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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Shimada Lee Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Silicon Valley Childrens Hospital Foundation Saratoga, CA
Silkroad Foundation Saratoga, CA
Simon Kleinman and Phyllis Kleinman Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Sita Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
St. Archangel Michael Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church Saratoga, CA
St. Michael Serbian Orthodox Church Saratoga, CA
Stacey Baba & James Vokac Charitable Foundation 3 Saratoga, CA
Steve S. Chiang and Charleen Yen Chiang Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Summit League Saratoga, CA
Sunnyvale Fire Brigade Saratoga, CA
Sus Link Inc. Saratoga, CA
Susan & Bruce Worster Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics Inc. Saratoga, CA
Tees and Beyond Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
The Alon Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
The Leo M. Shortino Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
The Rotary Club of San Jose North Foundation Saratoga, CA
Thomas G. and Kuan-Li Ong Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Thomas and Susan Klein Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Unitas Incorporated Saratoga, CA
Urbanek-Levy Education Fund 4 Saratoga, CA
Valenzuela Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Voice of the Chinese Medicine Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Saratoga, CA
Wah Yan Scholarship Foundation of California Saratoga, CA
Walden West Outdoor School Foundation Saratoga, CA
West Valley Basketball Club Saratoga, CA
West Valley-Mission Advancement Foundation Saratoga, CA
West Valley-Mission Colleges Foundation Inc. Saratoga, CA
Westmont Aquatics Parents Club Association Saratoga, CA
White Rainbow Saratoga, CA
William and Virda Stevens 1981 Charitable Trust 4 Saratoga, CA
Wu Family Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Northern California Saratoga, CA
Ytcc Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Z. Victor Paparigian and Marion V Paparigian Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Yuchi and Chenwei Foundation 4 Saratogo, CA
Safe Water International Sarpinteria, CA
Grant Chargers Inc. Sarto, CA
Council of Affiliated Negro Organizations Inc. Sata Ana, CA
United Pentecostal Church La Senda Antigua Sata Ana, CA
The Kingsley Foundation 4 Sata Barbara, CA
Assistance Interest and Meals Council Inc. Sata Paula, CA
Cabrillo Economic Development Corp Saticoy, CA
Cabrillo Improvement Association Inc. Saticoy, CA
California Cherimoya Association Inc. Saticoy, CA
Montgomery Oaks Inc. A. California Non-Profit Pubic Benefit Corp Saticoy, CA
Santa Paula Latino Town Hall Inc. (Until December 2005) Saticoy, CA
Santa Paulan Senior Apartments Inc. A. Calif Nonprofit Benefit Corp Saticoy, CA
Ventura County Community Development Corporation (Until December 2005) Saticoy, CA
Origin Sattley, CA
Seido Karate Los Angeles Inc. (Until August 2006) Saugas, CA
Action-A. Parent Teen Support Program Saugus, CA
Agua Dulce Christian Church Saugus, CA
Athlete Connection (Until December 2006) Saugus, CA
Bow-Wows & Meows Inc. (Until June 2005) Saugus, CA
Canyon Community Baptist Church Saugus, CA
Childrens Kidney Disease Support Group (Until December 2006) Saugus, CA
Citizens for Sheltered Animals Inc. Saugus, CA
Cornerstone Bible Church of Santa Clarita Valley Saugus, CA
Green Valley Baptist Church Saugus, CA
Heads Up Inc. Saugus, CA
Highlands School Parent-Faculty Organization Saugus, CA
Islamic Center of Santa Clarita Valley Saugus, CA
L. A. R. C. Housing Corporation Saugus, CA
Lifequest Foundation 4 Saugus, CA
Macedonia Church of God in Christ of Val Verde Saugus, CA
Mesa Christi Inc. 4 Saugus, CA
Northpark Christian Academy Inc. Saugus, CA
Pleasantview Industries Inc. Fka Pleasantview Achievement Ctr Saugus, CA
Purity Production Foundation (Until September 2006) Saugus, CA
Resilience Insights 4 Saugus, CA
Rock of Ages (Until December 2008) Saugus, CA
Santa Clarita Oak Conservancy Saugus, CA
Santa Clarita Track Club Inc. (Until December 2007) Saugus, CA
Santa Clarita Volleyball Club Saugus, CA
Saugus Community Church of the Canyons Saugus, CA
Saugus Hoopstars Booster Club Saugus, CA
Save the Angeles Foundation Inc. Saugus, CA
Seegers Circle J. M. Ranch Inc. Saugus, CA
Shepherd of the Valley Ministries Saugus, CA
Someone Who Cares (Until December 2006) Saugus, CA
Stepping Stones Alano Club Inc. (Until December 2006) Saugus, CA
Sunlight Mission Churchs Inc. Saugus, CA
Temple Betham Saugus, CA
Active Arts Theatre for Young Audiences (Until December 2008) Sausalito, CA
Afghan Cultural Assistance Foundation Sausalito, CA
Alaya Institute (Until December 2007) Sausalito, CA
Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross Cultural Education & Research Sausalito, CA
Angelfish Fund 4 Sausalito, CA
Animal Sanctuary and Care Society Inc. Sausalito, CA
Antenna Theater Sausalito, CA
Arques Charitable Education Trust 4 Sausalito, CA
Arques Maritime Preservation Foundation Sausalito, CA
Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training Sausalito, CA
Bay Area Discovery Museum Sausalito, CA
Bay Model Association Sausalito, CA
Bromley Action Project (Until December 2007) Sausalito, CA
Callipeplon Society Sausalito, CA
Camps Helping Camps (Until December 2005) Sausalito, CA
Center for Attitudinal Healing Sausalito, CA
