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Vehicle Donation in Tucson, Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Tucson, Arizona, below is a list of Tucson, Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Leung Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Lewis Hertz Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Liberal Buddhist Association of Tucson Arizona Tucson, AZ
Libraries Ltd. Tucson, AZ
Life Donor USA Foundation Inc. 4 Tucson, AZ
Life Quest of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Lifelegacy Foundation Tucson, AZ
Lifelong Learning Research Institute Inc. Tucson, AZ
Lifeskills Inc. Tucson, AZ
Linkages Inc. Tucson, AZ
Lisa and James Green Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Literacy Volunteers of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Little Chapel of All Nations Inc. 3 Tucson, AZ
Little Garden Ministry (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Little Hill Foundation Tucson, AZ
Little House Inc. 4 Tucson, AZ
Live Theatre Workshop Tucson, AZ
Living Hope Family Church Tucson, AZ
Living Water Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Lodgemakers of California Inc. (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Lohse Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Lorine J. and Alan D. Booth Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Los Bravos Foundation Tucson, AZ
Los Chanquitos Feos Inc. Tucson, AZ
Los Danzantes Del Puerto Tucson, AZ
Los Descendientes Del Presidio De Tucson Tucson, AZ
Los Padrinos Del Pueblo Viejo Tucson, AZ
Los Puentes Inc. Tucson, AZ
Love Divine Fellowship Tucson, AZ
Love Thy Neighbor Ministries Inc. (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Lsst Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Lucille E. Williams Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Lulu Walker Parent-Teacher Organization Tucson, AZ
Lunar Research Institute Tucson, AZ
Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Lupus Inspiration Foundation for Excellence (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Luz Social Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Maclovio R. Barraza Tucson, AZ
Magwitchs Treehouse (Until September 2005) Tucson, AZ
Make Way for Books Tucson, AZ
Mano Amiga Inc. (Until June 2005) Tucson, AZ
Manos De Ayuda Inc. Tucson, AZ
Manzanita Family Faculty Organization Tucson, AZ
Marana Foundation for Educational Excellence Inc. Tucson, AZ
Maranatha Christian Fellowship Ministries Tucson, AZ
Margaret E. Mooney Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Mariachi Estrellitas De Oro Tucson, AZ
Marilomas Limited Tucson, AZ
Marion P. Gallin High School Sports Endowment Trust 4 Tucson, AZ
Mark B. & Jean Higgins Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Marshall Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Marshall Home for Men Inc. Tucson, AZ
Marshall Preschool Inc. Tucson, AZ
Martha R. Neff Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Martin & Hildegard Gluck Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Scholarship Fund Tucson Chapter Tucson, AZ
Mary C. Schanz Foundation (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Masjid Tucson Tucson, AZ
Masters Touch Community Church Tucson, AZ
Maxwell H. & Hilda R. Popkin Family Charitable Foundation Trust 4 Tucson, AZ
Mc. Foundation an Arizona Non- Profit Corporation 4 Tucson, AZ
McKale-Salmon Foundation Tucson, AZ
McKee Project Tucson, AZ
McTeggart Irish Dancers of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mea Help Mission Inc. Tucson, AZ
Medical Image Perception Society Inc. Tucson, AZ
Medio Media Publishing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Melody S. Robidoux Foundation Tucson, AZ
Mental Health Resources Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mentors of Challenged Adults Inc. Tucson, AZ
Metropolitan Domestic Water Impvmnt Dist Mncpl Prpty Corp Tucson, AZ
Metropolitan Education Commission Tucson, AZ
Metropolitan Housing Corporation Tucson, AZ
Mettler Studios Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mexican Evangelical Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mhc Chula Vista Non-Profit Housing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mhc Vista Sierra Non-Profit Housing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Microbusiness Advancement Center of Southern Arizona Tucson, AZ
Middle East Studies Assoc of North Tucson, AZ
Midtown Neighborhood Association Tucson, AZ
Midvale Christian Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mike Hartigan Foundation (Until December 2008) Tucson, AZ
Mike Keyes Ministries International Tucson, AZ
Military Officers Association of America 6 Tucson, AZ
Mimesis Productions Tucson, AZ
Mineralogical Record Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mining Foundation of the Southwest Inc. Tucson, AZ
Miracle Center Tucson, AZ
Miracle House Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Miracle Square Inc. Tucson, AZ
Miracle on Church Street Tucson, AZ
Mission Evangelistic Association Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Mission Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mission Valley Church of Christ Tucson, AZ
Missionaries of the New Truth Tucson, AZ
Mobile Meals of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mount Calvary Baptist Church Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mount Graham Coalition Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mount Lemmon Volunteer Interpreters Tucson, AZ
Mountain Avenue Church of Christ Tucson, AZ
Mountain Room Foundation Inc. 4 Tucson, AZ
