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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

South Coast Youth Leadership Conferences Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Southern California Lacrosse Association (Until December 2008) Thousand Oaks, CA
Sozo Outreach Ministries (Until December 2007) Thousand Oaks, CA
Sree Rama Dasa Mission Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Sunrise Rotary Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Swedish American Historical Association of California Thousand Oaks, CA
Temple Etz Chaim Thousand Oaks, CA
The Carpenters Christian Fellowship Thousand Oaks, CA
The Covering Thousand Oaks, CA
The Cure Research Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
The National Indian Wars Association Thousand Oaks, CA
The Sanctuary Evangelical Free Church Thousand Oaks, CA
The Smalling Family Foundation 4 Thousand Oaks, CA
The Southern California Diamonds Softball Club Thousand Oaks, CA
The Thousand Oaks Titans Athletic Association Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Agape Christian Fellowship Incorporated Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Christian Fellowship Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks High School Band Booster Club Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks High School Scholarship Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks International Theatre Festival (Until December 2005) Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Library Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Rotary Club Scholarship & Loan Fund Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Rotary Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Thousand Oaks Sister City Committee Thousand Oaks, CA
To Pass Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Tom Mullin Memorial Fund Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Traveling Space Museum Inc. (Until December 2005) Thousand Oaks, CA
Unicare Foundation 4 Thousand Oaks, CA
United Valley Community Church Thousand Oaks, CA
Unity in the Community Thousand Oaks, CA
Ventura Chapter of Transplant Recipients International Thousand Oaks, CA
Ventura County Discovery Center Thousand Oaks, CA
Ventura County Homecare Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Thousand Oaks, CA
Village Voices Thousand Oaks, CA
Visionland Mission Church Thousand Oaks, CA
Visions in Time Foundations Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Wadsworth Medical Alumni Association Thousand Oaks, CA
Wallstreet Investors Alliance (Until June 2008) Thousand Oaks, CA
Wellpoint Foundation 4 Thousand Oaks, CA
Western Assoc of Educational Opp Personnal Juan Mestas Thousand Oaks, CA
Westlake Community Christian Church c/o Rev John E. Greenlee Pastor Thousand Oaks, CA
Westlake High School Choral Booster Club Inc. (Until December 2005) Thousand Oaks, CA
Wire and Wood (Until December 2007) Thousand Oaks, CA
Wishworks (Until June 2006) Thousand Oaks, CA
With Love Grandma Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA
Yellow Ribbon Foundation Thousand Oaks, CA
Young Mens Christian Association of Southeast Ventura County Thousand Oaks, CA
Zuma Bay Volleyball Club Thousand Oaks, CA
Animal Samaritans Thousand Palms, CA
Community Partnerships of the Desert Inc. 4 Thousand Palms, CA
Thousand Palms Library Building Fund Thousand Palms, CA
Zinnia Projects Thousand Palms, CA
Brothers Without Borders (Until December 2006) Thousand Plms, CA
Charity Challenge Inc. A. California Non Profit Public Benefit Corp (Until December 2008) Thousand Plms, CA
Coachella Valley Emergency Managers Association (Until December 2006) Thousand Plms, CA
Desert Valley All Star Mavericks (Until April 2008) Thousand Plms, CA
Firefighters of America Museum Inc. Thousand Plms, CA
