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Vehicle Donation in Irvine, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Irvine, California, below is a list of Irvine, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Peggie R. Shedd Marine Education and Enhancement Tr 093096 4 Irvine, CA
Philharmonic Foundation of Orange County Tr Irvine, CA
Philharmonic Society of Orange County Irvine, CA
Phoenix Youth Art (Until December 2008) Irvine, CA
Pinetops Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Piper Family Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Powerhouse Christian Fellowship Irvine, CA
Prell-Sonenshine Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Pretend City the Childrens Museum of Orange County Irvine, CA
Priscilla Liardon Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
Prisoners Renewed Ministries Inc. Irvine, CA
Professional Dance Network Inc. Irvine, CA
Project Tomorrow Irvine, CA
Promise Keepers Charitable Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Promise Keepers Charitable Supporting Organization Irvine, CA
Public Statistics Institute Irvine, CA
Pueblo Serra Inc. Irvine, CA
Pure Gold Church Irvine, CA
Purpose Driven Churches Irvine, CA
Purpose Driven Living Irvine, CA
Purpose Driven Missions Irvine, CA
R. T. Price Foundation Inc. (Until December 2009) Irvine, CA
Rainbow Singers Productions Inc. Irvine, CA
Rancho San Joaquin Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization Irvine, CA
Razi Family Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Rbf Consulting Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Realista Theatre (Until June 2008) Irvine, CA
Rebuilding Together Southern California Council (Until September 2008) Irvine, CA
Red Oak Healing Center Irvine, CA
Regents of the University of California at Irvine Irvine, CA
Richard Frank Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Roc-Link Inc. (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
Roosters Foundation of Orange County Irvine, CA
Roripaugh Family Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Rotary International District 5320 Charitable Foundation Irvine, CA
Ruth and Leo David Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
S. E. E. D. Institute Inc. Irvine, CA
S. Y. Kang Scholarship Irrv Tr 040196 4 Irvine, CA
Saddleback Archery Irvine, CA
Safe Healthcare Coalition of Orange County Irvine, CA
Saint Pauls Greek Orthodox Church Irvine, CA
Samuel Hannemann School of Homepathic Medicine Irvine, CA
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. Irvine, CA
Sand Canyon Church Irvine, CA
Schoellerman Foundation Irvine, CA
Scientific Being Research Foundation Inc. 3 Irvine, CA
Searidge Community Church Irvine, CA
Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Irvine, CA
Shadetree Partnership Inc. Irvine, CA
Shared Power and Responsibility Inc. Irvine, CA
Shoah Survivors of Orange County and Long Beach Irvine, CA
Sikh Society of Southern California Irvine, CA
Simorgh (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
Society of Colonial Wars in the State of California Irvine, CA
Soldiers for the Truth Foundation Irvine, CA
Songhai Support Group Irvine, CA
South African Jewish American Community of Orange County Irvine, CA
South Coast Business & Professional Women 6 Irvine, CA
South Coast Chinese Cultural Asso Irvine, CA
South Coast Community Foundation Irvine, CA
South Coast Hockey Association Irvine, CA
South Coast Reconstructionist Huvurah University Synagogue Irvine, CA
South Orange County Baseball Irvine, CA
South Orange County Chamber Orchestra (Until September 2007) Irvine, CA
Southern California Chapter of Electronics Representatives Assn 3 Irvine, CA
Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue Irvine, CA
Southern California Monte Jade Foundation (Until December 2008) Irvine, CA
Special Needs Learning Partnership (Until December 2007) Irvine, CA
Spirit of Hope Christian Fellowship Irvine, CA
Spiritual Growth Ministries Irvine, CA
St. John Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
St. Mark Antiochian Orthodox Church Irvine, CA
Stop Our Shootings Inc. Irvine, CA
Storagehouse of the Word International Irvine, CA
Strategic Prayer Command Ministry (Until December 2007) Irvine, CA
Strauch Family Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Sun Ten Museum Inc. (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
