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Vehicle Donation in Mobile, Alabama

For people interested in vehicle donation in Mobile, Alabama, below is a list of Mobile, Alabama organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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100 Black Men of Greater Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
1st and 10 Club (Until April 2006) Mobile, AL
A. Hays Zieman and Christine B. Zieman Charitable Trust 4 Mobile, AL
A. Time and Season Outreach Ministries (Until December 2008) Mobile, AL
Abraham A. Mitchell Charitable Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Abraham A. Mitchell Charitable Foundation Tr 4 Mobile, AL
Abundance of Grace Tabernacle of Deliverance Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
Abundant Life Christian Center Inc. Mobile, AL
Addie Smith Trust Ua Mobile, AL
Adm Jeremiah Denton Foundation Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310 Benevolent Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310 IV Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310 Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-Iii Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-Ix Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-V. Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-Vi Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-Vii Inc. Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-Viii Inc. (Until June 2005) Mobile, AL
Ahepa 310-X. Inc. (Until June 2007) Mobile, AL
Ahepa Hippocratic Foundation Inc. 3 Mobile, AL
Ahepa of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Alabama Aids Symposium Committee Inc. Mobile, AL
Alabama Architectural Foundation Mobile, AL
Alabama Breastfeeding Coalition (Until December 2007) Mobile, AL
Alabama Coastal Heritage Tr Mobile, AL
Alabama Contemporary Dance Company Inc. Mobile, AL
Alabama Directions Council (Until September 2007) Mobile, AL
Alabama Elks Trust 470007014 Mobile, AL
Alabama Forest Resources Center Inc. Mobile, AL
Alabama High School of Mathematics and Science Foundation Mobile, AL
Alabama Holocaust Foundation (Until December 2005) Mobile, AL
Alabama Implant Study Group Inc. Mobile, AL
Alabama Lighthouse Association (Until December 2006) Mobile, AL
Alabama Safety Institute Inc. Mobile, AL
Alabama Treasure Forest Association Mobile, AL
Alliance to the Medical Society of Mobile County Inc. Mobile, AL
Alpha and Omega Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
Alton N. Scott Charitable Trust 14-477040000 4 Mobile, AL
Alzheimers Foundation of the South Mobile, AL
American Center for Law & Justice of the Southeast Inc. Mobile, AL
American Council for Quebec Studies 3 Mobile, AL
American Friends of Belize (Until December 2006) Mobile, AL
American With Disabilites Specialists Inc. Mobile, AL
Americas Junior Miss Scholarship Foundation Inc. Mobile, AL
Amigos Inc. Mobile, AL
Angels of Zion Outreach Ministries (Until November 2007) Mobile, AL
Animal Protection and Education Association Inc. Mobile, AL
Animal Rescue Foundation Mobile, AL
Ansari Neighborhood Development Inc. (Until December 2006) Mobile, AL
Art Patrons League of Mobile Mobile, AL
Assistance Guild of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Associated Builders and Contractors of S. Alabama Inc. Educational Tr Mobile, AL
Azalea City Computers User Assocation (Until December 2008) Mobile, AL
Azalea City Quilters Guild Mobile, AL
Back Together Family Outreach Inc. (Until December 2007) Mobile, AL
Baptist Oaks Inc. Mobile, AL
Bates Field Athletic Associates Inc. Mobile, AL
Bay Area Grief Coalition Inc. Mobile, AL
Bay Area Inclusion Inc. (Until September 2006) Mobile, AL
Bay Minette Rotary Village Inc. Mobile, AL
Bayfest Inc. Mobile, AL
Beginning of Knowledge Ministries Mobile, AL
Belle G. Roberts Charitable Tr 4 Mobile, AL
Ben May Charitable Trust 4 Mobile, AL
Benevolent Home of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Gulf Coast Inc. Mobile, AL
Bethel Baptist Church Mobile, AL
Big Wall Ministries Mobile, AL
Bill Barbours Friends of Exceptional Children Inc. Mobile, AL
Bill Bozeman Evangelistic Association Inc. Mobile, AL
Bishop Freddie L. Davis Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Mobile, AL
Bishop State Community College Foundation Mobile, AL
Bluecollar Org (Until October 2006) Mobile, AL
Body of Believers Full Gospel Church Inc. Mobile, AL
Bolling Charitable Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Brewton Voa Elderly Housing Inc. Mobile, AL
Buddy Tucker Association Inc. Mobile, AL
C. D. Helen & Jeff Glaze Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
C. Q. I. Missions Mobile, AL
Cagg Foundation Trust 4 Mobile, AL
Cahaba Girls Scout Council Endowment Tr Fund 407193170 Mobile, AL
Camp Rap-A-Hope Foundation Inc. Mobile, AL
Carl Buck Char Tr for Eyesight Foundation of Alabama 03470006016 4 Mobile, AL
Carmel Health Network 4 Mobile, AL
Carson Lewis Scholarship Fun of the Blount High School Mobile, AL
Casa Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Cassiopeia Foundation Inc. (Until April 2007) Mobile, AL
Castlebrook Counseling Inc. Mobile, AL
Catherine D. Albiez Charitable Trust 4 Mobile, AL
Catholic Housing of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Catholic Week Publishing Co Mobile, AL
Catranis Fam Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Cedar Grove Preparatory Academy Inc. Mobile, AL
Center for Faith & Freedom Mobile, AL
Centers of Hope Missions International Inc. (Until December 2005) Mobile, AL
Central Presbyterian Church of Mobile Foundation Trust Mobile, AL
Centre for the Living Arts Mobile, AL
Charles Simpson Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
