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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Classis Pacific Hanmi Bellflower, CA
Clowning From the Heart International (Until December 2007) Bellflower, CA
Club Social Santa Maria De Los Angeles Inc. (Until March 2009) Bellflower, CA
Community Agencies for Caring Connections (Until June 2005) Bellflower, CA
Concileo International Una Cita Con Dios Inc. Bellflower, CA
Dominion & Power Ministries (Until October 2006) Bellflower, CA
Emmanuel Tabernacle of Compton Bellflower, CA
Evangelistic Association for Jesus Bellflower, CA
Family of Faith Christian Center Bellflower, CA
Filial Duty Mission (Until December 2006) Bellflower, CA
Friends of the Bellflower Library Bellflower, CA
Gnostic Assn of Anthropological and Consciousness Studies Bellflower, CA
Good Fruits Church of California Bellflower, CA
Grace Fellowship Church Bellflower, CA
Greek Orthodox Memorial Foundation of Southern California Bellflower, CA
Help for the Hurting Ministries (Until December 2005) Bellflower, CA
Hosanna Chapel of Bellflower Bellflower, CA
I. Help Bellflower, CA
Infa Inc. Bellflower, CA
Institute of Arts Music & Science A. California Non Profit Public Ben Bellflower, CA
Internationals USA Inc. Bellflower, CA
James and Virginia Kallins Foundation 4 Bellflower, CA
Jenvester Community Learning Center (Until December 2007) Bellflower, CA
Jim Shern Fire Academy Bellflower, CA
Josiah C. Merriman Association of Christian Science Students Bellflower, CA
Kernel University Bellflower, CA
Korean American Central Presbyterian Church Bellflower, CA
Korean Canaan Presbyterian Church Bellflower, CA
L. A. Church on the Rock Bellflower, CA
Lighthouse Baptist Church of Bellflower Bellflower, CA
Little House Bellflower, CA
Lords Church Bellflower, CA
Lutheran Community Service Network (Until December 2005) Bellflower, CA
Messengers Church Bellflower, CA
Mg Music Foundation (Until December 2006) Bellflower, CA
Mid Cities Christian Fellowship Bellflower, CA
Norwalk Christian Church Bellflower, CA
One Nation Under God Christian Church Bellflower, CA
Onesimus Jail Ministry Bellflower, CA
Open Arms Community Services Bellflower, CA
Pangasinan Brotherhood International (Until December 2009) Bellflower, CA
Performing Arts Boosters of Bellflower High School Bellflower, CA
Rotary Club of Cerritos Foundation (Until June 2005) Bellflower, CA
Sall Eye Research Medical Non Profit Foundation (Until December 2007) Bellflower, CA
Sarv-Anand Ashram Inc. Bellflower, CA
Shekinah Health Services Inc. Bellflower, CA
Sisters of the Korean Martyrs Skm Bellflower, CA
Sonrise Chapel Bellflower, CA
Soteria House (Until December 2007) Bellflower, CA
Southern California Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation 5 Bellflower, CA
Sun Min Church Bellflower, CA
Tarae Simone Family Services Inc. (Until December 2006) Bellflower, CA
The Presiding Priest of St. George Coptic Orthodox Church Bellflower, CA
Third Christian Reformed Church of Bellflower California Bellflower, CA
True Repentance Pentacostal Church Inc. Bellflower, CA
True Way Presbyterian Church Bellflower, CA
Truth Seekers Bible School Bellflower, CA
Truth Seekers Ministries West Inc. (Until December 2006) Bellflower, CA
Urban Group Home Pioneers Inc. Bellflower, CA
Vineyard Christian Church Bellflower, CA
Voice of the Family Ministries Bellflower, CA
Watts Corporate Enterprise Inc. (Until September 2008) Bellflower, CA
Women of Empowerment Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Bellflower, CA