Supportability Irvine, CA
Supporters of the California State Commission on the Status of Women Irvine, CA
Susen Daniel Memorial Cancer Relief Fund Irvine, CA
Sweet Bay Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Taco Bell Foundation Inc. Irvine, CA
Tamars Voice Irvine, CA
Tarbut Vtorah Community Day School Irvine, CA
Teach Educate Discuss & Develop Young Inc. Irvine, CA
Terry M. Giles Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
The Arjun and Vinati Gupta Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity 3 Irvine, CA
The Church in Irvine Corporation Irvine, CA
The Church of Sacramental Encounter Inc. Irvine, CA
The Core Campaign Inc. (Until December 2008) Irvine, CA
The Creekers Club Irvine, CA
The Dolphin Club A. Nonprofit Corporation Irvine, CA
The Ecumenical Catholic Church Irvine, CA
The Fieldstead Charitable Trust 3 Irvine, CA
The Foundation of the Family of C. M. and Edna P. Cotton 4 Irvine, CA
The Fountain of Love World Mission Irvine, CA
The Giles Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
The Give-Away Foundation (Until December 2005) Irvine, CA
The International Greek Folklore Society Irvine, CA
The Iranica Institute (Until November 2005) Irvine, CA
The Jim Quay Memorial Fund (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
The Latino Institute for Development Education & (Until December 2008) Irvine, CA
The National Academies Corporation Irvine, CA
The Raise Foundation Irvine, CA
The Red Wagon Foundation Irvine, CA
The Saddleback Valley Koren Presbyterian Church Irvine, CA
The Scholarship Fndnt Inc. of Calif Retired Tchrs Assoc or Co Cntrl Irvine, CA
The Senyei Family Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
The Whitaker Health Freedom Foundation Irvine, CA
Theatre Forty Inc. Paula Jones Irvine, CA
Timberwolf Instrumental Music Boosters Northwood High School Irvine, CA
Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education Inc. (Until June 2008) Irvine, CA
Toby and Barb Waldowski Concert Ministries Irvine, CA
Together Living Church Irvine, CA
Torah Learning Center Irvine, CA
Traditional Mazdayasni Zoroastrian Anjuman Irvine, CA
True Light Mission Foundation (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
Two by Two Ministries Marriage on the Rock Irvine, CA
Tyrannus Halls International Irvine, CA
U. P. for Education Foundation Irvine, CA
Uci Alumni Association Irvine, CA
Uci Foundation Irvine, CA
Uci University Club Inc. Irvine, CA
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Orange County Inc. Irvine, CA
United Chinese Christian Church of Irvine Irvine, CA
United Ostomy Association Irvine, CA
United States National Badminton Foundation (Until June 2008) Irvine, CA
United Student Athletics Inc. (Until July 2008) Irvine, CA
United Way of Orange County Irvine, CA
Urban Water Institute Inc. Irvine, CA
Urbi-Culture Incorporated Irvine, CA
Vaquero Instrumental Music Boosters Irvine, CA
Verity Institute 4 Irvine, CA
Vidya Sabha Inc. Irvine, CA
Vietnamese American Music Society (Until December 2005) Irvine, CA
Village Church of Irvine Irvine, CA
Village Solutions Foundation Irvine, CA
Visions for Learning Irvine, CA
Volunteers of Irvine Medical Center Irvine, CA
Voyagers Bible Church Irvine, CA
Wakeup Ministries Wakeboard Camp Inc. (Until December 2006) Irvine, CA
Walker Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Waltmar Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Washer Family Charitable Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
West Valley Wolves Inc. Irvine, CA
Westcoast Sports Associates Inc. Irvine, CA
Western Estates Services Inc. A. Nevada Corp Irvine, CA
Western Growers Charitable Foundation Irvine, CA
Westerners the First People of Earth Mother Payomkawichum Kaamala Irvine, CA
Wildwood Music Associates Inc. Irvine, CA
Williams Foundation 4 Irvine, CA
Womansage Inc. (Until December 2007) Irvine, CA
Womens Council on the Environment Inc. Irvine, CA
Woodbridge High School Grad Night Committee Irvine, CA
Working Wardrobes for A. New Start Irvine, CA
Worldwide Christian Mission Church Irvine, CA
Young Ladies With Potential Inc. Irvine, CA

Above is a list of organizations in Irvine, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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