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Vehicle Donation in Oakland, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Oakland, California, below is a list of Oakland, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Lossieland Preschool Inc. Oakland, CA
Love Center Ministries Inc. Oakland, CA
Love Me Just Because (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Lovelife Foundation Oakland, CA
Loving is Forgiving Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Oakland, CA
Low Income Investment Fund Oakland, CA
Low-Income Families Empowerment Through Education Oakland, CA
Luo Family Foundation Inc. 4 Oakland, CA
Lutheran Social Services of Northern California Oakland, CA
M. & E. House of Prayer & Counseling Center Oakland, CA
Macarthur Boulevard Merchants Assoc Oakland, CA
Macarthur Metro Oakland, CA
Macedonia Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Mackenzie Patterson Foundation Oakland, CA
Macrobiotic Study Center Oakland, CA
Made in America Foundation Oakland, CA
Madison Park Housing Inc. Oakland, CA
Madrid International (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Madrone Hotel Inc. Oakland, CA
Majors Childcare Development Center (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Malas Spirit (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Manila Avenue Church Oakland, CA
Manjushilyzen Center (Until December 2009) Oakland, CA
Mar Housing Inc. Oakland, CA
Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute Oakland, CA
Marduk Institute Oakland, CA
Margaret E. Carr Memorial Scholarship Fund Oakland, CA
Margaret McDowell Associates Inc. Oakland, CA
Marine Applied Research and Exploration (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Martin Luther King Jr Freedom Center (Until June 2005) Oakland, CA
Marvin L. Lee Scholarship Foundation Inc. 4 Oakland, CA
Mary Ann Wright Foundation Oakland, CA
Mary Valle Foundation for the Cerebral Palsied Oakland, CA
Masjid Abu-Bakar of Oakland Oakland, CA
Masjid Al Iman Oakland, CA
Masjid Al Islam Incorporated Oakland, CA
Math Science Network Oakland, CA
Matters 2 Consult Educational Group (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Maureen Harrigan Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
McCoy Foundation Dba the Real McCoy Oakland, CA
McGuire & Hester Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Me Too Youth Foundation (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Medjugorje Information Resource Center of San Jose Oakland, CA
Men of Valor Academy Oakland, CA
Mens Support Center Oakland, CA
Merritt Community Capital Corporation Oakland, CA
Metropolitan Junior Golf Program Inc. Oakland, CA
Millennia Educators Inc. Oakland, CA
Millennium Community Ministries Group (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Millies Youth Services Inc. Oakland, CA
Mills College Oakland, CA
Milton Shoong Chinese Cultural Center Oakland, CA
Milton Shoong Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Mimesis Oakland, CA
Mind Set Ministries (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Minh Yueh Jiu Shyh Buddhist Association Oakland, CA
Ministerios Maranatha Church Oakland, CA
Miracle Adult Care Facilities Inc. (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Miraculous Word Christian Center Oakland, CA
Mom & Pop Green Oakland, CA
Montclair Childrens Learning Center Inc. Oakland, CA
Montclair Community Play Center Oakland, CA
Montclair Language League Oakland, CA
Montclair Soccer Club Oakland, CA
Montclair Swim Team Association Inc. Oakland, CA
Montclair Veterinary Hospital Pet and Wildlife Fund (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Montera Junior High Parent Faculty Student Club Oakland, CA
Monterey Horse Park (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Montessori School of Mosswood Park Inc. Oakland, CA
More Public Radio International Inc. Oakland, CA
Moriah Christian Fellowship Baptist Church Inc. Oakland, CA
Morning Song Inc. Oakland, CA
Morton L. and Amy R. Friedkin Supporting Foundation Oakland, CA
Mothers Opposing Violence Earthwide (Until June 2007) Oakland, CA
Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Oakland Oakland, CA
Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Mountain View Cemetery Association 6 Oakland, CA
Move of God Spiritual Temple Oakland, CA
Movement Strategy Center (Until December 2008) Oakland, CA
Moving on Center-School for Participatory Arts and Research Oakland, CA
Mt. Sinai Community Development Corp Inc. (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple Inc. Oakland, CA
Muakhah Inc. (Until June 2007) Oakland, CA
Mukunghwa Korean School 4 Oakland, CA
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture Inc. Oakland, CA
Museum of Childrens Art Oakland, CA
Music & Arts Inc. Oakland, CA
Music Teachers Association of California Memorial Scholarship Fd 4 Oakland, CA
Mustard Seed Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Mustard Seed Neighborhood Develop- Ment Corporation Oakland, CA
My Brothers Helper Inc. Oakland, CA
Myron Zimmerman Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Nairobi College Oakland, CA
Narda Inc. (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian & Gay Ministries Oakland, CA
National Association of Temple Administrators (Until June 2007) Oakland, CA
National Brain Tumor Foundation Oakland, CA
National Bye Society Inc. Oakland, CA
National Center for Employee 0Wnership Oakland, CA
National Center for Youth Law Oakland, CA
National Charity League Inc. Oakland Piedmont Chapter Oakland, CA
National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. Oakland-Bay Area Chapter Oakland, CA
