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Vehicle Donation in California

For people interested in vehicle donation in California, below is a list of California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Walter and Anne Kieckhefer Foundation 4 Novato, CA
West County Aikido (Until December 2006) Novato, CA
Women in Christ Novato, CA
Carlton St. Church of God Inc. Ntario, CA
Gods Christian Center of Nuevo Nuevo, CA
Independent Companion Animal Rescue Enterprises (Until August 2006) Nuevo, CA
Jesus First Ministries Nuevo, CA
N. P. R. A. Inc. Nuevo, CA
Nuview Volunteer Fire Company No 3 Nuevo, CA
Abundant Life of Oak Hills Oak Hills, CA
Agoura Youth Basketball Association Oak Park, CA
Center for Asian Performing Arts (Until December 2006) Oak Park, CA
Community Counseling Services of Boca Inc. Oak Park, CA
Conejo Student Outreach (Until December 2006) Oak Park, CA
Iemanya Oceanica (Until December 2006) Oak Park, CA
Las Virgenes Institute for Resource Management Oak Park, CA
Meteoritical Society Oak Park, CA
Mountain Conservancy Foundation Oak Park, CA
Oak Park Education Foundation Nonprofit Public Benefit Corp (Until June 2008) Oak Park, CA
Parent Faculty Association of Red Oak Elementary School Oak Park, CA
Reverie Youth Symphony Orchestra (Until December 2006) Oak Park, CA
Star Universe Inc. Oak Park, CA
Sukkat Shaleym Inc. (Until December 2006) Oak Park, CA
Westminster Free Clinic Oak Park, CA
Lads Racing Association (Until June 2008) Oak Parks, CA
Oak Run Bible Church Oak Run, CA
Oak Run Community Library Oak Run, CA
Wide Horizons Ranch Oak Run, CA
California Coastal Horse Rescue (Until December 2005) Oak View, CA
Conservation Endowment Fund 4 Oak View, CA
Foundation Organized for A. Constitutional United States 4 Oak View, CA
Latinos Unidos Pro Educacion Oak View, CA
Live Oak Acres Community Baptist Church Oak View, CA
Ojai Performing Arts Theater Foundation (Until December 2006) Oak View, CA
Ojai Valley Faith Christian Center Oak View, CA
Rancho Del Rey Christian Center Inc. Oak View, CA
Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies (Until December 2006) Oak View, CA
Wildlife Experience Inc. Oak View, CA
605 Citizenship Project Oakdale, CA
Adventist World Charitable Trust 4 Oakdale, CA
Albert W. & Fay Rossini Memorial Scholarship Fund 3 Oakdale, CA
American Association of University Women 4 Oakdale, CA
American Homestay Adventures Inc. Oakdale, CA
California High School Rodeo Association Inc. Oakdale, CA
California Law Advocates Oakdale, CA
Chet Moore Educational Foundation 4 Oakdale, CA
Church of the United Brethren in Christ California Conference Oakdale, CA
Cloverland Parent-Teacher Club Oakdale, CA
Community Chapel of Oakdale California Oakdale, CA
Community Sharing Christian Center Inc. Oakdale, CA
Dorcas Aid America Oakdale, CA
Equipping to Serve Brazil Oakdale, CA
First Missionary Baptist Church of Oakdale California Oakdale, CA
Hold Your Horses Oakdale, CA
Holmes Family Foundation 4 Oakdale, CA
House of Prayer Ministry 4 Oakdale, CA
Just Ministries Oakdale, CA
Margaret Beelard Community Foundation 4 Oakdale, CA
Music Boosters Oakdale, CA
Oak Valley Church of Stanislaus County Oakdale, CA
Oak Valley District Hospital Foundation Inc. Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Baseball Association Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Citizens Cemetery 6 Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Community Scholarship Foundation Inc. Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Cowboy Museum Inc. Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Educational Foundation (Until December 2007) Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Foundation for the Arts Oakdale, CA
Oakdale High School Academic Boosters Oakdale, CA
Oakdale High School Sports Boosters Club Inc. Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Lions Club Foundation (Until June 2007) Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Rotary Club Foundation Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Senior Citizens Foundation Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Senior Housing Corporation Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Youth Sports Association Oakdale, CA
Oakdale-Riverbank-Waterford Soccer League Inc. Oakdale, CA
River Oak Grace Community Church Oakdale, CA
Share Time Ministries Inc. Oakdale, CA
St. Ephrim Scholarship Education Fund Oakdale, CA
St. Marys Holy Church Assyrian - Aramaic Education Resource Center Oakdale, CA
The Childrens Guardian Fund Oakdale, CA
Third Avenue Church of Christ Oakdale, CA
Uganda Christian Development Mission (Until December 2008) Oakdale, CA
United for Jesus Movement Oakdale, CA
Valley Home Community Center (Until December 2008) Oakdale, CA
Valley Home Memorial Park 6 Oakdale, CA
Womens Hormonal Health Oakdale, CA
Baptist Sugar Pine Conference Oakhurst, CA
Black Hawk Foundation Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Breast Cancer Support Center Org (Until December 2007) Oakhurst, CA
Casey Jones Railroad Unit Ata Oakhurst, CA
Center for Multicultural Cooperation Oakhurst, CA
Coarsegold Community Bible Church Oakhurst, CA
Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce Foundation Oakhurst, CA
Eastern Madera County Humane Society Oakhurst, CA
Educational Enhancement Foundation Oakhurst, CA
