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Vehicle Donation in Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Arizona, below is a list of Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

White Mountain Montessori Schools Pinetop, AZ
White Mountain Silent Witness Inc. Pinetop, AZ
White Mountain Soccer Club Inc. Pinetop, AZ
White Mountain Wildlife and Nature Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Pinetop, AZ
Sacred Mountain Foundation Inc. 3 Pinon, AZ
Chiricahua Regional Council Incorporated Portal, AZ
Friends of the Myrtle Kraft-Portal Library (Until December 2006) Portal, AZ
Paradise Cemetery Association 6 Portal, AZ
Portal Rescue Inc. Portal, AZ
Sew What (Until August 2008) Portol, AZ
Children Without Choice Prescott Valley, AZ
Franklin Phonetic Primary School Inc. Prescott Valley, AZ
Friends of the Prescott Valley Area Public Library Inc. Prescott Valley, AZ
Grace Conenant Fellowship Prescott Valley, AZ
Granite Mountain Christian Fellowship Prescott Valley, AZ
Hardt Ministries International Inc. Prescott Valley, AZ
Laverne Faulkner Foundation Inc. Prescott Valley, AZ
New Horizons Independent Living Ctr Prescott Valley, AZ
Phoenix Diocesan Division Prescott Valley, AZ
Prescott Area Animal Lifesavers Prescott Valley, AZ
Prescott Valley Art Guild Prescott Valley, AZ
Rotary Club of Prescott Valley Foundation Inc. Prescott Valley, AZ
Tri-City Partnership for Special Children and Families (Until June 2007) Prescott Valley, AZ
Victory Press Inc. Prescott Valley, AZ
Ycfa Achieve Academy Prescott Valley, AZ
Acorn Christian Montessori School Prescott Vly, AZ
Acorn Montessor Charter School Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Adams Clubhouse (Until December 2007) Prescott Vly, AZ
Boys and Girls Club of Central Yavapai County Prescott Vly, AZ
Central Arizona Seniors Association Prescott Vly, AZ
Childrens Council Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Fain Family Foundation 4 Prescott Vly, AZ
Groenig Education Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Prescott Valley Prescott Vly, AZ
Mingus Mountain Estate Residential Center Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Neighbor to Neighbor-C. Y. C. I. C. Prescott Vly, AZ
Potters Wheel Prescott Vly, AZ
Prescott Valley Christian Church Prescott Vly, AZ
Prescott Valley Early Bird Lions Foundation (Until June 2009) Prescott Vly, AZ
Prescott Valley Food Bank Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Prescott Valley Historical Society of Arizona Prescott Vly, AZ
Prescott Valley Performing Arts (Until June 2008) Prescott Vly, AZ
San Felipe Animal Rescue Inc. (Until December 2007) Prescott Vly, AZ
Step One Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Prescott Vly, AZ
The Church at Glassford Hill Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
The Stanley R. & Rober E. Wright Foundation for the Arts 4 Prescott Vly, AZ
United Way of Yavapai County Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Valley Youth Organization Peoria Youth Organization Prescott Vly, AZ
Victory Worship Center Prescott Vly, AZ
Western Yavapai Conservation Education Center Prescott Vly, AZ
Yavapai Food Bank Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Yavapai Soccer League Prescott Vly, AZ
Yavapai Youth Choirs Inc. Prescott Vly, AZ
Covenant Lutheran Church Inc. Quartzsite, AZ
Quartzsite Historical Society Quartzsite, AZ
Quartzsite Public Library Inc. Quartzsite, AZ
Quartzsite Womans Club Quartzsite, AZ
W. A. S. P. Museum Inc. 4 Quartzsite, AZ
A. New Hope I. N. C. in the Name of Christ (Until June 2007) Queen Creek, AZ
Angel Acres Inc. (Until December 2007) Queen Creek, AZ
