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Vehicle Donation in Alaska

For people interested in vehicle donation in Alaska, below is a list of Alaska organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Early Childhood Leadership Team (Until June 2008) Akiak, AK
Alaska Native Womens Coalition (Until September 2006) Allakaket, AK
Aaniyak Incorporated (Until June 2007) Anaktuvuk, AK
Anchor Point Senior Citizens Inc. Anchor Point, AK
Community Rivers Planning Coalition Anchor Point, AK
Anchor Point Public Library Inc. Anchor Pt, AK
Russian Orthodox Old Believers Apostolic Church Inc. Anchor Pt, AK
Unity Park (Until December 2005) Anchorge, AK
Healing Toby Network (Until December 2007) Ancorage, AK
Kootznoowoo Heritage Foundation Ltd. Angoon, AK
Kuskokwim Native Association Aniak, AK
Aleutia (Until December 2007) Ankorage, AK
Alaska Southeast Chapter Internatl Conference of Bldg Officials Inc. Auke Bay, AK
American Primrose Primula & Auricula Society Inc. Auke Bay, AK
Auke Bay Bible Church of Auke Bay Alaska Auke Bay, AK
Auke Bay Preschool Inc. Auke Bay, AK
Chapel by the Lake Samaritan Counseling Center Inc. Auke Bay, AK
John Hale Ski Foundation Inc. Auke Bay, AK
Juneau Douglas Ice Association Auke Bay, AK
Juneau Youth Football League Inc. Auke Bay, AK
Preservation Project Auke Bay, AK
Sea Search Ltd. Auke Bay, AK
Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission Barrow, AK
Arctic Development Council Inc. Barrow, AK
Arctic Slope Native Association Ltd. Barrow, AK
Barrow Arctic Science Consortium Barrow, AK
Barrow Curling & Hockey Association Barrow, AK
Barrow Search and Rescue Inc. Barrow, AK
Barrow Whaler Athletic Foundation Inc. Barrow, AK
Cornerstone Community Church Barrow, AK
Ilisagvik College Barrow, AK
Silakkuagvik Communication Inc. Barrow, AK
Tagiugiullu Nunamiullu Development Corporation Barrow, AK
Uic Foundation Inc. 4 Barrow, AK
Utqiagvigmiut Agviqsiuqtit Agnanich Barrow, AK
Zion Unlimited Barrow, AK
Association of Village Council Presidents Bethel, AK
Avcp Development Corp Bethel, AK
Bethel Actors Guild Bethel, AK
Bethel Broadcasting Inc. 5 Bethel, AK
Bethel Community Services Foundation Inc. Bethel, AK
Bethel Community Services Inc. Bethel, AK
Bethel Council on the Arts (Until December 2006) Bethel, AK
Bethel Eunkang Church of Christ Bethel, AK
Bethel Family Clinic Bethel, AK
Bethel Group Home Bethel, AK
Bethel Lions Foundation Inc. (Until June 9800) Bethel, AK
Bethel Search and Rescue Bethel, AK
Bethel Volunteer Emergency Services Association Bethel, AK
Calista Elders Council Bethel, AK
Delta Preservation Society (Until December 2007) Bethel, AK
The Tundra Womens Coalition Bethel, AK
Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation Bethel, AK
Yuut Elitnaurviat-Peoples Learning Center Bethel, AK
Big Lake Amateur Hockey Association (Until July 2008) Big Lake, AK
Big Lake Church of Christ Big Lake, AK
Flight Technologies Museum Big Lake, AK
Friends of Old Knik 6 Big Lake, AK
Abundant Harvest Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Big Lakes, AK
Cantwell Bible Church Cantwell, AK
Cantwell Community Library (Until June 2005) Cantwell, AK
Cantwell Sports Association Cantwell, AK
Community of Cantwell Incorporated Cantwell, AK
Christian Community Church Central, AK
Circle District Historical Society Central, AK
Chiniak Public Library Association 5 Chiniak, AK
Chitina Volunteer Fire Department 6 Chitina, AK
Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics Chugiak, AK