Mountain View Band Parents Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church of Tucson Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Mulcahy Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Muscular Dystrophy Association Tucson, AZ
Muse-Tucsons Home for the Arts Tucson, AZ
Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, AZ
Music Theatre Arizona Tucson, AZ
Musical Elements/Daniel Asia Inc. Tucson, AZ
Musical Theatre Arizona Inc. (Until August 2009) Tucson, AZ
Myrtle E. Thorne Charitable Tr 05312004 4 Tucson, AZ
Nami of Southern Arizona Tucson, AZ
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Memorial Scholarship Fun Tucson, AZ
National Airedale Rescue Inc. (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
National Conference on Peacemaking Conflict Resolution Tucson, AZ
National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations Tucson, AZ
National Guardianship Association Tucson, AZ
National Karate-Do Federation of Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
National Law Center for Inter- American Free Trade Tucson, AZ
National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of Arizona Tucson, AZ
National Speleological Society Inc. Tucson, AZ
National Student Parent Mock Election Tucson, AZ
Native Images Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Native Seeds Southwestern Endangered Aridland Resources Clea Tucson, AZ
Native Solutions Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Navajo Gospel Mission Tucson, AZ
Neil & Patricia Chiarello Charitable Supporting Organization Tucson, AZ
Nepalis and Friends Association Tucson, AZ
Nest Inc. Tucson, AZ
New Age Study of Humanitys Purpose Tucson, AZ
New Articulations Inc. Tucson, AZ
New Beginning Christian Fellowship Tucson, AZ
New Beginnings Bible Centre Tucson, AZ
New Beginnings Unlimited Inc. Tucson, AZ
New Beginnings for Women & Children Inc. Tucson, AZ
New Horizon Youth Sports Inc. Tucson, AZ
New Life Apostolic Church Inc. Tucson, AZ
New Light Cathedral Tucson, AZ
New Parents Network Tucson, AZ
Newman Foundation at the University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Nicholas W. Genematas Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Noahs Day Care Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Noels Barn 4 Tucson, AZ
Norsemens Federation Inc. Tucson, AZ
North American Packgoat Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Northern Jaguar Project Inc. (Until September 2007) Tucson, AZ
Northside Christian Church Tucson, AZ
Northside Fellowship Church Inc. Tucson, AZ
Northwest Alano Club of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Northwest Bible Church Tucson, AZ
Northwest Interfaith Center Tucson, AZ
Northwest Neighborhood Network Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Nosotros Tucson, AZ
Nosotros Properties Inc. Tucson, AZ
Oasis Adoption Services Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Ocean Ecologics (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Ocotillo Social Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Old Ft Lowell Live at Home Program Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Archaeology Center Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Childrens Academy Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Childrens Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Civitan Foundation Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Day Care Inc. Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Lapidary Club Inc. Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Playwrights Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Trolley Inc. Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Youth Hockey Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
One-On-One Partners Inc. Tucson, AZ
Oodham Communities Human Rights Fund Tucson, AZ
Open Bible Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
Open-Inn Inc. Tucson, AZ
Opening Minds Through the Arts (Until June 2008) Tucson, AZ
Orange Grove Middle School Family Faculty Association Tucson, AZ
Orielly Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Origins Society-Project Origins Tucson, AZ
Orts Theatre of Dance Inc. Tucson, AZ
Otis H. Chidester Scout Museum of Southern Arizona 4 Tucson, AZ
Our Fathers House Full Gospel Church Tucson, AZ
Our Firm Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Our Town Family Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Our Town Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Outward Visions Inc. Tucson, AZ
P. C. M. S. Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pachart Foundation A. Nonprofit Association Tucson, AZ
Pacific Mountain Network 4 Tucson, AZ
Painted Sky Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (Until June 2005) Tucson, AZ
Palo Verde Baseball Booster Club Tucson, AZ
Palo Verde Titan Foundation for Educational Excellence Inc. (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Pan American Literature Mission Tucson, AZ
Pan Asian Community Alliance Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pan Left Productions Tucson, AZ
Pantano Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
Pantano Behavioral Health Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Pantano Rotary Club Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Paradise Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Parent Aid - Child Abuse Prevention Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Parent Talk Inc. Tucson, AZ
Parent Teacher Committee Tucson, AZ
Partnership Way Center Inc. Tucson, AZ

Above is a list of organizations in Tucson, Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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