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Vehicle Donation in Fresno, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Fresno, California, below is a list of Fresno, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Club Latinoamericano Del Valle Central Fresno, CA
Coalition for Rural Pueblos Economic Development Fresno, CA
Coalition for Urban Renewal Excellence Fresno, CA
College Church of Christ of Fresno Fresno, CA
Combined Health Appeal of Central California Fresno, CA
Committee for Community Enrichment Fresno, CA
Community Advocacy Foundation (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Community Bible Church of Fresno Fresno, CA
Community Hospital of Central California Foundation Fresno, CA
Community Hospitals of Central California Fresno, CA
Community Housing Council of Fresno (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Community Housing Leadership Board Fresno, CA
Comprehensive Alcohol Program Inc. Fresno, CA
Comprehensive Youth Services of Fresno Inc. Fresno, CA
Computer Technology & You (Until June 2007) Fresno, CA
Concilio Evangelico Emanuel Fresno, CA
Congregation B. Nai Yeshua Fresno, CA
Copper Hills Parent Club Fresno, CA
Core Conditions Inc. (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Corey Muscular Dystrophy Charitable Trust Fresno, CA
Court Appointed Special Advocates of Fresno County Fresno, CA
Court Facilities Foundation of Fresno County Fresno, CA
Covenant United Reformed Church Fresno, CA
Criminal Justice Alternatives Inc. Fresno, CA
Crisis & Consultation Services International Inc. (Until September 2008) Fresno, CA
Cross Training Ministries Fresno, CA
Crossover Ministries Fresno, CA
Cultural Marketing Center (Until June 2006) Fresno, CA
Cutting Edge Empowerment (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
D. & H. Homes Fresno, CA
Daniel R. Martin Family Foundation Inc. 4 Fresno, CA
Davi Charities of Fresno County Inc. Fresno, CA
Dayspring Christian Fellowship Fresno, CA
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Ce Nter Inc. Fresno, CA
Decision Homes Inc. Fresno, CA
Degold Enterprises (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Delno Terrace Inc. Fresno, CA
Delta Point (Until September 2007) Fresno, CA
Desmond Institute 3 Fresno, CA
Deutsch Park & Bontanical Gardens Charit Tr 4 Fresno, CA
Devine Appointment Ministries (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Direct Link to Bosnia Inc. Fresno, CA
Disabled on the Go Fresno, CA
Dn Associates Fresno, CA
Domus Mitis Foundation Fresno, CA
Downtown Church Fresno, CA
Dual Diagnosis Assessment and Treatment Center Inc. Fresno, CA
Dunlap Band of Mono Indian Historical Preservation Society Fresno, CA
Dwight L. Johnson Ministries Inc. Fresno, CA
Dyna-Tek Corporation International Fresno, CA
East Fresno Kiwanis Foundation Fresno, CA
East Fresno Rotary Charity Foundation Fresno, CA
East Fresno Rotary International Understanding Foundation Fresno, CA
Easton Historical Society Fresno, CA
Ebony House Inc. Fresno, CA
Edison-Computech Parent Teacher Student Organization Ptso Fresno, CA
Educare Services Incorporated Fresno, CA
Edwin M. Eaton School Parent-Faculty Club Fresno, CA
El Concilio De Fresno Inc. Fresno, CA
El Teatro De La Tierra Fresno, CA
Elim Foundation (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Emmanuel Community Center Fresno, CA
Empowerment Institute Inc. Fresno, CA
Encourage Tomorrow Fresno, CA
End Times Ministries-Cogic Fresno, CA
Enterprise Plus Economic Development Center Inc. Fresno, CA
Entrepreneurial Training Centres Fresno, CA
Epilepsy Foundation of Central California Fresno, CA
Evangel Home Inc. Fresno, CA
Evangelical Gospel Tabernacle of Fresno California Fresno, CA
Evangelical Ministries Foundation Fresno, CA
Evangelicals for Social Action Fresno Incorporated Fresno, CA
Excellent Management Administrator Childcare Services Inc. (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Exceptional Parents Unlimited Inc. Fresno, CA
Eye Medical Center Charity Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
F. I. G. L. E. A. F. Educational Festivals Fresno, CA
F. O. O. D. Inc. Fresno, CA
F. S. U. Diamond Club Fresno, CA
Fair Housing Council of Central California Fresno, CA
Faith Apostolic Worship Center Inc. Fresno, CA
Faith Baptist Church of Fresno Fresno, CA
Faith Mennonite Brethren Church of Fresno California Fresno, CA
Faith in Gods Healing Touch Fresno, CA
Family Care Ministries Inc. Fresno, CA
Family Leadership Connection Fresno, CA
Family Self-Sufficiency Corps Inc. (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Fansler Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Farmersville Soccer Club (Until March 2007) Fresno, CA
Fast Forward Track Club Fresno, CA
Fathers House Christian Fellowship of Fresno California Fresno, CA
Federation of Lao American Community (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Feed My Sheep (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Fellowship Baptist Church Fresno, CA
Fig Garden Dolphins Swim Team Fresno, CA
Fig Garden Rotary Foundation Fresno, CA
Fig Garden Torah Center Fresno, CA
Filipino Catholic League of Central California Inc. Fresno Fresno, CA
Filipio American Womens Club of Fresno and Vicinity Fresno, CA
Finegold Trust Fresno, CA
Firemans Friend Fresno, CA
First Native American Housing Corporation (Until March 2005) Fresno, CA
First Step Minstries Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Fleet Reserve Association Fresno Branch 249 6 Fresno, CA
Fly Fishermen for Conservation Fresno, CA
For Those Seeking Him Fresno, CA