Chugiak Area Business Association Inc. Chugiak, AK
Chugiak Senior Citizens Inc. Chugiak, AK
Chugiak Senior Housing Inc. (Until June 2006) Chugiak, AK
Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company Inc. Chugiak, AK
Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society Chugiak, AK
Church of the King Eagle River Alaska Chugiak, AK
Faith Bible Church Inc. Chugiak, AK
Family Outreach Center for Understanding Special Needs Inc. Chugiak, AK
Heartmenders Inc. Chugiak, AK
Ikluat Inc. Chugiak, AK
Peters Creek Christian Center Chugiak, AK
Southcentral Therapeutic Riding Inc. Chugiak, AK
Wolf Song of Alaska Inc. Chugiak, AK
Word of God Chapel Inc. Chugiak, AK
Birchwood Community Church Chuglak, AK
Blue Water Christian Camp Inc. Coffman Cove, AK
Arctic Amateur Radio Club College, AK
Cooper Landing Community Club Inc. Cooper Landing, AK
Cooper Landing Volunteer Fire Dept Cooper Landing, AK
Cooper Landing Community Library Cooper Lndg, AK
Cooper Landing Senior Citizens Corporation Inc. Cooper Lndg, AK
Cooper Landing Volunteer Ambulance Cooper Lndg, AK
Copper Country Alliance Copper Center, AK
Copper River Native Association Copper Center, AK
Copper Valley Historical Society Copper Center, AK
Four Winds Foundation North (Until September 2007) Copper Center, AK
Kenny Lake Community League Copper Center, AK
Kenny Lake Hockey Association Copper Center, AK
Kenny Lake Volunteer Fire Department Copper Center, AK
Library Services Inc. Copper Center, AK
Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (Until December 2005) Copper Center, AK
Kenny Lake Soil Conservation Subdistrict Coppper Center, AK
2X2 Cancer Walk (Until December 2008) Cordova, AK
Cape St. Elias Lightkeepers Association Cordova, AK
Copper Mountain Foundation 4 Cordova, AK
Copper River Watershed Project Cordova, AK
Cordova Arts & Pageants Limited Cordova, AK
Cordova Family Resource Center Cordova, AK
Cordova Native Foundation 4 Cordova, AK
Cordova Wolverines Booster Club Cordova, AK
Eyak Preservation Council Cordova, AK
Native Conservancy (Until December 2006) Cordova, AK
Northwind Quilters Guild Cordova, AK
People of the Rainbow (Until December 2005) Cordova, AK
Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp Cordova, AK
Prince William Sound Science & Technology Institute Cordova, AK
Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp 19 Craig, AK
Anchor Baptist Church Craig, AK
Communities Organized for Health Options Inc. Craig, AK
Craig Child Care Center Inc. Craig, AK
Craig Community Foundation Inc. 4 Craig, AK
Craig Youth Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Craig, AK
Prince of Wales Emergency Resources Craig, AK
Prince of Wales Hatchery Association Inc. Craig, AK
Prince of Wales Pow High School Baseball & Softball Assoc (Until December 2007) Craig, AK
Prince of Wales Wrestling Club (Until December 2005) Craig, AK
Rural Mental Health Association of Alaska (Until December 2006) Craig, AK
Sunnahae Arts Council Craig, AK
Alpha Omega Life Care Delta Jct, AK
Church of the Living Word Inc. Delta Jct, AK
Delta Greely Community Coalition Delta Jct, AK
Delta Mine Training Center Inc. Delta Jct, AK
Delta Youth Court (Until June 2006) Delta Jct, AK
Delta-Greely Youth Hockey & Skating Assoc Delta Jct, AK
First Baptist Church Delta Jct, AK
Whitestone Farms Inc. Delta Jct, AK
Deltana Fair Association Delta Junction, AK
Kids in Motion Denali Park, AK
Denali Foundation Denali, AK
Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation Dillingham, AK
