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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Bill Batts Rialto Girls Softball Rialto, CA
Bloomington Save Our Youth Rialto, CA
Brothers and Sisters in Action Basia Corporation (Until December 2007) Rialto, CA
California Federation of Mineralogical Societies Inc. Rialto, CA
Calvary Chapel of Rialto Rialto, CA
Cambodian Buddhist Society of Rialto Rialto, CA
Capricious Career Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Rialto, CA
Cathedral of Praise Church Rialto, CA
Companions in Christ Rialto, CA
Creative Business Services Rialto, CA
Cry Aloud Temple Evangelistic Outreach Ministries Rialto, CA
Diakonia Inc. Rialto, CA
Diamond Eagle Inc. (Until December 2005) Rialto, CA
Dyas Rock Transitional Group Home Foundation (Until April 2007) Rialto, CA
Edward M. Fitzgerald-Rialto Rotary Scholarship Fund Rialto, CA
El Dolar Misionero International Benefit Organization Inc. (Until December 2006) Rialto, CA
Eleesiah Youth Services Inc. (Until December 2007) Rialto, CA
Elohim Family Worship Church Inc. Rialto, CA
Faith in Victory Ministries Rialto, CA
Fonri Catholic Center Inc. 4 Rialto, CA
Fontana Jr All American Football Inc. (Until December 2006) Rialto, CA
Footsteps of Faith Ministries Inc. Rialto, CA
Fountain of Life Corp Rialto, CA
Friends of Rialto Police K-9S. Inc. Rialto, CA
Friends of the Rialto Senior Center (Until December 2007) Rialto, CA
Friendship Baptist Protestant Church Corporation Rialto, CA
Gehazi Group Home Inc. Rialto, CA
Glory to God Church Rialto, CA
Gods Woman Conferences Rialto, CA
Grace Community Church of Rialto Rialto, CA
Grief Relief Now Rialto, CA
Holy Land Church Incorporated Rialto, CA
Holy Spirit Deliverance Ministries Inc. Rialto, CA
House of Mercy Pro Life (Until August 2008) Rialto, CA
Iglesia Cristiana Famliar Roca De Salvacion Rialto, CA
Iglesia Cristiana Roca De Salvacion Rialto, CA
Inland Empire Mariachi Youth Education Association Rialto, CA
Inland Sports-Academics Foundation Rialto, CA
Innovation Treatment Centers Inc. Rialto, CA
International Bhai Kanhaiya Jee Niskam Sewa Society Rialto, CA
Islamic Center of Rialto Rialto, CA
Joyous Journey Inc. (Until June 2008) Rialto, CA
Kalmia Learning Centers Rialto, CA
Lachelle & Selena Inc. Rialto, CA
Levels of Insight Into New Knowledge Rialto, CA
Life Through the Word Ministries Rialto, CA
Liga International Inc. Rialto, CA
Living Hope Fellowship Rialto, CA
Lorne Eastwood Rescue Equipment Fund Rialto, CA
Love Crusade Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Rialto, CA
Lupus Support Network Inc. (Until December 2008) Rialto, CA
M. H. & O. Family Home Rialto, CA
Mariposas Foundation Rialto, CA
Marshalls Music Studio Rialto, CA
Maximum Incorporated (Until December 2006) Rialto, CA
McCall Home (Until June 2008) Rialto, CA
Miracle Center Community Rialto, CA
Missions for Jesus Christ Rialto, CA
Monteilh Child & Family Services Network Inc. Rialto, CA
Moving Waters Out of Thy Bellies Ministries (Until December 2008) Rialto, CA
New Life Covenant Church Rialto, CA
Omega Center 4 Rialto, CA
Our Lord and Savior Baptist Church Rialto, CA
Out Reach Mission Inc. Rialto, CA
P. H. I. L. O. S. Adolescent Treatment Centers Inc. Rialto, CA
Pa Nationwide Housing Development (Until July 2005) Rialto, CA
Patterson Non Profit Corporation Rialto, CA
People Against Childhood Trauma Rialto, CA
Praise Tabernacle Church Rialto, CA
Preventive Measures Rialto, CA
Redeeming Grace Church Incorporated Rialto, CA
Restore Educate and Change Humanity Rialto, CA
Rialto Black History Committee Incorporated Rialto, CA
Rialto Child Assistance Rialto, CA
Rialto Christian Center Church Rialto, CA
Rialto Historical Society Rialto, CA
Rialto Youth Collaborative (Until December 2008) Rialto, CA
Rialto Youth Soccer League Rialto, CA
Rising Stars Track Club (Until December 2005) Rialto, CA
River of Hope Inc. Rialto, CA
Saint Marys Church of God in Christ Inc. Rialto, CA
Seed Time & Harvest World Outreach Ministries Rialto, CA
Sidney A. Jones Scholarship Trust Rialto, CA
Sierra Mission Inc. Rialto, CA
Sisters 3 C. C. & B. Inc. (Until October 2007) Rialto, CA
Solutions Educational Enrichment Center Rialto, CA
Spreading His Word Through Music Rialto, CA
Strangers Home C. O. G. I. E. Rialto, CA
Tabernacle of Praise Church of God in Christ Rialto, CA
Team World Track Club Rialto, CA
Templo Bautista Monte Calvario Rialto, CA
The Honors Junior Golf Program (Until June 2006) Rialto, CA
Trinity Fellowship Church Inc. Rialto, CA
Victorious Baptist Fellowship Church Rialto, CA
Walk by Faith M. B. Church Inc. Rialto, CA
Women of Prosperity (Until December 2005) Rialto, CA
Inland Empire Council Society of St. Vincent De Paul Inc. Riaoto, CA
Artists Embassy International Richmond Heights, CA
Bright Star Montessori Corporation Richmond View, CA
Hilltop Home Bible Outreach Inc. Richmone, CA
Community Foundation of Richvale Richvale, CA
Mabryer Foundation 4 Richvale, CA
Richvale Volunteer Fire Dept Richvale, CA
Ahh Ridgecrest, CA
Aicitma (Until December 2008) Ridgecrest, CA
B. Mountain Foundation Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
Bay Area Central Church Ridgecrest, CA
