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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Tepehuaje International Benefit Organization Inc. (Until December 2007) Santa Ynez, CA
Zaca Charitable Foundation Inc. Santa Ynez, CA
Amerman Family Foundation 4 Santa Ysabel, CA
Citizens for Private Property Rights Inc. Santa Ysabel, CA
Leona Divide Inc. (Until December 2006) Santa Ysabel, CA
Spencer Valley Educational Association Inc. (Until September 2007) Santa Ysabel, CA
Warner Springs Community Resource Board (Until June 2008) Santa Ysabel, CA
Wheatley Foundation 4 Santa Ysabel, CA
Calvary Childcare Santa, CA
Abandoned and Runaway Childrens Center Santee, CA
Ajryan Foundation Santee, CA
Ashrae San Diego Foundation Inc. (Until June 2006) Santee, CA
California Rabbit and Cavy Shows Santee, CA
Calvary Chapel of Santee Santee, CA
Christian Youth United for the Advancement of the Gospel (Until December 2007) Santee, CA
Community Life Improvement and Multicultural Bridging Inc. (Until December 2007) Santee, CA
Dr Yangs Family Care Santee, CA
Dunamai Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Santee, CA
Ed Wyrick Evangelistic Association (Until December 2005) Santee, CA
Edgemoor Employees Club Inc. Santee, CA
Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital Auxiliary Santee, CA
Edgemoor Hospital Foundation Inc. Santee, CA
F. C. Bratz Soccer Club Santee, CA
Faith Bible Fellowship Santee, CA
Flying for Jesus Santee, CA
Friends of the Santee Library Inc. c/o Friends Bookstore Santee, CA
Garymar Academy Santee, CA
God Over All Grace Covenant Christian Academy Church of the Santee, CA
Grace Chapel Outreach Santee, CA
Health Development International 4 Santee, CA
Highlands Senior Citizens Group Jacumba California Santee, CA
Hug A. Tree Santee, CA
Inland Community Fellowship of San Diego County Inc. Santee, CA
Institute for Creation Research Santee, CA
Life Venture Fellowship Santee, CA
Ministry in Action (Until December 2006) Santee, CA
Nick Cannon Youth Foundation (Until December 2008) Santee, CA
Piranhas Baseball Travel Team (Until December 2008) Santee, CA
Primary Focus Santee, CA
Project Wildlife Santee, CA
Quest for Life Ministry Inc. Santee, CA
Race for Kids Santee, CA
San Diego Bat Conservation Santee, CA
Santee American Basketball Santee, CA
Santee California Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses Santee, CA
Santee Girls Amateur Softball Association Santee, CA
Santee Santas Foundation Inc. Santee, CA
Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club Foundation Santee, CA
Sutherland Abundant Life Ministries Santee, CA
Turning Point for God Santee, CA
Urban Systems Institute Santee, CA
Vehicle Preservation Society Santee, CA
Vietnamese Buddhist Association in San Diego Santee, CA
Vietnamese Federation of San Diego Duong Nguyen Santee, CA
West Coast Cheer Association (Until December 2006) Santee, CA
West Hills High School Totally Excellent Music Parents Santee, CA
William Rockwell Foundation (Until December 2005) Santee, CA
Winners Circle Ranch (Until December 2005) Santee, CA
Word of Light Ministries Santee, CA
World Ministries International Santee, CA
Southern California Holy Hill Church Santon, CA
Scotts Seafood Cancer Research Fund (Until December 2007) Saramento, CA
Aid to Pets Inc. Saratoga, CA
Albanian Health Fund Saratoga, CA
Alliance Francaise Santa Clara Valley Saratoga, CA
Artch Inc. (Until December 2008) Saratoga, CA
Aspire Community Institute (Until December 2005) Saratoga, CA
Barr Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Bill & Nancy Leung Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Blue Hills Educational Fund Saratoga, CA
Bonyad E. Towhid Saratoga, CA
Bruce E. Bruno & Vita P. Bruno Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
California Odd Fellows Foundation A. Non-Profit Organization Saratoga, CA
California Tamil Academy (Until December 2005) Saratoga, CA
Caravana Mexicana Alumni Association (Until December 2007) Saratoga, CA
Cartwright Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Center for Innovation in Education Incorporated Saratoga, CA
Chariot Foundation Saratoga, CA
Charles and Linda Corbalis Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Chi Rho Corporation Saratoga, CA
Chinawind Dance & Arts (Until December 2006) Saratoga, CA
Chinese Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship Saratoga, CA
Chinese Orchestra of North America Saratoga, CA
Christa McAuliffe Parent-Faculty Group Saratoga, CA
Christian Righteouness Education Center Saratoga, CA
Chuang Family Foundation Inc. 4 Saratoga, CA
Cismas Foundation (Until December 2006) Saratoga, CA
Computer Literacy 4 Kids A. Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporati (Until December 2005) Saratoga, CA
Congregation Beth David Saratoga, CA
Conservative Baptist Foundation of Northern California Saratoga, CA
Darrick Bernard Clark Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
David N. K. and Aileen Wang Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Don F. & Rose Y. Tang Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Dream Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Eaton-Hap International Saratoga, CA
Effie Adamson Foundation Saratoga, CA
Extending Horizons Inc. Saratoga, CA
Fernald Family Foundation Inc. 4 Saratoga, CA
Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education Saratoga, CA
Foundation for Research in Infectious Diseases 5 Saratoga, CA
Foundation for the Recovery of Ancient Wisdom Saratoga, CA
Friends Together Inc. Saratoga, CA
Friends of Scotland Inc. (Until December 2006) Saratoga, CA
Friends of the Saratoga Libraries Saratoga, CA
Friends of the Warner Hutton House Saratoga, CA