Magic Jungle Inc. (Until December 2006) Thousand Plms, CA
Pegasus Riding Academy for the Handicapped Thousand Plms, CA
Thousand Palms Child Care Center A. Non-Profit Corporation Thousand Plms, CA
Tri-Palm Citizens on Patrol Thousand Plms, CA
Worship Ministries Thousand Plms, CA
The Church of Great Expectations Thousands Oaks, CA
Awaken Foundation 4 Three Rivers, CA
Bearable Child Care Inc. Three Rivers, CA
California Gourd Society Three Rivers, CA
Care for Vrindavan (Until December 2006) Three Rivers, CA
International Society for Krishna Consciousness of Three Rivers Inc. Three Rivers, CA
Krishnaloka Three Rivers, CA
Migrant Photography Project (Until June 2005) Three Rivers, CA
Monas Compassionate Pantry (Until December 2006) Three Rivers, CA
Schrock Fam Foundation 4 Three Rivers, CA
Sequoia Natural History Association Inc. Three Rivers, CA
Sierra Traditional Jazz Club Inc. Three Rivers, CA
Three Rivers Historical Society Three Rivers, CA
Three Rivers Players Inc. Three Rivers, CA
Three Rivers Senior League Incorp Three Rivers, CA
Three Rivers Union School District Foundation Three Rivers, CA
Three Rivers Village Foundation (Until December 2008) Three Rivers, CA
Allan H. Rappaport Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Tiburon, CA
American Communications Foundation Tiburon, CA
Angel Island Association Tiburon, CA
Associated Periodontal Study Clubs Tiburon, CA
Bioethics Center of St. Louis Inc. (Until December 2005) Tiburon, CA
California Health Research Foundation Tiburon, CA
California Mentor Foundation (Until March 2006) Tiburon, CA
California Society of Plastic Surgeons Alliance Tiburon, CA
California Study Inc. Tiburon, CA
Cat Adoption & Trauma Sanctuary Inc. Tiburon, CA
Cat Caring Connection Tiburon, CA
Center for Bioehics in the Church Tiburon, CA
Charity Enablers Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Clear Genesis Inc. 3 Tiburon, CA
Co-operative Opportunity for Online Learning Tiburon, CA
Congregation Kol Shofar Tiburon, CA
Constance L. Heldman Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Cs Foundation (Until December 2007) Tiburon, CA
Educational Enhancement (Until March 2008) Tiburon, CA
Fund for Children and Youth (Until December 2005) Tiburon, CA
Future Educational Films Inc. Tiburon, CA
Gambs Family Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Geothermal Education Office Tiburon, CA
Ginungagap Foundation Tiburon, CA
Girls on the Run Marin County (Until December 2006) Tiburon, CA
Hayewatha Institute (Until December 2007) Tiburon, CA
Hilarita Residents Association 4 Tiburon, CA
Jack Heimann Family Foundation Inc. 4 Tiburon, CA
Jampolsky Outreach Foundation Tiburon, CA
Kahan Family Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Kokopelli Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Living Light Foundation Trust 4 Tiburon, CA
Marin Contemporary Music Tiburon, CA
Marin Music Conservatory Tiburon, CA
Melanoma Research Institute Tiburon, CA
National Charity League Inc. National Council Tiburon, CA
New Rhythms Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Nina and S. A. Ibrahim Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
North Bay Aquatics Tiburon, CA
Paradise Harbor Boating Association Inc. Tiburon, CA
Phillips-Morrison Institute of California 4 Tiburon, CA
Reed Schools Foundation Tiburon, CA
Ring Mountain Day School Tiburon, CA
Robert W. Morey and Maura Burke Morey Charitable Trust 4 Tiburon, CA
Rotary Club of Tiburon Sunset Foundation (Until June 2005) Tiburon, CA
Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere Foundation Tiburon, CA
Sacca Foundation Tiburon, CA
San Francisco Chapter Western Pension Conference Education Fund Tiburon, CA
Science Explorers Club (Until December 2005) Tiburon, CA