Bristol Bay Native Association Inc. Dillingham, AK
Bristol Bay Science & Research Institute Dillingham, AK
Choggiung Educational Endowment Foundation 4 Dillingham, AK
Dillingham Arts Council Inc. Dillingham, AK
Dillingham Hockey Association Inc. Dillingham, AK
Harvey Samuelsen Scholarship Tr (Until December 2006) Dillingham, AK
Marrulut Eniit Assisted Living Dillingham, AK
Nushagak Mulchatna-Wood Tikchik Land Trust Dillingham, AK
Yupiit Yuraryarait Foundation Dillingham, AK
Alaska Lighthouse Association Douglas, AK
Contemplative Ministries of the Pacific Northwest Douglas, AK
Douglas Volunteer Fire Department of the City and Borough of Juneau Douglas, AK
Juneau International Folk Dancers Douglas, AK
Juneau Junior Golf Club Inc. (Until December 2005) Douglas, AK
Morally Improv-Erished (Until December 2008) Douglas, AK
Perseverance Theatre Incorporated Douglas, AK
Seatrails (Until December 2006) Douglas, AK
The Juneau Montessori Center Douglas, AK
A. Voice in the Wilderness Ministries Eagle River, AK
Alaska Fine Arts Academy Eagle River, AK
Alaska Moving Arts Center Inc. Eagle River, AK
Alaska Northern Impact Asa Juniors Olympic Softball Team Eagle River, AK
Alaska String Camps Inc. Eagle River, AK
Alaska Taekwondo Institute Inc. (Until December 2005) Eagle River, AK
Alaska Veterans Museum (Until December 2005) Eagle River, AK
Arctic Heat (Until December 2004) Eagle River, AK
Arctic Storm Fast Pitch Softball (Until December 2007) Eagle River, AK
Babiche Eagle River, AK
Childrens Montessori School Eagle River, AK
Chugach Mountain Quilters Guild Eagle River, AK
Chugiak Aquatics Club (Until December 2008) Eagle River, AK
Chugiak High School Soccer Booster Club Inc. Eagle River, AK
Chugiak Senior Citizens Foundation Eagle River, AK
Chugiak Soccer Club Inc. Eagle River, AK
Chugiak Youth Sports Assoc Eagle River, AK
Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation Inc. Eagle River, AK
Chugiak-Eagle River Nordic Ski Club Eagle River, AK
Coho Swim Club Eagle River, AK
Eagle River Christian Homeschool Association Eagle River, AK
Eagle River Glacier Hockey Association (Until December 2007) Eagle River, AK
Eagle River Lions Foundation Eagle River, AK
Eagle River Missionary Baptist Church Eagle River, AK
Fortier Foundation Inc. 4 Eagle River, AK
Friends of Eagle River Nature Center Inc. Eagle River, AK
Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship Eagle River, AK
Grace Brethren Church Inc. Eagle River, AK
Grace Pentecostal Church Inc. Eagle River, AK
Ipiutak Project Inc. Eagle River, AK
Mustang Hockey Association Eagle River, AK
P. E. P. P. A. Eagle River, AK
Physicians Association for Anthroposophial Medicine Inc. Eagle River, AK
Pregnancy Resource Center (Until December 2005) Eagle River, AK
Robert F. Spees Family Organization 4 Eagle River, AK
Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Foundation Inc. Eagle River, AK
Spring Brook Church of Christ Eagle River, AK
United Christian Fellowship Inc. Eagle River, AK
Eagle Bible Chapel Eagle, AK
Eagle Historical Society of Alaska Eagle, AK
Eagle Public Library Association Incorporated Eagle, AK
Egegik Bible Church Inc. of Egegik Alaska Egegik, AK
Eielson Officers Spouses Club Welfare Fund (Until May 2007) Eielson Afb, AK
Helping Other People Endure Eielson Afb, AK

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Above is a list of organizations in Alaska that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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