National Committee on the Emeriti Inc. Oakland, CA
National Community Building Network Oakland, CA
National Community Development Institute (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
National Council on Crime and Delinquency Oakland, CA
National Dunbar Alumni Association Inc. of Little Rock Arkansas Bay Oakland, CA
National Economic Development & Law Center Oakland, CA
National Education Media Network Oakland, CA
National Educational Council of Racial Issues Inc. (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
National Federation of Community Broadcasters Inc. Oakland, CA
National Foundation for Integrative Medicine Oakland, CA
National Gospel Ministers Conference Oakland, CA
National Housing & Community Development Law Project Oakland, CA
National Lymphedema Network Inc. Oakland, CA
National Native American Aids Prevention Center Oakland, CA
National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
National Veterans News Service Oakland, CA
National Women and the Law Association Oakland, CA
National Youth Enterprise Institute Oakland, CA
Native American Health Center Inc. Oakland, CA
Nature Sounds Society Inc. Oakland, CA
Navy Marine Corps Coast Guard Museum Association Oakland, CA
Neary Lagoon Senior Housing Inc. Oakland, CA
Neighborhood Arts Alliance Oakland, CA
Neighborhood Housing Service of American Comm Dev Fin Inst (Until September 2005) Oakland, CA
Neighborhood Housing Services of America Oakland, CA
Neighborhood Law Corps Inc. (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Neighborhood Solutions Inc. (Until June 2007) Oakland, CA
Neil & Leah Macneil Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Nettles Inc. Oakland, CA
New Africa Business Development & Training Inc. (Until November 2007) Oakland, CA
New Branch of Zion Church Oakland, CA
New Day Foundation Oakland, CA
New Europe Choclates (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
New Hope Baptist Church Oakland, CA
New Horizons Residential Care Homes Inc. (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant Oakland, CA
New Life & Love Recovery Home (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
New Life Church of God in Christ Oakland, CA
New Life Community Church of the Apostolic Faith Oakland, CA
New Life Ministry Oakland, CA
New Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ Oakland, CA
New Nonprofit Nexus (Until June 2005) Oakland, CA
New Oakland Committee Oakland, CA
New Testament Cathedral Oakland, CA
New Village Community Public Charter School of the East Bay Oakland, CA
Next Step Learning Center Inc. Oakland, CA
Nick Nichols Memorial Scholarship Fund Oakland, CA
Nid Housing Counseling Agency Oakland, CA
Nikasia Up & Coming Infant Development Center Oakland, CA
Nma Scholarship Foundation Oakland, CA
Nor Cal Entrepreneurs (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Nor Cal Theatre Organ Society Oakland, CA
Nor-Cal Fdc Oakland, CA
Norcal Spoken Word (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
North American Dragon Boat Association Oakland, CA
North Calvary Gospel Church Inc. Oakland, CA
North County Center for Self- Sufficiency Corporation (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
North Oakland Bible Chapel Oakland, CA
North Oakland Boys Development Center Inc. Oakland, CA
North Oakland Community Charter School Oakland, CA
North Oakland Emerybille Rotary Charitable Fund Oakland, CA
North Oakland Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
North Oakland Recovery Network Oakland, CA
Northern Calif Council of Black Professional Engineers Nccbpe Oakland, CA
Northern California Chapter of the US Green Building Council (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Northern California Ecumenical Council Oakland, CA
Northern California Historical Blk College-Univ Alumi Assoc Coalition Oakland, CA
Northern California Junior Hockey Association Oakland, CA
Northern California Lindy Society Inc. Oakland, CA
Northern California Medical Dental Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Oakland, CA
Northern California Neuropsychology Forum Oakland, CA
Northern California Scholarship Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Northern Light School Oakland, CA
Northington Foundation Oakland, CA
Not Just Sports Incorporated Oakland, CA
Nuba Dance Theatre Oakland, CA
Nueva Vista Inc. Oakland, CA
Nut Hill Productions Inc. (Until December 2008) Oakland, CA
Oak Center Cultural Center Inc. Oakland, CA
Oak Center Neighborhood Association 4 Oakland, CA
Oakland 100 Club Oakland, CA
Oakland A. S. Community Fund 4 Oakland, CA
Oakland Adventist Christian Community Services Inc. Oakland, CA
Oakland Advisors (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Oakland Army Base Workforce Development Collaborative (Until June 2005) Oakland, CA
Oakland Art Gallery (Until June 2006) Oakland, CA
Oakland Asian Students Educational Services Oakland, CA
Oakland Ballet Association Inc. Oakland, CA
Oakland Barracuda Aquatic Club Inc. Oakland, CA
Oakland Black Cowboy Association (Until December 2008) Oakland, CA
Oakland Black Officers Association Oakland, CA
Oakland Bobby Sox Softball League Oakland, CA
Oakland Box Theater (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Oakland Business Development Corporation Oakland, CA
Oakland Certified Development Corporation Oakland, CA
Oakland Chapter Center for Allensworth State Historic Park (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Oakland Charter Academy Oakland, CA

Above is a list of organizations in Oakland, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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