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Vehicle Donation in Oakland, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Oakland, California, below is a list of Oakland, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Bay Area Coalition for Equitable Schools Oakland, CA
Bay Area Community Services Inc. Oakland, CA
Bay Area Consortium for Quality Health Care Oakland, CA
Bay Area Construction Sector Intervention Collaborative (Until June 2007) Oakland, CA
Bay Area Counties Roofing Industry Apprenticeship Training Fund Oakland, CA
Bay Area Gospel Chapels Oakland, CA
Bay Area Hate Crimes Investigators Association (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Bay Area Health Support and Education Services Oakland, CA
Bay Area Legal Aid Oakland, CA
Bay Area Midrasha Oakland, CA
Bay Area Partnership (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Bay Area Pedestrian Education Group Oakland, CA
Bay Area People First Oakland, CA
Bay Area Seafarers Service Oakland, CA
Bay Area Smacna Scholarship Trust Fund (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Bay Area Technology Education Collaborative (Until June 2005) Oakland, CA
Bay Area Tumor Institute Oakland, CA
Bay Area Vajrakiliya Centers Oakland, CA
Bay Area Women Against Rape Oakland, CA
Bay Area Worthy Wage Coalition Oakland, CA
Bay Area Youth Homes Inc. Oakland, CA
Bay Oaks Soccer Club (Until February 2008) Oakland, CA
Bay Zen Center Inc. Oakland, CA
Bayporte Developement Corporation Oakland, CA
Bcd & R. Society (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Beacon Day School Inc. Oakland, CA
Beafew Foundation Oakland, CA
Beaver Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Beebe Memorial Cme Temple Oakland, CA
Before Columbus Foundation Oakland, CA
Bellevue Club Foundation (Until June 2006) Oakland, CA
Benevolent Hospice Inc. (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Benjamin Fund Inc. 4 Oakland, CA
Bentley School Oakland, CA
Berith Christian Fellowship Inc. Oakland, CA
Berkeley Long Term Care Company Attn Payroll Dept Oakland, CA
Beth Eden Baptist Church of Oakland California Oakland, CA
Beth Jacob Congregation of Oakland Oakland, CA
Bethany Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Bethels Community & Economic Development Corporation (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Bethleham Institutional Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Oakland, CA
Bethlehen Christian Center Church Inc. Oakland, CA
Better Health Foundation Oakland, CA
Betty Dederich House (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Bible Faith Church Internatioal of Oakland California Inc. Oakland, CA
Bible Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Bibleway Church of Oakland Oakland, CA
Biblical Awareness of Jesus Christ Oakland, CA
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of the East Bay Inc. Oakland, CA
Black Adoption Placement and Research Center Oakland, CA
Black Americans Training for Adulthood Systems Inc. Oakland, CA
Black Dot Artists Inc. Oakland, CA
Black Elested Officials of the East Bay (Until June 2006) Oakland, CA
Black Empowerment Strategies Network Inc. (Until June 2008) Oakland, CA
Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Oakland, CA
Black Men First (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Black Women Organized for Educational Development Oakland, CA
Black World Foundation Oakland, CA
Bless the Children Foundation (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Blossoms Home for Teens (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Bob Jackson Ministries (Until December 2005) Oakland, CA
Body Wisdom Inc. Oakland, CA
Bonita House Inc. Oakland, CA
Bonita Inc. Oakland, CA
Bosnia Community Services (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Bottom Line Aquatics (Until July 2006) Oakland, CA
Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland Inc. Oakland, CA
Brasarte the Damasceno Brazilian Cultural Exchange Oakland, CA
Bread Project Oakland, CA
Brentwood 202 Senior Housing Inc. Oakland, CA
Broadway Childrens School of Oakland Inc. Oakland, CA
Brokers Development Company Inc. 4 Oakland, CA
Brookside Community Church of Oakland Oakland, CA
Brotherhood Missions Oakland, CA
Buddhist Film Society Inc. Oakland, CA
Business Education Techonologies Inc. Oakland, CA
Butterfly Tribe (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Cacc International Church Oakland, CA
Cahon Inc. Oakland, CA
Cal-Pac Scholarship Fund Inc. Oakland, CA
Cal-Pep Oakland, CA
Calidad Industries Inc. Oakland, CA
California Alliance for Women (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
California Alpha Delta Phi Memorial Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
California Association for Microenterprise Opportunity Oakland, CA
California Association of Park and Recreation Commissioners and Board Oakland, CA
California Association of Student Councils Oakland, CA
California Audio Arts (Until June 2007) Oakland, CA
California Bay Area Arya Samaj Oakland, CA
California Buddhist Association Inc. Oakland, CA
California Chinese Orchestra Oakland, CA
California Communications Access Foundation (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
California Community Economic Development Association Oakland, CA
California Conference African Methodist Episc Zion Church Inc. Oakland, CA
California Court Appointed Special Advocate Association Oakland, CA