Emerson Newthoughtcenters Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Faithfulness in the Family Inc. (Until June 2006) Oakhurst, CA
Family of God Foundation Oakhurst, CA
Friends of the Oakhurst Branch Library Oakhurst, CA
Gateway Christian School Oakhurst, CA
Golden Chain Theater Corporation Oakhurst, CA
Helping Hands Pregnancy & Parenting Center Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Ministries to Christian Nationals Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Mountain Area Literacy Council Oakhurst, CA
Mountain Christian Center Assembly of God Oakhurst, CA
Mountain Hope Oakhurst, CA
New Community United Methodist Church Oakhurst, CA
New Wineskins International Oakhurst, CA
Oakhurst Community Center Bd 39800 Rd 425 B. Oakhurst, CA
Oakhurst Community Concert Band (Until December 2006) Oakhurst, CA
Oakhurst Community Fund Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Oakhurst Elementary School Parent Teacher Club Oakhurst, CA
Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Oakhurst, CA
Overcomers Outreach Oakhurst, CA
Partners for Bass Lake Resources Oakhurst, CA
Positive Living Center of Central California Oakhurst, CA
Ruiz Homes Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Shared Ministries-East Madera Co Dba Manna House of Oakhurst Oakhurst, CA
Sierra Ambulance Service Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Sierra Forest Foundation Oakhurst, CA
Sierra Historic Sites Association Inc. Oakhurst, CA
Sierra Senior Society Inc. (Until December 2008) Oakhurst, CA
Vision Academy of the Arts (Until December 2006) Oakhurst, CA
Wild Wonderful Women (Until December 2005) Oakhurst, CA
Yosemite Ca Chapter Spedsqsa (Until December 2008) Oakhurst, CA
Yosemite Community Church Oakhurst, CA
Yosemite Girls Softball League (Until October 2006) Oakhurst, CA
Yosemite High School Scholarship Foundation Oakhurst, CA
Youthbuilt Ministries (Until December 2006) Oakhurst, CA
Mountain Area Youth Organization Oakhust, CA
Brues Academy 4 Oaklandy, CA
Bread of Life Community Church Oakley, CA
Community Christian Church of Antioch Ca Oakley, CA
Delta Community Church of God Oakley, CA
East County Youth Football Oakley, CA
Exodus From Bondage Oakley, CA
Flor Do Oakley Hall Oakley, CA
Fund Raising Committee Ste 2 This Dance & Performing Arts Center Oakley, CA
Georgia Sulprizio Scholarship Fund 4 Oakley, CA
Gerald and Sheila Jeffry Foundation 4 Oakley, CA
Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church Oakley, CA
Knighten Youth Association Inc. Oakley, CA
National Community Empowerment Programs Inc. Oakley, CA
Pentecostal Abundant Life Center Oakley, CA
Prevailing Winds Group Home Inc. (Until December 2007) Oakley, CA
San Francisco Bay Area Supply Corps Association 6 Oakley, CA
Stephanie Marie Frazier Memorial Fund (Until December 2008) Oakley, CA
University of the Philippines College of Medicine Class 79 Alumn Oakley, CA
Vizsla Rescue Fund Inc. (Until June 2005) Oakley, CA
Greyfoot Cat Rescue Oakview, CA
Find Your Wings Oakville, CA
Napa Valley Vineyard Technical Group Oakville, CA
Oakland Home Alert Coalition Oalkand, CA
Occidental Community Choir Occcidental, CA
David & Barbara Fromm Family Foundation 4 Occidental, CA
East Bay Animal Referral Inc. Occidental, CA
Harmony Ark Education Foundation Occidental, CA
John and Jennifer Webley Foundation 4 Occidental, CA
Land House Institute for Religious Development Occidental, CA
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Occidental, CA
Occidental Center for the Performing and Visual Arts Occidental, CA
Occidental Community Church Pleasant Hill Christian School Occidental, CA
Occidental Community Council Occidental, CA
Occidental Vol Fire Dept Inc. Occidental, CA
Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center Occidental, CA
The Heirloom Land Trust Occidental, CA
The Redwood Arts Council Occidental, CA
Wild Cat Education & Conservation Fund (Until December 2005) Occidental, CA
San Diego Guild of Puppetry Oceacside, CA
Temecula Manna Ministries Ocean Side, CA
Central Coast Seniors Oceano, CA
Harvest Bag Inc. Oceano, CA
Oceano Community Center Oceano, CA
Open Door Church of Oceano 1911 Ocean St. Oceano, CA
S. L. O. County Toy Run Inc. Oceano, CA
South County Operation Life Oceano, CA
United South County Boys & Girls Club Oceano, CA
Beacon Ocnard, CA
Ocotillo Bible Church Ocotillo, CA
Boy Scout Troop 410 Oildale, CA
First Bible Baptist Church Oildale, CA
American Museum of Ukiyo-E. 4 Ojai, CA
Art & Culture Taskforce (Until December 2007) Ojai, CA
Aster Foundation Ojai, CA
Besant Meadow Preservation Group Inc. Ojai, CA
Calvary Chapel of the Ojai Valley Inc. Ojai, CA
Center for Consciousness Studies and Transformational Learning 4 Ojai, CA
Center for Evolutionary Neuroscience Inc. (Until December 2007) Ojai, CA
Center for Explorations in Consciousness 4 Ojai, CA
Cheetah Conservation Fund Ojai, CA
Chruch of Christ Consciouness Ojai, CA
Church Our Lady & All Angels the Liberal Cath Church Prov US of Am Ojai, CA
Church of Christ Meinersoaks Ojai Valley Ojai, CA
Community Art Center of the Ojai Valley Inc. Ojai, CA
Concerned Resource & Environmental Workers Ojai, CA
Dart of Ventura County Inc. Ojai, CA
Deseret Int Foundation Inc. Ojai, CA
Ecospirit Ojai, CA
Educational Visions 4 Ojai, CA
Emerald Foundation Ojai, CA

Above is a list of organizations in California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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