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Vehicle Donation in Alabama

For people interested in vehicle donation in Alabama, below is a list of Alabama organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Decatur Concert Association Decatur, AL
Decatur Corridor Development Inc. (Until December 2008) Decatur, AL
Decatur Dixie Girls Softball Inc. Decatur, AL
Decatur Dixie Youth Baseball Inc. Decatur, AL
Decatur General Hospital Foundation Inc. Decatur, AL
Decatur High School Band Boosters Decatur, AL
Decatur Housing Development Corporation Decatur, AL
Decatur Kiwanis Foundation Inc. Decatur, AL
Decatur Morgan County Minority Development Assn Decatur, AL
Decatur Policemen and Firemen Death Benefit Fund % First Natl Bank Tru 4 Decatur, AL
Decatur Rescue Mission Tennessee-Valley Out-Reach Decatur, AL
Decatur Youth Enrichment Association Decatur, AL
Decatur-Morgan County Seniors Council Inc. Decatur, AL
Diane Anders Ministries (Until September 2006) Decatur, AL
Dream Weavers Inc. c/o Susan G. Windham Decatur, AL
Earl Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
Eastern and Central Africa Environmental Institute Decatur, AL
Edwin L. Hodges Ministries Inc. Decatur, AL
English Honor Society Sigma Kappa Delta Inc. Decatur, AL
Enrichment Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Decatur, AL
Faces Decatur, AL
Five Star Development Corp Decatur, AL
For the Kids Inc. Decatur, AL
Foundation for Mental Health in No Cent Ala Decatur, AL
Friends Wheeler Basin Regional Library Inc. Decatur, AL
Friends of the Regional Hospital Decatur, AL
Friends of the Wallace Center Decatur, AL
Full Life Fellowship Decatur, AL
Grace Baptist Church Decatur, AL
Growth Ministries Decatur, AL
Haskins-Curl Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
Helping Adolescents Needing Direction and Supervision Inc. Decatur, AL
Hospice of the Valley Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Decatur, AL
Hospice of the Valley Inc. Decatur, AL
Jesus Alive Ministries Inc. Decatur, AL
John C. Calhoun State Community College Foundation Inc. Decatur, AL
John D. Umber and Gertrude L. Umber Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
John D. Wyker II and June O. Wyker Charitable Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
Joy Ministries in Song Inc. Decatur, AL
Junior League of Morgan County Inc. Decatur, AL
King James Communications School of Choice Decatur, AL
Making Strides of Alabama Inc. (Until June 2005) Decatur, AL
McCatur Christian Foundation Inc. 4 Decatur, AL
Melba R. Littrell Charitable Tr 4 Decatur, AL
Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Alabama-Mississippi Section of Th Decatur, AL
Mental Health Association in Morgan County Decatur, AL
Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama Inc. Decatur, AL
Morgan County Advocates for Decatur Workshop & Developmental Center Decatur, AL
Morgan County Chapter of the Alabama Treasure Forest Associatio Decatur, AL
Morgan County Child Advocacy Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Decatur, AL
Morgan County Genealogical Society Inc. Decatur, AL
Morgan County Kidney Association Inc. Decatur, AL
Morgan County Rescue Squad Decatur, AL
Morgan County Sheriffs Reserve Inc. Decatur, AL
Morgan County System of Services Inc. (Until December 2006) Decatur, AL
National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network Inc. (Until December 2005) Decatur, AL
Neighborhood Christian Center Decatur, AL
New Life Emmaus Community (Until December 2007) Decatur, AL
North Alabama Hispanic Christian Mission Inc. Decatur, AL
North Alambama Mental Retardation Authority Inc. 6 Decatur, AL
Northwest Decatur Community Development Corporation Inc. Decatur, AL
Parents and Children Together Decatur, AL
Parkway Foundation Decatur, AL