California Dictionary Project (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
California Environmental Trust Oakland, CA
California Exhibition Resources Alliance (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
California Genalogical Society Oakland, CA
California Hearing and Speech Institute Oakland, CA
California Horticultural Society David L. Terol Oakland, CA
California Indian Legal Services Inc. Oakland, CA
California Institute for Biodiversity Oakland, CA
California Institute for Effective Action c/o Paul Milne Oakland, CA
California Institute for Rural Health Management Oakland, CA
California Interscholastic Federation (Until July 2008) Oakland, CA
California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund Oakland, CA
California Main Street Alliance (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
California Northwest the Time is Now Inc. Oakland, CA
California Nurses Foundation Oakland, CA
California Oak Foundation Oakland, CA
California Pan-Ethnic Health Network Oakland, CA
California Planners Foundation Oakland, CA
California Pride-Cap-Inc. (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
California Prostate Cancer Coalition Oakland, CA
California Public Health Association-Northern Division Oakland, CA
California Resources and Training Oakland, CA
California Revels Oakland, CA
California Signrise Corporation Oakland, CA
California Social Benefit Foundation (Until December 2008) Oakland, CA
California State Wildlife Foundation Oakland, CA
California Tomorrow Oakland, CA
California Transplant Donor Network Oakland, CA
California Veterans Advocacy Corporation Oakland, CA
California Water Environment Association Oakland, CA
California Welfare to Independence Network 2000 Oakland, CA
California Wilderness Coalition Oakland, CA
California Works Foundation Oakland, CA
California-Nevada Methodist Homes Oakland, CA
Californians Together (Until June 2006) Oakland, CA
Californians for Justice Education Fund Inc. Oakland, CA
Calvary Gospel Church of Oakland Calif Oakland, CA
Cambodian Community Development Incorporated Oakland, CA
Camp Bowie Service Center Oakland, CA
Campaign for College Opportunity (Until December 2007) Oakland, CA
Camps in Common Oakland, CA
Camron Stanford House Preservation Assoc Oakland, CA
Canaan Christian Covenant Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Canaan Ministries Oakland, CA
Canroz Foundation (Until December 2008) Oakland, CA
Care Research & Training Institute Oakland, CA
Care Through Touch Institute Oakland, CA
Career Training Institute Incorporated Oakland, CA
Carnwath-Knecht-Frey Artists Legacy Foundation 4 Oakland, CA
Carpenters 46 Northern California Carpenters Scholarship Foundation Oakland, CA
Casa D. Oro Ministries Oakland, CA
Casa Vincentia Oakland, CA
Cchnc Redding Hotel Inc. Oakland, CA
Ceedo West African Dance Company Oakland, CA
Center for Black Concerns Oakland, CA
Center for Community Peacemakers Oakland, CA
Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration Oakland, CA
Center for Environmental Health Oakland, CA
Center for Family Counseling Oakland, CA
Center for Informed Food Choices Oakland, CA
Center for Ministery Oakland, CA
Center for Research Art Technology & Education Oakland, CA
Center for Sacred Ecology and the New Story Oakland, CA
Center for Social Redesign Oakland, CA
Center for Third World Organizing Oakland, CA
Center for Urban Family Life Oakland, CA
Center for the Living Arts Oakland, CA
Center for the Visual Arts Oakland, CA
Center of Hope Community Church Oakland, CA
Center on Poverty Law and Economic Opportunity Oakland, CA
Central East Oakland District Local Development Company Oakland, CA
Central East Oakland Neighborhood Housing & Community Sevices Corp Oakland, CA
Centro Legal De La Raza Inc. Oakland, CA
Cerebral Palsy Center for the Bay Area Inc. Oakland, CA
Chabot College Dental Health Fund Committee Inc. Oakland, CA
Chabot Space & Science Center Foundation Oakland, CA
Channel Cafe (Until December 2006) Oakland, CA
Charity Fellowship Ministries Oakland, CA
Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic Oakland, CA
Chester Street Block Club Association Oakland, CA
Chi Shing Buddhist Temple Oakland, CA
Chiapas Support Committee Oakland, CA
Childhood Production Ltd. of California Oakland, CA
Children Accepting Responsibility Everywhere Oakland, CA
Children Now Oakland, CA
Childrens Educational Opportunity Foundation-Oakland 4 Oakland, CA
Childrens Food Basket Oakland, CA
Childrens Hospital & Research Center Foundation Oakland, CA
Childrens Hospital & Research Center at Oakland Oakland, CA
Childrens Hospital Alliance International Oakland, CA
Childrens Hospital Branches Inc. Oakland, CA
Childrens Hospital Oakland Family House Oakland, CA
Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute Oakland, CA
Childrens Support League of the East Bay Inc. Oakland, CA
Chinese American Physicians Society Oakland, CA
Chinese Cultural and Philosophical Foundation Oakland, CA
Chinese Evangelistic Church for Christ Oakland, CA
Chinese Foreign Missionary Union Oakland, CA
Chinese Independent Baptist Church of Oakland Oakland, CA
Chinese Revival Christian Church Oakland, CA
Christ Union Missionary Baptist Church Oakland, CA
Christ Union Missionary Baptist Church of Oakland California Oakland, CA
Christian Church of Oakland Oakland, CA

Above is a list of organizations in Oakland, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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