World Mission Maranatha Evangelistic Center Inc. Bellflower, CA
Youth Foundation Bellflower, CA
California Japanese American Alumni 4 Bellmont, CA
American West Learning Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Belmont, CA
Anna F. Ng Charitable Foundation 4 Belmont, CA
Aurora Communications International Inc. Belmont, CA
Belmont Historical Society Belmont, CA
Belmont San Mateo Babe Ruth Baseball League Belmont, CA
Belmont Youth Softball Association Belmont, CA
Belmont-Redwood Shores Public School Foundation (Until June 2006) Belmont, CA
Bosnian-Hergezovinian USA Cultural Association (Until September 2005) Belmont, CA
California Association for Aerospace Education Incorporated Belmont, CA
California Rescue Dog Association Belmont, CA
Can Do Coalition (Until December 2006) Belmont, CA
Carlmont Parents Nursery School Belmont, CA
Center for Independence of the Disabled Belmont, CA
Center for New Beginnings Inc. (Until December 2008) Belmont, CA
Charles A. Becker Foundation Belmont, CA
Charles Armstrong Parent Group Belmont, CA
Charles Armstrong School Belmont, CA
Cipriani After-School Care Inc. Belmont, CA
Community of Christian Artists Belmont, CA
Eve Roll Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Belmont, CA
Family Housing and Adult Resources Inc. Belmont, CA
Fellowship Bible Church of San Mateo Belmont, CA
Fellowship of the Holy Cross Belmont, CA
Footsteps Missions Belmont, CA
Foreign Language Association of Northern California Belmont, CA
Friends of the Belmont Library Incorporated Belmont, CA
Greater Bay Area Indian Community (Until December 2008) Belmont, CA
Hip Society Belmont, CA
Hope Preservation Inc. Belmont, CA
Joe Dimaggio League Belmont, CA
Kollage Community School for the Arts Belmont, CA
Light to Asia (Until December 2006) Belmont, CA
Little Hands A. Parent Child Center Belmont, CA
Lloyd Westley Luttrell Memorial Foundation for Alzheimers Research 4 Belmont, CA
Luxembourg Collectors Club Belmont, CA
Lynn Allyson Corston Trust 4 Belmont, CA
Maria Goretti Auxiliary of the Peni Nsula Inc. Belmont, CA
Marycliff Foundation 4 Belmont, CA
Mid-Peninsula Mariners Belmont, CA
Mystical Humanity of Christ Belmont, CA
Nami San Mateo County Belmont, CA
Nissen Family Charitable Trust 4 Belmont, CA
Otter Swim Club (Until September 2007) Belmont, CA
Pen Insula Art Museum (Until December 2008) Belmont, CA
Peninsula Agape Vineyard Christian Fellowship Belmont, CA
Peninsula Cantare A. California Nonprofit Benefit Corporation (Until December 2008) Belmont, CA
Peninsula Gospel Builders Inc. Belmont, CA
Peninsula Gujarati Association Belmont, CA
Peninsula Jewish Community Center Belmont, CA
Peninsula Network of Mental Health Clients Belmont, CA
Peninsula New Teacher Foundation (Until June 2008) Belmont, CA
Persian American Society Belmont, CA
Recalling Spirit Ministries Belmont, CA
Redwood Parents Nursery School Belmont, CA
Saint Gregoriose Orthodox Church of India Belmont, CA
San Juan Canyon Preservation Trust Belmont, CA
San Mateo County Arts Council Belmont, CA
San Mateo County Artshare Belmont, CA
San Mateo County Family Day Care Association Inc. Belmont, CA
San Mateo County Junior Hockey Club Belmont, CA
San Mateo Gymnastics Booster Club Belmont, CA
San Mateo Perinatal Council Inc. Belmont, CA
Taiwan Buddhism Fa Shing Pao Lin Association USA Branch Belmont, CA
Tampa Fellowship Belmont, CA
Taube Family Foundation 4 Belmont, CA
The Good Tidings Foundation Belmont, CA
US - Japan Cultural Association Nichibei Bunka Koryuu Kyokai (Until December 2005) Belmont, CA
