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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Pico Rivera History and Heritage Society Pico Rivera, CA
Pico Rivera Youth Soccer Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Until June 2007) Pico Rivera, CA
Rjs Helping Hands Foundation (Until December 2005) Pico Rivera, CA
Ruben Villagrana Scholarship Fund Pico Rivera, CA
Sister City Committee of Pico Rivera Inc. Pico Rivera, CA
St. Marianne School Foundation Pico Rivera, CA
University of Santo Tomas Medical School Alumni Foundation Pico Rivera, CA
World Elijah Gospel Mission Conference La Pico Rivera, CA
World Harvest Fellowship Ministries Pico Rivera, CA
World Outreach House of Prayer Inc. Pico Rivera, CA
District 6 Department of California Veterans of Foreign Wars of the 6 Pico Rivers, CA
A. Clear Way Counseling Center (Until December 2007) Piedmont, CA
Alameda County Cancer League Inc. Piedmont, CA
Alameda County Dental Society Dent Health Coundation of Alameda Piedmont, CA
Aneurysm Foundation (Until December 2006) Piedmont, CA
Ann Martin Childrens Center Piedmont, CA
Associated Parent Clubs of Peidmont Attn Carol Hopton Piedmont, CA
Banker Family Foundation 4 Piedmont, CA
California Kolo Festival Piedmont, CA
Camp Augusta Incorporated Piedmont, CA
Chinese American Chemical Society Piedmont, CA
Citizens Highly Interested in Music Education Piedmont, CA
Danem Foundation 4 Piedmont, CA
Edward Baker Family Foundation 4 Piedmont, CA
Egbert W. Beach Parents Organization Piedmont, CA
First Responder Foundation (Until December 2007) Piedmont, CA
Frank C. Havens School Parents Club Piedmont, CA
Friends of Pilhs Piedmont, CA
German School of the East Bay Piedmont, CA
Grand Lake Kiwanis Foundation Inc. Piedmont, CA
Herringer Family Foundation 4 Piedmont, CA
Highlands Pre School Piedmont, CA
His Magnificence Inc. Piedmont, CA
Institute for Aloe Studies Piedmont, CA
John Bates Foundation 4 Piedmont, CA
Kindle Life Inc. Piedmont, CA
Kulhanjian Strauch Family Foundation 4 Piedmont, CA
Lantern Projects Inc. (Until June 2007) Piedmont, CA
Linda Beach Cooperative Play Center Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee (Until December 2006) Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Baseball Foundation Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Basketball Foundation (Until December 2009) Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Beautification Fdn Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Choirs Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Citizens Task Force Against Crime Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Educational Foundation Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Garden Club Piedmont, CA
Piedmont High School Boosters Club Piedmont, CA
Piedmont High School Parents Club Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Historical Society Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Lacrosse Association (Until August 2006) Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Middle School Parents Club Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Swim Team Piedmont, CA
Piedmont Youth Soccer Club (Until December 2008) Piedmont, CA
Piedmonters for Resources Advocacy and Information in Special Piedmont, CA
San Francisco Arts & Humanities Seminars Piedmont, CA
Sierra Watch Piedmont, CA
Tibetan Refuge Projects Inc. Piedmont, CA
United Faith Missionary Church Piedmont, CA
Vergilian Society Inc. Piedmont, CA
Welsh Heritage Fund of California Piedmont, CA
Wildwood School Parents Club Piedmont, CA
Chinmaya Mission West Piercy, CA
Friends of the Bayley House (Until December 2006) Pilot Hill, CA