Friends of the Word Fellowship Inc. Saratoga, CA
Fun Times Singers Inc. Saratoga, CA
Glen & Ellen McLaughlin Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Glennon Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Global Health Institute Saratoga, CA
Gloria & Ken Levy Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Godfrey Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Grossberg Abram Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Hakone Foundation Saratoga, CA
Happy Time Banjos Saratoga, CA
Harriman Fam Foundation Tr 4 Saratoga, CA
Hasan Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Haynes Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Healthtalk Inc. Saratoga, CA
Helen & Jack McCullough Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Heritage Education Inc. Saratoga, CA
Hierarchical Systems Research Foundation 3 Saratoga, CA
Hsiu Mei and Jang Ping Chen Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Intercultural Friends Foundation Saratoga, CA
J. & J. Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Jagadeesh Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Jean & E. Floyd Kvamme Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Jimmy & C. Ks Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Jpn Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Kalvi Foundation Inc. 4 Saratoga, CA
Keith & Pamela Fox Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Kids & Science First Foundation (Until December 2005) Saratoga, CA
Knowledge for Life Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Korean Womens Evangelic Assn Saratoga, CA
Kriens Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Kun Shin Dancers Saratoga, CA
Lazares Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Leach Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Lifestone Foundation Saratoga, CA
Lowell Turriff Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Lynn and Joe Pinto Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Mahabodhi Society of USA Saratoga, CA
Maitri Charitable Trust Saratoga, CA
Maribeth Benham Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Mary Ellen & Michael E. Fox Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Maverick Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Maxfield Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Miracle Resource Center Inc. Saratoga, CA
Mlmc Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Momin Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Montalvo Association Saratoga, CA
Moon Festival of the Silicon Valley Saratoga, CA
Moral Dimensions Saratoga, CA
Mountain Winery Foundation Saratoga, CA
Myelin Repair Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Saratoga, CA
Nathan and Shelly Sarkisian Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
National Charity League Saratoga, CA
Netherlands Benevolent Society of Calif Saratoga, CA
Newberry Family Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Order of St. John Charities in the Western USA Saratoga, CA
Our Developing World Saratoga, CA
Pakistan Christian Education Fund (Until June 2008) Saratoga, CA
Patrick C. and Laura M. Ramos Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Pet Network Saratoga, CA
Peterschmidt Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Polini Family Foundation Saratoga, CA
Rahim Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Rajen & Kalpana Jaswa Charitable Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Raymond K. & Natha Ostby Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Read Foundation Saratoga, CA
Reyes Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
San Francisco Bay Area Yan Xin Qigong Society Saratoga, CA
San Jose Home Inc. Saratoga, CA
Santa Clara Aquamaids Synchronized Swimming Club Saratoga, CA
Santa Clara County Search & Rescue Incorporated (Until June 2007) Saratoga, CA
Santa Clara Palomino World Series Inc. (Until October 2004) Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council 19655 Allendale Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Community Access Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Community Chinese School Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Community Library Foundation Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Contemporary Artists Incorporated Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Drama Group Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Education Foundation Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Federated Church Saratoga, CA
Saratoga High School Foundation (Until June 2005) Saratoga, CA
Saratoga High School Sports Boosters Inc. Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Historical Foundation Inc. Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Lions Charitable Fund (Until June 2006) Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Monte Sereno Community Foundation (Until December 2008) Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Music Boosters Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Parent Nursery School Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Pony League Inc. Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation (Until June 2007) Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Rotary Service Fund Saratoga, CA
Saratoga Sister City Saratoga, CA
Sathaye Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Schaeffer Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Shah Family Foundation 4 Saratoga, CA
Shahrokh Tangestani Nejad Foundation (Until December 2005) Saratoga, CA
Shandong University Overseas Alumni Association (Until December 2006) Saratoga, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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