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Vehicle Donation in Fresno, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Fresno, California, below is a list of Fresno, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Lions Eye Bank of the San Joaquin Valley Inc. Fresno, CA
Little Peoples School Fresno, CA
Lively Arts Foundation 3637 N. Wishon Fresno, CA
Living Hope Community Church Inc. Fresno, CA
Living Room Fresno, CA
Livingstone Community Fellowship Fresno, CA
Llanada Guild of the Valley Child Hospital & Child Guidance Clinic Fresno, CA
Local Organizing Committee Fresno, CA
Los Ninos Guild Fresno, CA
Lts Group Home (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Lyles Foundation Fresno, CA
Lyric Opera Guild Fresno, CA
M&S. Group Home Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Main Path Group Home Inc. Fresno, CA
Make A. Wish Foundation of South San Joaquin Valley Fresno, CA
Mama Makeka House of Hope (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Manuch Inc. (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Maple Creek Elementary Parent Club Fresno, CA
Maranatha Bilbe Fellowship Maranatha Bible Fellowship Fresno, CA
Marjaree Mason Center Inc. Fresno, CA
Martin & Illie Anderson Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Masao and Hana Kimura Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Fresno, CA
Master Instructor Association (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
McKinely Missionary Baptist Church Fresno, CA
McLders Club of McLane High School Fresno, CA
Medicine Research Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Memorial Auditorium Restoration Society Inc. Fresno, CA
Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary Fresno, CA
Mental Health Association of Greater Fresno Fresno, CA
Metzler Fam Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Mexican American Bowling Association of Central California Fresno, CA
Mexican Institute of Central California Fresno, CA
Mid-Valley Christian Womens Job Corps (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Mid-Valley Southern Baptist Association Fresno, CA
Millbrook Avenue Baptist Church of Fresno California Fresno, CA
Ministry of Church on the Street Fresno, CA
Miracle Terrace Retirement Center Inc. Fresno, CA
Mission Cataract USA Fresno, CA
Mission of Universal Brotherhood Fidencista Fresno, CA
Moments of Blessing Church of Fresno Fresno, CA
Mountain Valleys Health Centers Fresno, CA
Mountain View Cemetery Improvement Association 6 Fresno, CA
Mountain View Christian School Fresno, CA
Mountain View Elementary Parent Club Fresno, CA
Mujeres Leadership Training Connection Inc. Fresno, CA
Multi-Ethnic Small Farm and Community Development Corporation Fresno, CA
Music Performance Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
Mustard Tree Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
National Council of Minority Arts (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Neighborhood Opportunities for Affordable Housing Inc. Fresno, CA
Nelson Soccer Club Fresno, CA
Network for Healthcare Management Fresno, CA
New Beginning Apostolic Assembly Fresno, CA
New Covenant Community Church Fresno, CA
New Hope Church of Fresno Fresno, CA
New Life Christian Center Fresno, CA
Nexuses Inc. (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Nigerian Progressive Union of Central California Fresno, CA
Nikkis Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
Nisei Baseball Research Project 4 Fresno, CA
Non-Profit Council of the Greater Fresno Area (Until September 2005) Fresno, CA
North American Pole Vault Association Fresno, CA
North Avenue Church of Christ Inc. Fresno, CA
North City Chapel Fresno, CA
North Fresno Youth Soccer League Inc. Fresno, CA
Northern California Council of Alcoholics Anonymous Fresno, CA
Northern California Korean First Gospel Broadcasting Co Fresno, CA
Northpointe Community Church Fresno, CA
Northpointe Leadership Acadmey Incorporated (Until June 2007) Fresno, CA
Northwest Family Inc. Fresno, CA
Northwest Oassage School for Dyslexia Inc. Fresno, CA
Not So Purrrfect Angels Fresno, CA
Nueva Luz Fresno, CA
Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy Fresno, CA
Oasis Branch and Retreat Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Older Americans Housing Inc. Fresno, CA
Older Americans Satellite Housing Inc. Fresno, CA
Opportunity Assistance & Socially Integrated Services (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Orpheus Chamber Music Ensemble Inc. Fresno, CA
Osa Center for Indian Education Fresno, CA
Pacific Family Health Fresno, CA
Pacific Southwest Mennonite Retreat Ministries Inc. 5 Fresno, CA
Padres Activos En Educacion (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Pandas Environmental Day Care School Inc. Fresno, CA
Panther Prep Baseball Fresno, CA
Paragon Inc. (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Parnagian Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Pashayan Foundation 3 Fresno, CA
Pathways A. Foundation for Ucp of Central California Fresno, CA
Peace Officers Chaplaincy of Fresno County Inc. Fresno, CA
Peoples Church of Fresno California Fresno, CA
Pete P. Peters Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Pilibos Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Pinnacle Christian Church Inc. Fresno, CA
Play It Safe Fresno, CA
Plymouth Congregational Church of Fresno California Fresno, CA
Positive Attitude Outlook of Southern California Fresno, CA