Vihan Vikas Mandal Belmont, CA
West Bay Nuggets Softball Association (Until December 2005) Belmont, CA
Yaseen Foundation Belmont, CA
Alliance for Health Foundation Belvedere, CA
Belvedere Community Foundation Belvedere, CA
Belvedere Cove Foundation Belvedere, CA
Belvedere Nursery School Inc. Belvedere, CA
Bonavita Family Foundation 4 Belvedere, CA
Caj Price Foundation 4 Belvedere, CA
Canobie Films Foundation Incorporated 3 Belvedere, CA
Life Balance Institute Belvedere, CA
Peninsula Library Foundation Belvedere, CA
Relationship Management Development Institute Belvedere, CA
Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation 4 Belvedere, CA
The Bewley-Motluk Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Belvedere, CA
The New Track Inc. 4 Belvedere, CA
William Gorrill Swigert Foundation 4 Belvedere, CA
Winifred and Harry B. Allen Foundation 4 Belvedere, CA
Assured Recovery Training Inc. Ben Lomond, CA
Ben Lomond Quaker Center Association Ben Lomond, CA
Childrens Center of San Lorenzo Valley Ben Lomond, CA
Christian Community Church of Santa Cruz County Inc. Ben Lomond, CA
Conciliar Press Ministries Inc. Ben Lomond, CA
Friends of Yosar Inc. (Until December 2006) Ben Lomond, CA
Glen Arbor School Inc. Ben Lomond, CA
Juvenile Justice Trainers Association Ben Lomond, CA
Mens Educational Network Ben Lomond, CA
Mountain Community Resources Ben Lomond, CA
San Lorenzo Valley Foundation for Education (Until December 2006) Ben Lomond, CA
San Lorenzo Valley Girls Softball Ben Lomond, CA
San Lorenzo Valley Mountain Community Theater Ben Lomond, CA
San Lorenzo Valley Youth Council Ben Lomond, CA
Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center Ben Lomond, CA
Santa Cruz New Life Fellowship Ben Lomond, CA
Senior Citizens Organization of San Lorenzo Valley Inc. Ben Lomond, CA
Slv Pony-Colt Baseball Inc. Ben Lomond, CA
Valley Churches United Ben Lomond, CA
McCalls Adobe Inc. Benecia, CA
Northern California Society Industl & Office Realtors Foundation 4 Benecia, CA
Benicia Old Town Theatre Group Benica, CA
Act Now Benicia, CA
Affordable Housing Affiliation Benicia, CA
Arts Benicia Inc. Benicia, CA
Association of Veterans Administration Pathologist Benicia, CA
Benicia Baseball Club (Until December 2008) Benicia, CA
Benicia Community Action Council Benicia, CA
Benicia Community Arts Benicia, CA
Benicia Community Gardens (Until December 2007) Benicia, CA
Benicia First Corporation Benicia, CA
Benicia Grad Night (Until July 2008) Benicia, CA
Benicia High School Panther Foundation Corporation Benicia, CA
Benicia Historical Museum and Cultural Foundation Benicia, CA
Benicia Middle School Viking Music Boosters Inc. Benicia, CA
Benicia Performing Arts Foundation (Until December 2008) Benicia, CA
Benicia Police Activities League Benicia, CA
Benicia Youth Football Inc. Benicia, CA
Benicia Youth Soccer Benicia, CA
Benicia-Tula Sister Cities (Until December 2007) Benicia, CA
Bridging the Gap (Until December 2008) Benicia, CA
Burkhart Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Benicia, CA
Calvary Community Church Benicia California California Corporation Benicia, CA
Canvasback Missions Inc. Benicia, CA
Carquinez Review (Until December 2005) Benicia, CA
Christian Community Development Corporation Benicia, CA
Chronic Illness Research Foundation Benicia, CA
Concentric Resources Benicia, CA
Eastgate Christian Church of Vallejo-Benicia Benicia, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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