Philadelphia Baptist Church of Decatur Decatur, AL
Precious Pilgrim Ministries 4 Decatur, AL
Presbyterian Homes of Decatur Inc. Decatur, AL
Priceville Band Parents Association Decatur, AL
Priceville Community Recreation Association Inc. Decatur, AL
Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts Decatur, AL
Quad County Child Nutrition Program Decatur, AL
Sav-A-Life Tennessee Valley Inc. Decatur, AL
Serving With Gladness Prison Ministry Inc. A. Corporation Decatur, AL
Sexton Family Charitable Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
Sino Gospel Foundation 3 Decatur, AL
Sky Development Corporation Decatur, AL
Spirit of America Festival Inc. Decatur, AL
Sterrs Day Care Center Inc. Decatur, AL
Sunbelt Professional Services Inc. Decatur, AL
Tennessee Valley Presbyterian Cursillo Inc. (Until December 2006) Decatur, AL
Tennessee Valley Rehabilitation Center Inc. Decatur, AL
Tennessee Valley Training Center Inc. Decatur, AL
The Clan Mackenzie Society in the Americas Inc. Decatur, AL
The Community Foundation of Greater Decatur Decatur, AL
The Melvin and Virginia Hutson Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
The Safe (Until December 2006) Decatur, AL
The Wyker Family Foundation 4 Decatur, AL
Tri-County Rehab Inc. (Until December 2006) Decatur, AL
United Way of Morgan County Decatur, AL
Volunteer Center of Morgan County Decatur, AL
Wheeler Basin Regional Library Foundation Inc. Decatur, AL
Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Association Inc. Decatur, AL
World Ministries Inc. Decatur, AL
Washington County Foster-Adoptive Parent Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Deer Park, AL
Delta Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Delta, AL
West Alabama Mental Health Center Demoplis, AL
Black Warrior Telecommunications Consortium Inc. Demopolis, AL
Braxton Senior Care Facility Inc. Demopolis, AL
Chapel Family Life Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Demopolis, AL
Coming Together Organization of Demopolis Alabama Inc. Demopolis, AL
Demopolis City Schools Foundation Inc. Demopolis, AL
Demopolis Council of Church Women Demopolis, AL
Demopolis Education Foundation Inc. Demopolis, AL
Don Matthis Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Demopolis, AL
Eastern Star Baptist Church Inc. Demopolis, AL
Elizabeth Collins Liver Memorial Tr UW 050295 Demopolis, AL
Elizabeth Laird Tr UW 101993 FBO Marengo County Historical Society Demopolis, AL
John C. Webb III and Marie Suttle Webb Foundation Inc. 4 Demopolis, AL
Marengo County Historical Society Inc. Demopolis, AL
River City Underwater Rescue Team Inc. Demopolis, AL
The Whitfield Memorial Charitable Trust Demopolis, AL
Byrd Community Volunteer Fire Department Detroit, AL
Scyrene Volunteer Fire Department Dickinson, AL
Alabama Repeater Council Inc. Dixon Mills, AL
El Shaddai Community Outreach Inc00 (Until December 2007) Dixon Mills, AL
Docena Civic League Inc. Docena, AL
Stars Outreach Educational Services Inc. (Until December 2005) Docena, AL
New Bethlehem Baptist Church Dolomite, AL
Sage Foundation Inc. 4 Doothan, AL
Alabama Mining Museum Dora, AL
Bagley Volunteer Fire & Rescue Inc. Dora, AL
Growing in Grace Minstries Dora, AL
Mission of Hope Dora, AL
The Edie Hand Foundation Dora, AL
African American Business Coalition Dothan, AL
Alabama Council of Emergency Medical Services Inc. Dothan, AL
Alzhimers Resource Center Inc. Dothan, AL
Andrew College Education Fund Dothan, AL
Angelic Cultural Center Inc. Dothan, AL
Beasley Family Minitries (Until June 2007) Dothan, AL
Behold the Lamb of God Ministries Dothan, AL
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary Inc. Dothan, AL
Bethesda Apostolic Faith Temple Inc. Dothan, AL
Bethesda Apostolic Faith Temple Incorporated Dothan, AL
Big Brothers Home Away From Home Dothan, AL