Archangel Foundation Inc. Queen Creek, AZ
Arizona Center for Animal Rescue and Education (Until September 2007) Queen Creek, AZ
Canyon State Academy Inc. Queen Creek, AZ
Citizens Supporting Fire Protection Inc. (Until December 2008) Queen Creek, AZ
Eagles Wings Foundation Queen Creek, AZ
Faith Children Services Inc. Queen Creek, AZ
Friends of the Queen Creek Library Queen Creek, AZ
Grace Community Church at San Tan Mountains Queen Creek, AZ
Jericho Road Inc. (Until December 2007) Queen Creek, AZ
KC Johnson Search and Rescue Water Safety and Education Foundation Queen Creek, AZ
L-4Ource Solutions Inc. (Until December 2007) Queen Creek, AZ
Life Point Christian Fellowship Queen Creek, AZ
Nancy Rogers Foundation 3 Queen Creek, AZ
Pan De Vida Foundation (Until June 2008) Queen Creek, AZ
Patriot Academy Inc. Queen Creek, AZ
Queen Creek Firefighters Community Assistance Fund (Until December 2008) Queen Creek, AZ
Queen Creek Sister Cities Commissions Queen Creek, AZ
San Tan Historical Society Inc. Queen Creek, AZ
Schnepf Farms Foundation Queen Creek, AZ
The San Tan Mountains Pride Association (Until December 2005) Queen Creek, AZ
Warren and Jolene Young Ministries 4 Queen Creek, AZ
Future Link Foundation Inc. Queen Valley, AZ
Project Challenge Foundation Queencreek, AZ
Miracle Faith Center Red Valley, AZ
Navajo Studies Conference (Until March 2006) Red Valley, AZ
Aidschild Inc. (Until December 2005) Rimrock, AZ
Olive Branch New Beginning Inc. Rimrock, AZ
Paul Dyck Foundation Researchinstitution of American in 4 Rimrock, AZ
Southwest Expedition Institute Rimrock, AZ
Verde Valley Church of Christ Inc. Rimrock, AZ
Home-Church Ministries Rio Rico, AZ
Retinoblastoma of Arizona (Until May 2008) Rio Rico, AZ
Senior Citizens of Rio Rico Inc. Rio Rico, AZ
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Rio Rico Rio Rico, AZ
Delegation for Friendship Among Women Rio Verde, AZ
Gagarin Trust 4 Rio Verde, AZ
Hoover Family Foundation 4 Rio Verde, AZ
Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission Inc. Rock Point, AZ
Fc Braden Educational Fund Inc. (Until December 2008) Roll, AZ
Roosevelt Community Association Roosevelt, AZ
Tucson Audubon Society Rucson, AZ
Gila River Health Care Corporation Sacaton, AZ
Vechij Himdag Alternative School Inc. Sacaton, AZ
Amigos De Las Americas Safford, AZ
Community Outreach Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Safford, AZ
Employees Club Safford, AZ
Friends of the Safford City Graham County Library Safford, AZ
Gila Educational Group Safford, AZ
Gila Valley Arts Council Safford, AZ
Gila Valley Boys and Girls Club Inc. Safford, AZ
Gila Valley Conservation Education Center Safford, AZ
Gila Valley Recreation Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Safford, AZ
Global Captioning Network Inc. Safford, AZ
Grace Tabernacle Church Safford, AZ
Graham County Historical Society Safford, AZ
Graham County Rural Housing Development Association Inc. Safford, AZ
Mayors Historic Restoration Committee Inc. Safford, AZ
Mt. Graham Community Hospital Foundation Inc. Safford, AZ
Mt. Graham International Science and Culture Foundation Inc. Safford, AZ
Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center Inc. Safford, AZ
Mt. Graham Safe House Inc. Safford, AZ
Safford High School Scholarship and Educational Foundation Inc. Safford, AZ
Safford United Methodist Church Foundation Inc. 5 Safford, AZ
Southeastern Arizona Community Unique Services Safford, AZ
Southeastern Arizona Human Resources Council Inc. Safford, AZ
Stir Youth Center Inc. Safford, AZ
Triumphant Learning Center Safford, AZ
United Way of Graham County Safford, AZ
Volunteer Centers of Southeastern Arizona Inc. Safford, AZ
