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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Contact Consortium Scotts Valley, CA
Dan Hinz Ministries Scotts Valley, CA
Earth Justice Ministries Scotts Valley, CA
Education Training and Research Associates Scotts Valley, CA
Evangelical Concerns Scotts Valley, CA
Fasting Prayer Chapel Scotts Valley, CA
For Family Matters-Central Inc. (Until December 2005) Scotts Valley, CA
His Kids Ministries Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
Lee-Kahn Foundation 4 Scotts Valley, CA
National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education Scotts Valley, CA
Near East Boys Training Center Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
New Catholic Church Scotts Valley, CA
Notes for Hire (Until December 2005) Scotts Valley, CA
Pacific Coast Youth Homes Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
Reconstructive Surgery Foundation Scotts Valley, CA
Recreational Facility Corporation Scotts Valley, CA
Responsible Hospitality Institute Scotts Valley, CA
Saint Monicas Hope (Until December 2007) Scotts Valley, CA
Santa Cruz Perfoming Arts Alliance Scotts Valley, CA
Santa Cruz Rotary Endowment Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Athletic Association (Until December 2007) Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Childrens Outreach Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Community Bible Church Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Educational Foundation Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley High School Falcon Club (Until June 2006) Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley High School Parent Club Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Parks & Recreation Advocates Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Performing Arts Association Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Pony Baseball League Corporation Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Schools Financing Corporation 6 Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley Water District Public Facilities Corporation Scotts Valley, CA
Scotts Valley-San Lorenzo Valley Soccer Club Scotts Valley, CA
St. Davids Church Scotts Valley, CA
St. Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church Scotts Valley, CA
Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park Fund Scotts Valley, CA
Triad Community Services Scotts Valley, CA
Valley Vineyard Church Scotts Valley, CA
Wayne Richards Memorial Scholarship Fund Scotts Valley, CA
Yoga Universal Scotts Valley, CA
Canticum Novum (Until December 2006) Scottsvalley, CA
Sacramento Interfaith Hospitality Network (Until December 2009) Scramento, CA
Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Sea Ranch, CA
Boeing North American Inc. Employees Donate Once Club Seal Beach, CA
Cancer Awareness Foundaton Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Choir Boys Seal Beach, CA
Christian Science Care Endowment Fund Seal Beach, CA
Dramatic Allied Arts Guild of Long Beach Inc. Seal Beach, CA
E. & S. Hirsch Foundation A. Calif Nonprofit Public Ben Corp 4 Seal Beach, CA
Frank & Jean Casoli Christina Foundation Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Friends of Seal Beach Animal Care Center Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Friends of the Leisure World Library Seal Beach, CA
Friends of the Library - Mary Wilson Branch Seal Beach, CA
Friends of the Los Alamitos- Rossmoor Public Library Seal Beach, CA
Front Row Center Inc. 4 Seal Beach, CA
Golden Age Foundation Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Grace Brethren Church of Seal Beach Seal Beach, CA
Grebeck Hit Squad (Until December 2006) Seal Beach, CA
Haydn Orchestra Corporation Seal Beach, CA
Helping Others Spiritually Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Leisure World Church of Christ Seal Beach, CA
Leisure World Community Church Seal Beach, CA
Leisure World Emergency Meals Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Leisure World Historical Society Seal Beach, CA
Leisure World Volunteers of Beverly Manor Convalescent Hospital Seal Beach, CA
Liberty Sc Girls Softball Association (Until December 2007) Seal Beach, CA
Long Beach Division Calif Retired Teachers Assoc Educational Fund Seal Beach, CA
Long Beach Flying Wheels Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Los Alamitos High School Football Booster Club (Until March 2009) Seal Beach, CA
National Federation of Spiritual Science Churches Seal Beach, CA
One of A. Kind Communications Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Orange County Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools Seal Beach, CA
Pat McCormick & Friends Growing Up Education Foundation Seal Beach, CA
Pool Safety Alliance (Until December 2005) Seal Beach, CA
Project Seek Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Ralder Foundation Seal Beach, CA
Save Our Beach (Until December 2007) Seal Beach, CA
Seal Beach 10-K. Seal Beach, CA
Seal Beach International Friendship Association Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Seal Beach Kids Baseball Association Seal Beach, CA
Seal Beach Playgroup Seal Beach, CA
Seal Beach Swim Club Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Special Kids Photography of America (Until December 2006) Seal Beach, CA
Sun N. Fun Creative Playgroup Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Theta Beta Alumni Lead Association (Until December 2006) Seal Beach, CA
Trees for Seal Beach Fund Seal Beach, CA
United Baptist Church Seal Beach, CA
Unity Church of Leisure World Seal Beach, CA
Unlimited Social Education Programs Inc. Seal Beach, CA