Center for Functional Research Sausalito, CA
Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County Sausalito, CA
Childrens Cultural Center of Marin Incorporated Sausalito, CA
Cloudview Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Club of Geneva (Until December 2005) Sausalito, CA
Coastwatch Wildlife Society 4 Sausalito, CA
Community Aid for the Elderly Sausalito, CA
Concord Community Economic Development Organization Inc. Sausalito, CA
Conservacion Patagonica (Until May 2005) Sausalito, CA
Cradle Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Craig Severance Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation Sausalito, CA
Demund Family Private Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Earthsea Institute Sausalito, CA
Ecological Design Institute Sausalito, CA
Exloco Sausalito, CA
Foundation for Deep Ecology 4 Sausalito, CA
Foundation for Physical Therapy Education and Research Sausalito, CA
Friends of Sausalito Dog Parks (Until December 2006) Sausalito, CA
Friends of the Festival Sausalito, CA
Headlands Center for the Arts Sausalito, CA
Historic Tugboat Education & Restoration Society Inc. (Until December 2006) Sausalito, CA
Inland Boat Works Inc. Sausalito, CA
Institute of Noetic Sciences Sausalito, CA
Isabel Allende Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Klaas Kids Foundation Sausalito, CA
Knl Foundation (Until December 2006) Sausalito, CA
Liedloff Society for the Continuum Concept Sausalito, CA
Ma Goose Sausalito, CA
March Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Marimar and Christina Torres Family Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Marin City Childrens Program Sausalito, CA
Marin City Community Development Corporation Sausalito, CA
Marine Mammal Center Sausalito, CA
Max Foundation (Until December 2008) Sausalito, CA
Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation Inc. Sausalito, CA
New School of California Sausalito, CA
No Abode Monastery Sausalito, CA
Nomad Dance Company Sausalito, CA
Ocean Voyages Institute Sausalito, CA
Open Door Ministries Sausalito, CA
Opera by the Bay (Until December 2005) Sausalito, CA
Peace Action Council Sausalito, CA
Preventive Medicine Research Institute Sausalito, CA
Quest Youth Development Program Sausalito, CA
Regenerative Sciences Institute Sausalito, CA
Rotary Housing Corporation Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Arts Association Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Chess Academy (Until December 2007) Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Crusing Club Nautical Society (Until December 2006) Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Cultural Arts Foundation Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Foundation Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Historical Society Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Land Trust Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Little League Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Nursery School Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Outdoor Film Festival Inc. (Until December 2008) Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Rec Ers Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Rotary Educational Scholarship Fund Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Salvage Shop Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Schools Foundation Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Tall Ships Society Inc. Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Volunteers in Public Safety (Until December 2007) Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Womans Club Preservation Society Sausalito, CA
Sausalito Womens Club Scholarship Recognition Fund Sausalito, CA
Sea Training Institute Sausalito, CA
Sienna Foundation 4 Sausalito, CA
Sos West Secular Organizations for Sobriety Sausalito, CA
Sparrow Creek School Sausalito, CA
Spaulding Center for Wooden Boats (Until December 2006) Sausalito, CA
Sports Zone Academy (Until June 2005) Sausalito, CA
Teopiltzin Sausalito, CA
Textbook League Sausalito, CA
The Christine Zecca Foundation c/o Christine Zecca 4 Sausalito, CA
The Siloe Project Sausalito, CA
Vimy Restoration Sausalito, CA
Wilderness Transitions Sausalito, CA
Willow Creek Academy Sausalito, CA
Willow Creek Foundation (Until June 2008) Sausalito, CA
Wingham Ministries Sausalito, CA
Yosemite National Institutes Sausalito, CA
Young Lions Foundation (Until December 2006) Sausalito, CA
Salmon River Restoration Council Sawyers Bar, CA
Sawyers Bar Town Hall Association 25128 Sawyers Bar Rd Sawyers Bar, CA
Praise Life Inc. Sb, CA
Allen T. and Gloria Gilliland Foundation 4 Scoots Valley, CA
Scotia Swim Team Scotia, CA
Vision Search Foundation Scott Bar, CA
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Scotts Valley, CA
American Wildlife Rescue Service Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
Asbestos Victims of America Scotts Valley, CA
Assist International Inc. Scotts Valley, CA
Bay to Bay Volleyball Inc. (Until December 2006) Scotts Valley, CA
Baymonte Christian School Scotts Valley, CA
Beagle Street Arts Professionals Scotts Valley, CA
Bethany Foundation Scotts Valley, CA
California Community Colleges Chief Student Services Officers Inc. (Until December 2007) Scotts Valley, CA
California-Swiss Search Dog Assoc Scotts Valley, CA
Celebration Christian Fellowship Scotts Valley, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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