Potters Wheel-Maroa Home Fresno, CA
Poverello House Fresno, CA
Power & Praise Deliverance Center Fresno, CA
Powers-Ginsburg Foundation Fresno, CA
Pray California Fresno, CA
Prophetic Ministries Inc. 4 Fresno, CA
Public Safety Communications Association Fresno, CA
Quality Group Homes Inc. Fresno, CA
Radio Bilingue Inc. Fresno, CA
Rainbow Ranch Equine Therapuetic Center (Until June 2005) Fresno, CA
Raisin City Educational Foundation Fresno, CA
Ralph Ermoian Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Random Acts Ministries Fresno, CA
Rape Counseling Service of Fresno Inc. Fresno, CA
Recovery Emotionally Abused Children Fresno, CA
Red Sea Ministries Fresno, CA
Rehabilitation Opportunity & Development Inc. Fresno, CA
Remnant Church International Fresno, CA
Renewal in Christ Fresno, CA
Rescue the Children Inc. Fresno, CA
Respiratory Care Alumni Association Fresno, CA
Reveas Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Revival Tabernacle Fresno, CA
Richter Family Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Right to Life of Central California Education Fund Fresno, CA
River Bluffs Regional Church Fresno, CA
Rivertree Volunteers Incorporated (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Riverview Elementary Parent Teacher Club Fresno, CA
Robert Curry Ministries Fresno, CA
Roosevelt High School Band Color Guard Boosters Fresno, CA
Roosevelt High School Boosters Fresno, CA
Roosevelt Youth Soccer League Fresno, CA
Rotary Club of Fresno Foundation Fresno, CA
Rotary Club of North Fresno Endowment Fund Fresno, CA
Rotary Playland Inc. Fresno, CA
Safe-D. Inc. Fresno, CA
Saint Agnes Hospital Fresno, CA
Saint Anthonys Bread Basket Inc. Fresno, CA
Saint Quan Believers Association Fresno, CA
Saints Alive in Jesus Central Valley Inc. Fresno, CA
Saints Community Church Fresno, CA
Salt and Light Team Fresno (Until June 2008) Fresno, CA
Samaritan Women Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Haven Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Parkway & Conservation Inc. Tr Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Center for Immigrant and Worker Rights (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Childrens Health Association 4 Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Guitar Society Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Health Consortium Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Military Historical Society Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Quilters Guild Fresno, CA
San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Inc. Fresno, CA
Saroyan Parent Faculty Club (Until June 2007) Fresno, CA
Senior Citizens Village Fresno, CA
Sequoia Community Health Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
Servants of Jesus Inc. Fresno, CA
Service Aide League Inc. Fresno, CA
Sharada Sangeet Sadan of Fresno (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Shekinah Glory Mar Thoma Orthodox Church Fresno, CA
Sheriffs Foundation for Public Safety (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Shin Zen Friendship Garden Inc. Fresno, CA
Shoebox Sharing Inc. Fresno, CA
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Central Valley California Fresno, CA
Sierra Arthritis Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Sierra Chamber Opera Fresno, CA
Sierra Charter School Fresno, CA
Sierra Education and Research Institute (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Sierra Hospital Foundation Fresno, CA
Sierra Music & Arts Institute Fresno, CA
Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic Center Education and Research Foundation (Until June 2008) Fresno, CA
Sierra Tribal Consortium Inc. Fresno, CA
Sierra View Presbyterian Church Fresno, CA
Sikh Association of Fresno Fresno, CA
Silkwood Family Foundation Fresno, CA
Silvercrest Inc. Fresno, CA
Small Farm Resource and Training Center (Until June 2007) Fresno, CA
Smart Shoppers Thrift Shops Inc. (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Smith Family Foundation 12272000 Fresno, CA
Soararsis A. Nonprofit Corporation Fresno, CA
Sober Living Support Services (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Society for Armenian Studies Inc. Fresno, CA
Society of Our Lady of Fatima Fresno, CA
Sons of the San Joaquin Fandango Fresno, CA
Southeast Asian Friendship Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Spartan Football League of Fresno Dba Fresno, CA
Spectrum Childrens Services Fresno, CA
Spectrum Gallery (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Spencer Family Charitable Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Spirit of B. H. S. Fresno, CA
Spirit of Woman of California Inc. Fresno, CA
St. Agnes Service Guild Fresno, CA
St. John Undenominational Church Fresno, CA
St. John Victory Fellowship Church Fresno, CA
St. Joseph Baptist Church Inc. Fresno, CA
St. Lukes Community Church Fresno, CA
St. Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Fresno, CA
St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Church Fresno, CA
Stan Lee Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Fresno, CA
Starburst Foundation Fresno, CA
State Center Community College Foundation Fresno, CA
Stone Soup Fresno Fresno, CA
Straight Street Ss Fresno, CA
Streams of the River Ministering Ministries Fresno, CA

Above is a list of organizations in Fresno, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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