Burroughs High School Music Boosters Ridgecrest, CA
Calvary Chapel of Ridgecrest Ridgecrest, CA
China Lake Museum Foundation Ridgecrest, CA
Committee Fort Safe Graduationinc c/o Sandra Gamble Ridgecrest, CA
Community Light Opera and Theatre Association Ridgecrest, CA
Creating Healthy Lives Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
Crossroads Community Church Ridgecrest, CA
D. C. C. Volunteers Ridgecrest, CA
Desert Area Resources and Training Ridgecrest, CA
Desert Community Orchestra Association Ridgecrest, CA
East Kern Youth Projects Ridgecrest, CA
Fire Mountain Foundation Incorporated Ridgecrest, CA
Friends of the Fair Ridgecrest, CA
Gods Drill Team Ridgecrest, CA
Gold Canyon Christian Fellowship Ridgecrest, CA
High Desert Child Abuse Prevention Council Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
High Desert Multiple-Use Coalition Ridgecrest, CA
Higher Ground Sound Ministries (Until October 2006) Ridgecrest, CA
Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert Ridgecrest, CA
Homemaker Service of Indian Wells Valley Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Christian Communications Iwvcc Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Concert Association Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Genealogical Society Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Humane Society Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Search and Rescue Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Swim Team Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
Indian Wells Valley Youth Softball Ridgecrest, CA
Information Center of Indian Wells Valley Ridgecrest, CA
James Monroe Middle School Ptso Ridgecrest, CA
Joann Sorbo Family Foundation 4 Ridgecrest, CA
Kenny Gatlin Ministries Ridgecrest, CA
Kerncrest Audubon Society Ridgecrest, CA
Las Flores Pto (Until June 2007) Ridgecrest, CA
Literacy Council of Indian Wells Valley Ridgecrest, CA
Maturango Museum of Indian Wells Valley Ridgecrest, CA
Millennium Ministries Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
Mojave Desert-Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Coun Ridgecrest, CA
New Life Christian Fellowship of Ridgecrest Ridgecrest, CA
Operation Enduring Freedom Family Fund Ridgecrest, CA
Police and Community Together Ridgecrest, CA
Radio 74 Internationale (Until December 2005) Ridgecrest, CA
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service of Eastern Kern County Ridgecrest, CA
Randsburg Players Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Charter School Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Christian Fellowship Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Community Foundation Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Jr Desert Dawgs (Until December 2006) Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Korean Church Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Nexus Foundation Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Women of Math and Science (Until December 2007) Ridgecrest, CA
Rose Varga Discretionary Fund Ridgecrest, CA
Rotary Club of Chinalake Charitable Foundation (Until June 2006) Ridgecrest, CA
Sage Community Health Center Ridgecrest, CA
Science Against Evolution Ridgecrest, CA
Scorpions Soccer Club Incorporated Ridgecrest, CA
Southern Sierra Boys & Girls Club (Until December 2005) Ridgecrest, CA
Theodore H. Faller Elementary Pto (Until June 2006) Ridgecrest, CA
Tulgey Wood Critter Refuge Inc. Ridgecrest, CA
US Blood Donors Org (Until December 2006) Ridgecrest, CA
United Way of Indian Wells Valley Ridgecrest, CA
Walk on the Water Faith Ministries Ridgecrest, CA
Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council Inc. Rim Forest, CA
Rim Recreation Foundation Rim Forest, CA
Save Our Forest Association Inc. Rim Forest, CA
Bless the Beasts of Humboldt Co Rio Dell, CA
Bob Oliver Academy Rio Linda, CA
Calvary Baptist Church Rio Linda, CA
Dance for Life Senior Wellness Program (Until December 2005) Rio Linda, CA
Orchard School Parent Teacher Club Rio Linda, CA
Philadelphia Independent Apostolic Church Rio Linda, CA
Rio Center Eagles Rio Linda, CA
Rio Linda Day Nursery Rio Linda, CA
Rio Linda Educational Foundation Rio Linda, CA
Rio Linda-Elverta Historical Society Rio Linda, CA
Rio Linda-Elverta Library Foundation Rio Linda, CA
Slavic Missionary Church Road to Salvation Rio Linda, CA
Thomas Baptist Church Southern Corporation Rio Linda, CA
Truth Tabernacle Church Corporation Rio Linda, CA
West Sacramento Community Orchestra Rio Linda, CA
Women in Health Serving Others Inc. Rio Linda, CA
East Nicolaus High School Foundation Inc. Rio Oso, CA
American Patrol Boats Museum Rio Vista, CA
Cornerstone Ministries Inc. Rio Vista, CA
Delta Natural History Association Rio Vista, CA
First Baptist Church Rio Vista, CA
John Clifford Hamilton Foundation 4 Rio Vista, CA
Montezuma Volunteer Firefighters Association (Until December 2005) Rio Vista, CA
Mulege Students Scholarship Program Inc. Rio Vista, CA
Rio Vista Care Inc. Rio Vista, CA
Rio Vista Citizens for Seniors Rio Vista, CA
Rio Vista Community Assistance Center Rio Vista, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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