Blue Lake Emmaus Community Dothan, AL
Boys & Girls Club of Dothan Inc. Dothan, AL
Boys Club of Dothan Trust Ua % First National Bank Trust Dept Dothan, AL
Broughton W. & Marion R. Connell Education Foundation 4 Dothan, AL
Celebration Communications Company Inc. Dothan, AL
Charles G. Taylor Foundation Trust for Girls Incorporated of Dothan 4 Dothan, AL
Charles G. Taylor Trust FBO 4 Dothan, AL
Cherokees of Southeast Alabama Inc. Dothan, AL
Christian Renewal Inc. Dothan, AL
Christian Renewal Incorporated Dothan, AL
Chrysalis A. Home for Girls Inc. Dothan, AL
Chyld Inc. (Until December 2006) Dothan, AL
Community Foundation of S. E. Alabama Dothan, AL
Community Health and Safety Services Inc. Dothan, AL
Copper Blade Review Inc. Dothan, AL
Cornerstone Baptist Church Dothan, AL
Covington Memorial Foundation for the First Presbyterian Church of D. Dothan, AL
Covington Memorial Foundation for the Landmarks Foundation of Montgo Dothan, AL
Crossroads Ministry Inc. Dothan, AL
Dorothy Quick Senior Citizens Center Dothan, AL
Dothan American League Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Area Botanical Gardens Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Ballet and Dance Company Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Benevolent Association 4 Dothan, AL
Dothan Community Church Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Community Educational Radio Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Employee Relief Fund Dothan, AL
Dothan Fastpitch Association (Until December 2007) Dothan, AL
Dothan High Tiger Athletic Club Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Houston County Association for Retarded Citizens Dothan, AL
Dothan Houston County Rotary Charity Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Independent Baptist Church Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Landmarks Foundation Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan National League Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan Police Auxiliary Unit Dothan, AL
Dothan Rescue Mission Dothan, AL
Dothan Service League Dothan, AL
Dothan Southern League Dothan, AL
Dothan-Houston County Mental Retardation Board Inc. Dothan, AL
Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership Inc. Dothan, AL
Downtown Group Dothan, AL
E. L. E. T. E. Professionals (Until December 2008) Dothan, AL
Eagles Domain Christian Fellowship Inc. Dothan, AL
Eagles Wings Ministries Inc. Dothan, AL
Education Foundation for Dothans Future Inc. Dothan, AL
Elderly & Disabled Transit (Until December 2007) Dothan, AL
Elizabeth S. Cunningham Piano Scholarship & Faculty Endowmt Fund 4 Dothan, AL
Embry Williams Evangelistic Association Dothan, AL
Emmanuel Christian School Incorporated Dothan, AL
Empact Southeast Alabama Inc. 3 Dothan, AL
Evangel Temple Dothan, AL
Exodus Home for Girls Inc. (Until December 2004) Dothan, AL
Faith Deliverance Evangelistic Church of God Inc. Dothan, AL
Family Prepatory Foundation (Until December 2008) Dothan, AL
Family Services Center Dothan, AL
Family by Family Inc. (Until December 2007) Dothan, AL
Felines Under Rescue Inc. (Until September 2008) Dothan, AL
First Baptist Foundation Inc. Dothan, AL
Food for the Children Dothan, AL
Foundational Truth Ministries Dothan, AL
Friends of the Potters House Inc. (Until December 2008) Dothan, AL
G. Mack and Nancy R. Dove Foundation Dove Foundation 4 Dothan, AL
George C. Wallace State Community College Foundation Dothan, AL
George W. & Mary O. Franklin Foundati on 4 Dothan, AL
George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum Dothan, AL
George and Laura Flowers Foundation 4 Dothan, AL

Above is a list of organizations in Alabama that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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