Wecare Crisis Pregnancy Center Inc. Safford, AZ
Calvary Chapel of Sahuarita Inc. Sahuarita, AZ
Deo Universalis Inc. Sahuarita, AZ
Great Expectations Academy Inc. Sahuarita, AZ
Green Valley Community Health Center Inc. Farmers Investment Co Sahuarita, AZ
Helmet Peak Volunteer Fire Dept Sahuarita, AZ
Iglesia Bautista De Sahuarita Sahuarita, AZ
Pima County Junior Livestock Sales Inc. Sahuarita, AZ
Sahuarita Church of God in Christ Inc. Sahuarita, AZ
Sahuarita Team Offers Prevention Inc. Sahuarita, AZ
Sahuarita Unified School District Educational Enrichment Foundation (Until June 2007) Sahuarita, AZ
Water of Life Christian Center Sahuarita, AZ
Wrangler Country Day School Sahuarita, AZ
Arizona Science Teachers Association Inc. Saint David, AZ
St. David Heritage & Cultural Arts Society (Until December 2006) Saint David, AZ
Apache County Economic Security Corporation Saint Johns, AZ
County of Apache Saint Johns, AZ
Divine Circle of the Sacred Grove Saint Johns, AZ
Environmental Economic Communities Organization (Until June 2005) Saint Johns, AZ
Joined to Hashem (Until December 2007) Saint Johns, AZ
New Hope Ranch Saint Johns, AZ
Silver Creek Regional Humane Society Inc. (Until December 2005) Saint Johns, AZ
L. E. T. S. G. O. (Until December 2006) Salmone, AZ
Desert Wells Christian Center Inc. Salome, AZ
Tri Valley Medical Association Salome, AZ
Youth Resources Inc. 4 Salome, AZ
Apache Survival Coalition Inc. San Carlos, AZ
Rural Opportunities of Arizona Inc. San Carlos, AZ
San Carlos Apache Tribal Association San Carlos, AZ
Casa-Hogar De Ninas Santa Maria De Guadalupe San Luis, AZ
Comite De Bienestar Inc. San Luis, AZ
Ebenezer Church San Luis, AZ
His Hand Extended Ministries San Luis, AZ
San Luis Police Activities Athletics League Inc. San Luis, AZ
San Luis Walk-In Clinic Inc. (Until June 2007) San Luis, AZ
San Manuel Economic Development Foundation Inc. San Manuel, AZ
San Manuel Fire Department Association San Manuel, AZ
San Manuel Library 4 San Manuel, AZ
San Manuel Senior Citizens San Manuel, AZ
Shepherds Gate of Life San Manuel, AZ
Sanders Bible Mission Sanders, AZ
Arizona Deaf Senior Citizens Coalition Inc. Scendale, AZ
Graceline Inc. (Until December 2005) Scotsdale, AZ
Long Life Center Interfaith Church Inc. Scottsdlae, AZ
Teen Reach Ministries Scottsdsle, AZ
Hopi Cultural Center Inc. Second Mesa, AZ
Paa Qavi Incorporated Second Mesa, AZ
American College of Vedic Astrology Inc. Sedona, AZ
Angel Valley Ministries Sedona, AZ
Arizona Doula Outreach Inc. (Until December 2007) Sedona, AZ
Artists Workshop Sedona, AZ
Arts Actors Repertory Theatre of Sedona Inc. Sedona, AZ
Benefactors of Red Rock State Park Inc. (Until December 2008) Sedona, AZ
Beverly Coleman Tennis Academy (Until December 2006) Sedona, AZ
Brockbank Education Fund 3 Sedona, AZ
Canyon Moon Theatre Company Sedona, AZ
Choices Foundation for Health Education & Research Inc. Sedona, AZ
Church of the Red Rocks Inc. Sedona, AZ
Church of the Transformative Trinity Inc. Sedona, AZ
Circle of Atonement Teaching and Healing Center Sedona, AZ
Cll Topics Inc. (Until December 2007) Sedona, AZ
Cornucopia Community Advocates Sedona, AZ
Counseling-Learning Institutes Sedona, AZ
Creationship Inc. Sedona, AZ
Crossroads Youth Services Inc. Sedona, AZ
Crying Rocks Ministry (Until December 2008) Sedona, AZ
Dahn Institute Inc. Sedona, AZ
Deepwater Research Group 3 Sedona, AZ
Earth Mother Father Foundation Sedona, AZ
Earth-People Foundation Inc. 4 Sedona, AZ
Eco Psy Institute 4 Sedona, AZ

Above is a list of organizations in Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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