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Vehicle Donation in Tucson, Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Tucson, Arizona, below is a list of Tucson, Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Pascua Neighborhood Center Operations Committee Tucson, AZ
Pat Mallory Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pathfinder Critters Inc. Tucson, AZ
Patronato San Xavier Tucson, AZ
Patrons of International Churches and Charities (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Patrons of the Adaptive Recreation Center (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Payette Forest Watch Inc. Tucson, AZ
Payson Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Peaceful Resources Center (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Pebee Inc. Tucson, AZ
People for Animals in the Prevention of Cruelty and Neglect 4 Tucson, AZ
People for the W. Tucson (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Perimeter Bicycling Association of America Inc. Tucson, AZ
Personal Development Institute Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pet Watch Inc. Tucson, AZ
Petfinder Com Foundation (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Phi Delta Theta Scholarship Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Philharmonia Orchestra of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Physicians for Civil Defense Tucson, AZ
Picor Charitable Foundation Tucson, AZ
Picture Rocks Community Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pie Allen Neighborhood Association Tucson, AZ
Pigs A. Lot Tucson, AZ
Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona Tucson, AZ
Pima & Santa Cruz School to Work Partnership Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima Center for Conservation Education Tucson, AZ
Pima Community Access Program Tucson, AZ
Pima Community College Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima Council on Aging Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima County Child Abuse Prevention Council Tucson, AZ
Pima County Fair Horse Racing Commission Tucson, AZ
Pima County Family Community Education Tucson, AZ
Pima County Fire Chiefs Association (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Pima County Foster Parents Association Tucson, AZ
Pima County Horsemens Assoc Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima County Jr Soccer League Tucson, AZ
Pima County Medical Society Auxiliary 5 Tucson, AZ
Pima County Search & Recovery Divers Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima County Sports Hall of Fame Tucson, AZ
Pima County-Tucson Womens Commission Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima Health Systems Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pima Heart Charitable Foundation Tucson, AZ
Pima Heart Research Foundation Tucson, AZ
Pima Prevention Partnership Tucson, AZ
Pima Street Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
Pima Trails Association Dtd 0589 Tucson, AZ
Pima Wildlife Preservation Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Pima Youth Partnership Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pimeria Alta Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pioneer Auto Trails Historical Society Paths Tucson, AZ
Planned Happiness Institute Tucson, AZ
Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pledge A. Job Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pog Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pole Pilots Track Club Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Polio Epic Tucson, AZ
Political Ecology Society Inc. Tucson, AZ
Portable Practical Educational Preparation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Postal History Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Postmodern Productions (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Power From the Past Association (Until December 2009) Tucson, AZ
Ppep First American Resources & Services Corporation 4 Tucson, AZ
Ppep Housing Development Corp Tucson, AZ
Ppep Senior Housing Services Corp Tucson, AZ
Praise Covenant Church Tucson, AZ
Prayer House Tucson, AZ
Prayer Unlimited Tucson, AZ
Preparatory Instruction Foundation Tucson, AZ
Preservation Fund 4 Tucson, AZ
Presidio School Tucson, AZ
Prime School Foundation Tucson, AZ
Prime School Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Prince Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Tucson, AZ
Proclamation Audio-Visual Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Project Arizona Civic Education Tucson, AZ
Project Graduation-Ironwood Ridge High School (Until September 2007) Tucson, AZ
Project H. O. M. E. Tucson, AZ
Project Insight Inc. Tucson, AZ
Project Yes Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pueblo Gardens Methodist Church Tucson, AZ
Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood Association Tucson, AZ
Purple Heart Park Plaza (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Purple Mountain Institute Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pusch Ridge Christian Church Tucson, AZ
Pusch Ridge Educational Ministries Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Quicksilver Productions Inc. Tucson, AZ
Qumran Desert Ctr Tucson, AZ
Rabbi Samuel S. & A. Irma Cohon Memorial Foundation (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop (Until June 2006) Tucson, AZ
Rainbow Foundation Tucson, AZ
Ram Racing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Reachout Inc. Tucson, AZ
Real J. Daigle Evangelistic Corporation Tucson, AZ
Reason for Living Tucson, AZ
Rebuilding Together Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Red Sun Institute International Tucson, AZ
Redemption Housing Fellowship Inc. Tucson, AZ
Religious Advisory Council of Pima County Tucson, AZ
Renewal Centers Inc. Tucson, AZ
Rescati Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Research Corporation 3 Tucson, AZ