Lucy G. Whittier Foundation Inc. 4 Pilot Hill, CA
Amador Fire Safe Council (Until March 2007) Pine Grove, CA
Amador Sober Grad Pine Grove, CA
Calvary Chapel of Amador County Pine Grove, CA
Chawse Indian Grinding Rock Association Pine Grove, CA
Church of Paul Ministries Pine Grove, CA
Community Church of Pine Grove Pine Grove, CA
Embrace the Fire Ministry (Until December 2008) Pine Grove, CA
Foothill Conservancy (Until September 2008) Pine Grove, CA
Gold Country Roundup (Until December 2005) Pine Grove, CA
Mt. Zion Assembly of God Church Pine Grove, CA
Pine Grove Christian Center Pine Grove, CA
Western Utilities Underground Alert Inc. Pine Grove, CA
Pine Mountain Christian Community Church Pine Mountain Club, CA
Breast Care International Inc. (Until December 2007) Pine Valley, CA
Church in the Wildwood Pine Valley, CA
Friends of the Pine Valley Library Inc. Pine Valley, CA
Mednansky Institute (Until December 2008) Pine Valley, CA
Mountain Empire Mens Club Incorporated Pine Valley, CA
Pine Valley Bible Conference W. C. Buxton Pine Valley, CA
Pine Valley Community Church Inc. Pine Valley, CA
Pine Valley Improvement Club Pine Valley, CA
Pinecrest School Club (Until June 2008) Pinecrest, CA
Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers (Until December 2007) Pinecrest, CA
Ancient World Foundation Inc. Pinedale, CA
Burning Bush Ministries Inc. Pinedale, CA
Cathedral of Praise Pinedale, CA
Central California Big Band Dance Society 5-7-95 Pinedale, CA
Christian Prophets of Jehovah Inc. Pinedale, CA
La Sierra Creative Arts Camp Pinedale, CA
Ladies Aid for Retarded Citizens of Fresno Inc. Pinedale, CA
Marriage Mentoring Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Pinedale, CA
New Jerusalem Outreach Center Incorporated Pinedale, CA
Padrinos of Valley Childrens Hospital Pinedale, CA
Self Help for Hard of Hearing People-Fresno Chapter Pinedale, CA
The Central Valley Aids Team Inc. Pinedale, CA
The National Coordinating Council for Constructive Action Pinedale, CA
United Community Fellowship Pinedale, CA
Albany Lions Club Foundation Inc. (Until June 2006) Pinole, CA
Amber Swartz-Garcia Foundation for Missing Children Pinole, CA
American Chinese Zhi-Qing Association Pinole, CA
Bethel Pentecostal Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ Inc. Pinole, CA
Civic Center Gospel Chapel Pinole, CA
David Foundation Hope for African Children (Until December 2007) Pinole, CA
Eshalite Renewal (Until December 2007) Pinole, CA
Family Institute of Pinole Clinic Pinole, CA
Foresight Inc. Pinole, CA
Gccc Inc. Pinole, CA
Global Reaching Out Pinole, CA
Gospel Lighthouse Revivals Inc. Pinole, CA
Great Council of California Degree of Pocahontas Iorm Pinole, CA
Groundwork Institute Pinole, CA
Home Scholars Pinole, CA
Northwest County Share Project Pinole, CA
Painters & Decorators Jatc of the Bay Area Pinole, CA
Pinole Area Senior Foundation Pinole, CA
Pinole Assisted Living Community Pinole, CA
Pinole Community Players Pinole, CA
Pinole Historical Society Pinole, CA
Pinole Seals Swim Club Pinole, CA
Pinole Youth Foundation (Until June 2005) Pinole, CA
Polish-American Educational Committee of San Francisco Pinole, CA
St. Marys Conference Pinole, CA
The New Millennium Foundtion for Human and Social Development Inc. (Until December 2005) Pinole, CA
Valley Bible Church of Contr Costa County Inc. Pinole, CA
West Contra Costa Youth Soccer League Inc. Pinole, CA
West County Church of Christ Inc. Pinole, CA
West County Spartans Youth Football Association Pinole, CA
Women Over Fifty and Their Friends Inc. Pinole, CA
High Desert Animal Rescue Pinon Hills, CA
Love Inc. Inland Empire (Until June 2006) Pinon Hills, CA