Fort Washington Parent Association (Until June 2006) Fresno, CA
Forty Days of Mousa Dagh Commemorative Assn USA Inc. Fresno, CA
Forward Fresno Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
Foster Adopted Kinship Parent Association of Fresno County Chr 5 Fresno, CA
Foundation West Fresno, CA
Foundation for Central Schools Fresno, CA
Foundation for Play Therapy Inc. (Until March 2006) Fresno, CA
Foundation of Fresno Fresno, CA
Four Winds Lodge Fresno, CA
Frank C. Diener Foundation 4 Fresno, CA
Freedom Soccer Club (Until February 2007) Fresno, CA
Fresearch Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresh Start Group Home Fresno, CA
Fresh Start Services Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresh Start Youth Services Inc. (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Fresno & Vicinity Sheet Metal Industry Apprent & Train Tr Fund Fresno, CA
Fresno Adult Literacy Council Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Area Down Syndrome Society Fresno, CA
Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Fresno Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Fresno Area Workforce Investment Corporation Fresno, CA
Fresno Art Museum Fresno, CA
Fresno Arts Council Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame Fresno, CA
Fresno Audubon Society Fresno, CA
Fresno Barrios Unidos Fresno, CA
Fresno Bible Students Fresno, CA
Fresno Braves Youth Baseball Team (Until August 2007) Fresno, CA
Fresno Californias Family Community Church Fresno, CA
Fresno Cambodian Buddhist Society Fresno, CA
Fresno Career Development Institute Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Center for New Americans Fresno, CA
Fresno Center for Nonviolence Fresno, CA
Fresno Central Service Office of Intergroup Secretaries Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Chapter Association of Black Social Workers (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Fresno Child Abuse Prevention Council Fresno, CA
Fresno Childrens Healthy Kids Inc. (Until December 2009) Fresno, CA
Fresno Chinese Gospel Church Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Christian Education System Parent Teacher Fellowship Fresno, CA
Fresno Christian Schools Fresno, CA
Fresno Christian Schools Educational Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno Church of the Redeemer Fresno, CA
Fresno City & County Historical Society Fresno, CA
Fresno Community Concert Band Fresno, CA
Fresno Community Food Resources Fresno, CA
Fresno Community Hospital Fresno, CA
Fresno Community Hospital Womens Service Alliance Fresno, CA
Fresno Coral Inc. (Until June 2005) Fresno, CA
Fresno County 4-H. Club Leaders Council Fresno, CA
Fresno County Archaeological Society Fresno County Museum of Nh Fresno, CA
Fresno County Community After Care Services Fresno, CA
Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission Fresno, CA
Fresno County Hispanic Commission on Alcolhol & Drug Abuse Services Fresno, CA
Fresno County Medical Society Scholarship Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno County Peace Officers Memorial Foundation Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno County Retired Teachers Educational Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Fresno County Sheriffs Department Cop Assoc Fresno, CA
Fresno County Sheriffs Neighborhood Watch Association Fresno, CA
Fresno County Sheriffs Search and Rescue Mountaineering Team Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Covenant Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno Crime Stoppers Program Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Development Company Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Diamond Group Community Fund (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Fresno Dixieland Society Fresno, CA
Fresno Faith Landmark Missionary Baptist Church Fresno, CA
Fresno Families in Transition Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Fiber Guild Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno Filmworks Inc. (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Fresno Folklore Society (Until December 2008) Fresno, CA
Fresno Force Softball Fresno, CA
Fresno Free College Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno Free Medical Clinic Fresno, CA
Fresno Gem & Mineral Society Fresno, CA
Fresno Golden Spikes (Until December 2006) Fresno, CA
Fresno H. O. P. E. Animal Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno Half-Way House Fresno, CA
Fresno High -Palm Shields Babe Ruth League Fresno, CA
Fresno High School Baseball Boosters Fresno, CA
Fresno Hispanic Scholarship Fund Fresno, CA
Fresno Instructional Football Camp (Until December 2005) Fresno, CA
Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries Fresno, CA
Fresno Interfaith Sponsoring Committee Inc. Fresno, CA
Fresno International Grand Opera Fresno, CA
Fresno Jewish Day School Fresno, CA
Fresno Judo Club Fresno, CA
Fresno Korean Baptist Church Fresno, CA
Fresno Leadership Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno Lodge No 247 F. & Am Swanson Fund 4 Fresno, CA
Fresno Metropolitan Ministry Fresno, CA
Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art History and Science Fresno, CA
Fresno Metropolitan Rotary Foundation Fresno, CA
Fresno Metropolitian Youth Soccer League Fresno, CA
Fresno Musical Club 4 Fresno, CA
Fresno Native American Health Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Fresno, CA
Fresno New Connection Inc. Fresno, CA

Above is a list of organizations in Fresno, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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