Wilson High Alumni Athletic Foundation Seal Beach, CA
Angelus Club Chapter II (Until December 2007) Seaside, CA
Bayview Seals of Seaside Childrens Center Seaside, CA
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Seaside Seaside, CA
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County Seaside, CA
Chartwell School Seaside, CA
Children of God Christian Center Church Seaside, CA
Community Human Services Seaside, CA
Crime Stoppers of Monterey County Inc. Seaside, CA
Csumb Employee Housing Inc. Seaside, CA
Cypress Grove Charter High School for Arts & Science Seaside, CA
Del Monte Manor Inc. Seaside, CA
Episcopal Church in the Diocese of El Camino Real Seaside, CA
Festival Del Pueblo De Monterrey Seaside, CA
Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network (Until December 2005) Seaside, CA
Foundation of California State University Monterey Bay Seaside, CA
Friends of the Gordon R. Forrest Memorial Library Seaside, CA
Iglesia Del Senor De Seaside Seaside, CA
Jobs Not Drugs Seaside, CA
Kast Ministry Tours 5 Seaside, CA
Korean First Presbyterian Church Seaside, CA
Legal Services for Seniors Seaside, CA
Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy Seaside, CA
Lions Blind Center of Monterey County Inc. Seaside, CA
Monterey Bay Ballers (Until December 2005) Seaside, CA
Monterey Bay Blues Festival Seaside, CA
Monterey Bay Jaguar Track Club Seaside, CA
Monterey County Aids Project Inc. Seaside, CA
Monterey High School Track Runners Club Seaside, CA
Monterey Peninsula Avenue of Flags Seaside, CA
Monterey Tongan Community Inc. (Until June 2008) Seaside, CA
New Start Recovery Home for Women (Until June 2008) Seaside, CA
Promoters of Stars Entertainers Seaside, CA
Save the Whales Inc. Seaside, CA
Seaside Aquatics Club Seaside, CA
Seaside Center for the Arts (Until December 2005) Seaside, CA
Seaside Concerned Citizen Committee (Until December 2005) Seaside, CA
Seaside Cultural Arts Group Seaside, CA
Seaside Helping Hands Services Seaside, CA
Seaside Parade of Champions Seaside, CA
Seaside Police Activities League (Until June 2006) Seaside, CA
Seaside Pony Baseball Inc. Seaside, CA
Seawind Inc. 4 Seaside, CA
Team USA Monterey Bay Inc. (Until June 2006) Seaside, CA
The Sustainable Base Reuse Institute Sbri (Until December 2005) Seaside, CA
Thrift Shop Seaside, CA
Voices by the Sea (Until June 2009) Seaside, CA
Young Mens Outreach Seaside, CA
Young Womens Christian Association of the Monterey Peninsula Seaside, CA
Youth Foundation Seaside, CA
Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation Sebastopal, CA
Abstm Foundation Incorporated Sebastopol, CA
Acorn Microenterprise Fund (Until June 2009) Sebastopol, CA
Adopt-A-Nursing Home Program Sebastopol, CA
Ag Innovations Sebastopol, CA
Analy Band Wagon Sebastopol, CA
Analy Parent Participation Nursery School Sebastopol, CA
Arete Relief Services Sebastopol, CA
Ashbury Childrens Foundation Sebastopol, CA
Assembly of God of Sebastopoll Sebastopol, CA
Association for the Creative Endeavor Sebastopol, CA
Attitudinal Healing Center of Sonoma County Sebastopol, CA
Audrey M. Sterling and Barry H. Sterling Foundation Inc. 4 Sebastopol, CA
Brain Injury Resource Center of Redwood Empire (Until December 2007) Sebastopol, CA
Buddhist Vajrayana Churches of the Americas Archdiocese Sebastopol, CA
Burbank Orchards Inc. 5 Sebastopol, CA
California Farmlink Sebastopol, CA
Car-Lite (Until December 2006) Sebastopol, CA
Center for Creative Arts Therapies Sebastopol, CA
Charter Foundation Sebastopol, CA
Chief Priest of Stone Creek Zendo Sebastopol, CA
Coastwalk Sebastopol, CA
Community Clean Water Institute (Until December 2005) Sebastopol, CA
Cultural Communication Network Inc. Sebastopol, CA
David E. Smith Family Foundation Inc. Sebastopol, CA
Deer Knuckle Society Inc. Sebastopol, CA
Dreamweather Foundation (Until December 2008) Sebastopol, CA
Elinor Smith Charitable Trust 4 Sebastopol, CA
Espindle Learning (Until June 2009) Sebastopol, CA
Evolve Institute for Violence Prevention Sebastopol, CA
Eye Music Filmworks Series Incorporated Sebastopol, CA
Faith Based Community Housing Corporation West Sebastopol, CA
Family Relations Foundation Sebastopol, CA
Flora Corona Inc. Sebastopol, CA
Friends for Anis Network (Until December 2006) Sebastopol, CA
Friends of the Sebastopol Library Sebastopol, CA
Gold Ridge Sangha Sebastopol, CA
Gravenstein Schools Foundation Sebastopol, CA
Greenacre Homes Inc. Sebastopol, CA
Hallberg Butterfly Gardens Sebastopol, CA
Hatfield Family Foundation A. Calif Non Profit Benifit Corp 4 Sebastopol, CA
Healthful Living International Sebastopol, CA
Hessel Union Church Sebastopol, CA
Hessel Volunteer Firefighters Association Sebastopol, CA
Independent Eye Ltd. Sebastopol, CA
Institute of Archaeomythology (Until June 2007) Sebastopol, CA
Jewish Community Free Clinic Sebastopol, CA
Kids for the Kingdom Inc. Sebastopol, CA
Kids in Total Health Sebastopol, CA
Kitty Committee (Until December 2005) Sebastopol, CA
Landmark Community Church Sebastopol, CA
Life Pregnancy Services Inc. Sebastopol, CA
Little Red Hen Foundation Tr 4 Sebastopol, CA
Main Street Theatre Sebastopol, CA
Mariposa Parents Foundation (Until June 2006) Sebastopol, CA
Mark A. Petchey Foundation (Until June 2005) Sebastopol, CA
Middle Way Sebastopol, CA
Mozarts Amazing Musicians (Until December 2006) Sebastopol, CA
New Day Christian Church of Santa Rosa Sebastopol, CA
North Bay Advocates Sebastopol, CA
Northern California River Watch A. California Nonprofit Corporation Sebastopol, CA
Oak Grove Schools Association Sebastopol, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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