Tri-Community Cultural Association (Until June 2007) Pinon Hills, CA
Trinity Concepts Inc. Pinon Hills, CA
World Emmanuel Missionary Academy & Prayer House Pinon Hills, CA
Discovery Blind Sports Pioneer, CA
Motherlode Music Festival Pioneer, CA
Pioneer Chapel Pioneer, CA
Resources for Humanity (Until December 2006) Pioneer, CA
Team Sierra Club Volleyball Pioneer, CA
The Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail Council Pioneer, CA
Upward Bound Group Home (Until December 2006) Pioneer, CA
Cowboys for Christ Pioneertown Chapter (Until December 2006) Pioneertown, CA
Piru Youth Inc. Piru, CA
Rancho Camulos Museum A. California Non-Profit Benefit Corporation Piru, CA
Arroyo Grande Valley Babe Ruth League Pismo Beach, CA
Basin Street Regulars -Central Coast Hot Jazz Society Pismo Beach, CA
California Law Enforcement Historical Society Pismo Beach, CA
Central Coast Aquarium Society Pismo Beach, CA
Central Coast Condor Soccer Club Inc. Pismo Beach, CA
Central Coast Parkinson Support Group Pismo Beach, CA
City of Pismo Beach Public Facilities Corporation Pismo Beach, CA
Five Cities Meals on Wheels Inc. Pismo Beach, CA
Five Cities Youth Basketball League Pismo Beach, CA
Friends of the Price House Inc. Pismo Beach, CA
Gospelsmith Pismo Beach, CA
Happytime Nursery School Inc. Pismo Beach, CA
Higher Times Ministries Pismo Beach, CA
Its Home Ministries Pismo Beach, CA
Jacqualyn Palchak Cancer Fund (Until March 2007) Pismo Beach, CA
Kosch-Westerman Foundation 4 Pismo Beach, CA
People for the Nipomo Dunes Pismo Beach, CA
Rotary Club of Pismo Beach-Five Cities Charitable Foundation (Until June 2005) Pismo Beach, CA
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace Pismo Beach, CA
Shell Beach Elementry Booster Foundation Pismo Beach, CA
Snelling Foundation Inc. 4 Pismo Beach, CA
South County Aquatics (Until August 2005) Pismo Beach, CA
Trinity Free Holiness Church of Pismo Beach Inc. Pismo Beach, CA
Youth With A. Mission Pismo Beach and Central Coast (Until December 2007) Pismo Beach, CA
Volunteer Service Corp Pittburg, CA
Bethel Apostolic Child Development Center Pittsburg, CA
California Association for the Advancement of Recording and Music (Until December 2006) Pittsburg, CA
California Connexion (Until December 2006) Pittsburg, CA
California Spiritual Harp Institute Pittsburg, CA
Cap-It Pittsburg, CA
Chapel Churches Inc. Pittsburg, CA
Christian Renewal Ministries Pittsburg, CA
Christian Science Society Pittsburg, CA
Codis Hampton II School of Pursuit Pittsburg, CA
Columbia Park Manor Association (Until March 2006) Pittsburg, CA
Contra Costa Boys Development Center 4 Pittsburg, CA
Delta Family Community Church Pittsburg, CA
Diane Avenue Church of Christ Pittsburg, CA
East County Business Education Alliance Pittsburg, CA
Edward J. Hart (Until December 2007) Pittsburg, CA
Faith Worship Center of Pittsburg Inc. Pittsburg, CA
First A. M. E. Community Church Corp Pittsburg, CA
First Steps Group Home Inc. (Until December 2007) Pittsburg, CA
Friends of Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong Inc. Pittsburg, CA
Friends of the Pirates Pittsburg, CA
Friends of the Pittsburg Library Pittsburg, CA
Future Achievers Made in Learning Years Family (Until July 2005) Pittsburg, CA
Give Always to Others & Company Pittsburg, CA
Green Acres Methodist Church Pittsburg, CA
Hillview Junior High School Band Boosters Pittsburg, CA
Holy Cross Orthodox Church of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Pittsburg, CA
I. Found the Answer Pittsburg, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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