Shirley T. Tartak Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
Skywords Family Foundation Inc. A. New Corporation 4 Tiburon, CA
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of California Tiburon, CA
Special Education Coalition of Marin (Until December 2008) Tiburon, CA
Team Tiburon Foundation Tiburon, CA
The Belvedere Tiburon Child Care Center Tiburon, CA
The Hilarita - Tiburon Ecumenical Association Tiburon, CA
The Institute for Encouraging Christian Lay Ministry Inc. Tiburon, CA
Tiburon International Film Festival Tiburon, CA
Tiburon Peninsula Foundation Tiburon, CA
Tiburon Peninsula Soccer League Inc. Tiburon, CA
Tiburon Volunteer Fire Department Tiburon, CA
Urquhart Memorial Foundation (Until December 2006) Tiburon, CA
Vintners Club Tiburon, CA
Western Critical Care Institute Inc. Tiburon, CA
William L. and Carol J. Price Charitable Foundation 4 Tiburon, CA
The Marina Sanctuary Inc. Toapanga, CA
Civil War Society (Until December 2006) Tollhouse, CA
People Food & Land Foundation Tollhouse, CA
Seek and Save Ministries Tollhouse, CA
Sierra High School Scholarship Foundation Tollhouse, CA
Sierra Oaks Senior Citizens Association Inc. Tollhouse, CA
Three-Forests Interpretive Association Inc. Tollhouse, CA
Aids Hiv Health Alternatives Toluca Lake, CA
Americans United for America Inc. (Until June 2007) Toluca Lake, CA
Armen & Gloria Hampar Family Foundation 4 Toluca Lake, CA
Association of Asian-Pacific American Artists Toluca Lake, CA
Autism Perspective (Until June 2008) Toluca Lake, CA
Axss Youth Empowerment Toluca Lake, CA
Briland Modem Relief Find Toluca Lake, CA
Burbank Housing Corporation Toluca Lake, CA
California Professional Horsemens Association Foundation (Until December 2007) Toluca Lake, CA
Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation (Until December 2005) Toluca Lake, CA
Christopher Nance Childrens Foundation Toluca Lake, CA
Evangelical Lutheran Deaf Association (Until June 2009) Toluca Lake, CA
Foundation of the Motion Picture Pioneers Inc. Toluca Lake, CA
Hargrave Family Ministries-A. Living Word Ministry Toluca Lake, CA
Hermanos Toluca Lake, CA
Hollywood Community Tennis Association (Until December 2007) Toluca Lake, CA
Irish Fair Foundation Inc. Toluca Lake, CA
Learn Foundation (Until December 2008) Toluca Lake, CA
Linda Blair-Worldheart Foundation (Until August 2008) Toluca Lake, CA
Los Angeles Live Steamer Inc. Toluca Lake, CA
Nash Country School Inc. Toluca Lake, CA
Pacific Aids Ministry Incorporated Toluca Lake, CA
Rescue Train (Until December 2009) Toluca Lake, CA
Sierra Alliance for the Performing Arts Toluca Lake, CA
Simms Family Foundation 4 Toluca Lake, CA
Team Against Drugs Inc. (Until December 2006) Toluca Lake, CA
The Byron and Deanne Hayes Family Foundation 4 Toluca Lake, CA
The Gordon R. and Mary M. Howard Family Foundation 4 Toluca Lake, CA
The Scils Group Toluca Lake, CA
Toluca Guild of Childrens Hospital Toluca Lake, CA
Wayfarers Ministries Inc. Toluca Lake, CA
Western Drug Chairitable Foundation 4 Toluca Lake, CA
Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation Toluca Lake, CA
Women in Show Business Toluca Lake, CA
Womens Leadership Foundation Toluca Lake, CA
Blue Mountain Center of Meditation Inc. Tomales, CA
Marin Experimental Teaching Training and Advising Center Tomales, CA
Setu Center Tomales, CA
Shoreline Acres Inc. Tomales, CA
Tomales High School Booster Club Tomales, CA
Tomales Regional History Center Inc. Tomales, CA
Tomales Town Hall Tomales, CA
Anixter-Browning Family Charitable Foundation 4 Topanga Canyon, CA
Gingers House (Until December 2008) Topanga Canyon, CA
Access for All Topanga, CA
Ahimsa International Topanga, CA
Bluerage Films Inc. Topanga, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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