Reservation Creations Womens Circle Charitable Trust Tucson, AZ
Retrouvaille of Southern Arizona Inc. (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of So Ariz Tucson, AZ
Reveille Gay Mens Chorus Tucson, AZ
Reverend Joseph F. Costanzo S. J. Memorial Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Rhema Way Christian Fellowship Tucson, AZ
Richard B. Wilson Jr K-8 Pto Tucson, AZ
Richard M. Bourke Foundation (Until June 2006) Tucson, AZ
Riding and Rehabilitation Center Tucson, AZ
Right Side Up Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Rincon Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
Rincon Congregational Church Child Care Center Tucson, AZ
Rincon Institute Tucson, AZ
Rincon Rotary Club Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Rincon University Marching Band Association Tucson, AZ
Rise Foundation Tucson, AZ
Rise Inc. Tucson, AZ
Rising Star Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
River Christian Fellowship Tucson, AZ
Road to Nationals Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Robins Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Tucson, AZ
Robles Junction Community Council Tucson, AZ
Rohame Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Roland and Joan Hoch Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Ron Riggs Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. Tucson, AZ
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Rose Petal Education Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Rotary Club of Tucson Foundation Tucson, AZ
Roth Family Foundation 3 Tucson, AZ
Roy G. Post Foundation Tucson, AZ
Roy P. Drachman Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Ruby Foundation (Until September 2006) Tucson, AZ
Rural Disabled Assistance Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Russ and Carolyn Russo Scholarship Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Russell D. Garrett Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Ruth Tankersley Charitable Trust 4 Tucson, AZ
Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists Tucson, AZ
Sabino Road Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
Saddlebrooke Community Outreach Inc. Tucson, AZ
Saddlebrooke Rotary Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Saddlebrooke Tennis Association Charities (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Safari Club International Conservation Fund Tucson, AZ
Safari Club International Foundation Tucson, AZ
Safety Through Education Program Inc. Tucson, AZ
Saguaro Evangelical Free Church Inc. Tucson, AZ
Saguaro Tucson Rotary Club Foundation Tucson, AZ
Sahuaro Girl Scout Council Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sahuaro High Cougar Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sahuaro High School Band Parents Association Tucson, AZ
Sahuaro Theatre Arts Resource Support (Until August 2008) Tucson, AZ
Salpointe Catholic Education Foundation Tucson, AZ
Salud Para Todos Health for All Tucson, AZ
Samaritan Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
San Xavier Allottees Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Santa Cruz Institute Tucson, AZ
Satori Inc. Tucson, AZ
Satori School and Armstrong Academy Foundation Scholarship Corporation Tucson, AZ
Save the Scenic Santa Ritas Tucson, AZ
Scenic Arizona (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Schuettinger Charitable Tr 11212002 4 Tucson, AZ
Schumaker School Parent-Teacher Club Inc. (Until July 2007) Tucson, AZ
Scientek-12 Inc. Tucson, AZ
Scientists Organized to Integrate Learning Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Scope Payee Services (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Scriptures in Use Tucson, AZ
Second Chance A. Sober Living Facility (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
See the Light Be the Light Ministries (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Serbian American Club Inc. Tucson, AZ
Serenity Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
Seven Pipers Scottish Society of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Shamrock Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Shanti Foundation of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sheriff S. Auxiliary Volunteers of Pima County Inc. 6 Tucson, AZ
Shethar Foundation Incorporated 4 Tucson, AZ
Shining Light Assembly Tucson, AZ
Shirley & David Allen Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Shoulder to Shoulder International Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sid and Faye Morse Charitable Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Side by Side Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Sierra Madre Alliance Inc. Tucson, AZ
Silver & Turquoise Board of Hostesses Tucson, AZ
Simon Peter Productions Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sin Fronteras (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Single Parent Project Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sioles Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Siquem Apostolic Church Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sister Cities Association of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Sister Homelands on Earth Tucson, AZ
Sky Island Alliance Tucson, AZ
Slavin Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Smith College Club of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Soar Consortium Inc. Tucson, AZ
Sociedad Alianza Hispano Americano Tucson, AZ
Society for Bevel Intentions Inc. Tucson, AZ
Society for Ecological Restoration Inc. Tucson, AZ
Society of Southwestern Authors Tucson, AZ
Society of St. Vincent De Paul Tucson, AZ
Solidarity Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ

Above is a list of organizations in Tucson, Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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