
Good Samaritan Community Services for San Joaquin County Inc. Tracy, CA
Grace Community Bible Church Tracy, CA
Gurdwara Gur Nanak Darbar Tracy Inc. Tracy, CA
Hawkins-Thompson Child Development Center Inc. Tracy, CA
Hearts N. Pieces (Until April 2006) Tracy, CA
Hearts of Harvest Foundation (Until November 2006) Tracy, CA
His Kids Foster Family Agency Inc. (Until December 2005) Tracy, CA
Holy Cross of Peace Trust Tracy, CA
Hometown Heritage (Until June 2006) Tracy, CA
Kiona Foundation (Until December 2008) Tracy, CA
Korean Evangelical Church of Tracy Tracy, CA
Marys Hands Tracy, CA
McHenry House for the Homeless Tracy, CA
Merritt Ministry Trust Tracy, CA
Nubian Tree of Life Wholistic Resource Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Tracy, CA
Old River Committee Inc. (Until January 2006) Tracy, CA
One on One Against Hunger (Until December 2006) Tracy, CA
People for Pets (Until December 2005) Tracy, CA
Po G. Mahon Motorcycle Club (Until December 2006) Tracy, CA
Prayer Temple Christian Center Tracy, CA
Safeguarding Our Children-United Mothers Tracy, CA
San Joaquin Valley Hispanic Tennis Association (Until December 2008) Tracy, CA
Search & Rescue Dream Center (Until December 2005) Tracy, CA
Second Mile Ministry Tracy, CA
Shunammite Group Inc. Tracy, CA
Sister City Association of Tracy Inc. Tracy, CA
Solid Rock Christian Center Inc. Tracy, CA
Souza Charitable Foundation 4 Tracy, CA
Surtec Adopt A. Family Program Tracy, CA
Sutter Tracy Community Hospital Tracy, CA
The Apostolic Church Tracy, CA
Three Hundred Sixty Degrees of Knowledge (Until December 2007) Tracy, CA
Tom Smith Ministries Inc. Tracy, CA
Tracy Chamber Foundation Tracy, CA
Tracy Community Church First Assembly of God Tracy, CA
Tracy Community Memorial Hospital Foundation Tracy, CA
Tracy Community Theatre Group (Until September 2006) Tracy, CA
Tracy Friends for Parks Recreation and Community Services Tracy, CA
Tracy Friends of the Library Inc. Tracy, CA
Tracy Interfaith Ministries Tracy, CA
Tracy Lightning Girls Basketball Organization (Until December 2006) Tracy, CA
Tracy Mental Health Center (Until December 2006) Tracy, CA
Tracy Senior Citizens Club Inc. Tracy, CA
Tracy Swim Club Inc. Tracy, CA
Tracy Youth Football League Tracy, CA
Tracy Youth Soccer League Inc. Tracy, CA
Traqc Educational Foundation (Until September 2005) Tracy, CA
V. B. R. Foundation Inc. Tracy, CA
Valley Community Baptist Church of Tracy California Inc. Tracy, CA
Valley Pentecostal Assembly Tracy, CA
West High School Home Field Advantage (Until December 2005) Tracy, CA
West Valley Christian Ministries Tracy, CA
Tranquillity Band Boosters Club Tranquillity, CA
M. A. D. Ministries Travis Afb, CA
Vacaville Vengeance Basketball Association (Until December 2007) Travis Afb, CA
Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative Treasure Island, CA
E. Cubed Foundation Tres Pinos, CA
Asgard Foundation Inc. 4 Trinidad, CA
Big Lagoon Community Church Trinidad, CA
Consultants for Global Programs Trinidad, CA
Foundation Todos Juntos Inc. (Until December 2005) Trinidad, CA
Humboldt North Coast Land Trust Trinidad, CA
Inner Center Fine Arts Institute Inc. Trinidad, CA
Natures Lifeguard Inc. Trinidad, CA
Sumeg Patricks Point - Lagoons Interpretive Association Trinidad, CA
The Tsurai Ancestral Society Trinidad, CA
Trinidad School Education Foundation Trinidad, CA
Westhaven Artists and Crafters Trinidad, CA
Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire Company Trinity Center, CA
Ed Scott Scholarship Fund 4 Trinity Center, CA
North Trinity Lake Improvement Association Trinity Center, CA
Scott Museum of Trinity Center Trinity Ctr, CA
Trailweavers Network Trinity Ctr, CA
Encouragement for Life Trivine, CA
Christian Fellowship of Trona Inc. Trona, CA
Rocking R. Ranch Trona, CA
Searles Medical Services Corporation Trona, CA
Searles Valley Historical Society Trona, CA
Searles Valley Senior Citizens Corporation Trona, CA
Trona Community Chest Trona, CA
Trona Community Senior Center Operations Incorporated Trona, CA
Trona-Red Mountain Citizen on Patrol Unit 426 Trona, CA
Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of California 6 Trona, CA
Avalon Spiritual Institute Truckee, CA
C. A. T. T. Community Project Truckee, CA
Calvary Chapel of Truckee Inc. Truckee, CA
Cedar Smoke School & Environmental Education Center Truckee, CA
Christian Science Society Truckee, CA
Dr Homa Darabi Foundation Truckee, CA
Excellence in Education Foundation Truckee, CA
Far West Nordic Ski Education Association Truckee, CA
Friends of the Truckee Library Inc. Truckee, CA
Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe Inc. Truckee, CA
Innerrhythms Inc. (Until December 2006) Truckee, CA
Mountain Area Preservation Foundation Truckee, CA
Northstar Race Team Inc. Truckee, CA
Our Truckee River Legacy Foundation Inc. Truckee, CA
Project Team Work Truckee, CA
Prosser Creek Charter School Truckee, CA
Psia-W. Ski Education Foundation Truckee, CA
Railroad Regulators-601 (Until December 2005) Truckee, CA
Rural Health Studies Trust Truckee, CA
Sierra Business Council Truckee, CA
Sierra Housing Development Corporation Truckee, CA
Sierra Mountain Soccer Club (Until December 2006) Truckee, CA
Sierra Nevada Childrens Museum Truckee, CA
Sierra Public Media Corporation Truckee, CA
Tahoe Center for A. Sustainable Future Truckee, CA
Tahoe Forest Hospital Foundation Truckee, CA
Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation (Until December 2007) Truckee, CA
Tahoe Truckee Community Scholarship Committee Truckee, CA
Teachers Association for Outdoor and Adventure Education (Until November 2005) Truckee, CA
The Day-Parker-Tomlinson Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until September 2005) Truckee, CA
Truckee Alliance for the Musical Arts Inc. Truckee, CA
Truckee Babe Ruth Baseball League (Until December 2009) Truckee, CA
Truckee Christian Center of the Assemblies of God Truckee, CA
Truckee Community Christmas Inc. Truckee, CA
Truckee Donner Land Trust Truckee, CA
Truckee Excellence in Music Parent Organization (Until June 2005) Truckee, CA
Truckee Family Connection Truckee, CA
Truckee Nordic Club Truckee, CA
Truckee North Tahoe Church of Christ Truckee, CA
Truckee River Watershed Council Truckee, CA
Truckee Rotary Foundation Truckee, CA
Truckee Tahoe Airmens Association Truckee, CA
Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation Truckee, CA
Truckee Tahoe Seniors Council (Until December 2005) Truckee, CA
Truckee Trails Foundation (Until December 2006) Truckee, CA
Truckee Wolverine Boosters Club Inc. Truckee, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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