Chickasaw Civic Theatre Mobile, AL
Child Day Care Association Mobile, AL
Child Study Center Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Children in Need Inc. (Until December 2007) Mobile, AL
Childrens Rehabilitation Engineering Team Mobile, AL
Christ Over Coming Holiness Church of God Inc. Mobile, AL
Christian Medical Ministry of South Alabama Mobile, AL
Christian Outreach Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Christian Outreach Mission Evangelism Inc. Mobile, AL
Church Street Graveyard Preservation Foundation Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Church of God Pentecostal Inc. Mobile, AL
Church of Jesus Christ of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Church of Zion Mobile, AL
Church of the Enlightenment Mobile, AL
Cierra Group Inc. Mobile, AL
Clay Foundation Inc. Mobile, AL
Coalition for Teens Helping Teens (Until November 2007) Mobile, AL
Coleman Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Collegiate Housing Foundation Mobile, AL
Come and Help Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
Community Charities of Alabama Inc. Mobile, AL
Community Foundation of South Alabama Mobile, AL
Confederate Stamp Alliance Inc. Mobile, AL
Cornerstone Baptist Church Mobile, AL
Cottage Hill Park Playground Supporters Inc. Mobile, AL
Cottage Hill Presbyterian Church Mobile, AL
Covenant Church of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Covington Voa Elderly Housing Inc. Mobile, AL
Crampton Scholarship Endowment Tr 47-0048-01-8 4 Mobile, AL
Crampton Trust 4 Mobile, AL
Crittenton Youth Services Mobile, AL
Culture in Black and White Mobile, AL
David R. Dunlap Jr Memorial Tr 4 Mobile, AL
David R. Dunlap Tr for Income Ttees 4 Mobile, AL
Davis Central Community Service Center Mobile, AL
Davis and Debbie Pilot Family Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Dearborn Young Mens Chrstian Association Mobile, AL
Delta Theta Omiega Foundation Mobile, AL
Department of Alabama Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States 6 Mobile, AL
Destiny Vision Christian Center Church Mobile, AL
Diabetic Children of Alabama Inc. Mobile, AL
Diabetic Clinic of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Dick Braswell Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
District 2 Citizens Center (Until September 2006) Mobile, AL
Dixons Total Touch Child Development Center Inc. Mobile, AL
Dog River Clearwater Revival (Until December 2005) Mobile, AL
Don Smith Diane Wendland Tr FBO Ala 4-H. Mobile, AL
Dorothy D. Trabits Stephens Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Douglasville Voa Housing Inc. Mobile, AL
Dove Foundation Inc. Mobile, AL
Dr E. Grace Pilot Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Dream Center Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Dreier Penrith Family Foundation Craig M. Penrith 4 Mobile, AL
Driver Education Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Mobile, AL
Drug Education Council Inc. Mobile, AL
Dumas Wesley Community Center Mobile, AL
E. A. Roberts Charitable Tr 32-0013-01-4 4 Mobile, AL
E. Roy Albright Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
East European Harvest Inc. Mobile, AL
Ebenezer Community Development Corporation (Until December 2006) Mobile, AL
Ed Lacy Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
Edith Murphy Foundation Mobile, AL
El Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Mobile, AL
Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Inc. Mobile, AL
Elizabeth Q. Buzzi Tr FBO Preserva- Tion and Protection of Animal Life Mobile, AL
Emmas Harvest Homes Inc. Mobile, AL
Epilepsy Chapter of Mobile and Gulf Coast Inc. Mobile, AL
Erie Hall Meyer Charitable Fund Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Ernest G. Debakey Charitable Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Evergreen Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund Mobile, AL
Everlasting Faith Ministries Inc. Mobile, AL
Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse Mobile Mobile, AL
Explore Center Inc. Mobile, AL
Eye Angels Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Fair Housing Agency of Alabama Mobile, AL
Faith Academy of Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Faith Challengers Ministries Mobile, AL
Faith Hope & Love Ministries Mobile, AL
Faith Tabernacle Mobile, AL
Family Counseling Center of Mobile Mobile, AL
Fathers Inc. (Until December 2007) Mobile, AL
Federation of Jewish Charities Mobile, AL
Fellowship Ministries Inc. 4 Mobile, AL
Field Assignment in the Harvest International Mobile, AL
Firm Foundation Worship Ministries Mobile, AL
First Baptist Church of Baltimore Street Inc. Mobile, AL
First Independent Southern Methodist Church of Mobile Mobile, AL
First Night Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL
Florence Foundation 4 Mobile, AL
Foley Voa Living Center Inc. Mobile, AL
Forever Flowing Properity Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Mobile, AL
Foundation for Retarded Citizens Mobile, AL
Foundation of the First Baptist Church of Mobile Mobile, AL
Founders of Old Mobile Society Mobile, AL
Fox Economic Educational Development Inc. Mobile, AL
Frank Ladd Duvalle and Vivian Laverne Duvalle Charitable 4 Mobile, AL
Franklin Landmark Foundation Inc. Mobile, AL
Franklin Memorial Foundation Mobile, AL
Franklin Primary Health Center Inc. Mobile, AL
Friends Interested in Neurological Disorders Inc. Mobile, AL
Friends of Brewer Center Mobile, AL
Friends of International at Mobile Inc. Mobile, AL

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Above is a list of organizations in Mobile, Alabama that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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