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Vehicle Donation in Glendale, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Glendale, California, below is a list of Glendale, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

The Stepping Players Glendale, CA
The Way to Happiness Foundation International Glendale, CA
The Wings of Dove Foundation 4 Glendale, CA
Theatre Pangaea (Until September 2005) Glendale, CA
Third Helping Hand USA Inc. Glendale, CA
Tia Linda Ministries Glendale, CA
Tobinworld Glendale, CA
Touch of Power Church Glendale, CA
Touchpoint Glendale Womens Fellowship Glendale, CA
Trivalley Indian Medical Association Inc. 4 Glendale, CA
Truth & Freedom Foundation 4 Glendale, CA
Turning New Corners (Until December 2007) Glendale, CA
Twelve Oaks Foundation Glendale, CA
Twenty One-Ers Club Glendale, CA
Umc Love Tres Dias (Until December 2008) Glendale, CA
United Armenian Compatriotic Society of Los Angeles Glendale, CA
United Armenian Fund Glendale, CA
United Community Church Glendale, CA
United Community Churches of America Glendale, CA
United Parents for Children Adoles With Emotl Behaor & Mentl Disords Glendale, CA
Unity Church of Glendale Glendale, CA
Universal Rescue Mission Church Glendale, CA
Universal World Church Glendale, CA
Univision America Corporation Glendale, CA
Urim and Thummim Glendale, CA
Urmia Armenian Society A. Non Profit Corporation Glendale, CA
Varah Sarvajanik High School Mandal Glendale, CA
Venice Senior Housing Corporation Glendale, CA
Ventura County Baseball Club (Until December 2006) Glendale, CA
Ventura Court Theatre Glendale, CA
Ventura Estates Retirement Community Inc. Glendale, CA
Verdugo Hills Area Hospice in the Home Glendale, CA
Verdugo Hills Health Services Glendale, CA
Verdugo Hills Hospital Glendale, CA
Verdugo Hills Hospital Foundation Glendale, CA
Verdugo Hills Professional Buildings Glendale, CA
Verdugo Hills Visiting Nurse Association Glendale, CA
Verdugo Mental Health Center Glendale, CA
Verdugo Mental Health Center Foundation Glendale, CA
Verdugo Muster Association Glendale, CA
Verdugo Swing Society Corporation Glendale, CA
Verdugo Young Musicians A. California Non-Profit Corporation Glendale, CA
Victory Missions Glendale, CA
Vinnell Foundation the 4 Glendale, CA
Visiting Nurse Service Christian Scientists in La County Inc. Glendale, CA
Visual Voice (Until October 2007) Glendale, CA
Volunteers for A. Safe Glendale (Until December 2007) Glendale, CA
Waterman Foundation 4 Glendale, CA
Wellnessworks Glendale, CA
Western Adventist Health Services Glendale, CA
Western Dialysis and Transplant Society Glendale, CA
Westminster Court Glendale, CA
Whole Counsel of Christ Inc. Glendale, CA
Women for International Peace and Arbitration Glendale, CA
Womens Committee of the Glendale Symphony Orchestra Association Glendale, CA
Woodlanders Are Volunteers for Education Glendale, CA
Worldscope Ministries Inc. Glendale, CA
Worldwide Presbyterian Church Glendale, CA
Yenching Educational Foundation Glendale, CA
Yerevan Association Glendale, CA
Yerkir USA A. Nonprofit Corporation (Until December 2007) Glendale, CA
Young Angels Choir Glendale, CA
Young Mens Christian Association of Glendale Glendale, CA
Young Womens Christian Assn of Glendale Glendale, CA
Youthserve America Glendale, CA

Above is a list of organizations in Glendale, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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